What Got Me to Six-figure Months (hint: not a strategy)
Your Biggest Vision
Season 3, Ep. 5

My biggest secret weapon in business… Yep, you read that right. In this episode, I am revealing the secret weapon that has helped me throughout my entire entrepreneurial journey and once I finally started to really use it, it got me to six-figure months! No, this isn’t a fancy marketing strategy or a business advertising tool, it couldn’t be further from what I would have expected it to be. Also, honing in on this tool has inspired me to create a brand new online community membership, Virtual Visionaries! 

Tune in to hear:

  • About our brand new online community membership, Virtual Visionaries, and the inspiration behind this new community
  • The secret weapon that got me to six-figure months and why I prioritize it over everything in my business
  • Why learning this tool changed my business and my life and why regardless of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, it will change everything!

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My biggest secret weapon in business that has helped me throughout my entire entrepreneurial journey and helped me reach six-figure months!

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Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais: So I’m so excited to be here with you all today. Today. I want to talk to you about what I view as my biggest secret weapon in business and this has helped me. This really helped me. I mean, this has helped me the whole time. This really helped me in the early days when I was just getting started. And when I was trying to figure things out on my own, and this is really what helped last year, our income grew so dramatically when we made the leap from starting with $10,000 a month and ending with six-figure months. So it, when I would have thought that and, and hoped that I would be at a six-figure months level, just to be years ago, I would have thought that that would have meant that I had this super fancy, sexy strategy that no one else knew that was super passive and profitable and everyone loved it.


And that’s what it was. And I can honestly say that that could not be further from the truth. That doesn’t mean that strategy. Isn’t important. I’m really proud of the strategies that we use. And I do think that you can have very sophisticated, well tested strategies that can get you quite far, but I can honestly say that the biggest thing that made the difference was not a particular strategy, but it was the honing and refining and paying attention to my own energy.


 Me as the leader, me as the visionary and me as someone who has become the leader of our team, um, as well as to my clients. And I want to talk to you guys today about what that really looks like and what that meant and why that matters for what we now have offering, which is our brand new membership. So kind of a lot of ground here.


Let me back up a little bit. I want to first make sure to officially announce to you guys that we have a new online community that we just launched called the virtual visionaries. So this is a kind of hybrid between some of our coaching programs and just, you know, tight-knit communities out there for people doing similar things, um, particularly for entrepreneurs. So this isn’t one of our coaching programs. 


This is a little bit different than that. And that’s actually by design, it’s actually meant to focus more on energy than it is on coaching, which is what I really want to talk to you about. So I wanted to kind of introduce that to you guys and let you know that we are now offering this community. I am beyond excited about this community. It is also the lowest offering that we have, period. It’s only $74 a month right now.


I’m sure that will go up. That is founding member pricing. So, um, I highly recommend that you get in there, uh, while it is this price, you can cancel it anytime. There are no strings attached and what we really aim to bring to you with that. And why we really created this is we want you to have a go-to place where you can maintain and raise your energy at any time. So why do I care about this?


Let me backup a little bit. I, after last year after seeing my income go up, literally times 10 and after seeing that happened because of my increased attention to myself and me being the brand of me and me letting go of kind of shiny object syndrome, where you constantly feel like you need a new strategy, et cetera. I just felt more excited and more value than ever on helping people find kind of their own inner sparkle, their


Own inner specialness their own inner gym. And it’s really hard to do that in a noisy world of social media, a strategy of how to, of becoming an expert and all the other very generic advice you get as an entrepreneur. And so when I looked this year at what we offered and what we, what there could be a gap in, I realized that I feel like our programs have very good support in two main ways. One is our programs are very thorough in teaching entrepreneurship. So we have, I think, excellent content. 


I think our modules in all of our programs are very good, very thorough, very deep. Um, nothing is surface level about anything we teach. And I’m really proud that we’re able to equip, especially new entrepreneurs, but really people of all stages that want to have more sales that want to build a business with the knowledge to do that in an efficient and an effective and exciting way that doesn’t require you to have a million followers or any of the other kinds of things that I think some people think it takes.


I’ve never had, um, that many followers. And so my business has been able to grow quite a bit. So I’m really proud of all the teaching we do. I’m also really proud of the coaching. We do. I’m really proud of our mastermind. I’m really proud of the work we do with one-on-one clients. I think that we are able to really help people break through the beliefs that they have in their own mind and help them see things differently so that they can start making practical action toward their success. After months, potentially years of feeling stuck, people often can work with us and through the coaching we do with them can start to transform the way they think, which transforms the way they act, which transforms the success and results that they get. So I was like, okay, we have the teaching down. We also are doing really well with coaching.


When I look back at my own journey, was that really what it took? When I look back at the days of starting my side hustle, you know, around my nine to five job when I was making an entry-level salary, when I had no idea, if I could do this, I mean, I still can’t believe this is my life a lot of the time, because I was sit there in this cubicle, just drooling over the possibility to work for myself, to actually make more than I don’t know, $3,000 a month, um, to actually feel like I had money to spend the way that I wanted it to. And I can’t, I can’t believe, I honestly still can’t believe that it’s my reality. 


Some of the time I’m beyond grateful. And it was that I invested in my coaching. It was that I changed a lot about how I thought, and I changed a lot about how I acted and I, and I was from a lot of strategy, a lot of just learning what it takes to build a business, but there’s this element that I don’t feel like I have, you know, done enough of and offered enough of, and I’m excited to offer more because it’s honestly one of the most fun.


And it was those moments of my energy being so attuned and so inspired and so alive. Do you guys know that feeling where you just feel like you’re almost like you’re vibrating in such a high frequency or you just, you feel like that, that, that it’s Christmas morning kind of glow or you feel like Holy cow, I really can’t do anything like those moments. Those are the moments when I executed. Those are the moments when I came up with the ideas that skyrocketed my business. Those are the moments when I came up with what it took to get out of my nine to five job to hit six-figure months, to hire my sister, to do all these huge, massive things I’ve done over the past four years. And I still, I get butterflies like thinking about them. I like took a few notes before I came on here.


Just thinking about what they really were. And yes, it was the coaching. Yes, it was the teaching, but it was like, it was the meditations that moved me to tears because I never had understood how real abundance was until I did these meditations over and over, and literally felt my subconscious mind shift. It was, you know, kind of like motivational music. I had a few songs, um, that I would play and they would kind of bring me back to why they would bring me back to like this motivation and whenever. And I would listen to them at like 4:30 in the morning or five in the morning and they would pump me up and they’d be like, I can do this. I have got this. 


I can do anything. It was, you know, webinars that I would like listen to at my nine to five job with my ear one year plug-in and, and then the other, like listening, paying attention to my job that just continued to inspire me. It was listening to the science of getting rich, um, on my way to go to a coworking space, walking through the snow in New York city, after my nine to five, what am I trying to say here?


Energy matters. Your mood matters. When I look at what made me go from $10,000 a month to six-figure months, it is not what I did. It is how I felt and what I’m more excited about than ever is bringing that kind of those tools to help entrepreneurs creative side hustlers, no matter where you are in your journey to feel better, to feel like the highest version of yourself to, to get into that energetic excitement so that you can pick the right strategy so that you can create the right goal so that you can do the mindset work. And it happens so much more effortlessly, so much more magically, so much more in flow when you kind of straighten your energy out first. And this is very much in alignment with my coaching methodology, which States that like, you always begin with the inner in order to see the outer.


And so long story short, this membership is about focusing only on the inner it’s about focusing on what it takes to get yourself into that really excited state of mind, not magical state of mind. And when I think of like those nights, you know, he’s so vividly. Remember when I was working at a nonprofit in times square New York city, I was making like negative money because I had so many student loans and I was living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. And it was trying so hard to get this business off the ground. 


And I would walk after my, um, after my job would end, I would walk to a WeWork where I would work, um, you know, on my business then from the hours of like five at night to like nine or whatever. And I would, um, I would, I just remember walking in the freezing cold, walking in the snow, I’d have my earphones in.


And I would listen to the Science of Getting Rich, which is a book that I highly recommend, or I would listen to, um, affirmations or I would listen to, you know, YouTube videos by Abraham Hicks or anything like that. And I just would have to believe that something else was out there for me. I would have to believe that I could do this. I would have to believe that this whole working two jobs just to get by literally walking in the freezing cold, to go stay up late, to get my business off the ground, wasn’t going to happen forever, that there was something else more for me. And I would have to say those affirmations, I am wealthy. I was not wealthy. You know, you have, I had to say it first, but that is what did this. That is what made the difference.


That is why my business took off. It was not just because of my strategy. It’s never been just because about my strategy. It’s been because not of what I do, but how I feel. So our new membership called the Virtual Visionaries is literally dedicated to your energy. It is dedicated to it being a resource for you to go in at any time and be able to get into your most inspired place so that you can work effectively. 


You can work in flow, you can ignite your inner magic. I hope that you guys know the feeling I’m describing. I hope that it’s like coming to you as, um, you know, as I say this for me, I have so many triggers that helped me feel that feeling like I have songs I can play that helped me feel it. I meditated many of which are part of this program, um, that are part of this membership.


Uh, and the best way I can describe it is just like, you’re vibrating so high. Like you just literally feel like there’s a magic in the air. Do you guys know what I mean? Where you feel like you can’t help, but look around and see the beauty in everything that you see that is where the magic comes from. And I think, and I think so many entrepreneurs spend so much of their day on their phone in stress intenseness, worried about money, worried about if it will work, worried about the next best strategy. And it’s really no wonder that businesses don’t take off the way that people want them to, or that so many businesses fail within the first few years. And that’s really sad to say, I’m not trying to be like a credit here. You know, I’m just trying to support as many people as possible and not being one of those statistics and not being a reason that this doesn’t work or this doesn’t take off.


Oh my God. That is so funny. You say 11:11 because I’m on the East coast, but I just looked at my computer and I said, 1:11. And I’m like, Ooh, I’m feeling the magic already. Exactly. It’s just, when you feel like, you know, the universe is conspiring in your favor. And for me it was, it was like those, those 5:00 AM wake up calls, listening to music, knowing I could do it. It was listening to, you know, affirmations and meditations while I was on the beach, outside on vacation. Like I saturated my mind with what could be until it became my reality. So the virtual visionaries is full of energetic resources from yours, truly I’ve recorded meditations, which is hilarious because I don’t have that soothing of a voice. My clients are probably like, Oh my God, spare me because on our calls, I’m, I’m very blunt with them, but we have a few different kinds of visualizations that are part of this, um, to just get you into that mode.


So I’m having, like, I think that these are so powerful. I think that I don’t really know anyone who’s done exactly what I’m offering. So hope you guys love it because these have been game changers for me, but I have visualizations of luxury. So I kind of walk you through a closed side, relatively brief visualization to put you in the vibration of luxury so that you can like, and that is a good anecdote for when you’re feeling not quite very yet. Or we have a visualization for freedom. So when you’re feeling kind of like you’re, you’re working on your business 24 hours a day, and you kind of need that moment of like, why am I doing this? You can come to that visualization. And these are just like these resets so that you can go back into your day, go back into your, to-do, go back into your planning from the reminder that that is freaking possible for you.


And I’m not just like about this because it makes you feel good. Right. Which is important. Like that was what was, that was half the battle for me. When I was building my business, I still had a nine to five job. I still, you know, was trying to like be a normal person. I had, like, I was in a serious relationship. I was engaged in marriage. I play my frickin wedding when my business was being taken off the ground. And so the visualization isn’t just about making sure that you’re like guarding your mood and guarding your energy, but your brain subconsciously doesn’t know the difference in pictures of what’s real and what’s imagination. That’s why visualization works. So that’s why you’re able to bring into your life. I love Bob Bob Proctor’s phrase. If you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hand.


And so this is meant to be a resource for you to actually take stock of what the hell you’re putting in your subconscious mind. Do you know how often are we looking at lack? How often are we looking at our bank account? Thinking there’s not enough? How often are you refreshing our inbox? Wondering why a sale’s not there? What if instead you had in this membership, the opportunity to put in your brain, what could this look like? What is waiting for me? What do I have potential to unlock? What am I really working for? And that matters that matters.


It’s like the phrase neurons that wire together, fire together. Um, a woman named Marla, Matt and said, who’s a relationship coach. I saw her speak at a, at an event last year, she showed this incredible time-lapse of the, literally the neurons in your brain. And it was like over the course of a few days, like three to five days or something like that. And you just could see so many of them that were separated, like slowly grow together. And it really makes you think like how many hours per day do you spend visualizing your dream life? How many hours per day do you spend talking to about what you’re currently doing, right. And about what you want to be creating and doing exists into existence, how many opportunities are you giving your brain the opportunity to wire together? It matters.


It works, this stuff works. And so this is why we’ve created this. This is where we’ve kind of put everything so that you guys can have that on the go. And let me tell you guys one more thing. I know I keep kind of being vague about like my memories of the webinars that did everything for me, or like the audio is that just like moved me to tears and all of that. And it might not mean that much to you. I mean, I keep bringing it up because those are the moments that I remember, like literally feeling my world change. And that’s when I remember just looking around at New York City being like, Oh my God, there’s a whole world out there that has always been at my fingertips, that I have discounted myself out of my whole life up to this point up to the moment where I’ve actually realized that just by attuning my energy, I’m playing a whole different game.


It was an incredibly magical time. It still happens all the time. It’s very exciting. What if you could use those resources, you know, you like have those kinds of those videos, those affirmations, whatever, I’m clearly an auditory learner. So it might not totally work for you the same way, but what if you could have whatever it is that puts you in that magical energetic place, or that puts you in that, that, that feeling of potential tailored to you. 


And, you know, that was another big turning point for me was once I started enrolling in coaching programs, myself and hiring coaches, um, not only what I like appreciate the coaching, but I would use the replace of that coaching to, to be part of my like energetic support. I remember going on plane rides, train rides, subways, whatever, commuting, mostly. But like I would spend like five hours on planes.


I lived in New York at the time when I was from Colorado. So whenever I’d go back to Colorado and my dad passed away around that time period. So I’d fly back frequently to help my mom. And I would just listen to these coaching calls on the replays of them over and over and over and over and over to saturate my brain. And what was cool about what happened in that stage was that then these resources started to be a little bit customized to me, right? 


Because I was in these programs that were helping me at the stage I was at, or even directly dealt with my questions. And that’s why we did a membership that included calls. That’s why I’m not just giving you guys a bunch of visualizations and calling you today. I want you to have so many different resources whenever you need, whether it’s visual, whether it’s auditory, whether it is through a video, whatever the case may be, so that you can attune your energy to take the action that you need.


And guess what? Not only do you have them there, but they get to be customized to you because you’re part of the community. You’re part of the membership. You get to ask questions, you get to submit what you’re looking for. We take those all into consideration. This is not a one-way street. And, you know, part of what keeps our energy stable and where, what it keeps it at. The level that we’re at is the people we’re around and is the community. When I had no money, um, like Bob Proctor’s YouTube video was my community. Like I would listen to that and it would make me feel less alone because no one in my life was talking to me about abundance. And about the power of your subconscious mind, like my friends were talking about like, you know, what bar we were going to or why our soon loans are so expensive.


I’m not trying to crap on my friends. I have the most amazing friends, but I was kind of on this personal development journey alone at the time. And I think that that is probably the case for most of us. Even if you have pretty aware friends or people that are pretty mindset heavy, if they’re not in the ringer with you, you really got to be proactive on how you do this yourself. And so once I started actually investing in communities and actually being part of them, that also became a source of energy stabilization or even better yet raising my energy. And that’s part of this too, is it’s not just about you having access to these things, but you being in a community of people who also want access to these things who are also using them for the same things and who get this will help you.

You guys, I can’t even tell you my current mastermind there, the community they’re building in there is there like all going to be friends forever. They are so tight. Like they talk all the time. One of them got engaged and I think she’s probably going to invite other people to her wedding from the mastermind. If you listen to this, you do not have to do that. 


I’m not putting pressure on you. My point is they have already seen this, this community and the power of it in a month. And it’s just reminded me of how much of a kind of boost that is to your energy when you have it, which is also why we are doing this in a community perspective. So to be clear, the membership, I think you guys are pretty clear on why I created this cause I’m very passionate about it, but the membership take, it means a community service port calls two per month.


One is a Q and A call with me. So you literally can ask me anything. So if you want to know the strategies we use to get to six-figure months, that’s where we’ll talk about them. If you want to know a mindset thing that worked for me, that’s where we’ll talk about them. If you want to know anything about ads, like any questions you have at all, that’s where we will talk about them and you can have access to me transparently and completely. And what’s better yet is we record all of those Q and A calls. And we are going to categorize all the questions people ask, um, in the membership portal so that you can access them at any time, like past calls, you can go look and be like, Oh, I have this question, but it’s already been said, so I don’t have to wait till the next call.


And you can just go index it and look it up right there. And then additionally, we have one teaching call with me. So this is where I’m talking about my methodology, which I had brushed on my approach of like the inner needs to create the outer. And I’m going to talk about a piece of it specifically each month, um, and add a workbook with that as well. So you get tons of content, you get two calls per month, you get the community with it. You get all of my energetic resources and kind of visualization tools, meditation tools, mindset tools, and putting all of that in the portal for you. And you get a workbook and it is $74 a month. It is like the, by far, the most affordable way to work with me, it is like going to be the only way to work with me at this, uh, rate ever.


And you can join today. You can join via the link in my bio. You can join on my website. And when you join today, you are eligible for an abundance workshop that I do. Uh, I’ve done it with my mastermind. It’s very powerful. It’s highly effective and you would get that for free. So if you want that, then do not delay, but no matter what, I encourage you guys to at least try it out. There is no, um, no penalty to join, you know, or to cancel. 


There’s no cancellation fee, sorry I’m done. I really twisted my words there, but there’s really no downside to just trying it out, but think of what you can gain, think of what it could mean to you to just have that like back pocket, knowing that you can, re attune how you feel at any time that you can conquer the disbeliefs at any time that you can put yourself in the place where those clarity, that clarity comes from those new ideas come from the outreach comes from the divine downloads, come from those don’t come from fear-based places.

Those don’t come from Instagram. I know we’re all on Instagram right now, but like those don’t come from the places that so many of us spend so much time metaphorically beating our head against the wall, wondering why things aren’t happening. They come from within, they come from your inspired place. They come from your highest self being able to see what’s possible for you. And those fear-based thoughts block that. So this is about clearing that out. 


So you can access that at any time, so much quicker and make the business that you want happen. And not only happened, but happened in the way you wanted to everyone’s business is different. Everyone’s desires are different, but if you’re not continually checking in with them and tuning in with them, it’s very hard to actually make them happen on your terms. So from the very, just cherished part of my heart, remembering what it meant for me to relearn what was possible for me and relearn what I could do with my life and relearn what I could do with my business and how I learned those things.


I’m so excited to share this with you guys. I’m so excited to create it, to have created it. And I’m so excited to bring together people who also believe in themselves and who also believe that something more is out there for them, even if they’re not quite sure what it is and who also believe that there are others out there who not only have the same values that they do, but want to connect with them and want to help them. And who also are not willing to settle for anything but the biggest vision that they have for their life and bonus, if you want to do it virtually and work from anywhere, because that is where the virtual comes from. So I just wanted to give you guys all the context and background on what I created, what you can expect from it and whether or not it is the right fit for you.


If you have any questions you can always DM me, otherwise you can join via the link in my bio. We can just go to LeahGervais.com/virtual-visionaries and join. It’s only $74 per month, and you have access to all of the material quite soon. If you have any questions about when that is, let me know, but I hope that this is something that’s exciting for you. And I hope it is. It feels the need for what you’ve been looking for, because I know that there’s this gap between like inspirational content and motivational stuff that’s free, but sometimes can feel like a miss or hard to navigate, or you don’t even know where to begin, or is it really going to help you, or is it going to resonate with you or is it going to be what you need right now versus paying thousands and thousands of dollars for coaching, which is very valuable and has its place. And I’ve always done that. 


And I always will, but it has not substituted the work I’ve done on my own energy and on myself. And that has been really, probably the most important thing that I’ve done. It is what I value the most now. And it is what I’m really excited to share as a resource. So thank you guys for tuning in and as always, this is in service to your biggest vision. I will talk to you guys soon, have a great day.

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