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Entrepreneurial Mindset + Visioning

My Six Figure Case Study

Leah Gervais case study from side hustle to six figure business

See the behind-the-scenes look at my journey and milestones from a side hustler to six figure business owner. Learn the takeaways from each step throughout my story that still hold up my multiple six figure business to this day.

Creating Your Vision Workbook

Go behind-the-scenes of my Leah Gervas Methodology, which has allowed me and my clients to excel to new heights time and time again. These journal prompts will walk you through the exact steps.

Business Resources

Monthly Income Reports

A snapshot of my income reports

Turning my annual income into my monthly income changed my life. I’ve always tried to be transparent about my income and my business growth. That’s why we made these reports. They’re an inside snapshot at what a $14k, $26k, and $78k month look like in our business. My hope is that this creates a point of reference for entrepreneurs wanting to get their income up to the multiple five and six figures per month!

Five-Figure Month Case Studies

Leah Gervais on making more sales and wasting less time in your online business

 In this tell-all case study, I share how four of my clients, using the Leah Gervais Methodology, went from just getting by in their businesses to break through the five-figure month ceiling! (And I share my own story too!)

Inside this case study, in my clients own words, you’re going to learn…

  • when and how they earned their first five-figure months
  • a breakdown of their offerings
  • insights on what offers can make the most financial impact for my clients (and for you)

Marketing Strategies

Sales Call Checklist

Sales calls used to scare me and make feel like there was a code I couldn’t crack. What I’ve now learned, after using sales calls to close hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and helping my clients do the same, is that a good sales call should be fun and light, for both people on the call! I’m so excited to share this checklist with you, as it’s the five most essential things to make sure happen on a sales call that feels good, is in service, and works!

Learn the five keys I use in every sales call, and expect:

  • CLARITY on what to say during sales conversations
  • EXCITEMENT from those getting on the phone with you
  • CONVERSIONS to go up, thanks to the one question I ask on every single sales call

Finding Hidden Money in Your Business Training

We all, as people and as business owners, are naturally here with an abundance of money available to us at any time. However, most of society only views their money as coming in through one route: their 9-5 job. This only a fraction of the many different ways money is available to come to us.

In this training, I walk you through:

  • How you can start seeing these different routes all around you
  • Three money-making strategies that don’t require you to create anything new
  • The simple yet most commonly overlooked business fundamental that’ll help you make massively more sales, easily

Side Hustler Resources

My $4,000 per month case study

Want to stop playing small with your side hustle and make some real money, once and for all? This guide is based on my own case study of going from confused and frustrated with low, inconsistent income months, to building a side business that earns more than my 9-5 job. I’m pulling back the curtain on all the up-levels I did and how you can too. 

4 Tips on Signing Clients

Are you ready to sign your next client(s)? Not only can I help you do that, I know what goes into the foundation of a solid, multiple six-figure business.I am sharing my tips on what I believe has helped us sign clients over the past two years from my perspective as an Operations Manager and our Lead Coach. 

Side Hustle Daily Planner

download our free side hustle planner!

For the crazy busy but crazy driven, side hustling young professional. I made this planner for myself when I was juggling my side hustle around my 9-5 job, while also trying to have some normalcy in my schedule! It was a life-saver and helped me be so productive. I know you’ll love it too!