Update from Leah

A few years ago, I was on a large group coaching call for an e-course that I was part of. One of the questions that the course creator asked the group was, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how much fun are you having in your business on a daily basis?” This was a huge call, so the answers came flooding in through the chat. But most people put things between, I would say between 5 and 8. This seemed like a relatively good score, right?

Average, above average, not every single day is going to be extremely fun, especially in the early phases of growth. However, this course creator pushed us back and said, “My challenge to you is to make every day at 10 on the fun scale.”

So, I completely loved this. I became obsessed with it, and I wrote on a sticky note on my desk to, “Make today a 10/10 on the fun scale.” And it might sound like that’s a little bit unrealistic, doesn’t business have its ups and downs? But what I loved about this is that we don’t have to indulge in those.

This is our one life, and not only that, when you’re a business owner, you are creating your own business, which means you are creating your days and you are creating your life. This is it. This is the only shot, and I love the goal and intention of having every day be a 10/10 on the fun scale.

Having more fun in your business isn’t only good for your mental health and just for your happiness overall, butit’s actually also a strategic business move. When you consider the Law of Attraction, and we know that we are always attracting in exactly what we put out there, you can imagine that the more fun you’re having and the more of a better experience you’re having in your business, the better experiences and more fun clients and opportunities you will attract into it.

Likewise, if you are feeling ridiculously stressed in your business, if you’re feeling overly tense, very doubtful, then you will continue to attract people that are stressed, situations that are full of doubt, and tenseness in your life and business.

So, for more than one reason, focusing on more happiness is the way to go. Here are some tips on how:

Celebrate everything big and small-

This will come as a surprise to no one. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve likely seen my collection of designer shoes, which is not meant to show off, but rather meant to be a representation of the business milestones I hit in the earlier years of my business. Whenever I hit a new one, I would splurge. Did I need to do this? Of course not. Would I have continued to be successful if I didn’t do it? Yes.

But I wanted to have fun, I wanted to celebrate, and I wanted to continue to add that sparkle to my life. And recently, I’ve been doing that with a lot of different types of self scare “rewards”, which you might also see on my Instagram. February is self-love month, too!

So, keep adding in incentives for yourself to keep going. Reward yourself for how hard you work. No one else is going to do it for you.

Focus on recurring revenue-

This might sound a little bit boring, but trust me. If you focus on recurring revenue, instead of focusing on getting as much cash up front as possible in your business, you’ll start each month at something higher than zero. This gives you more room to freely create, and to almost treat your creativity like a game. And instead of putting so much pressure on each marketing strategy, how it works, whether or not it will work, or all these other types of—honestly, lies we tell ourselves about there only being one right way to do things—you can experiment. You can have fun, you can play with what comes to mind, because you’re not so worried about every single dollar coming in.

I know it can be frustrating at first, because you want to focus on money up front, but big picture, I recommend focusing on monthly recurring revenue.

Get inspired by different places that you can work from-

This is for all of you who love the laptop lifestyle and that love building a location independent business. Don’t forget to spend some days in different locations that are not your couch, or worst of all, your bed, or your at-home office. I love answering Voxers while spending time at the beach, or answering emails and creating new content while I’m by the pool. Or creating something new or sometimes even doing work with clients while I’m at lunch at a cafe, treating myself.

These things really help me diversify where I’m working, they keep me inspired, and they remind me of how hard I worked to have this location independent business, and why I did so.

So, no matter where you are, even if you can’t travel as much as you want, be sure to switch it up, and work in your favorite places, like a hotel lobby that you love, or an outdoor coffee shop, if that’s where you feel safe. But enjoy everything that you’re doing, because life and work is meant to be done in fun places.

New Podcast Episode

Ep. S.3, Ep.4- Why I Stopped Drinking Alcohol and Got Sober
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In this very personal episode, I share the story behind my recent decision to stop drinking alcohol. After years of socially drinking and not thinking much of it, I experienced Spontaneous Sobriety. I see many parallels between entrepreneurship, decision making and questioning the status quo and quitting drinking that I’m excited to share with you.

Tune in to this episode to hear:

  • The moment I made the spontaneous decision to no longer drink (haven’t touched it since!)
  • How I plan to drink moving forward + how I respond to the awkward questions
  • The five major reasons I now see alcohol differently than I did for over a decade

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