Leah Gervais on making more sales and wasting less time in your online business

Update from Leah

Here with a quick sales tip for you entrepreneurs!

More than ever, I have seen people overly rely on the app Instagram as a way to find clients. If this is you, this isn’t meant to make you feel guilty or shamed, it’s just meant to help you see that there are so many other places—and in fact I think better places—to find clients.

So let me break this down a little bit in case you are blocking clients because of an app.

Now, Instagram definitely has its place in business. I love Instagram, I love connecting with people on Instagram, and sharing parts of my life on Instagram. But I do not rely on, and I don’t recommend relying on Instagram to be where you find the majority of your clients.

This is because Instagram is a very good nurturing tool—meaning, it’s a great way for people to get to know you once they’ve already found out who you are, once they’ve already found something that you’ve given of value, or once they’ve already heard about you. But in terms of relying on an app on your phone for people to find you, I believe you are robbing yourself of your potential and selling yourself a bit short.

Here are some steps you can take to make sure that you are opening up other avenues for clients and not overly relying on Instagram.

Invite people that do follow you on Instagram to your email list.

Instagram isn’t a bad way to have clients find you, it’s just not the only way, and one I wouldn’t solely rely on. The best thing you can do is try to get them off of the app and into your email list, where you have a closer connection to them and you’re not relying on an algorithm or Mark Zuckerberg to determine how you are going to reach people and how many people you’re going to reach.

Analyze where your clients have come from in the past and recognize what other places they have come through.

Whether that’s been referrals, a Facebook ad, a webinar, a podcast or anything else. And if the answer is none, then I’m guessing you’re really wanting more clients, and I would encourage you to find at least two more lead generating avenues to get people onto your email list. Our program Service-Based Sales shows you how to do this.

Shift your Instagram strategy to be that of nurturing.

What type of content could really nurture your audience, not just be dedicated to having people hire you?

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