A Sneak Peek Into My Most Recent Online Launch

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In this blog, I wanted to open a transparent conversation about my recent Scale Your Side Hustle online launch. I was inspired by my friend Emily, and she speaks about the importance of transparency in what goes on behind the scenes of an online business. While I don’t always think it’s that much of a necessity in all aspects, I do see the benefit of having open discussions about what it’s like as an online business owner. There’s a lot that can change in owning an online business; it’s not easy, and you have to be ready to go with the flow! This most recent online launch is something I think is particularly important to share with my audience. 

Keep reading to learn about my recent Scale Your Side Hustle online launch.

What My Online Launch Used To Look Like

Scale Your Side Hustle is one of my favorite things I offer in my business. It is a signature program that helps entrepreneurs grow their programs and boost their sales. I walk through my own journey with entrepreneurship, and how my side hustle became my full time job. I open up about leaving my 9-5 job, and how my business flourished. It is only open a few times a year. There is an enrollment period, and people are not able to join it throughout the entirety of the year. 

 In the past when we did this online launch, we would spend thousands on Facebook ads to promote the webinar and get more people to join. Facebook ads are a great way to invite audiences in, and it was the best way to gain traction for my webinars. 

Why I Changed My Online Launch Strategy

I sensed that there was a need for more personal attention within my audience. Especially with COVID, talking about peoples’ careers can be a sensitive topic. I wanted people to feel like their dreams were truly being listened to. The decision to leave corporate America is a tough one to make, and I wanted to make sure my audience felt supported. 

I had also seen a shift in Scale Your Side Hustle. There’s an abundance of materials, and more additions that have increased the value and price. If I were able to break apart each separate part of the program, it would be worth tens of thousands of dollars! I wanted this program to be for those who are ready to go all in with their online business. The program doesn’t offer overnight success and easy money, so I wanted clients who were going all in. 

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The Exact Strategies We Used This Time For This Online Launch

For this particular online launch, I did a few things to promote it. 

1. I did a webinar-which I’ve done before. However, I did this differently than the past with Facebook ads.  I didn’t want to rely on Facebook ads as much, especially since their costs have increased so much. While Facebook ads are great for marketing, I wanted to explore different options for this online launch. 

2. We decided to launch free coaching cohorts where we coached them for two weeks. We then invited them to join the program. This didn’t have to do with sales, because we specifically invited people who we knew were dedicated to improving their online business. I loved doing this. I got to connect with my audience in a more intimate way, and I learned so much about where they were in their journey. 

This strategy was not sales based, but it was based on who we thought was a great fit for the program based on how much time we got to work with them. I highly recommend this strategy, because it opens up more authenticity with your audience without them just feeling sold to. It helps them feel heard and paid attention to! 

3. Another tactic we used was opening a free waitlist. I spoke about the waitlist for a few weeks before it opened. Within the waitlist, they got a free module for anyone who joined. After they joined, they were able to book a call with us, and we were able to decide if they were a right fit for Scale Your Side Hustle. 

These three strategies worked very well for this online launch. For one, we didn’t have to spend money on ads like we have on past launches. We found amazing clients for this online launch, so it had nothing to do with numbers, but more about the people I’m working with. 

My clients’ success is my success! 

With this online launch, I invited entrepreneurs who are ready to hit the ground running for their online business.

The Key Element to a Successful Online Launch

A huge key to a successful online launch is nurturing and building your audience

This online launch was successful because of the strategies I used, but also due to my audience. Nurturing and warming up your audience is incredibly important in making sales on your programs. I have spent countless hours (and thousands of dollars) on ads and growing my audience to promote my business. 

The success of your online launch comes from the warmth of your audience. THIS TAKES TIME. Do not be discouraged if your audience isn’t huge right now. Continuing to practice these techniques and finding different strategies to nurture your audience is only going to help you grow your sales.

Final Thoughts on My Recent Online Launch 

The tactics I used for my online launch of Scale Your Side Hustle ended up being very successful. I cultivated a great group of entrepreneurs, and I still made great sales. If you need more guidance with your online programs, check our our Signature Sales Program. 

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