3 Recent Sales Mistakes I Made As A 7-Figure Entrepreneur

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The first few years of my business, I struggled a LOT with sales. And, as we know, without sales you don’t have a business! Sales mistakes are common when running your own business. I want to share some sales mistakes I’ve made recently, and how they’ve helped me even more with my business. It’s important to remember that these sales mistakes do not equate failure as a business owner, but rather they are a good way to learn and grow even more.

Sales Mistake 1: Focusing too much on mindset, and not enough on strategy 

The first sales mistake I realized I made was not focusing enough on strategy. I love strategy, and it can be so helpful in your online business. However, strategy can take away from creativity and freedom from peoples’ business and what they developed it to be. That’s where people turn to mindset work and expecting it to sell. But, if there’s no strategy behind it, it simply won’t reach audiences or do well. Yes, mindset work IS important, but you still need a strategy behind it! 

My sales mistake was not pushing to try new strategies, and I didn’t challenge myself enough. 

When focusing on mindset, it can cause us to be passive and expect it to work right away. I resisted a strategy that I had wanted to try and I didn’t listen to myself. When I implemented this new strategy, it worked in favor of my sales, and I realized I should have listened to myself earlier!

Sales Mistake 2: Wanting people to like me (and how it hurt my business)

Another sales mistake I made (and this is a bit personal for me to talk about) was letting someone break a contract. This is one of the very few regrets I have in my business. Contracts can be an intimidating thing on either end. It can seem pushy having someone sign one, and like a big commitment if you’re the one signing it. 

I realized I’m still codependent on people liking me, and it wasn’t serving me. Initially, this person simply changed their mind and wanted to cancel the contract with me, and I realized how important it was to set boundaries. It’s so hard to set a boundary, because it could risk someone not liking you. 

Not sticking to boundaries can hurt sales in a few ways: 

You could lose potential clients and money. 

-You seem wishy-washy and not as trusting to clients. 

-It implements self doubt when we focus too much on what others think. 

This was a big sales mistake on my end, but we have to keep our boundaries up and release what other people will think about you.

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Sales Mistake 3: Staying Only On One Platform 

The final sales mistake I made was getting used to my platform. Instagram and my email list are where I do a lot of my work, and the sales mistake I made was forgetting about visibility in other platforms. It’s important to deflate your ego a bit when wanting to explore other platforms. “What if I don’t get as many followers?” “I’ve already done the work on these platforms!”

When that ego gets in the way, it keeps us from reaching higher goals, and taking bigger risks. In this situation, it’s helpful to shift your focus inward, and look outward at your audience. Who are you trying to help? After all, your business isn’t about you, it’s about your audience! 

 Building a new audience on a different platform can be vulnerable and scary. But, shifting that focus to the audience you’re trying to serve is going to serve your business much better in the long run. 

Final Thoughts on Sales Mistakes

Making sales mistakes is so common in running on online business. The learning process is never over. We’re supposed to make these sales mistakes! It’s important to share them, and it helps us grow as business owners! Don’t be discouraged when/if you make them, but take it as a redirection and an opportunity to develop something more successful! 

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