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Something I talk about a lot about with my clients is sales strategy- I LOVE strategy! Alongside your sales audit and the strategies you’re using, it’s important to discuss what to do when the strategy you’re using isn’t working, or when you try something new that doesn’t go as planned. Being an entrepreneur means having flexibility for when strategies change, allowing yourself to try something new, and learning from when it doesn’t work. There isn’t one solution to sales strategies- it’s about process not a product!

Before I get into my 3 steps for your sales audit, I want to bring attention to two important things to look at first:

An important part of your sales audit is how much you are actively selling on your platforms. Take a look at what you’ve done to try and sell what you’re selling! Does your Instagram feed have many pictures? Does your Facebook promote it for you? Is it in your bio? Do you have a link people can click?  Whatever platform you’re using to sell, it needs to be reflective of whatever it is you’re selling. It might feel silly, and you might think you’re doing too much, but you want people to know about your product. How it can help them, change their life, whatever it is, they need to know about it.

Another important aspect when looking at your sales audit is you want to make sure your messaging is clear, and that people know you are the best at what you do! The more specific you are with your messaging, the more likely it is to grab peoples’ attention: How will peoples’ lives change? How much more energy will they have? How will their bank accounts increase? How much more time will they get to spend with their family? Messaging is critical! Your marketing should be clear, concise, and have a strong call-to-action.  In my Sales Coaching Mastermind, I coach you on how to make good, clear messages that help grab your audience’s attention!

Keep reading for my 3 sales audit steps if you’ve been struggling with your sales!

Sales Audit Step #1: Am I visible?

Step one of your sales audit is visibility. This is the top of the funnel of these three steps, and you will be dealing with the most amount of people with this sales audit step. Ask yourself: Am I visible? Do people know about me and my service? Am I getting myself out there and reaching my audience? Do they know that my service is the best? This part of the sales audit is where a lot of people aren’t setting themselves up for success in a sustainable way. 

If your audience isn’t large enough to reach the sales you need, then you aren’t going to increase your sales. If your audience isn’t large enough, you’ll have to ask a large portion of them to buy your product every month in order for you to live sustainably, and that’s difficult. 

If this part of the sales audit is where you’re weakest, then widen your net and get in front of more people! You can do this in whatever way you’d like to: Get on a podcast, Facebook ads, join Instagram live, etc. There are many ways you can reach a larger audience.

Sales Audit Step #2: Does My Audience Know Me?

The next phase of the sales audit is nurturing. At this point, you may feel like you have a large email list and a large audience, but you aren’t getting a lot of responses. If this sounds like you, you may need to nurture your audience, and build a stronger relationship with them. 

Nurtured customers are the best customers! When people don’t know who you are, it leads to customers that might not be as trustworthy, and they might not want to commit to you. If you are solely focused on sales, people will be more hesitant. Tell them your ‘why’, your story, and your personality is what’s going to draw in a more trusting audience. This is the part of the sales audit that’s going to get you customers really wanting to work with you.

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Sales Audit Step #3: Are They Converting? 

This third step of the sales audit is useful if you’re struggling with making the sales itself. Maybe people like you, they’re interested in working with you, but they haven’t fully committed to you. So if you know you’ve taken the other two steps, but you’re still not converting, let’s take a look at the actual sales process. 

First, look at messaging. Like what I said earlier, the way to connect with others is highly important. What’s the reason they choose you above others? Why is this important for them? If it’s not clear, check out signature sales and get some clear, easy tips to relay that to them. 

Secondly, overcoming objections. You’ve got a clear message and connection, but they’re still saying “no”. People are scared, and people will always say “no”. It’s a reality of consumerism. Objections are normal, and you can’t erase them. And they can’t be taken personally! You have to learn to walk through the conflicting messages in their head. If someone reached out to you, they’ve already expressed interest in you. Your job isn’t to convince them, it’s helping them sift through their own internal conflict. Saying “no” might actually be what’s best for them, and that’s okay! Maybe it’s “yes”, but all you can do is walk through the process with them openly and honestly, and help them unblock themselves.

Final Thoughts on The 3-Step Sales Audit 

This sales audit is for you to observe which phases you’re lacking and how you can improve them for your business. Our business can always use some tweaking- we go through these three steps quarterly! Just remind yourself that it’s a process, and there’s always something to learn from. Check out my Signature Sales Webinar for more sales tips!

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Boost your sales with my 3-step sales audit