A Week in the Life: new mom & 7-figure entrepreneur
Your Biggest Vision
Season 3, Ep. 76

Ever wonder what I… spend my days doing? Or how entrepreneurs manage their time, including what they do vs. what they delegate? I’m sharing all of that today.

Contrary to what a lot of the coaches on Instagram say…having a successful business is not a given.

It takes conscious choice and radical action. You will not be handed success just by showing up.

But is it 100% possible for you? YES.

This week, I want to take you behind the scenes in how I craft my weeks as a 7-figure business owner, without have to work a crazy amount or give up time with my new baby.

Tune in to hear:

  • Why working less is a non-negotiable for me

  • What I delegate vs. what I do myself

  • Why I only coach one day a week

  • My decision-making process for what I do in a day

  • How I sell via automated systems every single day

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Taking you you behind the scenes in how I craft my weeks as a 7-figure entrepreneur, without have to work a crazy amount.

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Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais:

And let’s do this. So I hope that you’re all doing well. Welcome back to the Your Biggest Vision show today. I wanted to take you behind the scenes of a normal week for me, how I schedule my week, how I plan it as a 7-figure entrepreneur. And in particular, I thought it would be helpful to see this through the lens of one, uh, a 7-figure entrepreneur.

I always love hearing how other entrepreneurs schedule their weeks, how they plan to be so efficient. It’s truly incredible how much an entrepreneur is expected to do and how much kind of lands on their plate.

So, um, I think it’s always really helpful and insightful when you can see what prior, what others prioritize and, and how they think about their time. And then also I thought it’d be helpful to share this from the lens of me being a mom, a new mom, a mom that, um, doesn’t work on Thursdays and Fridays.

So that was something that I transitioned to when I was pregnant. I decided to only work two days a week, or I’m sorry, three days a week and take the other two weekdays off to be with Paul, my baby, and then obviously the weekends, but that was a boundary that was really important to me as a 7-figure entrepreneur.

So that was something that I slowly but surely was able to transition into. And I really wanna talk about that as well, because I think there’s a lot of talk about working less and having a work life balance and all of that.

And I think there’s so many ways to go about it, but at this point it’s a very firm boundary to me because time with my son is not a negotiable and it’s something that is really important as a 7-figure entrepreneur. So that is, you know, it’s unlike before where it was sort of like I tried to work less or whatever the case may be.

This was something that this is something that I really don’t negotiate with. Um, and I’ve had to do a lot of work to get to that place. So that’s what I wanted to talk to you guys about today. I also thought it’d be useful just for you to see what I delegate to my team versus what I do myself and really just, and inside look at it all my sweet dog.

Could you be any so with that, let’s go ahead and get started. And let me know where you guys are tuning in from, as you watch this. So Mondays, Mondays, here we are on a Monday recording this, this is the first day of the week, and this is what I call my CEO day as a 7-figure entrepreneur. So this is definitely a working day for me, but it is a little bit more of a relaxed day just in the sense that I don’t have a schedule.

I don’t coach basically I don’t coach on, um, Mondays for the most part at all. Sometimes I’ll do extra fill-in calls here and there, but for the most part, it isn’t a day focused on the internal aspects of my business. So on these days, this is the day that I have my weekly team huddle with my team where they kind of like report to me about what they’re doing and what they’re overseeing and how things are going for them.

I tell them kind of what needs to be done this week, or if there’s any other new ideas that I have, how they can see that through. And, um, that is, that’s kind of how we connect. That’s really helpful for me to just touch base with them, especially at the beginning of the months when we’re talking about what the goals are. Um, that’s something that I pretty consistently have kept.

I used to do this more frequently. I do think that if you have a new, if you’re newer to having a team or these, your team members are newer, then there is a benefit to doing this maybe twice a week. But at this point in my business, uh, the, the, the kind of higher ups in my business have been with me for over a year. at least each of them, if not more, which in a small business is life is significant.

So I’m able to just do this once week on these days. I also really look at numbers now as a 7-figure entrepreneur. So I am a spreadsheet girl through and through. I see spreadsheets just like make sense in my mind, how they look and how they work. So I pay attention to the spreadsheets we have going on.

Mondays. The things I keep track of are things like our sales numbers, where our books are at, um, how our campaigns are going, where I need to put more money on our ads, where I need to put less money on our ads. Um, anything that we’re kind of tracking over time and we track pretty much everything cause we wanna make sure that it’s actually working for us.

Those are that that’s all on a spreadsheet and it’s things that I look at every Monday now. I don’t make decisions on things every Monday. And I think that that’s really important because I don’t want it to feel, um, reactive. And, and that this is hard for me because I am actually very much a reactive person. Um, but it’s important to let things kind of play through at least a little bit before you make decisions on them.

It’s more just about monitoring it, making sure that I am kind of in the know and then making decisions if after a certain amount of time, things aren’t changing or things, aren’t looking a certain way. So if you ever want specific examples of what I track on spreadsheets or a template, you can always reach out to us and I’ll show you what and how we track as a 7-figure entrepreneur.

I always try to share that kind of thing. And I’m sharing all of that in a lot more detail in the wealth builders. Cause we’re talking all about team building and keeping track of things and how to know that team. And what you ask for is a good use of your money, et cetera.

So you can always reach out to us about that or get in the wealth builders that would probably be even more effective . Um, so that’s really what Mondays look like there it’s a lot of behind the scenes work.

It’s also a big client catch up date for me. So it’s when I do a lot, you know, my clients don’t, um, contact me well, sometimes they contact me, but I don’t ride back, uh, Thursdays and breaks cuz they know that I’m with Paul. Um, so there’s usually, you know, things I, I wanna get back to them pretty quickly when the week starts on Monday morning.

So there’s just some of that behind the scenes work. But for the most part, it is a big, big picture day. It is a strategy day. It is just making sure that things are looking the way that I want to and that they’re going well and smoothly. And that things are running appropriately. Tuesdays are my coaching days. It is really helpful to me to only coach one day a week as a 7-figure entrepreneur. This, I don’t know who needs to hear this.

I needed to hear this a few years ago, but you don’t have to coach every day of the week. And I think I used to try to do that and it really tired me out. And I think that that’s just because by the nature of the coaching that I do, I hold so much space for my clients.

I mean, we’re really working with very deep pieces here when it comes to their finances, their business, their dreams, rejection accomplishments, rewards, how they’re dealing with these things, how they’re planning things. It is a lot. And I take it on a lot. I’m a very, um, I, I, I feel like everyone’s an empath. So I don’t like just saying like I’m empathetic.

I think everyone’s empathetic that like has motion, um, especially women. So I don’t think that I’m especially empathetic, but I do deeply feel what my clients go through and I’m really in the ringer with them, which is why I think I’m so good at what I do.

But also that takes a toll on me. So allowing myself to only do that one day a week and that’s on Tuesdays for me is really helpful for my energy. And with that on Tuesdays, something that I really had to get good at. And it’s not the easiest for me because I’m such a natural visionary. And I love working kind of in a strategic way on Tuesdays.

I have to try to have the discipline to not do that. So I try to not think about my business strategies really at all on Tuesdays, because it is so a mentally draining and mentally taxing to be all in, on a client strategy and on a client’s business and then pause my work with them and then try to mentally switch back to my own and then switch back on another client call.

So if I do any sort of tasks on Tuesdays, it’s usually more administrative fill in the blanks things I need to check off my to-do list, but things that don’t really require me to make any big decisions or plan anything or make any, have any difficult conversations or just things that require more of my energy things that really only I could do.

Um, and that is hard for me because those are the things I’m kind of most naturally drawn to. I love big picture thinking strategy is my bread and butter. So on Tuesdays, it’s just my time to pause and say, this is my time to show up for my coaching clients and my business will still be there tomorrow. And that’s really helped me be a better coach.

It’s really helped me hold more space. And it’s really helped me manage my own expectations because I also found that before I sort of set that boundary for myself, if a day went by when I didn’t work as much on my own business, as I wanted to I’d get frustrated.

But then on the days that I did do that, I would just be exhausted. So it was kind of this like lose, lose situation. And I just had to let that go, okay, Wednesdays, my final workdays of the week are quite focused on sales.

So I, I sell every single day and I don’t actively sell every day. Like, it’s not like I need to do a sales call every day or write a sales email every day actively. Um, but I, something like that happens. So we usually send an email every day if I don’t write it, someone else does, but I do write most of my, I still write most, most of my sales emails.

I still write most of my content. It’s still usually me. I just batch it. So I’ll try to do a lot of it on one day. Um, if that doesn’t feel good or if I get some sort of, uh, burst of inspiration, then I’ll do it before the day starts usually quite early in the morning. For the most part though, I try to batch our sales content or automate it. And so that’s another thing I’m teaching in the wealth builders.

That is where I teach you how to, uh, automate your marketing so that you can have sales come in without you having to manually do it. Or you can have leads come in while without you manually doing it. I use Facebook ads a lot to help me with that, but you also can do this with Pinterest. You can do this with Google ads. You can do this with organic social media.

You don’t have to pay for it, but you do have to spend the time. And at this point in my business, my time is, is too valuable. So that is what Wednesdays looks like. It’s kind of like me doing the grunt work for selling every other day of the week. Um, it also is sort of like an in between day. Like sometimes I will have a client call or coaching call right now.

I have a scale side hustle call on Wednesdays. Um, sometimes I do sales calls on Wednesdays. If I were to have a sales call, usually we’d be on a Wednesday. Um, I’m trying to think of like any other sort of like miscellaneous thing that I think about strategies often on Wednesday. I usually like have a lot of ideas by the time Wednesday rolls around after like I’ve kinda gone through Tuesday and like done all that coaching for other people.

I’m like, oh my God, I have all these great ideas for us. So it’s, it’s, it’s another internal day, but it’s sales focused and it allows me to make sure that we sell every day, which we do. And I think is so important. I can’t reiterate that enough. If that feels intimidating.

If that feels like you don’t even know where to begin, if that feels like that could never be me, join the wealth builders. I cannot reiterate it enough because it is so valuable and so important to think this way and to, and to put these systems in place the internet, not to be like the boogeyman or the bear of bad news.

Cause I hate when people talk like this, like this zoom and gloom threat almost, but the internet is so crowded and only getting more crowded.

And if you don’t have strategies in place to sell daily, you will not, it will be very hard for you to kind of rise above unless you have an audience you’ve been building for the past 10 years where they’re really loyal to you, cuz I know some of you might be listening to this and you’re like, well, Leah, I follow, you know, so and so, or I follow this influencer or I follow this entrepreneur and they don’t sell every day.

How long have they been in business? How many followers do they have? How big of an email list do they have? And this is no knock to them. They probably worked really hard for that audience, but you just have to be honest with yourself about where you are versus where they are, how social media is versus how it was.

And this isn’t a scare tactic. This doesn’t mean you can’t make it right now, quite the opposite. This just means you need to be honest about the situation right now so that you can show up the way you need to and make it happen.

That’s what I’m gonna teach you. How to do that in the wealth builders. I, I had planned on closing the doors Friday, cause I usually like to close things the, the week before it starts. Um, but the call starts tomorrow and this is just so good. that I’ve decided to keep it open for a little longer. So if you have not joined and you’re interested in joining and even if like literally even it’s

Priced so well that even if you only get one thing out of it in the next 12 weeks, you have access to this material for forever, forever. So even if you over the next 12 weeks, just make one new product that you sell or you set up one automated system like Pinterest or like, um, Facebook ads or like a webinar or whatever, or you hire one new team member it’s worth the money.

And then anything else that you need to do, you can always go back and, you know, add it because you have access to this forever and ever. So just wanna make that really clear that it’s so valuable. Then the rest of the week, Tuesdays and Thursdays are time with my son.

Now this does not mean that I completely go offline. Sometimes I do. Sometimes if you follow me on social media, you’ll notice that I’m still active on Thursdays and Fridays.

That honestly just depends. I don’t always have a rhyme or reason out of this. Sometimes I feel fine at being on social media, myself, sharing my life, sharing my thoughts. Um, sometimes I have team members do this for me because I don’t wanna be on social media. Um, sometimes neither happens and I’m not really on social media at all.

What I will say is that social media aside, my business is working all the time and this is done through my team and this is done through our automations and this is done through our systems. So I don’t need to be working five days a week, um, a hundred hours a week, 80 hours a week, whatever you kind of normally do. Um, you know, I have a team for that and you can build that too. That is what, again, something I teach in the wealth builders and it doesn’t need to be you, but you do need to have that support.

And you do need to have, you know, people doing this for you on your behalf. Um, sometimes on those days I also have, I also will answer some emails. You know, if, if I can, if I feel like it, excuse me, Paul, I still napping a few times a day.

He also goes to bed very early. Um, so if I’m not with my husband or, or, you know, doing something for myself, if I feel good about it, I don’t stop myself from working. It’s just not a necessity. It’s not something I’m obligated to do. All my clients are very respectful. Um, and know the clear boundary that that is not a day I’m required to respond on.

I will, if I can, but I don’t always. And, um, it also is not a day. Like those days I would never really have calls unless there was sort of a whole, you know, an exception or something like that.

Sometimes things happen here and there and that’s okay, it’s a business. But for the most part, that is not something that I do. So, um, it’s sort of just this great opportunity for me to stay and inspired action because if I do think of something I wanna do or create, I can do it while Paul nap.

Or I can do it early in the morning before he wakes up or I can do it when, you know, my, my husband takes mono walkers hanging out with him or something like that, but I don’t have to. 

And I really think that energetically not only has that been something that’s really helpful for me just with my happiness, but I think it’s actually made me better entrepreneur and attracted more of my ideal clients to me because I’ve had more space for creativity and I’ve had more space to create and I’ve had less pressure on me since I am showing up only within the boundaries that most serve me and that most therefore serve my clients.

It might feel selfish or like, who am I to cut back these hours? Or who am I to have a team that’s helping me? Or who am I to, um, you know, be setting up an automated sales system because maybe I haven’t made as much money as I want yet. Like we all have these sort of limits in our mind that make us think that we’re not ready. We’re not available yet.

We’re not at that point. We don’t have enough money. Once we make a certain amount, then we can set up an automated system. Then we can hire a team member. Then we can cut down our hours. And look, I am not suggesting that you do all of it at once because it does. It it’s a process.

I mean, I have spent the last year and a half at this point going from working five, if I’m being honest, six or seven days a week, um, being fully available all the time and I’m not trying to like complain, you know, I chose that.

Um, and I did what I had to do to get my business up, but it was not because it was a moment of now you’re making enough money or now you’re, um, ready, or now you’re deserving or now you’re worthy. Therefore you should automate your sales.

Therefore you should hire a team. Therefore you should, uh, work less. It was the opposite. It was that me saying, I choose I’m to be ready now. And I know that the next level I’m waiting for is going to come to me when I shift out of that. And when I start leveling up and when I start saying yes to what I really want. So that is what my week looks like.

That is what I also invite you to do. If you’re watching this and you’re feeling like this is something I’m ready for. Maybe even just one piece of this, maybe you just wanna start with one automated system because it would feel so good to have people joining your email list.

People booking sales calls, or people pushing purchase. It’s an alliteration people pushing purchase while you are not working. So you can have off days. So you can have days, you know, where you don’t wanna work or days where you’re traveling or days where you need to take care of your mental health.

You know, that’s also so important to me. I all, a lot of this happened during my pregnancy when I like literally could not get out of bed some days, cuz I was so nauseous. And also remember my business was born during the most awful grief stricken time in my life. I know what it feels like to not be able to get out of bed. I do.

And I’m not trying to go down a mental health soap box because I’m not a, I’m not a therapist, but I do know what it’s like and what it feels like to meet a business that can support your emotions and that can support you taking care of yourself.

And I know that no one’s going to build that for you. That’s just the honest truth. And I know that that might sound harsh, but if you’re waiting for someone or something or, or some arbitrary timeline to allow you to take care of yourself, you need to be your own best friend right now.

You need to be your own biggest advocate and you need to say, no, one’s gonna come do this for me. How can I start right now? How can I make it? So that leads are coming in when I need a day off or how can I make it where I hire a VA for five hours a week.

So that emails are still being answered if I need time off or if I need to be with my child or if I need to be with myself or how can I make it so that I’m making more money than I’m trading my dollars for hours because I don’t, I didn’t quit my nine to five job to do this.

There are deeper levels of success that not everyone achieves, and this is not shade at the other people you follow who I’m sure are great that their businesses and meanwhile, and are doing good things in life. But this is just what the point I’m trying to make is that this isn’t a given this isn’t just going to happen because you started a business.

This takes you making a conscious choice. It takes you making the effort and it takes you being focused. That’s what I want you to invite. That’s what I want to invite you to do in the wealth builders, and join me in becoming a 7-figure entrepreneur.

So, okay. I have kind of like really talked about the importance of setting your own boundaries and following through with them and setting things up for yourself so that you can have your ideal life and weak and everything. Um, and I hope that you found something helpful out of this from that.

And I hope that you take action and do one thing differently today because of this. And if you want support doing it, get in the well filters, you can find it on my website. If you’re on social media, it’s in the link of my Instagram bio.

If you’re on Facebook, it’s in the comments. If you’re listening to this much later, the doors have probably closed, but we’re going to open it again at some points. So just email us to get on the wait list. Otherwise I am wishing you courage and audacity to stand up for the boundaries that most serve you and pursue them today.

All right, everyone, I hope that this helped you have a great rest of your week and here is to your biggest vision.

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