My client celebrated a $230k Month, here's how she did it...

A $230k Month; How She Did It

My client, Liv, is celebrating a $230k MONTH this August (not a typo). This means she made more in one month than many SUCCESSFUL businesses do in a year.

Sharing her incredible win, I was flooded with DMs, asking how she did this, what she did right, how could they do it too, etc. So, I decided to share more!

Liv has worked with me for three years. She started in Scale Your Side Hustle when she was in debt and making below minimum wage. The past two years, she’s worked with me directly with 1:1 coaching, VIP days and my mastermind. I’ve had the absolute privilege of watching her grow as an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, and a dear friend.

You may have caught some of our amazing VIP Intensive in Paris together just a month ago. We spent three days galvanizing through that stunning city and planned out this very success she’s now celebrating. It’s amazing what going ALL IN can do.

Here’s what you can take away from her win:

1- She gets the most out of coaching

Despite how close we are and despite how long we’ve worked together, Liv and I don’t talk every day at all. That’s because she deeply trusts herself to make quick, daily decisions in her business. Instead, she uses her time with me to think BIG and create strategies for her most outlandish goals (like a $200k month, which she surpassed).

2- She walks her walk

… unlike anyone I’ve ever seen. She holds herself accountable to be the person she encourages her clients to be. She doesn’t just tell you to be brave, take risks, believe in yourself, etc. SHE does those things. I can’t tell you how many “gurus” on the internet are telling you to take a risk and believe in yourself, but they haven’t done the work to do that themselves and they are stuck in a zone of dabbling instead of going all in.

3- She hits upper limits then breaks through them

I’ve see Liv accomplish more in three years than many do in ten. In those years, we had one VIP Day where we planned for her to make $20k and she did it 24 hours after the day together (!!). We had our VIP trip in Paris and planned for her to break through an income goal and she had a $230k month (!!!!!). AND, she’s done the inner work to get to those places. We’ve created and held space for her to sit with all the fears and work through them on her way there. She did it, and then blew her own socks off on the other side.

4- She’s not reactive, she’s consistent

When something goes wrong, she doesn’t let it domino into ~everything going wrong~. She’s coached with me consistently for three years. She knows her vision and mission and the road bumps along the way are just that. They’re part of her journey, but nothing will stop her actual journey.

5- She makes it happen

This is the secret sauce everyone’s looking for and think everyone else has that they don’t, but it’s really no secret at all. Liv simply goes for things. She’s not a procrastinator. She’s not an excuser. Yes, she’s a human and she has fears. But she chooses faith. She looks for ways to make things happen. She gives it her all.

(… and she’ll be the first to tell you, she doesn’t work all that many hours a week. It’s not about how much you work, but what you do when you do work, and how you talk to yourself when you don’t.)

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Otherwise, join me in celebrating this win! When we see what’s possible, we raise our own standards.