Summer Recap: big business pivot, client's $230k month, & more!
Your Biggest Vision
Season 3, Ep. 77

Big news…

We’re making some changes around here.

If you’re growing you business, I want you to know this: the bigger you grow, the more you have to pivot and make hard decisions, not less.

In this episode, I’m walking you through where my mindset was this summer, trends I’m seeing in the industry, and how I’m getting my clients bigger results than ever.

Tune in to hear:

  • My decision to offer 1:1 coaching again, and how I worked with my team to make that happen

  • Why I’m no longer offering Scale Your Side Hustle™ as a group program (and what I’m doing instead!)

  • The exact reasons why we’re pivoting

  • How every single one of my clients is making five-figure months or more working with me

Whether you’re looking for scalable strategies, breaking through money mindset blocks, launching a new program, mapping out long-term plans, hitting new highs in your income (or all of the above!), apply to work with me HERE. Let’s make your biggest vision a reality!

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I’m walking you through my business pivot, trends I’m seeing in the industry, and how I’m getting my clients bigger results than ever.

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Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais:

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to the Your Biggest Vision show. It is Leah, happy fall happy after labor day. Happy back to school vibes. I love this time of year and I’m so excited that we are in it. Um, it’s very bittersweet ever since having my son time has just felt a lot more intense in both ways.

Like I find myself feeling less excited for things because not because I’m not excited for them, but just because it symbolizes the passing of time and this is no different, but I’m overall super excited.

I love the fall and I love the holidays and I love that kind of, um, back to, you know, back into, I, I know the hustle has such a bad connotation with it, but that, that is really the, the kind of vibe I love. New York is very like, August is totally empty. No, one’s here for most of the summer, especially not August.

Like no one works it’s I don’t even know how the city like functions. Obviously. It’s like, we think we live in like the twenties or in Europe or whatever. Um, and then after in September, there is just a lot more, um, happening. There’s a lot more events around the city. People are back to work. It just kind of has that New York energy in it. And it’s not as disgustingly hot, like it is all summer, which I so appreciate.

August, especially, I gotta say, I think August is like this, the other than March. I think it’s the worst month of the year. I know that there’s like so many summer lovers out there, but I just think in the city it’s just too hot. Um, and it’s just, it’s just, it’s just that feeling of like, you’re ready for it to cool down. You’re ready for it to be a little cooler and for it to be fallen, it’s just not similar, similar in March.

I feel like you’re ready for it to be warmer. You’re ready for spring to come. And it just kind of doesn’t, but I digress the, uh, the point is happy, fall and happy September. And thank you guys for tuning back into the podcast. So, um, I ended up taking a few months of the podcast off over the summer, and I’m really glad I did that to myself.

And I’m gonna be sharing in the, in the next few episodes a little bit more about what I’ve been up to and kind of that decision, but the crux of it is that nothing like in particular happened. In fact, I don’t think I even really knew that I was going to take some time off, but I feel like I can now look back at my first, I would say four months postpartum and kind of have more grace and perspective about how sort of disoriented I still was.

And I don’t think I realized it in the moment. And I don’t know if that’s just because I was in denial or because things weren’t actually bad, so they didn’t feel like they were different. Or if I just couldn’t really see what way is up because my hormones were still so out of whack, it probably was a combination of all of those things.

But the point is, I think I needed a, a, a moment to pause and kind of take a break and evaluate how much my life, my body, my surroundings, my business and how I wanted to make a business pivot, everything had changed, um, since, since becoming a mom and having that kind of this summer to do that and just be a little bit more behind the scenes was really, really, you know, wonderful and definitely the right move to do for myself and my business. I’ve never been happier with where it is right now.

And I think that I know that that is because I’ve really taken the last few months to listen to the new desires that I have and the new directions I want to go in. Um, have some hard conversations with myself and with my team and with my clients and really adjust toward what’s best moving forward.

And, you know, I’ll share more about that over the next few episodes over the next few weeks. Um, and, and I’m happy to share if anyone has any questions on it, but I think that one of the hard things that we as entrepreneurs don’t often admit we need to do is say hard things or have hard conversations or make hard decisions.

And it can feel like if we have a business that’s running smoothly, don’t we no longer have to deal with the failed launches or the change in packaging or the change in team members or things like that.

And I actually think it’s the opposite. Sometimes we have to make a business pivot I think that the bigger you grow and the bigger of a vision you have, the more you have to be willing to pivot and change constantly in defense of that. And so that’s kind of what this summer was about. And what I wanted to talk to you guys about today is how I am shifting my offerings here this fall.

And I wanna give you a little bit of background on what we did over the summer that I think has just been really the right move for me and my business to make a business pivot, um, as well as what that kind of means moving forward. And so let’s go ahead and just dive right into that. So for those of you that have followed me, you probably know that I have done group programs in some capacity for years. They’re kind of like my bread and butter and I do love, love, love them.

I’ve loved my mastermind. That is kinda like my crown jewel of group programs. And then I’ve also loved scalier side hustle and the other kind of smaller group programs I’ve done along the way. I have a sales mastermind called signature sales. I have scalier side hustle that I’ve done for, I think like four or five years now.

Um, you know, we’ve gone through like 10 or 15 rounds of scalier side hustle and probably 10 or 11. Now that I think about it, but a lot arounds of scalier side hustle, and I’ve always loved these groups. And for the past two to three years, I haven’t really done any one on one client work at all with coaching. 

The only exceptions to that were when there were people that were in my groups that had inquired about one-on-one coaching, and I knew so much about their business already.

And I knew how well we worked together that it just sort of organically flowed into one-on-one coaching, but I hadn’t really advertised it. It just wasn’t something I really was doing. And to be totally transparent, a big part of that was because as I became pregnant, I became intimidated about the amount of energy that you need to have and the space you need to hold to properly coach someone in a one-on-one capacity that I believe they deserve.

And I think that that was very much an integrity and I had, you know, all the logical reasons for wanting to withhold that for a little while. Um, so that’s kind of where, how things have been for the past few months and then this summer, or for the past few years, frankly, and then this summer I really strongly tuned into, um, what would feel, what would be most exciting and what I felt like I could do best for other people and for my business. So we made a business pivot.

And when I looked at the clients, I was working at a high level with, um, my mastermind clients and the one-on-one clients that I did have there wasn’t one of them that wasn’t making consistent five figure cash months for at least, you know, several months at this point, if not years and what this like showed me clear as day is that people that work closely with me get results, period.

Every time at this point in my business, having the experience that I do, having hit the milestones that I’ve done, having worked with the clients that I’ve done, having the team that I have, it’s, you know, I, I hate to use the G word because I don’t like to guarantee anything for that. Someone else should be guaranteeing themselves. It’s sort of like a personal trainer saying they can guarantee that they’ll get you in shape.

And in reality, you are the one that gets yourself in shape, they just guide you. So I feel the same way. I never wanna guarantee that I do anything, but like, that’s where it’s at. There’s like no way that when people work with me closely, uh, they don’t see results. Right? And so I really listened to that and I really knew how important it was for me to emphasize as much impact as possible with my business, with my time, with what I’ve done with what I can offer.

So I worked with my team to shift around some of my personal responsibilities and make our business pivot, and this was kind of a work in progress like this was, I would say we put this into motion in may and by the end of June, probably, maybe even a little longer. So it was about two months of kind of behind the scenes looking at basically what it would take for me to sign one-on-one clients again.

And, and to only do it in a way that was with the right people and that felt aligned. And that was with people that I knew I could really help. And so that’s what we did. So I worked with them to kind of help me see either what they could take on that was my responsibilities or what we could remove from our plate altogether.

So that cuz I did really not just wanna add new things onto my plate without like managing my energy and time. Um, I think that that’s a recipe for burnout. So after we shifted that I decided, and I knew we were ready to work with people at a higher level. And so we opened up three spots and those three spots, I knew that I wanted those three spots to be at this year’s price point, which I’m gonna share in a second.

So if you’re here just curious about money, I totally get it and I will share, but I knew that if I could open them up at this price point, then, then next year in 2023, I would wanna raise it by $25,000. So that was our intention basically was how can we get these three spots filled and this kind of amazing opportunity for these three clients that will get in at this price before we raise it to the next price.

So we did that and those spots filled, which was exciting mostly because the clients are so amazing. Um, like I’ve never been more obsessed with my clients than I am right now. And what this has helped me realize since then and throughout the summer is that this is more of what I want to do.

So the kind of announcement and what I wanna share is that we, for the time being, I never wanna say never in, well, I never wanna say never, but for the time being, we are no longer going to run scale your side hustle as a group program, every few months, we, we used to do it three times a year and we’re not going to continue doing that.

Now this was not an easy decision because I love scale your side hustle. That community is incredible. I love the clients that have gone through that. We have so many people who have started in scale, your side hustle, or gone through it and now have six even seven figure businesses.

I think we have, um, three or four alum that are already at seven figures and the program’s only been around for a few years. So they’ve only been in business for a few years. So I don’t, it was not easy to think about actually changing that dynamic, but here’s why I decided to do it and why I am instead.

And the exciting announcement from my business pivot is I’m going to take on a few more one-on-one clients. I think it’s going to be three, but it might only be two. And it is the last chance to do it.

I promise this is the last chance to do it at this pricing because the price is gonna go up in 2023. So here are the three reasons we decided to switch this. And I just wanna share this with you because if you are considering coaching or even if you don’t wanna do one on one with me, maybe if you wanted to do a VIP day, I want you to help.

I wanna help walk you through why and how you might know if this is the right option for you, because it was very intentionally done. And so there’s three main reasons that we wanted to do this and that we made that shift so that I wouldn’t be spending as much time coaching scale, your side hustle as I was, and more time with one-on-one clients, which net is fewer clients, right? And that is what was nerve-wracking to me, it like impact is our bottom line.

Are we going to be impacting less people throughout scale, your side hu or total because we have fewer clients than if we do one-on-one. And here’s what we came up with here are the three things that kind of made me realize it was the right thing to do. One is I am finding. And I think that this is true for me as an entrepreneur who has a coach.

So I think that this is probably true for the people who wanna be coached by me, that it is making more sense with considering the age that we are in with so much saturation online and so much information and so much just in your face all the time. It makes sense to have support either at a very high, intimate, high touch level or at a lower self-study do, as you want take what’s helpful, pick your own adventure type style.

And I think that this in between level, which is something that historically I’ve offered a lot of, and I, and I do, like, I’m not saying it’s a bad zone, but I think that people are a bit fatigued in there because, because of COVID and because of, of the saturation of online business, where we’re feeling like we don’t need.

And what I’m saying is that in between level of support, like group programs or like, um, courses with calls or, you know, events here and there, things that are like, I would say in the few thousand dollars price range.

Which I understand for some that is like a huge investment, but for the entrepreneurs that, um, are looking to work with me one on one, they probably already have hit six figures and beyond, um, or they’re around there. So that’s, you know, something they’ve probably made before and it is kind of fulfilling.

Neither role is I guess what I would say. I know I’m not being very concise. In other words, the mid-tier offering the like group program or courses with calls or whatever. I feel like sometimes serves neither purpose and is not the best of either world.

It feels like you’re not getting the full, full high touch support of like a one-on-one coach or direct support or direct mentorship, or like you’re not getting that full intimacy. If there’s a decision that you need to have made, you still don’t know if like exactly who you should go to. Um, if there’s a big picture vision that you have, you, you don’t really know if it’s appropriate to get on this group call or in this group setting and share your whole vision and have someone flesh it out with you. 

Conversely, if you’re, it, it doesn’t, it doesn’t, it still requires more investment of your time and money than something that’s self-study um, or maybe it’s too cookie cutter than something that’s, self-study making you feel like you need to go through it.

Exactly. So we’re kind of choosing to offer one extreme or the other at this time in our business pivot, again, I’m not saying that this is the best forever, but given where I’m at in business and what I think I have to offer and what our clients most need. I do think it’s kind of that moment of am I all in, am I willing to pay for a coach? Yes. It’s an investment. Yes. It’s a lot of money.

Yes. It’s probably making me nervous, but I know that I have that thought partner, that strategist, someone who is in the trenches with me, when things go wrong or when I have this really great idea that I wanna flesh out that type of support, or I know like if you’re taking together side hustle or one of our other self study courses, for example, you would just say, you know, I know Leah has accomplished X, Y, and Z, or I know that she’s done this, or I know that she knows how to do this.

I would like to hear what she has to say about side hustling, about sales, about wealth. Those are kind of some of our self study course topics. And I’m willing to just kind of sift through it on my own to get what I need and kind of continue on. So yes, it is going to sort of impact fewer people at this moment. But overall, I think that the impact might be higher and greater because this is reason.

Number two, why we made this business pivot? Our clients are freaking crushing it. The one my one-on-one clients, I cannot believe the results they’re having at the time of this recording early September in August, every single one of my one-on-one clients has had five figure months. I’m just making sure that that’s the truth, but yes, it is the truth. All of them in cash, not sales in cash.

Uh, one of them sold their first a hundred thousand dollars single sale. So a six figure single sale. Um, one of them had a five figure cash month while going through intense personal things and barely working at all. In fact, she was the one that told me, like, feels great that I already, that I made 13,000 in cash because I don’t even really know how I did it, cuz I barely worked. Um, one of them just had a $230,000 month.

One of them just made $230,000 in one single month. This is my client Liv. She’s spent a long time client. If you follow me, you might, you know, know about her because I talk about her a lot. Um, we actually went to Paris together at the end of July, planned out this sort of next level of business for her. And within the month of her para strip, she hit this $230,000 month.

So when I see things like that, when I see the real impact, my one-on-one coaching has the real miracles that can occur the real transformation, the real quantum leap. I know that that is what is most in service right now. And we are not removing scale your side hustle from the internet.

It’s not shutting down forever. You can still take the course self-study and you can still have the option to add on coaching calls with us as you desire. We’re just not going to be doing it in the groups in the same way anymore. So if you still wanna join scale your side hustle, you can still learn all about the program and take the program and learn all everything in it.

We have over 100 lessons in there. It’s really packed with information and you can, you can join that right away. So that’s totally the option and that impact is still going to be there.

And I do believe that in the beginning, like when you’re going through the scale side hustle phase, it is really helpful to have coaching, which is why we do wanna offer the kind of a LA carte pay for coaching as you go option.

But I still believe, and I’ve seen from my colleagues, I have to say, I wasn’t this person, I did need one-on-one coaching or not one-on-one coaching. I did a group in the beginning, but I did need coaching to kind of hold me accountable and get me going. But I have friends, I have colleagues that in the beginning they were scrappy, they were gritty and they took whatever they could afford.

They couldn’t afford coaching, but they could afford e-courses and books and they made it happen. So scale side hustle is still there for that person. It is still there for the person that wants all the content in it and information and just doesn’t.

And, and that is, you know, the right thing for them right now because it’s a lot less expensive than coaching. So we’re still offering both, we’re just shifting how we’re doing it and we’re shifting my time so that I believe I can make the most net impact at this time.

So that was, I guess, kind of reasons. One and two in the same. Um, the reason one was, well actually I, I, I kind of just covered them all. reason. One is that our one-on-one results are so insane that I can’t like not help more people get things like that in their life. Like if you want a $230,000 month and that to be something that actually happens for you apply to do coaching with me.

Number two reason for this business pivot is I, I believe that there’s a shift in the desire of support, no longer having the kind of sell or the main attraction be these mid-level things that are like some support, but not as much as one-on-one coaching and you’re still learning and you’re in a group and it is so great.

There are so many great things about that mid-level group coaching work. But I think that there is this need for either you have a one-on-one coach who is in the trenches with you, who knows your habits, who can see what you’re up against. I know, you know, for me that has been so transformative for me, both as a coach and a coachee, I have a one-on-one coach myself.

I’ve been with her for a year now and she knows how to call me out in a way that someone who’s offering me a self-study course or someone who is offering who’s coaching me in a group simply does not, not because they’re not good at what they do. That’s just not part of the container.

That’s not part of the scope. Um, and I can see that with my own clients as well, those that are really invested in their own success and are really determined to make this work that do one-on-one coaching with us.

They see the most results. It’s no mystery, right? And we, that’s why we wanna offer more of it because we know that it works. It works the best, frankly. And if you still just wanna learn from the materials we’ve created and the systems we use and the strategies we employ and the hard kind of tech behind the scenes of what we do and in not the tech things, but like how I think about things, my mindset, how I strategize you can still buy our, our courses and do them on your own time and extract all of that, including scale your side hustle.

So we’re not really taking anything away, we’re just shifting things. And then the third, uh, thing that, you know, I just shared again, is that scalier side hustle is open all year round at this point. And that was also a demand issue, frankly, because we talk to people so frequently, I get emails every day from someone saying that they have heard my story.

They see that I started as a side hustler. I went on six figures. I went on to seven figures. They want more than anything to have something like that for themselves. How do they do it? And when we were only offering scale or side hustle, three times a year, it felt a little hard to just be like, oh, I, I have the keys to the kingdom.

Um, but you have to wait two months, right? Or like, but you know, not until the next round. And, and, and I find that when people are at that point, at that decision making point of like, I am doing this, I am not turning back. I am all in. I am not halfway doing it. I’m not talking myself out of it. I know I’m gonna make this work. They don’t, who wants to wait a month or two or three until they can actually start moving forward.

You really, that momentum is, is critical. So for all those reasons, that is our shift. And my announcement today for you guys is that we are taking more one-on-one clients on than we ever have. So I personally am taking on I think, three, but it might only be two spots. It just depends on the people.

That investment is $75,000. And it is going to go up to a hundred thousand dollars in a few months here. So do not delay on that. If it is something that you are interested in, I know that’s an investment and I know I can say more with all my heart, that it is

Worth the money. Remember my client just made $230,000 in one month. So we’re, we’re here to play the big game. You also can do hybrid coaching with me slash my sister, Abby, who is a coach within my business, as well as with scalier side hustle, where as I mentioned, you can do kind of like all cart coaching, um, that investment, you can do that for four months at a time, or you can do that for six months at a time.

So it depends on the duration. I highly recommend that you do it for six months just because I take, I think it takes that long to really see, you know, not just change in results, but like see sustainability and kind of go through the trials and errors of setting up a business. Um, so that starts at $2,000 a month. Um, just depending on how long you did it and if you’re working, you know, how, how often you want calls, et cetera.

So those are our options. I also have three V I P days that are available for the rest of the year. Um, I believe we have two in New York and one in Chicago. So if any of those sound of interest to you, then you, uh, for all of this, you can fill out the coaching, wait list, form application, uh, in, on my site or the link in my bio, wherever you kind of like are, you know, as easiest for you to get to, and we’ll be in touch if you’re potentially the right fit.

Um, and for that, for both the Chicago and the New York, one, one of the New York ones, they’re gonna be around the holiday season. If you haven’t been to New York at the holidays, it is pure magic. Chicago’s pretty beautiful too. But New York is the best. So if you wanna have that sort of energy of that year ending the kind of magic that comes with a new year, reflecting on the past year, setting yourself up for 2023 in a really inspired place.

Then one of those VIP days could be for you because it will be holiday themed and we’ll do all the magical New York holiday things. So that is what’s going on behind the scenes here. I have truly had the best summer of my life between watching my son grow up and how inflow and aligned I feel with my business and our business pivot.

It has been such a gift. I did a whole hot mom, summer intention sheet, um, which was so cool. I’ve shared about it a lot, but I’m doing it again for the fall. And it really does just go to show the power of intention. When you take action, not enough. People are taking action in the world today. You guys, it is like the tragedy.

And it’s sad because I think everyone is looking for the sort of missing link to why they’re not making more money or why their business isn’t taking off or why things aren’t easier, or what do other people know that I don’t know.

And that’s the only secret is the people that are successful. The people that are making money have, or are taking massive action and are not second guessing themselves and are taking risks. And the people that aren’t are spending their time wondering what they’re doing wrong. If you remove the wonder of what you’re missing out of the equation and replace it with action, that’s like half the battle right there.

So there’s no secret to success. It’s just, it’s hidden in plain sight. The, the secret is to take action, but people are afraid of the action because it feels risky. It feels scary to spend money. It feels scary to put yourself out there. It feels

Scary to fail. I get it. I’ve been there. We’re all human. You don’t, you’re not feeling that fear doesn’t mean that you’re not ready to move forward. It just means that you’re, you’re afraid and, but you should move forward. So that’s the key.

That is the, you know, common thread amongst these clients of ours that are having such insane results. All right, everyone, I hope that you found this helpful. If you have any questions, you can DM me on Instagram. I’m so excited for the upcoming episodes. I’m gonna be dishing about the behind the scenes of, excuse me, of cash online. You know, when you hear these big numbers, what does that even mean? What are people reporting?

Are they sharing how much cash they made, how much sales they made, how much profit, how much over, what amount of time I’m gonna kind of demystify all of that, because I think that there’s a lot of confusion out there.

And I think it confuses a lot of people. And I wanna be clear about that. So that episode is coming up, also sharing a little bit of behind the scenes tea about my sobriety. Am I still sober? Looking forward to sharing on that.

So I’m gonna go, but this was so fun. Thank you guys for reconnecting with me, message me. If you listen to this and have a great rest of your day, I’ll talk to you soon. Bye everyone.

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