Signature Sales

A year of sales-focused support from a seven-figure business.

Sales might feel like a weak point, something you avoid, or even a mystery. But the truth remains: no business can grow without consistent sales.

Let us help you take the yuck, mystery or avoidance out of making sales in your business.

Spend the year in our Signature Sales community with the resources, coaching and support to transform what is the core of your business, sales.

If you don't have sales coming in, you don't have a business.

You probably know this, but that's not enough to fix your lack of sales, and your skeptical friends and family (and maybe even skeptical self) from wondering when this business will take off.

However, Signature Sales IS enough. Welcome.

Is this you? Thinking one day...

… I’ll check my phone and sales notifications will pour in.

… checking my account will brighten my day, not make me sweat.

… I’ll be financially ready to start (or grow) my family comfortably. 

… my business will finally FLOW instead of feeling like a push vs. pull

It’s a totally common season of entrepreneurship. Where you’ve ridden off the high of finally starting the dang thing and wondering when all the efforts of starting will feel “worth it.”

Whether you’ve spent months trying all the new funnels or spending money on ads to no avail—the glimmer is gone, the spark is dimmed, and hope is replaced with palpable anxiety.

I’ve been there. And whether I knew it or not, it all came down to one part of my business…


If you don't learn how to make them consistently, you'll end up going back to work for someone else who does.

If you're reading this behind another month short of your income goals, thinking...

  • “I may scream if I hear one more person on Instagram say they made a 5-figure sale today.”
  • “Is my partner or my parents right? Is this whole business a bad idea or waste of money?”
  • “I am the literal worst at sales. Why can’t I just land one damn client?”
  • “There are so many online business owners in the sea—why would anyone buy from me?”
  • “Maybe my prices are just too high. That’s obviously why I can’t land a sale. I should lower them.”
  • “Will this ever NOT feel so hard?!”
  • “Why does this feel so gross?”
  • “You know what? Maybe I’m just not ready to play at this level… maybe it’s time to go back to a 9-5.”

Believe me... I get it.
I spent YEARS thinking those same exact thoughts. 

But … over time, I learned that sales isn’t a problem.

Sales is the solution. 

I learned that instead, sales is the single most important thing to master as a business owner. 

And it doesn’t have to feel gross, scary, confusing, or unachievable.

Truth time... I used to feel this way too.

Like I was starting to live in la la land.
I couldn’t see how the world of online business would work for me.
I had no idea how all these entrepreneurs were bragging about sales months greater than my annual salary when my side hustle was pulling in a couple of hundred a month.

It was 2 years of NO sales, nearly quitting, and turning it all around that inspired me to create Signature Sales.

Hey! I'm Leah.

And despite the fact that my business has had multiple seven-figure sales years… when I started my business, I had ZERO idea how to sell. 

All my professional roles had been in service of the executives moving the organization forward, geared towards soaking up knowledge on my path to being a lawyer – not serving clients.

And when I started my business in March 2016 I had legitimately no clue how to start.

I remember thinking time and time again,

“How in the world am I going to do this?”

I was insecure. I was nervous. 

And I was unsure I could really live the life I wanted because of this.

🚨Client Success Story 🚨

When Liv started with us, her business was a “for fun” blog and her income wasn’t exactly existent. Through her work with us, she began signing clients (even with a small audience), grew her various offerings, and her audience, and sales strategies, and has since had six-figure months, $20k DAYS, and travels full-time in Europe with her husband.

Here's how my sales story played out...

I spent two years barely making a penny.

I am very transparent about the fact that my story isn’t an overnight success. 

Two years into my business, I had:

  • one four-figure month
  • e-courses, webinars, and freebies collecting dust in my inbox
  • mindset blocks galore 
  • a heck of a lot of insecurity and self-doubt

Despite all that, I was still very much adamant about making my side hustle a success.

My first approach? Learn how the “pros” do it.

(Enter my tragic click-funnel, bro marketing, overly-inhumane phase.)

My first real stab at making more sales was led by the narrative that if I had the right platform or a million Instagram followers, I’d make more sales. 

(SPOILER ALERT: I still don’t have a million Instagram followers)

I learned all the click funnels.

I watched every webinar I could get my hands on. 

I tested every strategy someone online said would work.

And still… my bank account was my greatest source of anxiety. It simply wasn’t working.

So, I went the opposite way: All-in on the “woo woo” and the mindset.

When the tech wasn’t getting me the results I desired, I swung the pendulum in the other direction.

I started learning about the mindset behind sales. I binged all the content I could on:

  • the principles of abundance
  • everything Gabby Bernstein and Abraham Hicks
  • universal laws and reframing techniques
  • how to journal, think, reprogram thoughts, etc. 

When I say I did all the woo-woo things I could think of, I’m not lying. There were:

  • sticky notes on every surface of my apartment
  • passwords like five-figuremonth or 10kismeantforme 
  • pages and pages of journaling on 10k months

But, while I saw some results, I still wasn’t even close to reaching that illustrious five-figure month mark.

In 2018, I hit rock bottom on the Q Train

Nearly two and a half years into my business, I was making a few thousand dollars a month, but it wasn’t nearly enough to quit my 9-5.  I was deep in grief after my father’s death, deep in debt after investing with no results, and deep in the discomfort of not knowing what my future held…or if I could even succeed.

I remember thinking to myself one specific muggy NYC summer morning how desperately I wanted to be able to quit my job. (And, ditch a commute that reeked of coffee breath and corporate America misery.)

But that day, I was also listening to a podcast by an entrepreneur who had created the success I envied. She shared that once you hit that five-figure month mark… you’ll still want to go further.

The tears welled in my eyes as she said those words, and I couldn’t hold them back.

I remember thinking, salty tears streaming down my face, “I’m never going to get to a five-figure month, and even if I do, it still won’t be enough!?

In that moment, I realized I couldn’t do it.

I just couldn’t see it for myself.

It wasn’t going to happen to me.

Every ounce of my being wanted to give up and throw in the towel. 

But the thing about rock bottom is that it’s typically when something shifts inside you.

In this, my darkest moment in entrepreneurship, I realized that all the mindset work, all the tech, all the strategies—they weren’t going to work if I didn’t BELIEVE I could do it.

So… before I hopped off the train to walk into another day at my 9-5, I decided to keep going. 

I decided to BELIEVE I could hit those big goals.

That was a turning point for me.

About a month later, I resigned and decided to have faith.

I finally had the building blocks of raising my income.

I knew I could do it.

Now, this isn’t some super fluffy story where I leave you with, 
“I believed I could, so I did!” 

The following month I still didn’t hit 10k. 

Two months after my lowest point, it happened.

I had my first 5-figure month in November 2018... right after almost throwing in the towel.

I honestly hate thinking about how different my life would be had I let the doubt, fear, and confusion take hold and drive my decisions.

The key was pairing the inner with the outer to create a sales strategy that finally worked.

The process I used to finally create that five-figure month, after years of trying to no avail, became my own framework.

And it worked so well that I was not only able to hit 5-figure months, but then 6-figure months just two years later.

The framework was so effective, in fact, that I didn't stop at that illustrious 5-figure month.

Instead, I've been able to scale beyond my wildest imagination...


May 2019: 
First 6-Figure Cash Year

August 2019: 
First Multiple 5-Figure Cash Month ($30K+ to be exact)

October 2020: 
First 6-Figure Sales Month 

August 2021: 
First 7-Figure Sales Year

August 2022:  
Second 6-Figure Sales Year
(While being pregnant and welcoming a 
new addition to our little fam)

March 2023:
Second 7-Figure Sales Year


The point here?

My sales process worked so well that I was able to go through pregnancy and give myself a true maternity leave while still making $800,000 in sales + that year.

And I’m okay with that dip. It gave me invaluable time to bond with my son and enter a new phase of life as a family.

My incredible team (including my sister Abby, who is my co-coach for Signature Sales) kept everything running behind the scenes because we’ve built systems and processes that work.

The gift of time and freedom in your business will come with mastering your own signature sales process, too (it’s not just about the money)… and while it took me years to figure out how to make this happen – your timeline doesn’t have to look the same, unless you choose for it to.

What do I mean by that? Well…


Today, I’m a full-time mom, while still making ~$50,000 in cash every month.

I spend my days in Central Park with my toddler. 

I check my phone and see sales notifications.

I start the year with $500,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue already secured.

I have seven different streams of income from within my one business alone, varying price points and passive vs. active delivery.

I have completely eliminated what fear around money was in my life.

You've got two options:

1: Take years to piece together all the things necessary to finally hit 5- or 6-figure months...

Hours wasted. Important family events missed.
Debt accruing.

Considering giving up everything you’ve been working towards because you’re not seeing results.

2: Take radical action, invest in yourself, and let me help guide you toward your version of success...

🚨Client Success Story 🚨


“I was originally struck by Leah’s brand and business sense in the way she nurtured and cultivated her own audience. I was ready to find a coach that would get me to 7 figures, and seeing her business and how she hosts events abroad like I do, I knew she could help. Six months into working together, I had made over six figures in sales on my in-person events we strategized together. I’ve had a $47k cash month. All while traveling to France and Turkey. For the first time in my life, I believe 7 figures is possible. Leah has an ease in her business, and it translates as ease in mine.” – Joya Dass

Introducing Signature Sales

This hybrid coaching program incorporates everything I needed (and uncovered)
on my sales journey from broke side hustler to 7-figure business owner. 

You get the tech, the mindset resources, and the individualized coaching support you need to finally start seeing the sales results you desire to transform your business and change the lives of those you support.

Here’s a peek inside…



The content in Signature Sales truly covers every single thing you need to know about creating a healthy, steady and consistent stream of sales in your business. It includes all the modules detailed below. Unlike ecourses, you don’t have to go through every single module to start seeing results. (Who has time for that?) Rather, you have all these resources at your fingertips if, when and how you need them. And we help direct you to what you most need. 

The coolest part? We add to the modules monthly based on YOUR questions. Once a month, you get the chance to submit a sales question directly to me, and I’ll create a totally customized video answering your question and upload it to the Resource Bank.


In our clients’ favorite part of the program, we host three group coaching calls per month. Unlike other group programs with 50+ people on calls, we keep these intimate. And we typically talk to every single person on every single call. This isn’t about two people in a hot seat and the rest just waiting to be heard. We want you to be heard every single time.

The first call of the month is with Leah, and it’s on the first week of the month.

The second and fourth week of the month, your calls are with our lead coach, Abby. She’s been coaching with us for over three years, and she’s amazing at lead generation, marketing and mindset.

What about the off week? That’s when we gather questions from you and I record responses.


Between our group coaching calls, we have a Slack community where you can reach us (Abby and Leah) Monday- Friday. We respond within 24 hours, and are there for all your sales-related support. 

Whether it’s reviewing a sales page, reviewing a sales plan, helping you overcome a sales objection, brainstorming new ideas with you, or, of course, celebrating your sales wins, your new sales-supportive besties are in your back pocket.

Unlike programs with Q&A support, we aren’t here to just respond to one-off questions. We’re here to respond in the context of your business, thanks to us already knowing the ins and outs of you and your work, the type of intimacy that’s unique to a year-long, intimate group.

That vision we talked about earlier? That can be your reality.

It’s become mine. 

And I KNOW that you can do this
for yourself and your family, too.

You’re probably asking, “Well, how is that possible?”

The key is successful sales.

Simply put, if you don’t have sales, you don’t have a business. Period.


Check out the six modules...

Leah's Signature Sales Methodology

Access these eight modules, each 20-40 minutes long, that go in-depth on a sales-focused approach. Starting with the internal, personal development work that addresses sales, all the way to my favorite sales strategies and tech-related pieces, it’s ALL in there.

LG Marketing Funnel

Get inside the template of my client favorite Marketing Funnel. Both incredibly simple AND incredibly effective, you won’t believe how much can change in 90 days with this template, and the accompanying videos that go with it.

Marketing Resource Bank

Get inside the template of my client favorite Marketing Funnel. Both incredibly simple AND incredibly effective, you won’t believe how much can change in 90 days with this template, and the accompanying videos that go with it.

Mindset Resource Bank

Get inside the template of my client favorite Mindset Funnel. We all know success is an inside job, but what work actually needs to be done on the inside to get the results we want in our sales and in our bank accounts? See it all in this module.

Guest Expert Calls

There’s so many strategies that can create seven figures. See my interviews with people who have built their success by:

  • Blogging to seven figures
  • Mindset coaching to seven figures
  • Health coaching
  • Ecourse creation to seven figures

Coaching Call Replays

We store all our coaching calls in here for your ease and for you to #binge in the background. There’s no smarter shortcut to success than saturating your mind with it.

Here's where you take your power back and start writing your own story...

It doesn’t matter how many Instagram followers you have.

It doesn’t matter how much you paid your website designer.

It doesn’t even matter how great your product or service is.

10 years of experience? 

Honestly… that’s still not why people are buying.

People pay for results. And this program shows you to convey that clearly, confidently, and consistently. 

Once you unlock this, you MAKE SALES clearly, confidently and consistently.

Sound too good to be true?

That’s because this is the difference between the glamorized entrepreneurial dream we see from Instagram influencers vs. the crowded struggle bus so many entrepreneurs spend WAY too much time on.

Until now.
Today is the day you decide on a different reality.

Signature Sales is designed to help you create the sales strategy that works best for you.

As any entrepreneur will tell you, there’s no single, paved path on the road to success

There are countless ways to get there. It’s important to stop looking for a pre-paved path and start paving the path that will work best for YOU.

(If you want a pre-paved path, we recommend becoming a lawyer! That path is very well paved and… boring. I said it.)

With all this said, finding the sales strategy for you might sound easier said than done.

Where do you start?

How do you overcome pushback?

What content is converting best?

Does your strategy align with your income goals?

… it can feel overwhelming at best. 

But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It can be guided, supported, strategic and inspired. 

That’s what we lead you through in Signature Sales. 

In fact, all these dreams (and more) can be yours with Signature Sales...

Sometimes our dreams feel further when you’re in it than when it’s just a pipedream.
But all the content and support inside this program are designed to help you realize it’s in fact closer than ever and that vision of success is within grasp.


Through tangible resources paired with personalized coaching support from
Team LG. 

We help you work through your obstacles, pain points, and short falls to turn them into your superpowers, helping you focus on what matters to achieve those big goals.

So… you’re probably itching to see what’s inside, in depth:

Leah's Signature Sales Methodology


For sales success, you need to work on the inner, to create the outer. This is where we begin!

We will:

Identify the sales goals you’re working toward to set the foundation

Learn the Law of Giving and Receiving

Work through desire clarity exercises

Debunk common sales myths & how to shift the narrative in your mind

Pinpoint fears that are holding you back & create strategies to overcome


Clear out anything in your business that isn’t serving you to make space for more sales.

We will:
Create awareness around your own selling limitations

Get clear on the transformation you offer

Identify your ideal client, in depth, so you can visualize who you’re speaking to at every point of your sales journey


Gain a high-level look at what type of sales process you need to pursue given your goal.

We will:

Learn how to meet your audience where they’re at in their journey

Uncover common faulty strategies and replace them with strategies that work

Design action steps depending on your audience


Take your transformation and cultivate offer(s) that maximize income and impact simultaneously.

We will:

Learn how to create offerings on the fly from a place of integrity and service

Reveal the best way to think about offer suites (that most people don’t know)

Learn Leah’s three-step sales process for sales calls

How to upsell and downsell to increase revenue


Learn how to create content using strategies that tap into buying behavior. Never wonder what to post again!

We will:

Get an inside look at exactly how Leah creates her monthly calendar

Learn how to use Facebook Ads to generate evergreen content that sells while you sleep.

Break down Leah’s signature and effective 3 “S” strategy to nurture and convert


This module is all about marketing your services successfully! It has everything that goes into creating live trainings and how to actually sell afterwards.

We will:

Learn Leah’s formula for successful live videos that result in sales

See what Leah would do if she were to start her business all over again

Never wonder how to conduct sales calls again


Learn the mindset between delivering and over- delivering, as well as the mindset to work with clients in an impactful way.

We will:

How do we over-deliver while keeping boundaries?

What mindset will create impact for our clients?

Our favorite strategies for increasing the CLV of our client


Get clear about what’s at your next level, what would stop you from getting there, and build your new foundation.

We will:

Learn the main reasons people never receive their “uplevel”

Find the real way to see your successes (that no one talks about!)

Learn how to still have fun with your business and life!

LG Marketing Funnel...

We believe that a successful sales process begins far before the actual sales call.

This is why we’ve added signature modules teaching the LG Marketing Funnel. 

These will bring you through the entire sales & marketing cycle and show you the full circle, big picture view to help you create your signature process and strategy.

🚨Client Success Story 🚨



“I was convinced Leah would be the coach for me when she gave me advice on a free call that I hadn’t heard from any coach before. When we first started our work together, I had the goal of reaching consistent 5-figure months. I have now not only achieved that, but made more in 7 months this year than I did the entire year last year. Leah has changed my financial mindset entirely and has provided amazing advice on this journey of entrepreneurship. I’m now on track for a $200k year! Thank you, Leah, for all your guidance and support. I am excited to continue working together!”

– Erin Anderson

So, why is Signature Sales so effective?

Simply put, there’s no other program out there (that we’ve found) that helps you channel your secret sauce, pairing it with tech, mindset, and individualized coaching support as you implement.

We pull you out of that Pinterest or Google rabbit hole…

Help you nix the shiny object syndrome that has freebies and courses piling up in your inbox…

And we help you get clear on exactly what YOUR signature sales process is.

If anyone tells you that they can teach you the BEST way to sell to reach 10k+ months… honestly, they’re probably lying.

Because what’s going to help you really achieve your business goals is inside you.We just help you pull it out with a multitude of strategies that have worked for the LG Team and our clients… who have gone on to build 6-, 7-, and 8-figure businesses.

My client celebrated a $230k Month, here's how she did it...

While we could sell you the course and have you try to navigate it on your own, the power is in the community and support you receive as you work through that content and discover what’s working, what isn’t, and what you need to do to finally grow at the rate you desire…

Signature Sales not a quick-win fix, it’s a container that supports long-term business longevity…

it’s not a massive group of 100+ entrepreneurs, it’s intimate and capped for personal, holistic weekly support…

and it’s not filled with fluff, it’s filled with tried-and-true strategies and resources that have grown a 7-figure business.

That’s why what we do in Signature Sales is so special.

Signature Sales makes it possible for you to achieve things like...


Working with Leah completely changed my life. I decided to finally take a chance on myself and make the investment in Service-Based Sales, even though I was in debt – needless to say it was beyond worth it.
During Service-Based Sales I launched my business and within five months I’m doing what I love and hit six figure months.
A year ago, I was in a job I wasn’t in love with, now I get to work for my own organization with a staff of fifteen amazing people who I love to work with everyday. Beyond the practical and technical advice Leah provides, you get to be part of a community of the most amazing women, who will become life long friends and mentors. If you are thinking about working with Leah and her team, just do it now, don’t wait! It will be the best investment you’ll ever make.” – Zee Cohen-Sanchez


“Before I discovered Leah, I was struggling to fill my programs, have consistent income and felt overwhelmed on what I should be focusing on to build my business. Now my programs are full + still growing, my income has increased and I hit my first 10k+ sales month, and I have learned how to focus my efforts each month on growing my business, which has resulted in me launching my online membership! As a result, I’ve been able to travel + live out West all summer while building my business, to have a group of entrepreneurial women to support me that I didn’t have before, and I’m living the life I’ve always dreamed of because I finally have a fully online business!” – Jacquie Smith

Ready to be the next Signature Sales success story?

Maybe you're ready to go all-in on perfecting your sales strategy, but you have questions like...

Q: How do I know if Signature Sales is a must for me right now?

A: One of the most empowering mindset shifts I made when I hit 6 figures was this: You don’t start searching for support when things are horrible. You search for support when you want to do better. 

Hitting the next levels of success and abundance happens when you’re PROACTIVE in your business. So if you’re already doing OK with sales, that doesn’t mean it’s time to lean back, kick up your feet and relax with your beautifully manicured hands behind your head. It means it’s time to keep the momentum going, analyze your blindspots and discover the ways you can continuously up your game. 

Will your business fold without this? Probably not. But will your highest vision come to fruition without knowing sales? Also probably not.

Q: Leah, selling makes me feel sleazy. Isn’t there a way I can avoid it?

A: To put it simply: no. Sales are the pulse of your business. When sales flow in, your business is alive, thriving and profiting. When sales don’t come in, that’s when things get hard. The good news is — not selling is actually the hard part!  

When you take Signature Sales, sales will become as natural as breathing. It won’t feel like this separate piece of your business that you want to dodge. It’ll be an integrated piece of a healthy, holistic business. Plus, you’ll be focused on transforming your clients’ lives. That doesn’t sound very sleazy to us!

Q: I’m not sure if I can make the investment right now. Can I wait until next time?

A: If you can’t envision yourself making your $2K investment back (and then some) then the truth is: You NEED to learn sales, and stat. And sugar-coating this won’t do you any favors. 

It’s your job as a business owner to take responsibility for how your business performs. When someone tells me they aren’t making much money, I ask them how many times this week they’ve tried selling. More often than not, they tell me they haven’t actually tried to sell anything! *Raise your hand if you’re guilty of that*  

The strategies you’ll learn inside this course are directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, both for my business and for my clients. I know this is possible for you too. 

When you know how to sell correctly, your business creates wealth on demand. I don’t say that to be flashy. Of course entrepreneurs can’t just snap their fingers and generate revenue! That’s not realistic. 

But your ability to sell IS directly proportional to the size of your bank balance. And if what you see when you peek at your balance doesn’t bring a proud smile to your face, I’m confident Service-Based Sales will turn that around for you.

Q: Running a business keeps me busy! Will I have time for this?

A: The modules will be made available to watch on your own time. Whether that’s during your child’s naptime, after your 9-5, or before the sun comes up, you pick when and where you want to view them. The live calls will be recorded, so if you can’t make those calls, you’ll be able to tune in on your own time as well. 

One reason learning sales is so powerful is because it gives you the ability to earn more income in less time. The better you become at sales, the faster those client payments come in. That means less time spent behind the computer, plugging away on social media, or chasing down potential leads and MORE time doing what you actually love. Netflix and red wine, perhaps?

Q: How do I join?

A: Choose the best option for you here.You can pay everything at once, or you can split it up into a payment plan — whichever one is a better fit for where you are right now. Personally, I love the convenience of a payment plan!

Want more proof of the power of Signature Sales?

I know that this is the course that will help you
transform your business… and change your life.


“Working with Leah changed not only my business, but my life. I went from a stressed out, overworked freelance writer to a five-figure month entrepreneur in less than 30 days. For me, Leah’s mix of mindset and tactical advice was exactly what I needed to both give myself the permission and plan to create the success I always dreamed of. Throughout our time together, I went from $3K to $20K months, connected with the types of clients I always hoped to work with, and perhaps most importantly, realized how much I really had to offer.” – Dylan Essertier

Dylan Grace Success Story with Leah Gervais


“Before working with Leah, I had all these strategies and ideas about how to build my business, but I had so many questions about the “perfect” way to do it, resulting in “analysis paralysis.” Leah helped me move beyond my self-doubt, fear of making mistakes, and small-scale thinking to find clarity and take consistent action in my business. Since working with Leah, I’ve overcame years of limiting self-beliefs around my potential and my discomfort with selling and talking about my service prices. Each month I’ve worked with her, I’ve consistently made more than 3X’s what I’ve invested in her coaching services and have made more progress in three months than I’ve made in three years.”


“Leah was able to help me execute the vision into a structured, goal oriented and creative plan. With her leadership, accountability and empowerment I have been able to ensure that I’m upholding the values that are important to make my business the experience that my clients deserve. She has been a constant reminder to remember my worth and the value that I have to my clients in the moments where I may have felt guilty about ideal pricing or availability. Since starting my work with Leah in May, I have been able to create a 10k monthly revenue on top of my full time job. I’m so proud to say that i’m leaving my full time job to work for a 6-figure business that I created for myself within 3 months.” – Mary Tate

It’s time to stop dreaming about how one day this will happen for you—
and make it happen today.

This is the moment you can choose to step into a life of abundance…
or throw in the towel.

And speaking from experience… 
the former feels a hell of a lot better.

It’s time to trust that you have what it takes,
lean into support and proven resources from a 7 figure team,
and claim your new future with Signature Sales.