How To Get In Front Of High Ticket Clients

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As entrepreneurs, we always want to attract high ticket clients to boost our business. Getting in front of the right high ticket clients is crucial for growing sales. This is one of the main questions I hear. Keep reading to learn how you can attract high ticket clients, and how to successfully sell your program! 

The Power of Selling to the “Right” Audience

One of the keys to getting in front of high ticket clients is making sure you are selling to people who are going to benefit from your business. They have a problem, and you have something you can solve for them. The high ticket clients are going to be those who can benefit from what you can offer. For example, if you are selling a health and fitness program, your high ticket clients are those who are hoping to find more ways to create a healthier lifestyle. 

A big mistake made when looking to get in front of the “right” high ticket clients is looking only for people who can afford it. We can’t look to sell to people who only have a high income. High income does not equal them wanting to buy from you. People do not buy things because they can afford it- they buy something if they need it! It’s impossible to assume that we know what someone can afford based on what they have in their bank account. We all live different lives and have different expenses, so only getting in front of people that you think have a lot of money will not serve you well in getting high ticket clients. 

It’s important to remember that our high ticket clients are not the ones who can buy from us right away, it’s people who see the service we offer as a need for them.

The Real Reason People Aren’t Paying You Quickly and Easily (It’s Not what You Think it is)

It’s easy to think that you aren’t in front of a high ticket client if they aren’t paying right away. It’s easy to assume that they can’t afford it if they aren’t saying “yes” right off the bat. But, money is not the biggest issue for a high ticket client. Remember, you are offering them a solution to the problem that they need solved. 

People are able to come up with money in a lot of ways. Your job is to prove to them that you have value in what you do, and empower them to find out how they can fund it on their own. Money doesn’t always need to be a limited resource. For example, someone can open a credit card or take out a loan to help them further along in their business ventures.  When someone really wants something, they will do whatever it takes to make that happen for themselves, regardless of the number in their bank accounts. 

Your job is to worry more about them seeing how you can provide help. If you worry so much about equating a high ticket client with affordability, you are doing yourself a disservice in growing your clientele. 

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Practical steps to attracting people that are ready to invest

1. When you’re marketing or talking about what your product is, talk plentifully about what the result is that you offer.

 To reach high ticket clients, you want to make sure you’re being clear about what you offer. There shouldn’t be any confusion, nor should anything be theoretical. If someone is unhappy or unclear on the steps they need to take for their business to grow, they want to see exactly what will happen for them should they choose to work with you. 

A good exercise to do is take whatever the result that you can provide someone with, and make a list of what it will look like in their life. Avoid using vague terms, such as “Your business will be better”, but rather get specific. “It will help you get out of your 9 to 5 job”, “You’ll have more time for your family at home”, “Your call calendar will be booked”. These are good anchors to get you in front of the high ticket client that is ready to pay. 

2. When you’re booking calls, have them answer questions before you get on the call. 

This will give you more information on whether or not this will be a client willing to move forward. A good question to ask is “If I am able to help you with X, are you ready to financially invest in yourself”? If they say no, then you know they aren’t ready to commit. This helps you find who isn’t ready, and effitiently keeps you focused on the high ticket clients that wants to make a change. 

3. Make sure you’re communicating the value of your program in a way that’s enticing 

If you are continuously getting “no’s” or “maybe’s”, then take a look at your business and ask yourself if the way you are presenting it is enticing enough. It doesn’t need to be lifesaving to be a need for someone! However, you want to make sure you’re communicating it well enough for them to see it will be worth their time and money to invest with you. 

The best way to get in front of high ticket clients who are ready to pay is to make sure you’ve worked out with them what problem they need solved. They want to know how you can help them in their day to day life.

Final Thoughts on How to Get In Front of High Ticket Clients

As I’ve stated, a high ticket client is not the one with the largest wallet, but rather the person who is eager for a change and sees the value in what you can offer them. Once you focus on HOW you can help people, you’re going to find a lot more clients willing to say “YES” right away. Remember, you have something valuable to offer, so proudly share that with those who need it! For extra help with boosting your sales and reaching clients, check out our Signature Sales Program, and follow Leah on Instagram

How to get in front of high ticket clients