You get to live a dream: how to do it in 4 steps
Your Biggest Vision
Season 3, Ep. 65

Exactly 6 years ago, I woke up feeling like it was Christmas morning.

I had finally saved up the $50 I needed from my 9-5 paycheck to purchase an blogging e-book and my very first domain. I was sharing a one-bedroom apartment with two roommates, feeling like money was beyond scarce, and I was ready to change my life.

Now, I’ve quit my job, hit 7-figures in my business, I’m a wife and mom, living in a two-bedroom apartment across from Central Park, and wake up everyday thinking “I can’t believe this gets to be my life.”

Are you ready to give yourself permission to finally love your dream life?

Tune in and hear:

  • the four steps I’ve used and still use to make life-changing decisions

  • the sneaky step that few take, but without it will make it hard to succeed

  • the truth about taking action (it’s not what you think)

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Are you ready to give yourself permission to finally love your dream life? I share the four steps I've used and still use to make life-changing decisions

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Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais:

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to this week’s episode of my podcast. The, your biggest vision show. I’m recording this live on Instagram as well. I thought it’d be fun to bring you guys along with the recording and I’m excited for this week’s topic. So if you’ve been following my podcast and if you follow me really anywhere, you know that I love a lot of practical business advice. I like to talk about marketing.

I like to talk about sales, pricing, um, mindset, all that type of stuff. And I really believe that that stuff is essential to obviously building a sustainable business, but that stuff really only comes after some of the big picture things that you have to think about in order to even get there and in order to even make them more. And so today I thought it’d be fun to zoom out a little bit and talk about how you can really give yourself permission to live a dream.

And also is unconventional in a way that most people don’t in a way that you probably didn’t grow up thinking you could do, um, maybe in a way that a lot of your friends don’t or your family don’t and maybe in ways you didn’t think was possible for yourself. And I’m so honored, honestly, to be able to talk about this and humbled because through the things that I share and through the things we’re going to talk about today, my own life has changed in the most spectacular of ways, honestly.

At the time of this recording, my business is about six years old. And when I say six years old, I mean, six years from the moment that I bought my domain. And I just wanna take you back to what that moment was like, because at the time I was working as a paralegal here in New York, and I was making just not a lot of money, some like 45 or $50,000 a year, not a lot considering I was living in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

I also had student loans and I really just felt like money was tight all the time, so much so that when I got the idea to start a blog and at the time it was called urban 20 something, it was sort of about my life as a 20-something in New York, trying to figure out her way, trying to navigate, uh, wanting to have a different career path, you know, not wanting to go to law school, but not really knowing what I to do instead.

And I got the idea in early March of 2016, and I got inspired by seeing other people build something online, be able to quit their nine to five jobs. I was, I was really over the nine to five job scene. Um, but I didn’t really know what it would be. And I didn’t really have any background in digital marketing, in web developing or anything that I thought I needed to in order to, to make this happen.

And I had no money to do it. So I thought of the idea in early March, and then by the end of March, it took me a month. It took me one month to muster up $50 to buy an ebook on how to start a blog. This blog was, this ebook was called, I think it was called how to start a blog, or it was, oh, it was called building a framework, building a framework. And it was written by Abby Lawson, who is the blogger behind the blog, just a girl on her blog, lots of blogs there.

And she has a really successful home organization, family niche blog. Uh, and I had watched her and her husband started as a sort of passion project for her when she was a stay at home mom blossom into a blog that was making five figures a month, and then even be able to, uh, allow the, her husband to quit his nine to five job out of bank to join her.

And, and then they ended up working on this blog full time together, and I saw their income reports go up to like $30,000 a month. And I was blown away. That was so much more money than I was making at the time. And it was so much more than I knew how to make. And I just really was so impressed that they were able to do that. So I saved up my money from around my nine to five job salary, which was so tight at the time to be able to buy that $50 ebook.

It took me a month to buy the domain and to buy my hosting site. And I’ll never forget that morning that my paycheck, I knew the paycheck came through to my account. So we had direct deposit and I got up really early. I got up at like 5, 5 30 in the morning, and it felt like Christmas because I was finally going to be able to buy this book about how to start a blog that I had been buying for a month.

And I finally had that $50 and I was gonna do it. I was gonna create my own little spot on the internet. And I had just been so obsessed with reading other blogs and looking at other sites and looking at other how-tos at that point that I couldn’t believe I was finally gonna have my own shot at it.

And so that six years ago, and that was my financial reality at that point, I don’t mean to share that to, to sort of victimize myself or make it sound like I have this rag storage story. I know that I was already in a place of privilege being able to even live in New York and, and I had a job and I was really grateful for all of those, but the truth was, I was just terrified of spending money and I didn’t really feel like I had any extra money.

And it just really felt like a huge deal to be able to do that. So I went from that to spending around two years, sort of puttering around in the world of online business and blogging and social media and trying to grow a following and trying to grow a blog and trying to learn SEO and trying to figure out how to monetize it and learning what the hell affiliate links were.

And just really trying to find my footing in what was really the wild west and, and online business still kind of is, it’s not regulated at all. There’s really no framework for how to do it. There’s certain strategies. People use that work and, you know, we teach those other people, teach them and, and that’s fine, but it’s still, you’re, it’s still a blank canvas, which is really exciting. But for me, it was a little bit overwhelming because I didn’t have a great vision for what I wanted to.

Oops. What I wanted to do. All I knew was that I wanted to not have a nine to five job anymore and I wanted it to be successful. I just didn’t even really know what that meant. And, and that showed that lack of clarity showed. So for two years, I just sort of threw spaghetti at the wall and hoped for it to stick. I didn’t really even know what target I was moving towards. So it was really hard to PR uh, track my progress.

All I knew was I wanted to make money from it. And I, and I certainly did not. I, I made a hundred dollars here and there. Um, I made some months, a few hundred dollars. Most months I made no money at all, maybe 50 bucks. Um, and it, it just took a lot longer and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be, and it didn’t have to be, but because I was doing it on my own and I didn’t have any guidance and I didn’t have any clarity, it, it felt a lot harder.

So that was the situation for a good two years. And so I spent that time feeling like I had to hold onto every single dollar I made at my nine to five job or otherwise I spent that time spending nights, weekends mornings, trying to figure out what to do with this website I had created. And I really just felt lost, but I, I kept going because I just believed that there was a better life for me out there.

I believed that I was not meant to be at a nine to five job and in my darkest moments and in my most confused times, and in the nights where I couldn’t sleep or in the moments where I just felt like a laughing stalk or like people were mocking me because I was trying so hard to do something that really would make sense. That was, that was my north star.

That was the thing that kept me going, was that I just truly, to my core with all my heart believed that I was not born to be in a nine to five job. And that if I could just keep going, I’d figure something else out. There would be something else out there for me, something would reveal itself or I’d finally crack the code.

And I would end up being able to resign and money would not be so stressful or so tight anymore the way it had been for years at that point. And honestly, the way that I just kind of knew it to be, you know, I didn’t grow up in a poor family, I wouldn’t say, but the narrative with my parents was very much that money is something that’s scarce. There’s not an abundance of it. We have to be careful with it.

We have to be mindful of it. We constantly need to budget. We constantly need to be looking for the best way to spend it. And I was really trying to uncover that way of living and thinking without even really realizing that I was doing it.

Here I am, six years later, six years to the month later after having that morning where I woke up and felt like it was Christmas and spent $50 that I saved up to spend to buy the domain, to having quit my nine to five job, having hit seven figures in one year in a business that was started as a blog six years ago, having become a mom, having become wife. Um, and now, you know, moving from, I lived when I started that I lived in New York. I lived in a one bedroom apartment with two roommates. So there was three people in a one bedroom apartment.

We put up a paper mache wall. That’s like, actually not that unusual in New York. And I then started this largely from a hostle in Bangkok. That was $9 a night. That was where I was at. And this vehicle has allowed me to move into the beautiful two bedroom apartment we now have across from central park where we’re raising our baby, and I’m not sharing this just to be boastful, but this is what happened. This is what’s possible.

And this is how I really cultivated the life that I I dreamed of to live a dream. And I kind of wanna share what that can look like for you, no matter where you’re at right now, if you’re listening to this and you feel like you’re starting from zero, this is for you. If you’re listening to this and you’re ready for an up level, this is also for you. So let’s go through some of the steps you can take from a mindset and just like big picture perspective that can allow you to have permission to live life, to live a dream that you truly want, and that you truly desire because you can do it.

And if you don’t think of it this way, if you kind of don’t have the right mindset around it, then no matter what actions you take, they probably won’t really get you to where you, you wanna be. That’s not helpful for anyone. So let’s go through this, the first step to kind of allow and accept into this is to admit what you actually want with your life.

I think a lot of times we feel like it’s so easy to say, well, I don’t like my nine to five job, or I wanna work for myself or I wanna have a million dollar business, or I wanna own a million dollar house or some of these really seemingly lavish folds that we quickly talk ourselves out of because we just don’t think we can do it. It’s so easy to say something like I’d love a million dollar house, but when I marry rich or, but in another lifetime, or, but I’d have to move to, you know, Texas or Florida or non income state or taxable income state or whatever in order to afford it, I want these things, but I can’t do it, but, but here’s why I can’t do it.

So the first step to getting what you want is to allow yourself to talk about what you want and not judge yourself for it. And this is why I’m here on the public internet, talking about the fact that I made a million, the fact that I live in a two bedroom over central park, like this stuff, I know it sounds obnoxious.

I’ve been on the receiving end and been like, who does this girl think she is talking about? Like her life in such a, just almost like tone deaf way. And I, and I get that, but this is how I did it was I admit, Hey, I do want that. Do want that life. I do want those things. I do wanna live in that place. I do wanna have that kind of money. I do wanna have that kind of experience. And if I continued to judge others or myself for doing it, then I never would’ve believed I could do it.

And then I never would’ve taken action to do it. And I never would’ve done it. So that’s in essence, what we’re moving toward here. The first step is saying, I want this. So, so if you’re listening to this, pick something right now, I want to quit my nine to five job. I want to hit six figures. I want to hit seven figures. I want to live in a certain city.

I want to live in a certain home. I want to live at a certain lifestyle. I wanna hit eight figures. You know, take your pick, have fun, but be honest about what you want and, and, and really tune in here because you don’t want to just sort of say like, I want this because it sounds shiny. What is truly your desire? For example, it would be easy for me to say, I want a Lamborghini, or I want a Rolls-Royce.

I don’t even really know cars, but I don’t because I live in New York city. I have no desire to actually ever leave New York city and we don’t need a car here. In fact, it would be a pain in the butt to have a car here. We’d have to pay for a parking spot and we would have to, and even money aside, like, I don’t wanna deal with the liability of having a car here that I’m worried about it getting broken into or people stealing it or whatever. Right.

So I don’t actually want a Rolls-Royce. So really check in, what do you want? Do you actually wanna start a business and do you wanna work for yourself or do you just hate your nine to five job? And maybe you need to find a new one. Do you actually wanna have it seven fit your business or do you just need more income stream so that you feel less stressed about money?

Are you really willing to do what it takes? So really be honest. Do I want this and get fired up about it? The next step? Okay. I’m reading your comments. It’s because people don’t believe they’re worth it. Yeah. So we’re gonna get to that. The we’re not even there to the part where you have to sort of like identify how you can justify what you want.

I guess actually, that’s a great segue to what we’re talking about now. So once you’ve been able to say, I want X and you don’t have the kind of, but blank or, but I don’t know, but I’m scared, but I don’t think I can, but who am I to ask for that? But that’s really crazy, but blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, just period. This is what I want. The next step is to cultivate the belief that you can do it or have it.

This is critical because oftentimes people skip this step and they don’t realize they need this step. So what they’ll do is they’ll say I wanna have work for myself. Let’s take my side hustlers. For example, I’ve worked with so many side hustlers at this point. They say, I wanna, I wanna work for myself. And then they start maybe taking action toward that. Like they buy a domain. This was me. Actually. I’m a great example of it.

You buy a domain, um, you start publishing some things you get really inspired and you think you’re taking actions toward working for yourself. But the reality is those weren’t the right actions. And the reality is I wasn’t taking the right actions because I didn’t actually believe that I could work for myself. I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t really believe that I had what it took to be a full-time entrepreneur.

I was so scared if I did believe in myself, then I would’ve taken different actions, actions like paying a coach who already worked for themselves to show me the ropes actions like paying for advertising so that I could get visible and actually make money actions like doing money, mindset work, and doing coaching on myself or with others so that I could move past the beliefs that were stopping me from being able to work for myself.

Those were the actions I needed to take. And those are the actions I eventually did take. And then I quit my job. But if we don’t believe that we can have what we want, we have, we will not take actions toward that. So really check in with yourself here and think if I’ve admitted to myself that I want to work for myself or that I want to have a six figure business or that I wanna have a seven figure business, or that I wanna have a certain profit margin or that I wanna own a certain house, what is stopping me from believing I can do it.

Do I believe I’m not good enough? Do I believe I’m not ready to do something like that? Do I believe it’s going to cost me money that I don’t have, which really means do I believe in myself to make money back? That was my big block that I didn’t realize. I continually told myself that I couldn’t invest in my business because I didn’t have enough money to do it.

And from a stance, this was true. This is why it’s so important to know universal laws because, um, like there are so many truths. So it was true from a stance of, in my bank account. There wasn’t any money in my savings account. There wasn’t enough money based on my paycheck. There wasn’t extra money to be investing in my business. Some of the resources that I wanted to invest in were thousands of dollars. And I didn’t have, I just didn’t have that.

When you looked at the numbers on the bank accounts, I did not have that. And there are always ways to get money for what you want. I really believe that there are people you can borrow from, there are C savings you can take out of, there are credit cards you can use. That was the option I ended up having to go. Cause I didn’t have savings at the time.

There are loans you can take out. There’s extra jobs you can take on in order to make that money. There’s extra sales. You can make in order to make that money. There’s a multitude and abundance, if you will, of ways to make money. So when we tell ourselves that we don’t have enough money to do what we want are really saying, I don’t believe in myself enough to make it happen and find that and then make it back.

And once I started believing that, once I started saying, Hey, I really, really wanna work for myself. And I really wanna quit my nine to five job. And I really wanna work for my laptop. And I really wanna be able to stay home with a kid when I have one, one day, hopefully, and I, I really don’t wanna ever have to like report to someone else again. And I believe I can do it.

Then the conversations around, how do I pay for those resources shifted. I started realizing I’m gonna take out money on a credit card for the first time in my life, because I so believe that I can make this happen, that I’m gonna pay it back. That I’m gonna pay it off. That’s how debt works. It’s not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean I’m a failure. It doesn’t mean that I’m being irresponsible with my money.

It means that I’m creating a resource that I believe will pay off because I believe I can do this and I’m gonna make it happen. And I did. And you know, I had student loan debt also when I started my business, it wasn’t just business that I went into and I was very nervous about taking out more money in debt to do that. And I paid my student loans off, I think four or five years ahead of schedule, thanks to my business and thanks to my business growth.

And it’s just wild to me how different my mindset has changed because I used to think, and I beat myself up. You guys, I can’t emphasize this enough. I, I just had a conversation with someone this morning and, and she, you know, is, is, is very stressed about debt. And I think it’s easy to look at my life and my business now and think that I can’t empathize with that because I obviously had that work out for me.

And I obviously was able to pay it off. And I obviously was able to grow my income so much, but that was not promised to me when I made these decisions. There were some very dark nights of the soul where I cried, wondering what I had done and where I couldn’t sleep and where I was up at two in the morning. And I was ashamed to talk to my now husband, then fiance about the decisions I had made. That was very real for me.

It was not guaranteed that this was going to work from like an external standpoint. The only guarantee I had was the belief I cultivated in myself. So that’s the only guarantee you’ll ever get. And if you’re continuing to look for else to promise something to you or for something to be foolproof or for someone to give you a money back guarantee, if you invest in something, you are looking in the wrong direction, you need to hold up a mirror and look within.

And if you can really cultivate the belief that you can have what you want or that you can do what you’re setting out to do, you will do it. The only thing that ever stops us from having what we want is our sell. No one is out there with a stop sign saying, Uhuh, don’t enter this. Isn’t for you. Sometimes our path looks harder than it does for other people.

Sometimes it looks harder than we expected it to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it or that it won’t happen for you. The only guarantee that it won’t happen for you is if you throw in the towel or don’t start to begin with, and that will happen. If you don’t believe you can do it. If you believe you can do it, you will see it through till the end. So that’s the second piece here.

The first that we got, we wanted to talk about was admitting what you want. The second is cultivating the belief. You can do it or have it. This is deep stuff. You guys, sometimes you really have to look at what is making you doubt yourself. And it can, it can pull up some stuff.

This is why we have coaches so that they can help you create the space to examine why you don’t believe in yourself or why you don’t believe you can do it, or why you don’t think you’re worthy of it. The third part, and this is hard is to then let go of the parts of your life. That aren’t helping you live a dream. So this might sound obvious. Maybe you say that when you live a dream, you want to work remotely and you wanna work from your laptop and you wanna make a lot of money.

So it might sound like, okay, well then I need to get rid of my 9-5 job. And you think once I make enough money, that’ll be a no brainer. It’ll be easy. It won’t be a stress. It won’t be an issue. I have never see, not be the case. And I’ve helped over 100 people start side hustles that have become their nine to five jobs.

It is always scary to walk away from a stable paycheck. It is always scary to have your parents and friends and family question your decisions. It is always scary to have your boss wonder what the hell you’re doing. Walking away from a stable job. It is always scary to walk away from the benefits that come with a nine to up from health insurance, from your 401k contribution, whatever it is, it is always scary, no matter how much money you are making because you’re walking away from something.

Oops. So that is where we have to be honest about letting go of parts of our life. That aren’t helping you live a dream. Um, the nine to five job is one of those and that’s very scary. So here’s, here’s the takeaway that I wanna share with this point is that sometimes you are going to have to let go of parts of your life that you like.

And I don’t think we see you that coming a lot. We think, well, why wouldn’t I wanna get rid of the parts that aren’t helping me live a dream. I don’t enjoy those. I don’t like going to my nine to five job, maybe not, but you enjoy security and you’ve built yourself to believe that that’s security. Um, maybe, maybe for me, what I had to let go of was this identity around never having debt or around debt being like the fact that I didn’t have care, consumer debt being a good thing.

I had to let go of that. And I, and I did not feel good about that. That was very uncomfortable. I liked that I didn’t have debt. I liked that I didn’t spend money. I didn’t have, I liked that. I felt responsible and that liking those habits that I identity was keeping me stuck. And once I saw it, the enemy I was able to release it, it’s sort of like, I think a good analogy here that can kind of be tough to hear you guys read that book, 127 hours between rock and a hard place. I think, um, where the guy gets caught in a slot canyon in, I think Utah, Arizona, and his arm gets caught in, in a rock.

And he’s stuck there for a few days and at the end and he like, and he’s said, I’ve watched an interview with him where he says that, like he started something in his brain switched where he started to see his arm as the enemy, your arm, your arm, the thing that’s literally physically part of you that has kept you alive, that has kept you able to touch things, to feel things, to move around, to hold hands with someone, to, to exercise, you know, to do things that you really love to do.

And that are such a part of who you are, such a great part of who we are. All of us are grateful for our arms, for you to then switch and see, this is my enemy. This has to go in order for me to get through this, to survive, to get to the other side. It’s all that in very clear that you have to let go of this thing, no matter how much you once loved it, no matter how much it once served you, no matter how much it felt like a good part of your identity for a long time, that was in the past, what’s moving you forward.

So that’s a lot more extreme of a situation and we should all be so grateful that in this discussion, we’re not in something like that. You just get to choose that parts of your identity that have kept you stuck.

Get a leap. Thank you for being so good to me for these years. I liked having the paycheck. I liked not having consumer debt or I liked, and it wasn’t even consumer debt. It was business debt. I liked not having, uh, a payment on my credit card. I liked having health insurance. It was a good run, grateful for that. It’s keeping me stuck now.

And I know that that feels very like, how can you go? How can you be so emotionless with this? And, and I’m not, I’m an emotional person, but I also am so fierce about my goals that I’m able to just shut to just see that for what it is and put it away. I, I can, you can grieve it. You can process it. You can acknowledge that it’s hard without it, and still take the action that’s in service to what you want.

So you have to let go of the parts of you that are standing in the way of what you want, and that are keeping you in disbelief that you can have it. Even if you like those parts, you have to let go of the nine to five job. You have to let go of the security. You have to let go of the enjoyment of not having debt. If you need to go.

And if you need to go into debt to start your business, I just did a whole Instagram post about how I had to let go of my six pack to have a baby. Like, do I miss my six pack? Yeah, it was great. I always liked having that. I felt confident. I felt good. I felt strong. You know, I worked really hard for that. And I had a baby, like I would never trade that.

That was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. And still I had to let go of something that I enjoyed. So there’s more on the other side, it gets to get better. And you have to say no to things that you like. That’s just how it is the fourth piece here. So to summarize, we’ve gone through three so far, the four, the first is admitting what you actually want. Honestly, the second is cultivating the belief that you can do it or have it.

And then the third is letting go of the parts of your life that aren’t part of it. Even when you like those parts, even when those parts make you feel comfortable. Thanks live. I’m so glad that you’re here, guys, if you’re why this, or if you’re listening to the podcast version of this, someone who has done everything I’m talking about with such beauty and such grace and such execution is my girl Liv Talley, longtime friend, very close to my heart.

Follow her on Instagram at @livtalley_coach for more content like this, she’s so inspiring. And she’s really done this in such great execution. The fourth piece here, the final piece I wanna touch on with you guys is to then structure your plan. So a lot of people say what they want, and then they start a plan and they skip steps two and three, and then things don’t work because they are actually taking actions from a place of disbelief and from a place that is really going to keep them stuck.

That’s sort of like the example I gave you guys at the beginning in the first two years. Yeah. I bought the domain. Yeah. I wanted to work for myself and I was taking actions. I was learning about SEO and I was writing blog posts and I was, um, trying to buy e-courses that would teach me things.

And I was trying to schedule my Twitter feeds out and I was just taking action. That was keeping me in the same place. It wasn’t the right action. And the reason I wasn’t taking the right action is because I didn’t really believe I could go bigger and I didn’t really believe I could do what I wanted to do. So I kept taking actions that didn’t move me.

And I obviously didn’t consciously realize I was doing this right. Why would we take an action that we didn’t think would help us? It’s not something that you mean to do to yourself, but it’s something you will subconsciously do to yourself. If you don’t go through your subconscious and remove limiting beliefs about why you can’t do this. And if you’re not clear on what it is, that’s actually going to help you. So this is why I really wanted to talk about this today, because I feel like especially law, I’ve been talking about actions, hang on, lemme take the water.

I’ve been talking about what to do, how to make a sale, how to do better sales calls, how I went viral on TikTok, how to, you know, work three days a week. And all of those things are helpful. And I hope that they’re in service to you guys. And I hope that you get some information from them and they don’t matter if you haven’t done the prior steps.

They don’t matter if you haven’t actually put yourself in the game. They don’t. If you haven’t actually started to believe that you can do this and taken actions accordingly. And if you’re watching this and, or listening to this, and you’re starting to realize that this is you, that you have wanted to quit your nine to five job, but you’ve never actually taken the real action that will get you there. Get into Scale Your Side Hustle®.

We have a program for this. This is why I do what I do so that people can actually take the right actions. That program is based off the time in my life. When those two years of stagnation, those two years of pointless actions, to be honest, turned into a six month like rocket ship that propelled me out of my nine to five job out of being broke out of stagnation into five figure months and completely changed my life.

And I show you how to do that too. So you don’t have to stay stuck and you don’t have to do this alone. And if you’re watching this and you’ve already gone through that, you’re already outta your nine to five job. You’re like, I am so good at life. I’ve already done so much of what you’re saying, Leah, and I’m creating what’s next reach out to me in book a V I P day, I just had one of the best ones I’ve ever had this week.

It was so fricking powerful. These people that I had it with. It’s the end of March at the time that I’m recording are closing out a seven figure quarter seven figure quarter, like that’s crazy. And they started in scarier side hustle in debt. So you really can do things so big and so dramatically and such transformation when you’ve gone through this foundational work.

I’m here to support you if this is the type of thing that you wanna do. And if you’re realizing that, Hey, maybe I am not taking the right actions. And maybe I don’t believe in myself as much as I thought I had. And maybe I wanna let go of things, but I don’t really know what that looks like for me. This is why there’s coaching, because it does look different for everyone. I’m here to help you do that. You can reach out to us at Leah, at Leah

You can me, whatever. So it’s hard to really say what actions you should take, because I don’t know what your dream life is, what it looks like for you to live a dream. I don’t know what your dream is. I don’t know what you all love. Just commented and said, I’ve done two VIB days with Leah and they are so worth it. I made 46 K the last time. That’s so amazing. Thank you so much for sharing that.

And congratulations again, you never cease to amaze me. So your dream life will look different than mine, what it looks like for you to live a dream. For me right now, what it looks like and what I’m so grateful for is I work with, I have you guys. I just gotta brag on my clients for a minute. I’ve never been more in love with the current clients I have than the ones I do right now. I’ve loved a lot of my clients in the past, and I’ve always liked what I’ve done, but it really has been an amazing place coming and realizing that the people I work with are so amazing.

So it’s that it’s loving the work that I do. It’s working three days a week. It’s having a team that supports me. It’s spending two days a week, plus the weekends with my four month old baby. Um, it’s being able to live in Manhattan. It’s being able to do daily walks in central park because we live across from it.

It’s being able to travel when, and if I can with a four month old, but I have already been able to more than I think then I would’ve been able to a few years ago just because of money. And it’s being able to have a seven figure business. And so maybe some of those work with you, in which case I can show you what I’ve done and maybe they don’t. And that’s cool too, but I still can help you identify what it is that you need to do.

How you can admit what you want, how you can get your belief behind it, how you can let go of the parts of your life. That aren’t it and what plan you need to do around it. But whether you decide to work with me on this or not, I still hope that this framework is something you can extract. Get, maybe have some ahas on now and, and get fierce about it. You guys take a different action today. Really admit what you want today.

See how you believe deeper today. Life is here. This is it. Tomorrow’s not promised. I know we know it, but really let it sink into your bones right now. Tomorrow is not promised. You don’t know how much longer you have here. This is it. No dress rehearsal. No, you know, no “one days”, “no in another life”. You can do it.

Believe in yourself with the knowing that the likelihood that you were even born is already a miracle. You already have done something miraculous. What else can you pull from that today? I’m gonna go before I get emotional. I hope that you guys found this helpful. I hope you found some clarity in it.

Even if you don’t wanna work with me, DM me, let me know you heard it. I’d love to know that this helped you. And if you had any breakthroughs, let me know. I will talk to you guys soon. I hope you have a great rest of your day and here is to your biggest vision. Bye everyone.

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