3 Key Tips on Making Better Sales Calls for Your Business

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Making sales calls can be an intimidating task as a business owner- I never wanted to do them when I first started my business! I’m often asked if they’re necessary to reach clients, and while I do think it’s possible to make sales without them, having better sales calls is a powerful way to connect with those who are interested in your program. 

These are three tips for better sales calls, helping you make more sales and reach clients.

Start Sales Calls With An Intention 

A big tip to making better sales calls is setting an intention. One of the main reasons sales calls are dreaded by both parties is the feeling that it’s going to be a big product push. Better sales calls are ones that are set up with intention before they happens. A good intention for better sales calls is I am helping you make a decision”. This helps to build connection with the client, and it lets both of you decide if it would be a good fit to work together. 

This client may come to you with a lot of fears and doubts about moving forward with their business: “I want to do abc, BUT, xyz.”  You are there to help them with their indecisiveness, even if it means not continuing to work with you. That’s okay! Remember: 

They booked a call with you for a reason. 

There’s a high chance they booked the sales call with you not knowing what to expect, so it’s better to help them out right away to relieve some of that uncertainty. 

Setting the intention of making a decision leads to better sales calls because, no matter what way it ends- if they end up working with you or not-  better sales calls are ones where you helped guide them in the direction that is right for them and their goals.

Listen to Why They Are On The Phone With You

This tip is crucial in making better sales calls. When making a sales call, it’s easy to talk to your clients and list to them why working with you would be the best option for them at that moment. But, that isn’t why they called you. 

Better sales calls involve you receiving information more than giving it. 

No one wants to get on a phone call and hear a spiel of why someone’s program is the best there is.  They want to see what results they will get by working with you. So, better sales calls are ones where you are listening to their goals and their problems. This is more effective than you just pitching a program, because you are then able to help them achieve their desired result. 

Listen more than you talk. 

Their problems may not have been heard in the past. This call could be a very vulnerable moment for them, and it’s important for you to be supportive of their goals.

While on the call,  ask them what they would like solved and give them the chance to explore that with you. Then, it’s more genuine when you offer your help to them with your program. 

 When you have these open discussions about where they are currently and what they’d like to change, your pitch comes from a place of truth. It gives them the confidence that working with you will be successful. Better sales calls are not the ones where you’re selling; better sales calls are ones where you’re listening

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Confirm The Container For What’s Next 

This is the part of sales calls that makes someone feel ‘pushy’. I totally get it. However, as entrepreneurs, we have to get used to being uncomfortable. The sales call doesn’t have to end with them paying over the phone right away. To end the sales call on a better note, we want to confirm what our next steps will be. 

Better sales call may end with “Pay in 24 hours, and we’ll include a discount”, or “Let’s discuss payment in the next 48 hours with a deposit, and we’ll go from there”. We can shift the narrative while still confirming the next steps with the client.

We want to have clear expectations for what’s next when the work relationship is confirmed after the sales call has ended, and it’s important they don’t lose trust. Containers are boundaries, and this is helpful for both sides. It helps solidify for them that they made the right choice in moving forward with you. This makes the sales call better for you and your client because there is a clear idea of what’s expected from them without you just pushing sales on them.

Final Thoughts on Making Better Sales Calls

Sales calls are a very powerful tool when making sales and connecting with clients. A sales call should not make you feel like a telemarketer. You should feel like your authentic self! We hope these tips help you with making better sales calls, and helping you increase your sales. 

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How to make better sales calls for your business