3 Tips for Selling On Instagram with Ease with Erica Ashleigh

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Selling on Instagram can be an intimidating thing for some entrepreneurs. In today’s world, social media is a huge tool in promoting our brand in marketing. As entrepreneurs, social media, especially Instagram, is unavoidable, and it can be hard to know how to successfully utilize the app to its fullest. I spoke with Erica Ashleigh about ways we entrepreneurs can use social media to help our branding and sales.

How to start selling on Instagram with no design experience

There’s a few great tips Erica mentions to help build a great Instagram feed. When selling on Instagram, it’s easy to get caught up in visual branding- logos, photography, etc. We want the perfect feed, but we don’t have all of the design expertise. The good thing is, we don’t need to be experts in graphic design to have a clean, cohesive, and engaging Instagram feed. 

There’s tons of resources out there for you to look at: Pinterest, Stock Photo websites, LightRoom, etc. These are great places to start looking for inspiration.

It can also be helpful to look at other people’s pages, and take some inspiration. Who are your favorite people you follow? Who do you engage with the most when scrolling? Their pages all have something in common that can draw people in.

The biggest mistake made when selling on Instagram

Selling on Instagram has a bit of an algorithm to it. It’s not just posting a picture and a caption that talks about your program and what you sell. Erica says that a big mistake she sees people making when selling on Instagram is not making things personal between them and their followers. For example, if someone’s page pops up, and their whole feed is full of logos and sales pitches, people are less likely to engage with you. When your page becomes more about connecting with people in your own authentic way, it’s much more engaging and inspiring. 

There is more power in the quality of the content as opposed to the quantity. 

“Social media should entertain, inspire, or engage”, Erica says. When selling on Instagram, you don’t need to post more than what you think is necessary for your brand. Again, people want to see who you are and how you can help them. There’s nothing wrong with posting only two times a week, so long as your posts are representing your values, and you’re connecting with your audience. 

Another mistake Erica says she sees is the visuals of people’s feeds. Think of your Instagram page as a portfolio. When there is good quality in the photos and captions, people will engage more than when things are messy and not cohesive. Even a blurry photo can take someone away from your page. Take advantage of those resources mentioned to help you! 

Erica also mentions it’s important to stay consistent with selling on Instagram. Get yourself out there, and start building your audience! It’s easy to get intimidated by numbers. Social media can invoke a lot of anxiety in those who use it all the time. But, it’s important to make the number of followers you have less important, and focus on the consistency of your messaging to those engaging with you. Selling on Instagram is not about numbers, it’s about promoting your values. 

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Why your story is key to selling on Instagram

When selling on Instagram, it’s important that sales are the last thing you’re worried about when you post. People want to see who you are as a person. When you are posting with authenticity, it’s more engaging. 

Think about why you’re passionate about what you’re selling on Instagram, and why you want to give that to others. People are more likely to engage with what you’re selling when they can relate to you, and see snippets of your genuine personality. If you’re posting mindlessly and throwing numbers and products at your followers, they’re not going to care about what you have to say. But, if you put more of your focus in building relationships with people, they’re not going to scroll past you. 

Selling on Instagram isn’t about numbers, it’s about connections. 

A big part of your brand when selling on Instagram has to do with who you are as a person. When working with other brands, it’s important to promote those that align with your values, what you’re passionate about, and what you want to give to others.

Final Thoughts On Selling On Instagram

The points that Erica made about selling on Instagram are great points for you as a brand. As scary as social media can be, it can also be a great place for promoting yourself! If you want to boost sales and reach your audience, make your feed a place of authenticity. We hope this post helped you learn more about selling on Instagram! 

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