The Checklist I Use on Every Sales Call
Your Biggest Vision
Season 2, Ep. 33

Is getting on a sales call an intimidating aspect of your business? You are not alone! Doing a sales call used to be one of my least favorite parts of my business, but today I am sharing how I turned them into one of my strong suits.

Today’s episode breaks down my personal checklist that I use on every sales call. I highly encourage you to refer to this exact checklist for your own sales calls to help you effectively connect and problem solve with your clients and so that you can stand in your power, allowing your zone of genius shine through! 

Tune in to hear:

  • How this checklist has changed the way I approach each sales call.
  • Why a successful sales call can be an optimal time for you to stand in your power and step into your zone of genius.
  • How to get an exact copy of this checklist so you can start to use it in your business!
Today’s episode breaks down my personal checklist that I use on every sales call. It has helped me step in to my zone of genius during sales calls!

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Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais: Hey guys. Hey, Instagram, hope you are all having a great day. I am here today to talk to you guys about five musts for every sales call for sales call success. So I get a lot of questions about sales calls. I get a lot of questions about making more sales, sales calls. It scared the living daylights out of me when I started my business. So I actually have put together a checklist that I wanted to come and share with you guys. And if you want the actual checklist, all you need to do is DM or comment in this video or whatever (or email), and we’ll send it right to you. It’s totally free. And this is something that you can have on your desktop, or literally taped to your desk for every single sales call, just to make sure that you are hitting these. They’re all pretty simple, but if you apply all of them, you will be amazed to see how different your sales calls go.

So let me go ahead and comment in the post here. Cool. All right. Hey, everyone online. Let me know where you guys are tuning in from, and let’s go ahead and dive in. So my name is Leah and I am a business coach and strategist, and I work with people to go from doing pretty well in business, kind of like having upward growth to totally transforming it. And we do this through mindset and then strategy and a huge topic that I work with all my clients on whether they are making their very first sale or they already have passed. The six figure. Mark is how to clean up and tighten and make better and more sales. And I know a big question that comes up a lot, especially in the earlier phases of business is how to do better sales calls. Um, what goes into a sales call, how to know when they’re the right fit and how to make the sale actually convert, um, and not kind of give into objections.

So I want to share with you guys, my five absolute essentials that I do on every single sales call. And I really, really recommend that you do to both for you as the entrepreneur and as the person selling something. Um, and for them, if these are of service to the people on the phone with you, because this is how you’ll know whether or not they’re the right fit for you. And it’s also how they’ll be able to see, um, that they, you can get them results without you having to feel salesy or anything like that. It’s really mutually beneficial. So let me take a sip of water and then we’ll dive in.

Okay. So all of these are meant to give everyone involved the best sales call experience possible. So the first thing that I recommend you do before every single sales call is require your prospect to actively confirm. They’ll show up a lot of times when we are especially early on in business, when you, when sales calls are really your goal, and you want to get as many people on the phone as possible, which let’s pause really quick there and be clear that that is, um, a good goal to have. I know a lot of people trying to do sales over DM’s or emails, and it doesn’t, it’s not that it never can work, but it is like significantly harder, a much, much lower chance of working than if you do it, um, over the phone. And that’s just because you get to know the person over the phone, you also can really tap into why they’re on the phone with you to begin with. You can kind of walk them through any hesitations. It’s just so much more supportive space for them to make that decision. 

So anyway, before you get on the call, you want them to actively confirm that they’ll be there. I know that it can be really draining for people and they feel like they have all these sales calls scheduled, or they have discovery calls scheduled, and it’s really exciting. And then they get no shows, right? And that, that happens at every stage of business. There’s nothing wrong with you if that’s happening to you. But I have seen more than one client end up feeling very energetically depleted because they are frustrated that people are basically wasting their time and it is frustrating. And I understand that, but that frustrated energy doesn’t do you any good? It doesn’t help you. It doesn’t help your future clients. It doesn’t help the person who didn’t show up.

Only you lose when you let that energy kind of consume you. So one, you need to remember that and remember that that energy isn’t worth kind of taking over how you feel for the rest of the day or the rest of the week or whatever the case may be. But more importantly, and just an easier way to do this is to require an act of confirmation. I will not call someone or get on a phone call or a discovery call or sales call, unless they have actively confirmed via email that they will be there. Now we do that by using Calendly, which is a, I think it’s a free software, but we do use the pro version, which is inexpensive. It’s $10 per month. And with that, you are able to automatically have follow up emails sent, uh, at certain times, you know, between when someone books a call and when they actually are on the call.

And one of the things you can do is require that they confirm that the call is still on. So you just send them a reminder email saying, we’re looking forward to our call with you. Here are the details. X, Y, and Z, please reply confirming. You’ll be there. If you don’t reply, we will not have the call. So we do that. And yes, sometimes people, you know, email and they’re like, well, I thought that we had this call and I didn’t know, I had to confirm. And in those cases you can reschedule. And I know that that might sound a little bit harsh, but it is worth protecting your energy so that you know, that anyone who gets on the call has really gone above and beyond to confirm that they’re available to make it a priority. Um, you know, they’ve actively told you, they’re looking forward to it. There’s already a level of commitment that will help you gauge how ready they are to move forward. So that’s tip number one is require an act of confirmation before discovery call. So, you know, they’re going to be there. You protect your energy and you already have a level of commitment with them before anything has even started.

Okay. Um, check number two on my checklist is to wait to discuss working together until you’ve heard from them, what they need. Um, and this is going to kind of fit into another one. But the idea here is to not make sales calls directly about a sale right away. Even if someone is getting on the phone with you, because they’re interested in a certain program that you have, or they’re interested in a product, or they want to ask you questions, that’s all great, but you’re going to be able to walk them through the process of whether or not they should do this with you and whether or not you even want them to remember. You don’t have to take on every single person as a client, if you know what they are on the phone with you for it. And if you actually know what their problem is, so really honor, the first half of the sales call and hearing more about them.

One of the biggest mistakes I see my new entrepreneurs make is they’ll get on a call and sort of just like, feel like they kind of have to sell the program. Um, and the program is not really going to feel salesy. If in the end, you’re able to just present it as pretty much an answer to a problem. So give the person on the phone with you this space to explain why they are interested in working with you and ask them deeper questions. What problem are you having in your life that you think I could solve? What type of issues does this manifest as in your day to day life? What would it look like if you didn’t have this problem, allow them to really go deep there and allow them to really answer these questions so that if you have a program that, or a product or service that can solve that you don’t really need to sell it at all, it kind of sells itself because it is clearly a solution to a problem they’re telling you that they have.

So this has a few different reasons why it’s so important, but to sum it up, you need to give your prospect, the space to share why they think that they could work with you. What they’d like out of this before you pitch it over the phone, because one, you create a respectful space for them to share the problem. They’re having two. You actually come from integrity. When you say I can help you because X, Y, and Z, because they’ve actually told you the problem. It’s not just sort of like sharing why our program is so great. And three, the program then ends up selling itself because it’s really just a solution to a problem that they told you. They have, that’s all there is to it. Okay. Uh, the third thing on the sales call checklist is to ask an all aid question. This is so good.

You guys, this one is one of my client’s absolute favorite things to learn from me. And it is something that I think is really powerful. Um, I once had a client, I think he called it like the Leah question or the, or the, I don’t know, he, he branded it as something that’s mine. So now I have fun on my clients creating their own version of it. But essentially during the call, you need to ask a question that gauges how actually committed they are to solving a problem that they have. So, one of the questions I love to ask is, is this a yes for you? Or is this a must for you? It kind of depends, I guess, where you are in the call. But I ask this question before we even talk about the sales process. Before we even talk about my program, any of that it’s before any of the, like, should we work together as even a discussion?

Because the truth is I don’t want anyone in programs who isn’t totally 110% committed. They won’t do well. I really, really push my clients because, and that’s how they see incredible results. So unless someone is 110% committed and it’s a must for them, it’s probably not going to be a good fit. But this is also a question for, that’s really empowering to ask the person on the phone with you, because you’re holding up a mirror to them and asking them, how much do you really want to change? So, for example, let’s say you’re a health coach and you help women lose weight. And they’re on the phone with you. And they’ve spent a first, a half a day talking about how they just don’t feel confident in their body. You’d be, they feel tired. They’re lacking energy. They don’t fit into what they used to. And it’s really bringing down different areas of their life. 

The question here before you even go into, well, I can help you. I’m a health coach. I help people lose weight is really, is it a must for you to change this? And this really serves them because up until this point, I mean, let’s be honest with most of what we do, the information we teach our clients, they could find on Google, right? People that want to lose weight can often, if it’s a health thing, I’m not trying to be insensitive here, but just try to make a really clear example. If it’s because of nutrition habits or not exercising, they know that it’s not that hiring you as a health coach is going to give them this brand new information. It’s just that for whatever reason, doing those things, hasn’t been a must for them up until this point.

So really empowering them to decide, yes, this is a must for me or no. You know what? It’s just not, is going to help you: one, decides if they’re the right client for you and two help them realize that it’s no one else’s fault that this hasn’t happened for them yet. It’s just that they haven’t made it a requirement, a must for a decision. So ask them committed questions, gauge how committed they are, and also hold up the mirror to them. Because then for the rest of the conversation, if there’s any resistance coming up, if they’re scared, if they don’t have the time, if they don’t have the money, if they don’t have the resources, if they don’t know if this will work, whatever excuses they have, you can bring them back to this commitment and say, you know what? I thought this was a must for you, but now you’re telling me you don’t have the time. So something’s not matching up. Right? Cause if it was a must for you, then you make the time. That’s how these things work. So have that all in question, whatever your version of it is so that you can gauge how committed they are and you can help them see where they might be living out of alignment with what they are telling you that they need.

Okay. The fourth sales call checklist must is to be the expert and give expert advice. So at this point of the call, right, I’m kind of going in order here, they’ve confirmed. They want to be on the call with you. Um, they have told you the problem that they’re having and what they want to do, why they want to work with you. Uh, you’ve asked them to all in question and they said, they’re committed. Now your job from here is to give them expert guidance. So a big mistake, I see that my new entrepreneurs will make is they’ll get on calls. They’ll have like three different offerings for people. Maybe they have a power session. Let’s use the health coach example again. Um, maybe they have a power session or like a self study thing. Maybe they have a four week program. Maybe they have a 12 week program.

And I understand the appeal to having sort of a suite of offerings because not every client’s the same and not everyone’s going to need the same thing. And you also might not have the capacity to do the same thing every single time. That’s fine. But this is not the moment to kind of open a catalog for your client. This is the moment to be the expert and tell them what is going to best help them. So if someone comes out and I’m just, I was thinking of this example the other day, because I have started seeing a new chiropractor here in Miami, where we just moved. Um, and I’m still somewhat new to chiropractic. It’s not something I’ve done my whole life, even though I’ve had very debilitating scoliosis my whole life. And so they started kind of asking me like, well, what type of thing do you think you want?

What kind of treatment do you think you want? How often do you want to come? And I was like, you know what? You tell me, like, I want to hear from you. I want you to tell me what you think is going to help me the best I want you to do what you think is going to treat me the best. And I want you to tell me how often I should come because  they are the expert. And I want to be told what to do when you’re truly committed to solving a problem. So in this case, I am so committed to working on my back and my health and my wellness that whatever the cost is, whatever the time commitment is, whatever any of those things are, I’m going to make them work because I am committed to the result. And if someone on the phone with you has already told you that they are committed to the results, then don’t take any of the things that they might be basically blocking themselves with as objections.

And don’t take those things into consideration. So for example, if they’ve told you that they want to lose weight, but, uh, you know, the holidays are coming up and it’s really hard for them to manage that around the holidays. You might in your head be like, Oh, well, I’ll give them a few options so they can decide, or I’ll give them the four week option because that will avoid the holidays. But if you know that the only real way they’ll get the results they want is if they do the 12 week program with you, then you need to tell them that, that you are a health coach. You work with people to help them lose weight and based on their goals and what they told you, they want, you want to, you recommend that they sign up for a 12 week program with you. And I know that this can feel a little bit nerve wracking.

At first. You don’t want to come off as salesy or bossy or insensitive or all these other kinds of fears we have. But that mindset will not only harm your business because you’ll be selling from like someone else’s objections and someone else’s fear. It will also not be in the highest service to your client. They are here to hear what will help them. So by kind of giving them a sugarcoated answer, because you think it’s what they want to hear. You are doing them a huge disservice. You’re going to let them continue living in denial. You’re going to let them get their hopes up. That one thing will solve it because you think it’s what they’ve wanted to hear. What really won’t. And you’re disempowering yourself by not being the expert. And if they’re going to hire you, they want an expert, right? People are not going to be more likely to hire you because you’re less expensive than they are if you’re more expensive, but they trust that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re going to be able to help them.

So be the expert. Okay. And then tip number five for sales calls must is to have a clear reason why they should move forward with this right now, now in business, a lot of the times you’ll just hear the word urgency. You’ll hear people talk about creating urgency and we can do these through fun, kind of easy tricks as bonuses, discount, sales, expiration dates, um, limits of how many, you know, spots are in a program or sponsor available for you, or maybe your schedule is filling up. And those are all fine, but real urgency. And another reason why I suggest getting on the phone, over selling over email and DM’s and things like that comes from how ready the person is to change their life. So whatever the urgency ends up being for you, just make sure that that urgency is clear to them. Because if this is an ongoing thing, it’s very hard for people to take action.

If there’s no reason for them to take action. So instead of just saying, okay, well, when you’re ready to lose weight, I’m here for you. Let me know, reach out. Um, really think, okay, well you told me that you have this wedding and you’re going to in three months, or you told me that you have a vacation that you want to go on in a few months. Um, and if you want results by then, we need to start working together in this capacity. Now, additionally, and or you can also do sales tactics for urgency. Like if you sign up over the phone, I’ll give you a 10% discount. Or if you sign up by the end of the week, then I will, um, you know, you’ll, you’ll be locked into my lower price before I raise it. Or if you sign up today, I’ll hold your spot. And there’s only so many spots, whatever the case may be, just make sure that there’s urgency. 

There has to be a reason for them to sign up today. You can either manufacture this. If you need to, based on, you know, whatever agency within your business can be ethical or, and or you can go, it can just be based on how much they need it, why they need it now. And this is really just, you know, pulled out from what they’ve told you. They wanted in this phone call. So if you cover all these bases and if the client is right for you, not every phone call will be right for you. Not every client will be right for you, and that’s totally fine. But if the client is right for you and you cover all these bases, your sales calls will be transformed. They’ll feel better.

You’ll be better at what you do. You will be serving in a higher capacity. Your client will feel so much more supported and taken care of, and you’ll make more sales, which benefits your business and benefits your client because they don’t get your help. They don’t get your help losing weight. They don’t get your help with your relationship. They don’t get your help with their business or their finances or their spirituality or whatever. They’re on the phone with you from if they don’t work with you. So this is a double blessing as all dreams are in life. I hope you guys found this helpful if you want this checklist for free so that you can kind of have it. And I go a little deeper into it as well. It’s just a PDF. I’ll send it right over to you. Either comment below or DM me or you can email us and we will get it right over to you.

And I can’t wait to see your sales calls improve from this. So thank you guys so much for tuning in. I hope you have a great day happy selling, and I hope that you found this helpful. Leave me a comment below. If you guys want to see any more sales stuff. And most importantly, we are doing a free three day sales series next week, which is going to go a lot deeper into this kind of stuff. And you can sign up via the link in my bio, totally free. I’m really excited to spend this time with you guys. So I hope to see you there and I hope you guys have an amazing day. Bye everyone.

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