Urban 20 Something, Leah Gervais' client success!

Update from Leah

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen some recent success stories from my incredible clients. Even in the middle of a global pandemic, I’ve recently shared results like:


  • A client having her highest month of business EVER in June
  • A client creating a six figure side hustle that she started in February
  • A client launching a membership site and selling out her goal


And there’s countless others.


I’m sharing this because it’s a representation of how much the online business world is thriving right now. We’re incredibly privileged to have businesses that aren’t reliant on an open or closed office. I’ve seen this in my own business too as we’ve had record breaking months lately.


We want to support anyone who is willing to do the work to have record-breaking months right now. That’s why we created our free three-part series, Skyrocket Your Sales, which starts in just a few hours!


Learn how we run our sales process and how you can skyrocket your sales too.


Whether you’re working on your very first sale or you’re already at six figures, you’ll benefit from making the most of your sales process.


Join the free series here >>>


Then, email me back and let me know your sales goal! See you there.

New podcast episodes

S. 2, Ep. 32- Rebranding and Saying Goodbye to Urban 20 Something

(Click here to tune in)


Goodbye Urban 20 Something… For those of you who have been with me since the beginning, you may be familiar with the evolution of my brand. What once was supposed to be my anonymous blog about a New Yorker in her 20’s trying to find her place has now turned in to my six figure business that allows me to pursue my passion for coaching entrepreneurs every single day. Of course, my business holds many of the same core values that established the foundation for Urban 20 Something, but my current brand, Leah Gervais, casts a new mold for so much more! 


Tune in to hear:


  • The story behind the name Urban 20 Something from when I was only 23.


  • The “tipping point” that showed us it was time to change the name.


  • The true identity and sole mission of my business today and how our new brand allows us to share that.

Business Resource

Sales calls can be one of the most daunting parts of a business. But of course, sales are one of the most important parts! A business without sales isn’t a business.


I know I used to get SO nervous about making sales calls and honestly would’ve rather done anything else. I’ll never forget the sales call that landed me my first clients though… it makes it all worth it!


Since then, I’ve been on enough sales calls to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of sales into my business. I also have the unique privilege of watching my clients learn successful sales calls.


SO! I am sharing the five “musts” I use in every single sales call in our new Sales Call Checklist.


Download the free checklist here >>>