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It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in Miami for three weeks already! I’ve loved sharing our journey with you on my Instagram (follow me there for behind-the-scenes!).


We have lots of exciting business updates to share with you, so we’re diving in!


NEW and FREE Series: Skyrocket Your Sales Process

For online business owners anywhere from zero to over six figures wanting to improve their sales process!


Next week, we’re hosting a totally free series on ramping up your sales within your business NOW. This is meant to raise your income with what you already have in your business- no need to create a new funnel, a new program, etc. Instead, we’ll cover:


  1. How do you come off selling? Bringing self-awareness into it.
  2. Are you connecting to your ideal client? 
  3. Sales calls- give me the details on how to get a “yes!”


Sign up here >>>


Online Workshop to Bring Social Responsibility into Your Online Business

For online business owners that want to make a bigger impact with their work.


I’m delighted to share that one of my mastermind alum and good friends, Alyssa Keil, is hosting a new workshop this week on how to bring social responsibility into your online business. In a nutshell, Alyssa believes that we as content creators, entrepreneurs, and community leaders have a HUGE opportunity to impact the social change we wish to see. With an impressive career in advocacy work, she’s going to show us how! 


I’ll be there, and Alyssa generously offered my community a discount! Sign up below.


Sign up for only $13 here >>>


1:1 Coaching with Leah


For those who desire the deepest level of transformation


It’s bittersweet to share that the opportunity to work with me in a 1:1 capacity is currently full for the foreseeable future! Working with me 1:1, or in a VIP capacity, is the highest level of mentorship I offer and it creates massive space for you to get MASSIVE results- results in your income, your business, and your life and happiness.


Though it’s unavailable right now, we opened up a waitlist to join in the meantime. There’s no commitment by signing up!


Sign up for the waitlist >>>

New podcast episodes

S.2, Ep. 31- How to Use Your Online Business for Advocacy Work with Alyssa Keil

(Click here to tune in)


Raise your hand if you’ve felt paralyzed on social media when it comes to talking (or not talking) about politics, advocacy, or social issues? I’ve definitely been there, and today’s guest is here to help. Alyssa Keil is here to talk with us about using your online business platform and the community you’ve built to amplify positive change. She built a successful online business over the past year and a half all while keeping her very prestigious job at a nonprofit in New York city and she’s dedicated her life to public policy. She is here to share how we can mesh the two and how we can bring policy work into our businesses. Alyssa is also an alumni of my Scale Your Side Hustle program and my mastermind.


Tune in to hear: 


  •  One simple step you can start taking this week to use your platform for social change.


  • Tips on navigating social media and your platform during moments of political unrest.


  • How Alyssa helps her clients build social responsibility and advocacy around social issues.


  • About the Webinar Alyssa is hosting at the end of the July that provides tips on social advocacy in your online business at a base level.