A couple of weeks ago, we opened up a free Facebook Group for this community, which you can join here!

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As you join, you’ll see a series of questions we ask to get to know the group and best serve you a bit better. One of the questions is “what’s your biggest side hustle challenge?”

The number one answer we received to this question was the issue of money. It came up in a couple of different ways, some being:


  • My income isn’t consistent or my income isn’t enough
  • I don’t have enough money to grow or invest in my business
  • I need extra money


Does any of this sound familiar? Though they may appear in different forms, all of this comes down to the problem or issue of believing that you don’t have or make enough money.


So if you’re feeling any of these struggles yourself, here’s what I highly recommend you do:


Take all of the energy you spend worrying about your money (or lack thereof) and transfer it into your side hustle or creative project.


You might be reading this and thinking easier said than done, but let’s not over complicate things. There is more than enough money out there to be made, and you have all the potential to make it yourself. What you don’t have, however, is unlimited energy, so it’s important that your energy is going toward what will help you make more money, and spending energy stressing about money, paradoxically, does not help you make money.


Think about the last time you really felt stressed about money. Your heart dropped when you had to pay rent again, you shrieked at the bill after girl’s night out, you said no to that trip you wanted to take, you laid awake in bed calculating your credit card bill…


I get it. This isn’t about judgment, from me or from yourself. But those scenarios are incredibly draining. They take away from your gratitude about the place you live in, the fun in a girls’ night out, the relaxation that comes with a trip, the importance of sleep…


Instead, use that precious energy to work on your side hustle. You’ll be able to see such incredible results in both your finances and importantly, your energy, and soon see, once and for all, money isn’t ever really the problem. Money is the solution, and that solution can be achieved just through that shift of energy.


I don’t say this belittle the struggles of money; quite the opposite. I share this because I know that wealth and financial freedom are possible for you, and I am here to support you in achieving it. This life is precious, and our energy, thoughts, focus, and time shouldn’t be spent in a state of stress.


Money is out there, and it’s yours for the taking. Focus your energy on this truth and you’ll see it come true right before your eyes.

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