If you’re anything like me, you likely spend a lot of your time thinking about your goals, your future and your dreams. It’s fun and exciting to plot out what’s next and raise our goals in all aspects of life. However, it can also be easy to get caught up in comparisons when thinking about what the next level means for you, and wonder why you’re not moving as quickly as the person next to you.

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I can certainly relate to this. While up-leveling typically does require some hard, or at least different ways of working, I want to share a not so difficult habit that can really support you in reaching your goals as they get higher and higher.


In fact, I’d argue that you will struggle to get to the next level without doing this one little goals practice.


Every day, write down three things that you feel really proud of yourself for doing lately. You can do this when you wake up or right before bed, or perhaps over dinner with family. However you choose to implement it, this powerful exercise will help you stay in your power and in your accomplishments, not giving attention to your “failures” or comparison to others.


If you don’t feel that you’re at a solid foundational position to grow to your next level, of course you’re going to struggle to do so. You may think that you don’t have what it takes, that you’re not ready, that you’re not able, or any other negative self-talk we can let ourselves hear.


However, if your self-talk is predominantly what you’re proud of yourself for, your focus shifts to your accomplishments, your capabilities, your strengths, and how much you truly can do when you put your mind to it.


This is the place that you’ll be able to grow from.


So if you’re feeling stagnant, or you’re ready to up-level, make sure you’re giving yourself proper credit for how incredibly far you’ve come! That’s what this goals practice can help you do.


If you’re making $100 extra a month and you wonder why it’s not $1,000, make sure you’re paying attention to how incredible it is that you even learned how to make $100 online!

Or, if you’re wanting to create a product or service that’s double your current one, make sure you’re paying attention to the fact that you created one to begin with.

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Whatever that next-level goal is for you, it’s there and waiting for you. Continue to remind yourself that you’re ready to receive it, the proof of which can be found in all the amazing things you’ve already done!


What’s your current next-level goal?