Listening to Your Gut and September 2020 Recap
Your Biggest Vision
Season 2, Ep. 42

September 2020 was one of my favorite months so far this year. In this episode, I reflect on lessons I have learned this month and year and the recent mindset shift that has allowed me to up-level! I also share why I relaunched Scale Your Side Hustle, what I did to get published in Business Insider, and why listening to your gut is so important!


Tune in to hear:


  • How I got published in Business Insider!
  • The mindset shift that has allowed me to up-level my business and life.
  • How and why listening to your gut will help push you into alignment and toward your desires. 
Tune in to hear my September recap and why listening to your gut will help push you into alignment and toward your desires.

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Leah Gervais on listening to your gut
Leah Gervais on Listening to your gut and Sept. recap

Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais: So welcome back to the Your Biggest Vision show. I am your host, Leah and I am excited to just have a fun talk with you guys and kind of like share some behind the scenes about September, what worked in my business, some personal breakthroughs that I had, um, just some lessons I’ve learned and if there’s anything in between that is helpful for you guys, then please let me know. I’m happy to answer any questions or elaborate on anything. So let’s go ahead and dive in one of the most exciting things that happened this month business wise, and we’re gonna start probably more professional was that I had an article featured in business insider, which I was very excited about. Um, it was very fun to have that happen. Of course, you know, it’s always cool to see media come to life.


I definitely think that I’m really grateful that I was able to do that during this time, because I think that the article I published will help a lot of people. Um, if you haven’t read it yet, I published an article about six signs I can see pretty quickly about whether or not your side hustle will turn into a full time job. Um, obviously that’s what I do for a living. I have a program called Scale Your Side Hustle, and I help people start and scale side hustles. Um, and I think that more people are wanting to start them now than ever before because of COVID and because people are inside. And also, I just think people want to take control of their life and they want to take control of their careers and they don’t want to have to like work from home forever or I’m sorry, work from an office forever. So anyway, I think that the article is very timely. Um, but yeah, so that was a really exciting thing to happen. And I guess I just want to share, cause I’ve got some messages, like how did that happen? I want to share how it happened. I literally emailed them with the idea and then it was published. That’s what happened.


And I actually think that that’s an important kind of thing to share because I think sometimes we overcomplicate things and we think that you have to go, you know, you have to have this perfect pitch. You have to have the whole article done. I did not have the whole article done at all. I just have the headline. Um, I originally had reached out to someone on Instagram. She had directed me to an email address. They forwarded it to the powers that be, and a few weeks later it was published. So that was a really exciting thing. And I think it’s a great lesson in entrepreneurship in general because you know, whether it’s media or starting a program or, um, offering something or posting something really anything, uh, we all tend to overthink it. It is like one of the things I see the most and I am still guilty of this too.


I’m a lot better at it with things that I’ve been doing for longer now, like programs or marketing or posting on social media, but media, um, media itself like business insider is something that I’m not quite as used to. And it, I was very nervous. I was nervous that it was going to be awful. I overthought it, but finally I just decided, what do I have to lose? And I tried, and it was a great reminder for me really with anything we do, you know, there’s nothing to lose pretty much ever. And whatever you do think you need to lose whatever the doomsday scenario in your head is probably just in your head. I know what it’s like to be able to justify your fear and be like, no, no, no, but really I should be afraid. And it’s like, nah, no, not really.


No, you really shouldn’t. So, um, that was a wonderful, yeah, he, I was published in business insider. You can check it out on my website. We have a link right on the homepage. Um, but yeah, it was really exciting. They featured my article all about helping side hustlers and yeah, just happened because I emailed them and they liked the idea. You know, I did some research on their site and just made sure it was like relevant and helpful. And that’s what happened with that. I got my taste of water. I am parched the other, one of the other really exciting things that happened in September was that we launched my signature program. Again, scale your side hustle. It started launching in August and finished up in September. It was, Oh, it was an over $50,000 launch, which to me is incredible because for so many reasons, one that program is just changing more lives than ever.


Like the more people that go through it, the more like- everyone is just taking off. So it’s so cool to see it get so much momentum and the attention it really deserves because I know how life changing the program is. And so to see it really just step into, you know, the, the whole, like the greatness that it is, is really exciting. Um, and then it also was in terms of like launch income one, you know, this time last year, I’m trying to think of what my Scale Your Side Hustle launch goals were in 2019, but I can’t remember exactly what it was this time last year. But I remember them being like, like $10,000 for a launch was a huge deal. It was very exciting. And it was exciting. I’m not saying that like, I didn’t know any better. It was exciting at the time, but look at what can happen in a year.


And I think it’s such a Testament to like focus. You know, I think that one of the biggest hurdles entrepreneurs go through is they want to be creative and they want- they, they can think of new things to create. They want to create a new course, a new program, a new workshop, a new masterclass. I knew optin whatever the case may be. And the eternal struggle is the focus of continuing to maximize what you’ve already created before you create something new. And, you know, it’s definitely a tug of war, but I have to say that it gets a lot easier when you see something you’ve worked so hard for really getting the attention that it deserves and getting kind of the momentum it deserves. I think you can get really creative with how you market it. So if you’re like frustrated, you want to make something new, you know, you feel like you have so many of the same things and you just have this creative urge, try to channel that toward like a different way of marketing something that you have or different way of talking about it, or even a different way of packaging it, because it is so important scale what you’ve already created.


Um, I think that this is one of those tricks. That’s really, really simple, but most people don’t do. But if you look at any of the really like successful, you know, seven figure business owners, they all have tested their, their programs to a T like a lot of people, one of the, um, women I’ve learned Facebook ads from a lot, her name’s Emily Hirsch, and she has a great podcast called the Hersh underground marketing podcast. She says that she advises her clients to not make anything until the first thing has hit seven figures. I obviously have not done that because my, none of my products are, have hit seven figures on their own. I’m like we’re celebrating $50,000 launches. And I think that’s good zone figures is a, you know, far away. Um, but you can see the point here is that it is about the discipline to go in every day or every week, and think, how can I do this better?


How can I market this better? How can I get more people to see this? How can I talk about this more? Um, and scalar side hustle, you know, we actually closed it last year. I didn’t think we would ever open it again. Um, I didn’t think that I thought that it was over and that was just because, I mean, that was for a lot of reasons. I loved the program, but we were really focused on my mastermind at the time. And I didn’t have as big of a team at the time. And then when COBIT hip, we reopened it because we wanted to help people side hustle. And that was, you know, a great decision because we listened to like the need of people and we were able to kind of meet that and it really helped us then like perfect and make the best out of this program.


That is really a great program. So it’s been a great lesson for me. And next year, you know, I already have plans in 2021 to focus more now. Like I created a lot this year and now it’s a chapter of like fine tuning it again all last year. In 2019, I didn’t create anything new. I just kept, um, making more out of what I had already created. And I had told myself that until I hit six figures, I was not going to create anything new. And it was one of the best decisions I ever made because it’s really how I was able to kind of like buckle down and make the most of what I had and like move past my own bullshit with what I had. You know, I think sometimes people launch something the first time and if it doesn’t go that well, they think, well, uh, it’s just not that good.


Like I need to create something that’s better. And that’s usually not the truth. The first time you launch something, not that many people know about it, right? Your audience is probably smaller and maybe your launch just wasn’t that great. And that doesn’t mean that your product isn’t that great. It just means it was your first time launching it. So you’re learning so much new information. You’re learning who likes it, who doesn’t, what marketing works, what doesn’t, how much you want to put behind it in ad spend, do the ads work like there’s so many moving pieces to getting something out there. So you can’t take it personally, if it doesn’t go the way that you want it to the first time, or even the first few times, it really is about seeing it differently and thinking, okay, you know what? This was something brand new.


Then maybe this didn’t work the way I wanted to, but I’m going to do the work to it, work the way I want to not take the easy way out and just start from the drawing board, start all over again, because that is a form of fear often and a form of denial, because then you’re just thinking, well, I can just make something better and then go onto the next thing. And I’ve, I’ve been guilty of all of this. You guys like, I’m the first person, if a lunch doesn’t go the way I want, I will like have a little bit too much wine and then wake up the next day and be like, I’m just going to create something. Totally. No. And, you know, seeing scale your side hustle, like this has really taught me what I knew to be true, but just, hadn’t always practiced as diligently as I should have, which is that you can’t take it personally when things don’t go as well as you want them to when it comes to selling your product or service, because there’s so many things that are out of your control.

You don’t know if people are on the computer at the time, you don’t know if they’re ready to buy. You don’t know if they’re not ready to buy. Like, there’s all these different types of things that you can’t make personal. So this was a great lesson for me this year. And especially in September is to fine tune and perfect the things you’ve already created before you go on to create more. And I am obsessed with scale your side hustle more than ever. The people in there are so, so tight and close and like motivated and moving so quickly. And it’s just been awesome to see. So, um, September was a great business month. It was a great business month. Um, just in terms of like how I felt, I felt like every day was really rewarding. Um, I really was in love with my work. You know, I think sometimes we have chapters where you’re like not, and not, I will say not every single day am I, was I in love with it. And I think that that’s okay. I think we need to normalize that. Like, it’s okay to not love what you do every single day, but like, know that the vision is the bigger picture and just make the best of it. I don’t, I don’t think I ever did anything I hated,


But, um, I really felt great all, all month. It was really aligned. It was really exciting. There were lots of different things coming down the pipeline and, um, it felt good to, you know, detach from that’s another. Okay, so now let’s segue into like more mindset stuff that I learned this month and some lessons. Um, this was the first month in a long time that I didn’t have like a very,


How do I say this? I was, I was a lot less attached to my financial goal this month than I usually am. And it felt amazing. And my income didn’t dip, you know, I was still able to like productivity was still just as good. My income was still high. None of that like changed. It was just that I didn’t focus on it as much, which allowed my brain to occupy space for a lot of other things that are frankly, just more important, like how much fun I’m having and how creative I get to be and how my team is doing and how my clients are doing. Um, and I think that came from a mix of years of money, mindset and money affirmations, and ways of thinking really in, you know, I have been doing like, learning about my money mindset, learning about how we think about money, learning about how much money I want to make all of that. Since I started my business three years ago, four years. Well, I’d say I started doing that work like three years ago, actually really only like two years ago now that I think about it. Yeah.


Um, and up until lately, it has still felt like work that I need to do all the time. And I felt like I reached a point in September where I just was unavailable to be stressed about money or like to be attached to a financial goal or anything like that. I don’t think I’ve been like stressed about money for awhile. I think that I kind of like thought myself out of that and realized that like we live in an abundant universe and there’s no reason to be stressed, but I feel like I had been, like, I kind of attached to it, you know, or like really intense about my financial goals. And it’s not that I don’t care at all. Like I still, you know, very much want my business to keep functioning. And that means it has to be profitable. And I want my life to keeping the way it is. And like all those, all those reasons why we want to make money are still the same.


But the, the emotion around it has left because I’m just so unavailable for anything, but what I want to happen. And I don’t mean that like in a snobby way, I just mean that, you know, when you, I think it’s sunk in really in my subconscious mind this month that like, I’m going to do this for the rest of my life. I love working for myself. I never want to go back to a job ever, like this is, I was born to do this. I know that. And so yeah, this like convenient acceptance of stressed about money because you work for yourself, I’m just not here for, you know what I mean? It’s like everyone does it. Everyone thinks that it’s normal. Everyone assumes that because you work for yourself, you must be stressed or you must you know, be on like this hamster wheel or this rollercoaster. And I’m just not willing to do that for the rest of my life. I’m not really willing to do it for one more day. And so I just really started focusing on how can I focus more on like what my financial goals do for me and what they do for my business and what they do for my clients and not the financials themselves. And it felt really, really good. Um, I won’t keep you guys, like, I want to be really transparent with my mindset as always and kind of how that keeps coming up for me, because I will say that it’s a little bit scary to feel this way, because I’ve always…


You know, working hard and like having clear financial goals and working toward them every day has worked for me. Like it is what has gotten me to the place that I’m at. It’s what helped me quit my nine to five job. It’s what helped me get to the place where I have $50,000 launches. So taking my foot off of that gas is sort of like, okay, I believe I don’t need to be that attached to the number. I believe that I only need to be attached to like what the number could do for me, but I’ve still, you know, it’s still somewhat new to me. It’s still a little new. So it’s like, it’s like, why am I fixing? What’s not broken. I know why I’m fixing. What’s not broken because I like happiness is the most important thing. And like enjoying my life and my clients and like doing whatever they need is more important. Um, but anyway, I will like keep you guys posted because if I have, like, I don’t know, maybe my productivity will go down. You know, maybe I’ll have a dip. I don’t know. 


But I’m like here to find out because I’m so unavailable to live my life subscribing to this, just fake notion that like, if you work for yourself, money has to be stressful. If you don’t get a paycheck every two months, every two weeks money has to be stressful. If you don’t always know how much money you’re going to make next month, it has to be stressful. It doesn’t right. If there’s anything this year has reminded us of not taught us. Cause we knew this, even if we didn’t want to admit it, if there’s anything that this year has reminded us of it’s that nothing is certain, tomorrow is not certain. And you know, everyone’s talking right now, like there’s, so there’s so much uncertainty, there’s such a lack of certainty. Um, why aren’t we more certain? And it’s like, when are we ever more certain, like you thinking that, you know, what’s going to happen three months from now last year, you felt like that you didn’t right? That’s a false sense of security. Tomorrow’s never promised ever. 


So I think that that’s really where this, this, I think that that’s how this has marinated with me is just like, I’m not gonna stress myself out over making myself feel like I have a false sense of security. When in reality, the only security any of us have is with ourselves and our relationship with ourselves and with God, the big guy upstairs. And so that’s where I’m finding my sureness. And I know that like, I’m powerful and I know that miracles are happening all the time and that things are happening in ways we can’t even see. And so that’s where I’m finding my financial sureness, not on a spreadsheet and not in a way that makes me feel like I’m, you know, needing to be ahead of where I am or that I’m behind or anything like that.

So it was a really beautiful month in that sense. And I’m really grateful to have shifted into this. And I, you know, I think what it is at the end of the day is it’s no big secret. I think that the more you do affirmations and the more you do mindset work, the less work, it feels like it’s sort of like learning a new language or it’s sort of like working out, you know, the longer you do it, the less you think about it, the less room it takes up in your head, you still need to do like, you still need to do it, but it’s just, it’s just part of your life. Like, I don’t think about working out anymore as a chore because I don’t, I just don’t even think about it. It’s just part of my routine. And so I think that that’s just what happened is that, you know, I just stuck with it long enough and I did a lot of mindset work over the summer, um, because of moving and just like all of that.


And it’s just, yeah, it’s just fun to just be like, Oh my God, like, it doesn’t have to be that much work, but now onto the next thing, that’s the tricky thing is you don’t want to get stuck. You don’t want to be complacent. You don’t want to get in the place where your mindset feels so good and things are going so well that you don’t need to do the work anymore because you do, if you want to keep upleveling. Um, and so that’s kind of the chapter I’m in. I still think that I’ve learned so much though about it and about how it does work and about how consistency does pay off and about how listening to your gut always wins. And I want to pause here really quick, because if you guys haven’t heard my episode about why most people never create the life they really want, I would encourage you to go back to listen to it.


But I want to pause on this listening to your gut thing. Like I think a lot of people say, just listen to your heart, listening to your gut. I think a lot of people get their subconscious mind confused with their intuition because your subconscious mind will still tell you to do things that will allow you to stay stuck. Your subconscious mind is scared. Your subconscious mind doesn’t want you to do anything that it doesn’t know how, like what the outcome will be. And I think oftentimes we think, well, my gut is just telling me not to do things. And it’s like, I don’t think so. I think that you are having that internal voice say, don’t do it. I don’t doubt that, but I’m not sure that that’s your, your gut because your, your gut, your inner being wants you to live like the highest, most spectacular grandest fearless limitless version of your life.


You have to start listening to your gut. gut instincts telling us not to do something that could lead to that, I think that that’s not your gut. I think that that is subconscious thinking. So I think that that’s just an important thing to differentiate because I think a lot of people never do, and that’s why they don’t ever move forward with things. So anyway, that was probably the biggest mindset shift of September. For me, another big lesson that I learned, um, is, you know, one of the coolest things I’ve learned in the past couple of years is that when you are listening to your gut and when you do follow, what’s leading you to your next level, something bigger, something higher, something better is that every decision you make toward that is the right decision. And I think that sometimes people get scared because sometimes that decision leads to conflict. Sometimes that decision leads to difficult conversations with, um, with family, with friends, with clients, with customers, you know, meaning you, um, you aren’t going to participate in something that they do because it’s not serving you, or maybe you need to change how your business is working. Um, and they don’t want to hear that. Or maybe you have to do something painful. Sometimes maybe you have to break up with someone. I don’t know. I have a friend that’s going through that, which is why I thought of that exam. And I think that I’ve learned long ago that every time you follow your, you know, your kind of internal whispers toward that, it’s the right move. Even if it is challenging and when it’s the right move for you. It’s always also the right move for the other person involved. And I think that that is really hard for people to understand, because they’ll feel like, like here’s an example: quitting my nine to five job. This is when I really learned this. I remember thinking, okay, I’m ready. I’m ready to quit my nine to five job. This is it. It’s time. I’m ready to go out on my own, but I can’t do that to my boss. My boss will be devastated. I had told her that I wouldn’t leave for another several months, which was a verbal confirmation. I didn’t break any contracts for the record, but I had said that I wouldn’t leave yet. My boss, what, you know, what is she going to do without me? You know, then she has to go find someone else. And, um, and I had worked at that job when I went through the huge tragedy of my dad passing away and they were really supportive.


So then I have this complex of like, well, I’m going to be, you know, I’m not being loyal enough. Like they did that for me. Shouldn’t I be staying longer for them. I knew it was the right thing for me, but I was not convinced it was the right thing for my boss and my company. And I didn’t want to do wrong by them. And I didn’t want to carry this guilt of like, they got the short end of the stick. Right? I’ve heard this a lot. So hopefully you guys can resonate with this on some level, it might not be a boss. It might be that you have to yeah, like a difficult conversation with a family member or a client or something like that. You know, you need to do something for yourself in order to keep moving up and manifesting into what you’re meant to, but you’re worried it’s going to come at the cost of someone else now, unless you’re doing something that is shady or illegal or, um, inappropriate, whether you can see it or not, you have to have the faith that when you are stepping into the highest version of yourself, by definition, it is for the best of everyone else involved.


So in that example, what I really learned was, okay, my boss, she might, maybe she’s not going to be happy. You know, at first she might be a little annoyed because yeah. Now she has to go find someone else. This caught her off guard. Like this was not what she had planned for. She has other things coming up that all might be true, but in the bigger picture, it is better for their company, for that company to bring in someone who wants to go down the career path that that job can provide. I was like, I knew I wanted to work for myself. It wasn’t a matter of if it was a matter of when. So even though I was doing a good job at my job and I wasn’t, you know, it wasn’t like abandoning ship. It was a dead end for me.


I knew I wasn’t going to work in that path anymore because I knew I wanted to have my own business. And that was my, my future. So occupying the space for someone who actually would benefit more from that position, who would want to go down that track for their career and for their life who would really benefit from the network that came with that job and all of the other perks of it, it was a great job, um, that is who should have it. So me saying yes to myself, while maybe a tricky situation, I had it totally wrong in thinking that it was, you know, not for the best of all involved. It was for the best of all involved that, that me getting out of that space for someone who was praying for a job like that, for someone who was unemployed or someone who can’t seem to break into that field, or someone who, you know, really needs that, that space is the best for all involved.


See how that works. As someone once told me, it’s a, it’s always a double blessing. When you do something for yourself, it’s always a blessing for everyone else involved. It’s really what’s meant for you and like your bigger purpose. And this goes back to one of my favorite books, um, the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles where he talks about how the greatest thing you can do for the world is not to, you know, um, give so much that it hurts for you, which is what I, as a Catholic was taught in church or not to, um, feel like you need to carry the burden of everyone, but it’s to make the most of yourself that that’s what we’re here for. And so that is a really good example of when I learned that now what I learned this month on top of that.


So I’ve kind of understood that, you know, and just like have more faith built over the years that if I’m doing something that’s right for myself, therefore it’s going to be right by the other people involved best for all involved. That doesn’t mean it’s the easy decision. And it doesn’t mean that it’s not going to come with some very difficult conversations. And it doesn’t mean that the people who are affected, aren’t going to see it right away. And so this is why having a mindset practice and a spiritual practice and having coaches and community is so important so that you don’t buy into the fear that’s coming up or the lack of clarity that’s coming up or whatever else is coming up for someone else. Because it’s very easy to take that on. 


If you care about that person, if you are feeling insecure about your decision, if you don’t have total clarity, if you aren’t learning from anyone, who’s done something similar and that, and then no one wins because then you’re not going to actually go for what you need and there, and then the relationship is kind of like in a weird place. And, you know, then you’re, then you’re living someone else’s life. Then you’re living life on someone else’s terms. And you have to trust that even if they can’t see it yet. And even if you can’t totally see the double blessing yet, it’s not always your job. You know, let people have their own journey, let them experience their own stuff, let them feel their own discomfort.


And if you inflict discomfort, that doesn’t mean you caused it. It might mean that you triggered it or that something that you did connected to it, but it’s not your burden to carry. You have to let other people be on their own journey. And it’s a hard thing to learn. It really is. Especially if you don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings and you don’t want to feel like you’re selfish and things like that. And I think that, you know, every time you uplevel, which is as I just shared something I’m very actively working on, because I feel like I reached a really good place, which is exciting and fun until you realize that you don’t want to stay stuck. Um, these conversations happen and these decisions have to be made, and they’re not always the easiest for all involved, but they are always the best for all involved.


So, you know, don’t shy away from them. Get support, get help, feel like you are able to, um, stand up for yourself because at the end of the day, you are all you got, okay, let me see if there’s anything else I wanted to touch on. This has turned very like abstract. Is there anything that I can do to, Oh, I joined a mastermind this month. So I’ll tell you guys a little bit about the mastermind I joined and then I’d love to hear, um, any questions you guys have, anything I can help about the launch that we did or getting published in business insider or mindset practices I’m doing or anything else like that at all? I totally want to be an open book for you. Um, but I, Leah Gervais, joined a new mastermind this month. I’m very, very excited. Um, those of you who follow me might know that my own mastermind is like the heart and soul of my business.


It’s one of the things I’m the most proud of. Um, and, uh, you know, it’s been a really big staple for me for the last few years. Um, and I, and I was just really ready to receive that in my own life in business now, after having given it for so long and I love giving it, it’s not like it drained me or anything, but I just know how great it is. So I was ready to bring it in to. So I joined a mastermind with Cara Allwill, all well, I believe is how you pronounce her last name. She is the founder of the champagne diet on Instagram. She’s also an author, she’s super fabulous and fun. And, um, I just really love how focused she is on energy. And I was really excited to kind of like step into that as much as I love energy, I’m just an intense person.


I like, like the analytics of things. I like the doing of things. I like productivity. So I was really excited to have a little bit more of that sort of, um, right brain brought into my life and into my business and, um, just learn more about myself and learn more about how I can, uh, you know, fulfill what I view as a very real responsibility, which is to keep my energy high and to be in the best head space I can and to lead with love and light and grace, um, with all of my clients and, um, everyone that follows me on social media and my email lists. So yeah, that is what I did. And I just, I so firmly believe in investing in yourself. Obviously I, you know, I run my own mastermind and, um, coaching is so powerful, which is why it’s what I literally shaped my whole business model around.


So I was so excited to experience that. And I’ll keep you guys posted with how it’s going. It’s been a lot of fun so far to just connect with other women. You know, I moved to Miami and my husband though, he’s my best friend in the world. Um, I don’t really have any girlfriends here yet. Um, I have a few I’ve met, we’ve met some of people, but it’s hard with COVID. So it was really excited to be in that new kind of community. Um, and just shameless plug for masterminds in general, man. I don’t think you can do it without them. You gotta have, you gotta have your, your crew. You got to have people backing you up. Alright, everyone, any questions about September? Any questions about planning, your goals for October doing to let you guys know that we actually put together all of the, uh, the templates and things that we use for our annual planning or quarterly planning, our monthly planning and my daily to do lists in a bundle, it was called the planning for success bundle it is on my website. 


You can just go to courses and buy it right there. It’s a $247 available for immediate download. And I have to say, I think it’s one of the strongest parts of our business, because we can just so clearly organize everything. We plan things pretty clearly. We delegate a lot. I know exactly what I need to do every day. And that’s definitely how we went from scrambled stress out launches to $50,000 launches. So it’s obviously worth the money. But if you guys don’t have any questions about anything, then I can see you guys next time. I’ll just wait one more second. But thanks for hanging out with me today. I love doing these lives.


No questions. All right. Well, I’m sending you all lots of love. I hope you have a great weekend. Happy October, happy Q4. This is it. This year can still end with you feeling like a completely different person than you feel like now in a completely different place. Um, excites me so much. I love seeing the quantum leaps, just a little nugget of inspiration. One of my mentors, I was talking to him this week and he told me that he went from charging. He’s a mentor obviously he told me that he went from charging $15,000 for four months of mentorship. I think it was four months, actually. I don’t know. Maybe it was a year, whatever his price went from $15,000 to $100,000 in two years, two years. So these ideas we have of like, I need to just gradually go up or I need to raise my prices like $5,000 every time or a hundred dollars or whatever metric we have in our head, totally made up.


Um, that is a quantum leap. And that is what is available to you guys right now. So let me know in the comments or DM me if you listen to this later or even now, do you want to quantum leap in Q4? Is that something that is exciting to you? Whether it’s like raising your prices like crazy or doing something completely different or having your bank account be completely different or your business be different? Like, let me know. I love that kind of stuff. I feel like I’ve done some quantum leaps of my own, but I have not gone from, I’ve not made an $85,000 price increase in the matter of a year. So maybe I still am not sure of how much I’m really made of, but, um, I love moving life is way too short. So let me know if you are in for a quantum leap, but I will let you guys go. Thank you for hanging out with me. I hope you have a great weekend and a great Friday and here is to your big vision!

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