Leah Gervais' most powerful mindset shifts.

Update from Leah

I shared our behind-the-scenes of my September in our latest podcast episode, more below! September was one of my best months of the year, personally, professionally, and in terms of business income. A big part of this was thanks to some powerful mindset shifts that have come to life lately, and amazingly, nearly effortlessly! I wanted to share those with you.

1- Be unavailable to let money stress you out. Life is short, it’s precious, and money is endless. Why do we, as a society, buy into the collective motto that money must be something we’re stressed out about? The best thing we can do is start to raise the collective consciousness, one person at a time, by deciding not to let this ruin our energy.

2- Your intuition doesn’t always equal flow. That’s okay. Sometimes we talk about our intuition like it’ll lead us to magical fairy land where there aren’t any issues. In fact, your intuition will lead you down the path of what will help you make the most of your life. This will include challenges. Don’t see those as bad things! They’re uniquely designed for YOU to learn from them so that you can live out your biggest vision.

3- Your life can transform in the blink of an eye. But you have to ignite the transformation. In September, we celebrated over a $50k launch. Last year, our launches were in the $10k range, which is still exciting! But the point is that ANYTHING is possible, and quicker than you’d believe, if you go for it!

New Podcast Episode


S. 2, Ep. 42- Listening to Your Gut and September 2020 Recap
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Mindset growth, published in Business Insider, launched one of my favorite programs… September 2020 was one of my favorite months so far this year. In this episode, I reflect on lessons I have learned this month and year and the recent mindset shift that has allowed me to up-level! I also share why I relaunched Scale Your Side Hustle, what I did to get published in Business Insider, and why listening to your gut is so important!

Tune in to hear:

  • How I got published in Business Insider!


  • The mindset shift that has allowed me to up-level my business and life.


  • How and why listening to your gut will help push you into alignment and toward your desires.

Business Resource of the Week


My 5 “Musts” for Successful Sales Calls

Sales calls can be one of the most daunting parts of a business. But of course, sales are one of the most important parts! A business without sales isn’t a business.

I know I used to get SO nervous about making sales calls and honestly would’ve rather done anything else. Since then, I’ve been on enough sales calls to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of sales into my business.

SO! I am sharing the five “musts” I use in every single sales call in our new Sales Call Checklist.


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