Top Five Podcast Episodes- The Science of Getting Rich
Your Biggest Vision
Season 3, Ep. 16

The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles, is the book that has made the biggest influence on my entrepreneurship journey. I read this book when I had just started making around $1,000 per month. Quickly after, I was starting to make more from my side hustle than at my 9-5 job. Ever since, I have listened to this book once a month on Audible and get something new out of it every single time.

In this episode, I’m sharing my biggest takeaways from this book, including:

  • How to get rid of competition and fear of sales, once and for all
  • The biggest key to implementing the metaphysical principles in this book
  • What’s really more critical, earning vs. saving, and how to make money work for you

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The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles is the best book I've read on creating wealth. Here are my top 10 takeaways!

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Top 5 ep.- Science of getting rich
top 5- science of getting rich

Episode Transcription

Hey everyone, happy Monday. Let me go ahead and get started. Hi Instagram. I’m doing this today on Instagram. I usually only do it on Facebook. But I’m excited to be here on all platforms, and good morning Facebook. 

So welcome to this week’s episode. Today’s episode of the “Your Biggest Vision Show”. We are on episode nine now and I’ve had so much fun with it. Thank you all for being part of this and I could not be more excited for the topic that we are going to talk about today. I am basically going to give you the top 10 ways that I was influenced by and truly actually the way my life changed from my favorite book. A book you’ve probably heard me talk about again and again, “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles.

I don’t think any book, resource, person, anything in the world has made a bigger influence on my journey, and especially on my ability to kind of bring any vision that I’ve had at some point or another to life and to reality. Now, there’s so many takeaways from this book and I actually read it every single month. 

So I’m always learning from it. But I just wanted to share what the biggest takeaways were for me the sort of first time I read it, because that’s when things really changed for me, that’s when my income really took off. That’s also when things just started becoming a bit more fun and I had more fun with this. So I think it’s really valuable, especially if you’ve never read it before. If you are an entrepreneur or some sort of side hustler, any situation where you’re wanting to raise your income, this is going to be helpful for you.

So let me just make sure everything’s working and we will get started and I just want you guys to know that if you have any questions on “The Science of Getting Rich” or you know what this sort of school of thought is about please let me know, I’d be happy to help and I will answer your questions you can just go ahead and put them in the comments in either social media platform and then this recorded episode will be available live tomorrow on my podcast as well as on my website. 

So if you can’t make it or catch the whole thing live today and you want to just do it on the go or on your commute, then you are able to do that tomorrow. So the other thing I just want to remind everyone before we get going is that my signature program, scale your side hustle is currently open and it’s only open for a few more days. 

So this is the program that I really put my heart and soul into. It specifically goes through what I did to earn more from my side hustle than I was earning at my day job. So if you are new to side hustling, or if you have a side hustle, but you are interested in getting your income up to be your day job so that you can either leave your nine to five job or just have double income then this is a program for you.

It’s 90 days, it’s very hands on very immersive, you are in a very intimate cohort. You’re very supported by me and my team members and it’s a very transformative experience. Just from the last go round in the fall we’ve had people that were able to triple their income during the program, people that were able to get from 500 to $5,000 in side hustle income, people that are traveling full time now and working and you know, no longer at their nine to five. 

So it’s life changing and if you’re interested in it, then I highly encourage you to go to and check out the program there. Again, it’s called “Scale Your Side Hustle” and it’s only open until Wednesday night and then it closes. I don’t know when I’m opening again I know that the price will go up the next time it’s open so if you are interested in this at all, I can’t recommend getting in there now enough. Okay, without further ado, let’s go ahead and get into the “Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles.

So this is a book that I actually listen to once a month. I don’t read the physical copy though. I’m sure the physical copy would be just as impactful. But it just always puts me in the right frame of mind. That’s why I like listening to it. I sometimes listen to it when I exercise or just in the mornings when I really want to make sure I’m starting my day out, right. But the first time I read it was in late 2016 I think. 

No, I think I read it in late 2017. So when things were just about to take off for me, and I had my website for about a year at that point, and things were going well, things are going poorly or anything but I definitely was not making that much money. And it wasn’t totally sure why. And I was just feeling sort of stuck. And at the time I really thought that it was because I didn’t know enough about marketing or I didn’t have a good enough website or I needed to sell more things or needed a bigger email list. I had been really pointing at all these different external factors that I thought were influencing my success.

This book made me realize that the one place I wasn’t looking: inside and in my mind was exactly where I needed to go in order to really see what was going on and what I needed to change in order to get to the income levels that I wanted. I was working at a nonprofit at the time, which I really loved. 

But yeah, I had been at a nonprofit, and I’m wondering if there’s any other background that is helpful here. But yeah, I worked at a nonprofit. I had had my website for about a year. I was making, I think I had maybe made over $1,000 a month once and I also grew up Catholic and I had gone to a Catholic school and all of that. So that’s kind of my religious background as well. So I go into this book, reading it, it had been recommended to me. 

I also had liked “Think and Grow Rich”, and I know that this was sort of in a similar vein to that. So I was excited, but I had no idea what was in store for me. I had no idea that mylife was going to transform so much from one book. I did not know that it had the potential to do that.

Relatively quickly after I started seeing substantial changes in my income, and most importantly, it’s stayed the same. Well, it stayed the same in the sense that this book has continued to help me grow, I still go back to it every time. I raise my income every time I want to hit a new financial goal, every time I want to make sure that I’m staying in the right frame of mind, it’s sort of like my go to in that sense. 

Every time I read it, I get something new out of it. So it’s not a book that you read once and then it’s done. In fact, I encourage you to read it several times to really absorb it all. It can be a bit abstract, it was written I think, in the early 1900’s. So it’s a bit older. It’s pretty short, sweet and to the point, but there’s not a ton of examples in it. It’s always easier to really envision different lessons or different ways of thinking when you can see firsthand what that looks like and what that means. 

And so that’s what I wanted to bring to you today, was the examples of exactly how this helped me, what it changed about my thinking what it changed about the way that I was acting and doing and all that kind of stuff in hopes that that’s helpful for you too. So again, if you guys have any questions, just let me know. But without further ado, let’s go into the top 10 takeaways I had from “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D wattles.

Alright, takeaway number one. There is nothing unholy about wanting to be rich, quite the opposite. So, growing up within a Catholic school, there was a lot of praise around poverty, which I didn’t fully realize until I read this book. I didn’t think that it was really a good or bad thing to be rich or poor. I understood that there’s going to be good and bad people no matter what their income level is. 

So I didn’t really think that rich people were evil or anything like that. But, there was a lot of praise for poverty in Catholic school. And there was a lot of judgment around people with money. They weren’t always seen as bad but they kind of had to extra prove themselves as being good people before they were accepted by others, so having grown up within the Catholic church, and I also think that having grown up as a woman, you are just not really assumed to make as much money as some other people. 

Whether they’re men, whether they’re, you know, people that are greedier or whatever, their judgment is around that I had my own worries about what it meant to be rich and what it meant about me that I wanted to be rich. So I’ve known my whole life that I’ve liked money, I’ve never really denied that but I have judged myself for feeling that and this book really comes right out and says that the single way you can best serve yourself, humanity, God, your family, society, the best way you can donate, the best way you can influence, the best way you can really make the most of yourself is by making the most of yourself and for the most part, that will mean that you push yourself to the limits of what you’re capable for, and based on economic principles, you will get compensated for that.

So in effect, the way you can make the most of yourself and your life and your capabilities is by pursuing ways to earn money. Now, on the surface, this still might seem a bit radical. If it seems like there’s this big praise of riches. 

But what makes it totally understandable in this book is that they don’t just praise riches, for the sake of riches it’s the way that they outline you get your money and the way that they outline you become rich that is what makes it so noble. And so we’re going to talk about exactly what that is throughout this book. But really it made me realize that the judgment most people have about money is because they think that rich people get their money by ignoring their families so that they spend all their time working maybe overcharging people, maybe charging people money that the people they’re charging don’t really have, maybe charging them for things they don’t really need. There’s lots of assumptions about the way people make money and that’s sort of where the negativity around having money comes from.

But right away, this book cleared out for me that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to have money and live a luxurious life. In fact, this book will say that it is through you that God is seeking expression. So he wants you to enjoy what life has to offer. Otherwise, life is just going to be you know, something that you’re browsing about, and why should others and not you get to experience these things in life like travel, like nicer things, like nicer food, like nicer clothes? Why should some be able to experience it and not others? 

That is that is the least religious thing of all. That means that some people are perceived as better than others. And that doesn’t make sense at all. So this book really does a good job clearing out right away that we all have the opportunity to experience these wonderful things. We all have the opportunity to be comfortable and luxurious and we all have the opportunity to get rich in a noble way so long as we do it by the ways outlined in this book.

So that was a big sort of moment of clarification for me. And I picked out a couple of my favorite quotes on this topic from the book. He says “the very best thing you can do for the world is to make the most of yourself, whatever may be set in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich.” So this made sense to me. 

This actually put a lot of explanation behind things I had always felt in my heart to be true, but never really knew how to fully say. And then I also just want to note on this that another reason I think I had been tripped up on this is because I had worked at nonprofits for so long, I volunteered there in college, and I think that they’re so great. And I had thought that I wanted to work at one for a while. 

So in my mind, I had thought that that’s what it means to be a good person and that if you are instead working for a lot of money, or you’re working in a job where you’re not helping people, then you are choosing money over you know, contributing to society and this book showed me that you don’t actually have to choose which was a huge relief and you know, spoiler alert that’s what led me to do what I do now and I feel like I make a way bigger difference in people’s lives now than I ever did at nonprofits. And I make way more money doing it so they don’t have to be mutually exclusive so long as you get rich in the honest and noble way that this book lays out. So, takeaway number one there is nothing on Holy about wanting to be rich quite the opposite.

Takeaway number two, big picture action and frameworks will make you rich, saving your latte money will not. So when I graduated from college I got really into the world of personal finance I loved reading everything about 401k’s and saving your money and automating, and credit card points and I know it might sound a bit nerdy but I really did like all of that because it just made me feel like I was making the most out of the money that I did have and I am really grateful for everything I learned and that I had that interest, until I realized that it doesn’t matter how well you know how to save or invest money, you have to actually have money. 

And it really made me step back and look at all that’s written out there about skipping your latte or not buying generic things or, I mean, or buying generic things, you know, buying in bulk. And I understand that in some circumstances that can be helpful. But for the amount of energy that’s put out there by people writing about those small ways to save money. 

I’m just going to be blunt about how I see it, these minor ways to save money, and then people consuming that and, you know, doubling their coupons, or whatever, or saving their latte money. If you spent the same amount of time on some big creative idea as you did writing about couponing, you would have so much more money and more importantly, you would know how to sell something and create something which is what will get you sustainable income whereas just saving money here and there is not actually teaching you how to earn money, which does not give you a whole lot of security financially.

So this was not only a big “aha” for me, but it was a huge relief. I just realized that instead of having to deprive myself until I magically got rich, which is sort of the way that the personal finance community talks about it, by the way, they talked about how, you know, you’re sacrificing so much now, so that you can have abundance later. 

But if you don’t actually know how to make money, then you’re never really going to have that security. Whereas if you understand that you can get rich at any time doing anything so long as you do it under the metaphysical methodology laid out in this book, then you can actually enjoy your life in the meantime, you can have the dang latte you can go on vacation because you know how to get rich again and again. 

And this made total sense to me because you look at people billionaires you know, here in New York there’s people that have so much money, on so much real estate, are big stock market influencers and they all have this coming out they all can fluctuate their wealth so much even sometimes, in one day, their wealth will go up and down by like millions of dollars.

But they know how to get it back because they know how to make money. And so this was the concept that really ran home for me is that I needed to not worry about saving on small money, I needed to think big. And I needed to focus on how I could make the most of my capabilities and how I could earn more money. This is when I got really driven and riled up to start thinking bigger about my own business. 

This is when I started seeing at the time what was a big deal $1,000 per month upward, which as you guys probably know, the story grew relatively quickly, grew very quickly. Within months, I was making more than I was at my nine to five job and then after that, five figure months started rolling in and that’ll happen within like about a year and that’s because I stopped focusing on these small ways to save money and started thinking bigger and better and you know, crazier and that’s what my income started to reflect. So when you focus on saving money in small ways, not only is it what I believe at this point to be somewhat of a waste of time.

It also, you know, you really have to protect your mind and protect your focus and protect your attention and depriving yourself of something that’s maybe a dollar more than you feel like you should be spending, is allowing yourself to focus your precious energy on lack, on scarcity, on they’re not being enough of something, of you running out of money, of you’re not being worthy of something, it can have a lot of deeper implications. And one might think that they’re just saying no to a latte, but what it really can do… 

You know, think of how many decisions you have the capability to make each day not that many, right? We all are busy, you have things in your personal life, your work life, your money life, your spouse, your kids, your parents, whatever else your family dynamic is, you need to work out, you need to travel, you need to, you know, get from point A to point B, like there’s so many things going on. 

And if one of your decisions is that you’re not going to have a latte and then instead you’re going to make it from a Keurig or whatever, when really that decision could have been made to something far more powerful, like planning how you’re going to, I don’t know spend the next month out around your nine to five job so that you can actually start a project and make real money.

You really need to think about how you’re prioritizing your time and attention. And if you are letting yourself absorb these messages to yourself, that you aren’t worthy of something that you want, that you need to deprive yourself in order to be happy or to be responsible or to be, you know, financially fit or whatever. Those aren’t great messages that you’re sending to your subconscious mind. 

So attention was a huge part of this as well for me one quote to wrap up from the section, “you cannot retain a true and clear vision of wealth if you are constantly turning your attention to opposing piggers, whether they be external or imaginary”. And that quote, like hit home for so many places to me, things I’m going to talk about later on here. But in this circumstance, that’s an imaginary sort of thing you’re sending yourself. You are not sending yourself visions of wealth when you are not allowing yourself to have a latte and if you want to become wealthy, you need to pay attention to wealth.

All right, next point number three, getting rich is not about luck, or even skill. It’s about science. So this is great news, right? Because how easy is it to think that so and so got rich because they were born into it. So and So got rich because they’re better looking, so and so got rich because they went to Harvard, so and so is rich, because their parents invested for them. Like whatever stories we tell ourselves, whether we think that people are more naturally gifted than us, or whether we think that they’re smarter than us, or whether we think they were luckier than us. None of it’s true. Getting Rich is about the metaphysical science that is laid forth in this book, which means that anyone can achieve it.

So not only is this exciting news because it probably puts you in a situation of power that you maybe didn’t give yourself credit for beforehand, but with that power comes the elimination of your victim mentality. 

So anything you’ve been telling yourself about how you can’t get rich because of X, Y, & Z is no longer valid. And when you realize that, when you realize that you don’t have excuses you do not you take control of your life and whole new way you do not feel like you’re a victim, you do not feel like things aren’t going your way you do not buy your own excuses for why things aren’t working out a certain way. Because, you know, you have just as much, if not more, capabilities than the next person out there to get exactly what you want. Quote on this, “getting rich isn’t about doing certain things. It’s about doing certain things in a certain way.”

That’s basically all I’m going to say about that. But yeah, if you want to understand the science that is laid out to get rich, then well I’m trying to cover a lot of it right now. But it’s also going to be in this book, I recommend reading this book again and again, and it will just show you got two people could do the exact same things or start the same business. But if one person does it in the way laid forth in this book, with the right mindset, with the right understandings, with the right frame of mind, with the right actions, then they will get rich from that one thing and someone else who goes about it in the ways that are contradictory to this book will not. This is why all the time we see people succeed in the same business.

Okay. Takeaway number for your thoughts are strong enough to shape your path toward riches. I mentioned this a bit earlier. But it goes back to the point of how I had thought up to this point that there were external things that were either going to make or break my success as an entrepreneur. 

Whether that was a marketing strategy, whether that was if I was lucky, whether that was my branding, whether that was you know, how well I did with my clients, etc, I had sort of just been sitting there with my fingers crossed that all those things were going to work out, maybe you can relate to that kind of thing. And this book showed me that really the only thing I need to focus on when it comes to creating the wealthy I desired was what I was thinking about, and what I was truly envisioning in terms of that wealth. And we’re going to talk about this kind of theme and a couple of different points. 

But the quote here is that “by thought, the thing you want is brought to you by action, you receive it”, so in other words, you don’t need to wait for anything to come for you to move forward. You are ready to move forward now if you can think in your mind what you want to happen and you want it to come to fruition, then that means you are ready to make it happen.

This is not about a marketing strategy, or funnels or conversion rates or anything else like that. You have to have the faith in yourself that just by thinking and having a strong vision for what you want is enough to make that come to life. And it is a chain of events from that, you don’t just sort of like get to sit there and envision it for forever. 

You do have to take action but just know that your thought is enough. And the power of thoughts is something we don’t talk about enough as a society when it comes to what influence we have and what we can do for our own selves. Just you thinking of something and seeing it and believing it is enough to make it happen. It really is. Alright, we’re halfway through I’m going to take some water and pause.

Okay, takeaway number five from “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. wattles. Your thoughts and speech matter. So I don’t even know where to begin with this, because this was probably the biggest, one of the biggest things that has happened to me throughout my whole entrepreneurship journey. But, you know, Mike Dooley on a sort of, like, more whoo, whoo way of thinking of it. Mike Dooley wrote, “Leveraging the Universe” and he always says, “the universe has ears”. 

So if you are saying things like I’m a failure, I’m not good enough, I’m not ready. I don’t have enough money. This is too expensive for me. I can’t afford it. Like even now. I don’t even like saying those things. Because your thoughts and your speech really do matter. We just talked about the importance and the power of thoughts. So if you are I like to think of it as like your littering your thoughts. You have to keep them clean and clear and pure. If you want them to stay strong, just like anything in life. But if you’re allowing them to be muddled down, like muddy, dirtied like trashed, then they’re not going to have that strength. 

They’re not going to have that purity. You are going to lose sight of them and you are therefore not going to take action toward them because you can’t even see them anymore. So I want you to ask yourself, where are you focusing your attention each day. To be very blunt. One of the takeaways I had from this note when I read the science of getting rich, so I read the science of getting rich, I thought it was 2016, but it must not have been. But anyway, it was during a very politically charged time in the United States, which I guess we’re still in. But the news is just like, not a good place to be. 

But up until then, I read the news, like an half an hour or an hour a day, I loved the news. I worked in the nonprofit. So it was very relative to that, you know, it’s been a very interesting and influential time. And after I read this book, really, after I read this, I totally stopped and some people have had opinions to me about that. Some people have said that they think I’m choosing to be ignorant or that it’s, you know, a convenience that I have to not read the news and maybe that’s true, but those people are not going to have to live with the literate vision of their life that I’m going to if I don’t protect the vision that I have for myself, this is what this whole show is about you guys.

This is why I started your biggest vision is to give you any ways to protect this vision. And we’ll talk more about that in a couple of points. But the takeaway here is that your thoughts are your responsibility. It does not matter if other people are going to judge what you should or shouldn’t be thinking about, or how much you should be reading the news or how awful you should feel that people are poor and you’re not, or whatever other story you might be telling yourself or others might be telling you. 

What matters is that you keep strong and true and faithful to the thoughts that you have about what you want to happen in your life. And you protect like, it’s your job, like your life depends on it, those thoughts and anything else that could come in the way of them. So ask yourself how much news are you watching per day and if you are watching a lot is it actually helping you?

A quote here from this book is, “no one ever got rich by studying poverty and thinking about poverty”, like this sounds so obvious, but this was a huge takeaway for me again, I was working at a nonprofit poverty was like my night and day and I didn’t realize until I read this book, how much I did not believe in myself, or how unworthy I felt of having money because I spent so much time studying and working with with the poor and not necessarily the poor people, but like the biggest problems in the world, right.

Another quote here is “read only the most optimistic comments on the world news, those in harmony with your picture”. And some people might say this is a form of denial. Some people might say that you are just, you know, choosing to ignore the news but the reality is the way I choose to show up and live my life, is that there’s more good in the world than bad. There is more hope out there, then there is negativity. 

There are more good people than there are evil people. And so I am going to do whatever it takes to live and think and breathe and act in harmony with that which I choose to believe which is that. I don’t think that the news lies all the time some of the time I think that it does but for the most part I think the news highlights a very unrealistic kind of balance of good versus evil in the world. 

And I work really hard to keep my life positive and to keep myself positive and to keep those around me in good spirits. And I’m not going to allow that to be littered by the like the news. So that’s kind of my rant on the news but this really applies to everything you know, pay attention to what kind of movies you watch, pay attention to the TV shows you watch, pay attention to the friends you have, where is negativity coming in, where is obsession on not enough coming in, where his obsession on victimization coming in? All of these things matter, your speech and your thoughts matter. This book really drove this home for me.

Okay, takeaway number six from “The Science of Getting Rich” is that daily visions and clarity matter. This is going even a little bit further on the vision point here. So this book really talks about the importance of having a clear vision of what you want and making sure you think about that every day. 

That is also in my checklist that I have for this show, about the five daily things you can do to keep your vision strong, which I’m putting under Facebook right now. And if you are listening to this, then you can go to and download the five daily checklists that you should be doing for free. But anyway, one of them is just spending time every day actually thinking about your vision, paying attention to it.

I know that this may sound a little bit like “oh, so we’re just supposed to daydream”, but hear me out, when you are in college and even in high school, and then even at a nine to five job after or for my in my case, when I was applying to law school, whether you have really a vision toward what you’re working for, not you know what you’re working toward. 

Mostly because people tell you what you’re working toward, you know, that you’re either working toward graduate school or that you’re working toward, you know, a raise or you’re working toward getting a job after graduation, or whatever it may be. It’s not really your job at that point to map things out or to come up with a goal that you have because it’s kind of already set out for you.

But if you are on a personal development journey, if you are trying to transform your life in any way, especially if you are an entrepreneur, then you are rewriting that trajectory. And you are rewriting that script, and you are rewriting the path to your goals. So in order to create that path and to know where the heck to go, you need to, of course, actually know where you’re going.

 So some more eloquent than I would be able to put in quotes from this book on this topic are that “you need to hold to the faith that the that the imaginary is being realized and to the purpose to realize it”. 

So be very faithful that the vision that you have is possible to come true. We just established the power of thoughts so you know that it is, and then continue acting as if it’s already come true. “Think and speak of all the things you have asked for in terms of actual present ownership”, that’s another quote from this book. And then finally, “you can never get rich or start the creative power into action by sending unformed longings and vague desires”. Another super powerful takeaway.

And this is another reason I started this show. Sometimes we don’t even know what we want, or we don’t even know where vision and that can feel lonely and isolating. And so if you feel like that, I encourage you to tune into the show as much as possible because it is jam packed with resources on how to help you find clarity, that clarity matters, or you’re not going to know the direction you want to go.

All right. Takeaway number seven, you must want everything for everyone that you want for yourself. This is how we advance so this is huge. And this goes along with the next point I have, which is that you must get rid of competition and instead focus on being creative. And to me, this takeaway is really what debunks any assumptions that rich people need to be greedy in any way. 

Because if you get rich based on this principle that you everything you’ve wanted for yourself, you want for everyone else as well. Then there’s nothing greedy about it. It’s actually very selfless. It is how you can contribute to the advancement of humanity which in my eyes, is what God put us on the world for us to do. The quote here from the book on this point is this, “the progress of the world is retarded only by those who do not fill their place that they are holding. 

They belong to a former age and a lower stage or plane of life and their tendency is toward degeneration. No society could advance if every man was smaller than his place. Social evolution is guided by the law of physical and mental evolution.” So this talks about how we must evolve if we want to evolve as a species. And if we want to be helpful members of society, staying stagnant is not an option. So I want you to really consider this in your own life. Maybe today, if you journal or if you meditate or anything, this could be a good topic to think about.

Where are you staying stuck? And what are you allowing yourself to believe in order to hold on to that stuckness? Are you not moving forward with a business that you kind of had the idea because you’re afraid of spending money and really think about that, you know, if you are doing that, and you have this idea, and you’re not letting yourself move forward, then you’re not really staying stuck, right? Because the world is always evolving. 

So either you’re growing up, or you’re growing down, because there’s opportunity costs. And there’s time that you could have had and had success during, should you have gone for it. So staying stuck, never really happens. And so think about which way you are evolving. Are you contributing? Are you helping? Are you getting your word out there? Are you offering things to people? Are you starting something new? Or even just at work? Are you being thoughtful and proactive and creative? Or are you allowing yourself to stay exactly where you are because of some sort of thing that you’re telling yourself? 

When in reality, those as this book just says and quotes those who stay stuck, those who don’t move forward with things they’re the ones that are sort of holding society back from from improving and moving on better. This was a huge turning point for me.

This was a huge turning point for me in terms of sales. So I will be the first to admit that before I read this book, I didn’t like selling. I always was worried that I was going to sound salesy. I also didn’t like being sold to I judge people that sold to me, I thought that they were being pushy, I thought that they were just caring about money. 

I thought that, you know, if they send me one more email, it’s just because they are just like, going after me. And because I had those ideas about what other people were doing to me, that’s what I was worried about doing to other people. I was worried that people were annoyed with me that people would think I was salesy that people would think all I cared about was money, etc. and reading this from this book, really understanding that if you sell in a way that is yes, going to advance your life, as well as advanced anyone’s life who buys that thing from you, then there’s nothing salesy or pushy about it and this changed everything for me, because then I started thinking of, you know, when I got sales emails, instead of thinking all these people are just trying to sell to me I really got to stand back and think, how could this help me? is this useful? What would what difference would this make in my life?

 Would this actually be able to advance me further down my own entrepreneurial path or down my financial path? Or even down my health path? You know, whatever kind of thing I consider buying, this is the way I look at it now, is this going to help me, and if it is, then I buy it. And this has taken me so much out of this mentality of thinking, I need to save all this money and feeling like I was, you know, for lack of a better word, kind of cheap to now feeling like I’m actually contributing to society. 

I am helping those people by helping their livelihoods as well as improving my own and making the best of myself because if someone sells something to me, I take the time to consider if it’s actually going to help me and if it is that makes me a better business owner. That makes me a better friend, that makes me a better daughter, that makes me a better fiance. And all of that contributes to the lives of those around me, which helps them be better versions of themselves, which helps them evolve society as a whole. Do you see what I’m saying? It’s a big chain reaction.

So understanding it from this point of view takes any judgment around reasons that are bad about being rich and also should take any fear about selling or being sold to out of your life and out of your mind. Because, again, going back to how much focus matters if your focus is on judging people that are salesy, judging yourself for being salesy, thinking that if people are selling to you, then they’re doing it for negative reasons. 

You are filling your head with negativity, you are allowing your focus to be amongst negativity, you have better things to focus on. I hope that that’s not too blunt. But you really do you know, you have the power to create so much to do so much good to buy things, to sell things to be part of the flow of advancement. And instead, if you are dwelling upon judgments you have, you aren’t contributing to that and you are allowing your own poor head to be littered again, that word with judgment.

Okay, takeaway number eight, discounts, donations, and pitying does nothing for those receiving it. So before I read this book, I was one of those business owners at the time and like I said, things were just sort of just being up for me. I would like give discounts to people because I didn’t think they could afford things or I would not raise my prices because I didn’t think people could afford it. 

Or I was worried that if someone was in X, Y, or Z financial situation, I should do something different for them. I was beating myself up for charging people money because I thought that it took away from them. And this book helped me realize that by doing that I was hurting, not only was I hurting myself, because I wasn’t getting the money that I deserved from the sales but I was also hurting my clients and my customers. Because this is such an important point for anyone out there listening. 

If you ever struggled to raise your prices, if you ever fear that you’re going to get on the phone and no one’s going to buy from you. If you ever think that you can’t charge a certain amount because it would be too expensive. If you ever feel like you should be discounting things for people that might be in a financially more difficult situation than you are treating them like children. It’s kind of a harsh way to put it but it’s the honest truth. There is nothing helpful or beneficial to the advancement of society by someone giving someone a handout or giving someone something for free for a discounted price. 

Because if that thing is worth more, that person is not going to take it at the value that it’s worth. And then you aren’t going to be properly supported either because you just sold yourself short. So really, both parties lose and really realizing this was hugely, it was a revelation to me because it took away, I used to have so much guilt about selling things. Or I’d worry that if I was if I was charging too much, or if I should be making special exceptions. 

And I realized that I believe so strongly in the message of personal responsibility and in taking life, you know, by your own hands, but by allowing people to have discounts on things, I was not seeing them at their highest potential. I was I was kind of infantilizing them. I was treating them like they were unable to actually perform what needed to happen. And then that puts them in the headspace of thinking that they need a handout that they need help that they’re not capable on their own and that doesn’t help them either. So that was a huge revelation for me and I hope that that’s helpful for you too.

All right only two more and you guys are champions this has been kind of a long one but as you can tell I really love this book. The ninth takeaway from “The Science of Getting Rich” is that a competitive way of making money won’t last, getting rich creatively is the only way. This is another judgment I think some people have around people with money is that they think that they must be very competitive they must be willing to tear anyone down that’s in their path in order to get rich. 

They don’t care who they tear down along the way etc. and this book says that getting rich on the competitive plane in other words in that way in and out-beating everyone might, might last for a little probably won’t but it might you know, we can see that as is true with like the Rockefellers and people that have made a ton of money and gas and things like that.

But really the only way is to contribute something new to the world to create something new. And I don’t want this to put a ton of pressure on you, like you need to come up with, you know, the next cure for some disease, you can be new and creative just by being more authentically yourself. 

So here are a couple quotes that can illustrate this better than I can. “You must get rid of the thought of competition you are to create not to compete for what is already created”. Another one is to “give every man more in use value than you take from him in cash value, then you are adding to the life of the world by every business transaction”. Amazing, right? 

This takes away any fear of taking money away from other people, because you know that you’re giving them more in use value than they are giving you in cash value. You’re also getting the cash value so that you can create more to give to others. You’re allowing them to create something new. It’s the positive chain of reaction when you come at this creatively and not competitively. Before I read this I struggled with myself confidence as an entrepreneur, as a side hustler, as I began this all.

I compared myself to other people all the time on social media, I would scroll through Instagram and think that other people had already done what I wanted to do, how could I do it any better. And I would even read other people’s Instagram captions to try to get ideas on the types of captions that I should write, because I didn’t know what to write. And I thought that other people were doing it better than me. After this book, things couldn’t be more opposite than that. 

Now, I write what I feel and I share whatever it is that I write. I often don’t even read other people’s captions on social media, because I know it’s not usually going to be helpful for me. It’s this sort of way of being more creative, which in other words, for me, has ended up just being a lot more authentic, has become more efficient, it doesn’t waste my time comparing myself to others it’s more effective and because it’s more authentic, it’s no surprise that this led to a much bigger growth in my brand and my business and of course my income. So focus on what you can create.

I don’t know if you guys heard one of my interviews last week on the Your Biggest Vision Show was with one of my clients, Tanya, and she has worked at Facebook. And she says that Facebook, one of the values of the company is one of the things Mark Zuckerberg said earlier on when people ask, how do you worry about your competition? And he said, I don’t. All I worry about is how I’m doing and if I’m doing the best I can and if I’m pushing my company to be the best it can be. 

The far bigger threat to your success is if you’re not pushing yourself enough. That’s way bigger of a threat than worrying about what other people are doing and how much they’re pushing or not pushing themselves. So really focus on yourself here and really focus on what you can create as an individual.

All right, you guys last takeaway. And for those of you watching live, I’d love to hear if you have a favorite one so far.

I’m going to read through the nine so far. Okay, take away what number one there’s nothing unholy about wanting to be rich, it’s quite the opposite. There is quite a bit that’s holy about wanting to be rich.

Two, big picture action and frameworks will make you rich, saving your latte money will not.

Three, getting rich is not about luck or even skill, it’s about science. Four, your thoughts are strong enough to shape your path toward riches. Five, your thoughts and speech matter. Six, daily visions and clarity matter. Seven, you must want everything for everyone that you want for yourself. This is how society advances. Eight, discounts, donations, and pitying does nothing for those receiving it, nor for you. Nine, competitiveness won’t last, creative creation is the only way.

And then, ten gratitude is key. This is like the takeaway of the whole book. “The Grateful mind is constantly fixated upon the best, therefore it tends to become the best it takes the form or character from the best, and will receive the best” this plays a bit off of what we talked about in terms of not focusing on the negative gratitude will ensure that you focus on the positive you focus on the good, you focus on the receiving, you focus on the abundance, and so if you are focused on all the good out there and all the good you’ve already received, then that is what you’ll continue to get back. 

So gratitude is the, if you ever are feeling like I don’t want to be stressed right now. Or why am I stressed right now? Or why is this not a very good day for me? You know if you can just go straight to like what am I grateful for?

But yeah the gratitude one is probably my favorite takeaway of them all just because I had been taught gratitude my whole life in so many ways. But in this book they really contextualize like the science behind why gratitude will program your brain and the way you think and the action you take in a way that actually will get you success It is not just about sort of like being you know, I think of like being in Sunday school and like with the nuns and then sort of just be telling me to be grateful for what I have and at the time it was like they just want me to shut up that’s why they’re telling me to be grateful is because they don’t want to hear me complain which is probably true but here understanding that gratitude is really about your it’s in your best interest and in the best interest of your success is a really exciting way because you know that living in gratitude is a way to make you successful. That is just such good news.

Anyone who lives in gratitude can just not be in bad moods. A lot of the time. It’s a more fun way to live. More people want to be around you. And bonus, it’s going to help you get rich. So this is just great news for everyone. All right, you guys. Thanks for sticking with me. I know that this was kind of a long one.

Georgina says gratitude in the right mindset have been big ones for me the daily practices have helped to retrain my brain. Thank you so much for sharing that I think the phrase there retrain your brain is such a key thing to focus on. That really is kind of what this is about. And at first it can feel a little bit like well, why like really, am I really going to tell myself this all? Do I really believe this? But you get to choose what you believe. And I know that I want to believe in the positive universe I truly know we live in. I want to believe in the goodness out there I want to believe in opportunity in potential in you know, in the excitement of it all. And this book has really fostered that and I’ve seen the monetary results as they’ve come.

So thank you all so much for tuning in. And I will see you guys next Monday live at 10am Eastern Standard Time. I’ll actually be coming to you from Denver. We have a very special episode next week or near to my heart. I love hearing your guys’s questions if you have any I love and you guys can hop on live. And just one last reminder that the doors to scale your side hustle close Wednesday. So if you’re interested in scaling your side hustle. It’s based on a lot of the principles from this book. But it’s much more action focused. Of course, then I’d love to have you in it.

So I’ll also put the scalar side hustle link below this Facebook video. Other than that, I hope you guys have a wonderful, wonderful week. I love being with you guys on Monday’s because I just know that… aww someone on my Instagram said that scale your side hustle changed her life. Thank you so much for sharing, that that means so much to me. It is amazing if I do say so myself. So have a wonderful Monday. 

Have a wonderful week. Remember that anything you want is possible this week. Anything you want is there for you for the taking this week and you really have the week to create whatever it is that you want it to look like you have the power within you right now to make happen, whatever it is that you most desire. And I know you can do it.

So go out there, show us what you got. And I’d love to see any pictures of you guys making amazing things happen. So feel free to send them to me. I’ll talk to you guys soon.

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