Snapshots Into November + Discovering Your Power
Your Biggest Vision
Season 3, Ep. 110

November is my favorite time of year to reflect and see how things have changed over the years. But it wasn’t always that way. Even as a lifelong lover of the holidays, they sometimes has a sad undertone for me when I’d feel disappointed about how many things DIDN’T happen the year prior.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing snapshots from some of the Novembers over the past seven years. Especially as it pertains to my business changes, and motherhood.

You’ll hear:

  • How I went from my Black Friday sale (a total of $97) to my most recent; $86,000

  • When Thanksgiving sparked my biggest action toward entrepreneurship

  • When my son came unexpectedly and I gave birth on Thanksgiving

Tune into this Thanksgiving-themed episode, and happy holidays!

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November is my favorite time of year to reflect and see how things have changed over the years. Tune into this episode for some snapshots into November!

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Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais: Hello, visionaries. Welcome back to the Your Biggest Vision show. Leah here. I’m so excited to be with you all recording this. During the week of Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays, and certainly one of my favorite times of year. And I am very emotional at this time of year because of so many things that have happened in November’s past.

 So in today’s episode, I realized that I wanted to record this on a run this morning. It was my first run since I, as you may or may not know, ran the New York City Marathon a few weeks ago. Um, I’m being sarcastic because if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been the most obnoxious about having run the marathon. No regrets. It was a big deal. Um, so it was nice to go on a run that was like not part of training or about a time, or about how, you know, it was just actually for joy.

And I’m so lucky that I live near Central Park, which is where I run, and the leaves were so beautiful, and you could see them setting up for the Thanksgiving Day parade. And it just got me so emotional because it brought back so many different memories. And so it inspired me to share some of those today, on today’s episode. And this isn’t just meant to be a soliloquy of November’s past about my life. It’s meant to be a reminder of what can happen with decision making, with action, and with intention. 

And I think taking snapshots into November from the past few years around this time of year, there’s really no better example of that, even for myself. And I think when I’m able to look back at what different Novembers have looked like over the past few years, it reminds me that business is a little bit like the phrase that they say about parenthood and motherhood, which is that the days are long, but the years are short.

And it’s so incredibly true because I get these snapshots and it’s like, oh my God, over the past six, seven years, my life has changed in the most spectacular of ways. And I’m gonna talk a little bit about what that has looked like. And it, it, it almost feels like it’s, it’s not even my own life. I mean, I can’t believe that this has all happened to me, but sometimes the days feel really fricking hard. Sometimes the requirement of consistency, even when you’re scared, even when things aren’t working, you know, I will actually go ahead and share about some snapshots into November from a few years ago that was incredibly challenging.

 And being able to keep going, to keep putting one foot in front of the other during those times that doesn’t feel fast all the time. In those moments, it feels like, oh my gosh, haven’t I, why is this happening?

Is this worth it? Should I even keep going? Is this even going to pay off? Is this even working? And the answer is that you are still deciding the answer to those things in that moment, because the moment you stop trying, the moment you take yourself out of it because of those fears, the moment you’ve just confirmed your own destiny, so to speak, because it’s just, then you, then you know it’s not going to happen. 

So feeling a lot of gratitude for the version of myself that kept going even in the most unlikely of circumstances. So let’s talk a little bit about some snapshots into November from the. So the first snapshots into November worth noting when it comes to my business was in 2017. Now, at this time, I have had my business for almost two years. Actually, it was about a year and a half at the time, but it was far from, well, I think I had maybe one month where I made over a thousand dollars in a month.

I had no real clue what I was doing. I did not have the vision or the education to turn it into what it is now. And I really wasn’t chasing the million dollar mark. I just wanted it to get successful enough where I felt like I could maybe quit my nine to five job. And that wasn’t a whole lot of money at the time, because I was working at a nonprofit where I was making a round $55,000 a year, which after New York City taxes translated into, gosh, I don’t even know, around, uh, it must’ve been like $4,000 a month. 

Now that I think back, I think my paychecks, my biweekly paychecks were around $2,200. Okay? So I wasn’t trying to make millions here. I literally was just trying to get out of my nine to five job. And it really wouldn’t have taken that much money in order for me to do that.

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think my paychecks were even over $2,000 wild. So it’s 2017, it’s November, and at this point I am feeling I am at a crossroads. Okay? And maybe you can relate to this, whether it’s with business or other things, but I’m at the moment where I’m realizing things as I’ve been doing them are not working. And I either need to double down and take bigger risks than I’ve ever done before. Or I need to close up shop because this one foot in one foot out progress, depending on my emotions, feeling really inspired some days, but then feeling really discouraged. Others, it’s not working. 

And I, and I had proof of that. I had a year and a half of stagnation, a year and a half of losing money, a year and a half of feeling foolish, if I’m being honest, feeling almost embarrassed by my own goals, because it just had not, I had no reason to believe that it was going to happen.

And things came to a head for me in November of 2017 when I was traveling in Barcelona. This is a really important trip for me for so many reasons. The chief among them is that before I was in Barcelona, Adam, my now husband, we were just dating at the time, but he and I were in the Canary Islands, which is, uh, islands, uh, still owned by Spain, but off the south of Spain, quite a bit south. 

And we were there because we were seeing and saying goodbye to my father who was off to do a transatlantic sailing journey, which is hilarious because we are from a landlocked state called Colorado, and I don’t know where he got the guts or the confidence to decide that he could sail across the Atlantic Ocean with his very limited sailing knowledge. But there we were, now my dad.

I had studied abroad twice growing up, and my dad was always the one that came to visit me. He came to visit me when I lived in France in high school. And then he came to visit me when I studied abroad in Costa Rica in college. So being that I was the one in New York where my sisters and mother were still in Colorado, I was much closer to Spain, and I took it upon myself to be the one to go visit him and see him off on this big once in a lifetime trip. So we went to the Canary Islands, and that was such a blessing and a really great reminder of the universe, how important it is to say yes to things, even when it feels scary or unclear. Because the truth is, that was one of the last times I ever saw my dad.

I saw him for Christmas that year and then never again, because he passed away a few years later. So though that trip in a lot of ways didn’t make quite sense because I was making so little money, and I really didn’t know who I thought I was going to Spain, something in me felt like I really needed to go. And of course, that will forever be one of the greatest gifts of my life, because it was one of the last times I saw him. 

So after this trip, after we were in the Canary Islands, he took off and was on his sailing trip, and I went, Adam and I went to Barcelona, which was the first time we had ever been to Barcelona. And we, oh gosh, we loved that city. We could not get enough of it. And I still think it’s such a special, special city and special place.

Um, and while we were there, I would spend a few hours a day working on my business , which was embarrassing, right? Maybe you can relate to that, like you’re telling someone that’s on a vacation with you that we’re going to stop sightseeing or traveling or vacationing because I have to work on a business that that’s right, has no proof of concept, has no real income, and hasn’t really done anything to make me believe that it’s going to go anywhere.

 But Adam was supportive and I was pretty firm, and I didn’t really ask him, I just kind of said, this is what I need to do, and that’s what I would end up doing. So I decided to put together a Black Friday sale, and I believe the Black Friday sale was for an hour consultation with me that would help you with a personal brand website.

That’s kind of how I started my business. That’s a whole other story. Um, though I do have, I was really thinking about that story when I was in Nepal recently because that part of my business started when I was in Asia. And, uh, man, it was, it was crazy what, how dedicated I was looking back, I mean, you know, sometimes I hear people say that they’re frustrated now as entrepreneurs because they’re not making much money, but they still are living in really nice cities or living in a nice house, or still traveling or still saving or, um, you know, still able to enjoy the minor things.

 And, and that’s great. I have no judgment with that. But the truth is, when I was building my business from the beginning, my life was that I lived in a hostile in Bangkok for around $16 a night. And I would work for so many hours on my business every day that typically the night before I knew the next day would be a big workday. I would go to a convenience store in Bangkok, and I would buy two little Espresso canned drinks. I know that this might sound kind of gross, but this is where I was at.

And then I would buy a, uh, a tuna fish sandwich from the convenience store. And I think the two espresso drinks and the sandwich, and I think maybe I’d get like, some fruit would cost me around $4, and I would go back to my, uh, my cheap host that night. I would wake up and I would just work until I couldn’t sustain on those things anymore, which usually would come out around dinner time, and then I would end up leaving the hostel to, um, to go have dinner. 

So when I think of sacrifice, like when I really think of, you know, the early days of business, if you’re choosing to still be able to live in a certain way or to be able to live in a certain place or to be able to have a certain lifestyle, no judgment, but don’t kid yourself that your business isn’t like, quote, doing well, because if you’re still able to do those things, you’re still probably doing a lot better than many founders who, uh, me included, really lived on an incredibly minimal mo minimal budget and really didn’t have a work-life balance for a long time, because I was giving absolutely everything, all my time, money and resources to this business.

Okay, back to Barcelona. So I have this offer that I wanna do for Black Friday. I charge it for nine. I charge $97 for it. And I set up all these emails. It was only going to my email list, which said I don’t even know if I had an Instagram following at the time, or if I did, I don’t think I actively sold it. And I wanted to just see how it went.

 And at the time, I didn’t have any data on my phone in Barcelona. I only would get wifi when we’d go to places with wifi. And so I often didn’t have access to my emails once we had left Airbnb. And once I had stopped working, and I’ll never forget at one point opening up my phone once we had sat down at a, you know, a, a cafe or a bar, something like that, and I had wifi and realizing I had made sale one sale $97, I did it , I was gonna be rich.

It wasn’t really about being rich, it was that I felt like I had kind of cracked this code that I was chasing. How can I make money without having to be physically doing it? And in my mind, I had just made a sale from emails that I had scheduled out so that I could go travel in Barcelona and explore the city. It felt like yes, I had, you know, spent probably a hell of a lot more time than $97 was worth.

But it felt like I finally had been able to get away from this paradigm that corporate America feeds us, which is that traveling is for paid time off, uh, and making money is for being in the office and being able to feel like I made money while traveling. I felt like I had cracked a code. So that was the push I needed to leave Barcelona with a new perspective that I wasn’t going to.

Um, I wasn’t gonna give up. I was gonna go all in. I was going to do whatever it took to make this business work for one more year. That was my promise to myself. I’m gonna give this one year and I’m gonna give it my all and I’m gonna go into credit card debt and I’m going to be more disciplined, and I’m going to really actually stop caring what people think when I post on social media or when I share things on my personal Facebook or when people from high school follow me and think I don’t notice and they watch my stuff. 

And it’s super embarrassing. Like I had to let that all go for a year. That was my goal for one year. And I came back from Barcelona and a coaching program that I had IED for many years, but never actually considered because it was $6,500 and I had not even $6,500 in the bank was on sale for Black Friday for five grand.

And for the first time in my life I went into credit card debt and I bought it. And the rest is history. We’re actually gonna talk a little bit more about the history, but that was the first November that I realized I’m not gonna spend another Thanksgiving feeling disappointed in my life. And it’s not that I was chronically unhappy, I think I’m a pretty positive person.

I was grateful for what I had. I was happy I lived in New York. I loved my boyfriend. I didn’t even hate my job, but I just had this insatiable feeling that I felt like I was waiting for my life to start. Maybe you can relate to that. I felt like I was waiting for things to get good. I felt like I was waiting to really be able to travel and see the world and save money and, you know, dream big. 

It just all felt like such a, uh, joke, honestly. And that is what I couldn’t stomach spending another year doing. I could not handle another year of Thanksgiving feeling like, well, I’ve tried to have this blog work again. I tried to have this business take off. I still side hustled for a year, and it went okay, but it wasn’t my year. Maybe next year will be, no, no, it has to start happening next November. This is the next kind of notable.

November was 2018, and I had given my notice at the end of September. I had stayed six weeks after giving my notice. And my last day ever working at a nine to five job was in November of 2018. This was an emotional time for me because my dad had passed away only about seven or eight months before, but I really felt like he was connected with me during this time, and that it was really kind of metaphorically holding my hand, ushering me into the world of entrepreneurship and self-employment and just power, you know, taking more control over your life.

He did a really good job of that, and I really felt like he had kind of passed the baton on to me. My last day at my nine to five job ever was, I think November 9th, 2018, two days before my dad’s birthday. So I spent that first Monday of self-employment, not working at all, but actually taking a day off, celebrating my dad, celebrating his birthday. 

I went to the spa with a good friend. I had some champagne and demanded Oriental, one of my favorite hotels in New York, and really got to soak in that this was my new normal. I was never, and I knew it and I still know it to this day. I knew I would never work for anyone else again. And that month was my first ever five figure month. And this was something that I had really wanted to have before I quit my nine to five job.

This was also probably the hardest financial milestone that I ever have achieved. Even having had six figure sales months and seven figure years and everything, there was something about wrapping my mind around making that amount of money in a month that I really, really struggled with. It really took a lot of mindset work and a lot of, excuse me, change in my perspective to, you know, be able to see myself doing that and to be able to do it. 

And I think it was really telling that it would’ve been so easy for me to draw that line. And I am not quitting my job until I have a five figure month, because that’s when I would be able to pay off my debt. That’s when I would be able to feel more confident that I’d be able to pay my expenses. And I realized that I had to, I had to take the leap.

I had to believe in myself. I had to bet on myself. So I left my nine to five job before I had a five figure month. And the first month of self-employment was November, 2018, my first year or my first month working for myself. 

And I’ve never not had another five figure month after that, I don’t think, um, maybe in the first six months, um, it dropped below, but you know, now it’s been, I mean, I can’t, it’s crazy to me that it was so unachievable and unattainable and on such a pedestal. And now I literally can’t imagine making under that a good testament to mindset work and consistency.

Fast forward to November of 2021. So a few years go by. I got married, I had now been self-employed, pandemic, started moving to Miami, got pregnant, and in November of 2021, I birthed my son, had my first child, which was, oh, I mean, it still gives me chills. I remember, and I was thinking about this on my run in Central Park today, I remember that fall waddling around Central Park with Ruby, who was a puppy at the time. ’cause we got Ruby when I was very early on in my pregnancy, we didn’t even know I was pregnant. We got Ruby and then we found out I was pregnant like 10 days later. 

So we say it was like a buy one get one free sale because we just signed away all our freedom at once. But actually, we were happy that it happened that way.

So I would walk Ruby in Central Park in the mornings, so pregnant, and I would listen to Christmas music because my son was actually due in December. And I would just imagine having this Christmas gift, having this baby come to me. Like it, it just was so mind blowing. And, um, he came 10 days early on Thanksgiving of 2021.

And it feels so poetic when I look at what that holiday and that time of year has continually meant for my life and how it’s continually signified what more can happen and what more I can invite into my life, and how much more I, how much bigger I can think, and how much more I can ask for the, from the world. To me, it feels like Thanksgiving is the chance to be grateful for all the potential you have. Yes, to be grateful for all your all you have, but to be hungry for what more you can achieve.

And this isn’t out of greed, this isn’t out of dissatisfaction. It’s out of wanting to make the most of the chances that you have in life, uh, wanting to make the most of the opportunities you’ve been given. So originally that started with November and Thanksgiving, pushing me outta my comfort zone, pushing me to commit to my business, pushing me to quit my job, pushing me to be self-employed, pushing me to make five figures, and then I pushed at a baby. 

However, that November was not all sunshine and rainbows, obviously a very exciting time because it’s when I birthed my son. But right before, right before I had him, I’m talking 48 hours before I had him, I had, without going into too much detail due to privacy, I had a contract with someone who was contractually obligated to work with me. Had, you know, signed on and been very eager for the month, for the following year, to blow up.

It was awful. It was so stressful. It was so messy. I really felt betrayed. I really felt blindsided. Um, it was just a very stressful experience. Pro it, it, it, it’s kind of an entrepreneur’s worst nightmare, right? Like, you think you do everything right? You think you, um, have kind of your t’s crossing your i’s dotted. You set yourself up correctly, you show up in the way that you promise you will, and things just kind of completely turn on you and kind of sleep through your fingers. 

And if you feel so out of control and you feel so, um, vulnerable and almost foolish because you feel like, I thought that I did this right and it didn’t work, what am I missing? Is this gonna happen again? Like, I don’t feel safe in my own business. A really, really dark place to be in. And I went into labor within 48 hours of this happening.

And so not only was it a, you know, very stressful experience, but compounded with the fact that I was now having to basically pick up the pieces of it, uh, like two days postpartum, okay? Uh, with my first baby, you know, recovering from birth, having had every intention and every plan to take some time off, and now not feeling like I could, it was horrific. 

And I don’t share this to complain. I think that every entrepreneur goes through stuff like this. And obviously I came out on the other side. I share it, one, because I do think every entrepreneur goes through it. And I don’t want you to feel like something’s wrong with you if this happens to you, because I felt like something was wrong with me. I really struggled to feel supported during this time because I was, well, one, I was having a baby, but two, I was embarrassed to share it with other people.

And, uh, I wish that someone would, I wish I could have heard someone say what I’m saying right now, which is that if you’re in a service-based business, there are going to be times where the relationships that you have don’t turn out the way you thought they would. It’s just the nature of working with humans. Sure, you can dodge it by offering products instead, but that has its own kind of, you know, everything has trade-offs. 

Every business model has imperfections. This is part of having service-based business. There are going to be some client relationships that don’t work out the way you thought they would or the way that you think they should. And you know, now if that were to happen to me again, it would never rattle me the way that it did. I have an extremely high client retention rate. My clients are successful, my clients feel supported by me.

I don’t have that shakiness that I think I did. And, and I think that obviously was compounded by how vulnerable I felt, which is that I was about to have my first baby. Um, and so if you’re going through something hard, the best advice I can give you and what I wish I could have embraced a bit more is that you don’t, you don’t let it stop you. Don’t let it keep you down. Don’t let it dim your light. And I really wish that I had a little bit more love for myself during that time because it did dim my light. You know, it made me, it put me into a dark place. 

And again, I, I’m sure a lot of this was complicated ’cause I was about to have to have a baby. But this is how business and life can be. You know, sometimes things happen during very inconvenient times and it can feel very, very stressful and almost like a betrayal and unsafe in the environment you’ve created for yourself, which can create a lack of self-trust.

So anyway, long story short, November of 2021, even with that, I mean, obviously that’s not what I was thinking about when I helped my son for the first time or, you know, during our first few nights together, or really, I mean, I, I, I managed to figure it out, but, um, not every milestone is shiny, but no milestone happens if you don’t keep putting one foot in front of the other when things get hard.

And even though it was a stressful time for me, I never stopped. You know, I never, like, it doesn’t go through my mind when things get hard. Well, maybe I’ll have to get a nine to five, or maybe this won’t work. Or what if I fail? I, I don’t know if I’ve just done so much mindset work or I’ve just made the internal decisions or what, probably a little bit of both.

I don’t think like that. I know I can figure out anything. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes it’s stressful. Sometimes I lose sleep. All that’s true, I’m a human, but there is no exit plan. And so the only way to approach your business every day, no matter if it’s a good day or a bad day, or you feel good or you feel bad, or you feel uninspired or you feel inspired or you feel tired or you feel motivated, you have to keep going.

You have to be consistent. I was just talking to a client about this, uh, today. She sent me a voice note. She’s a former client. She’s an alum of my mastermind. We’re still very close. And she, you know, so beautifully was telling me how, how so many things are just falling into place for her lately. How, um, she’s just getting these opportunities and she’s getting these deals and she’s getting these clients and it just feels like things are clicking.

And I told her like, that’s not magic. I mean, it feels magical and that’s great, but that’s because she was so, she’s been so consistent even when business and life didn’t make sense and felt hard. And even when she’s had some really stressful moments. And if there’s one difference between my most successful clients and the ones that struggle, or not even my clients that struggle, but just people in general that reach out to me, it’s, it’s simply consistency. It’s not rocket science. It is continuing to put one foot in front of the other and show up consistently even when it’s hard, even when you don’t have the confidence to do so. 

And that’s why coaching can be so helpful, because it can help you stay on track and almost be neutral and regulated instead of reactive to when things are happening. So anyway, let’s keep going.

November to recap, 2017, my Hail Mary moment, I had a $97 Black Friday sale that changed my life, but it was still embarrassing, but I did it and I committed. A year later, I had left my nine to five to work for myself, and I had my first five figure month. Three years later, I gave birth to my first child, which was magical. 

Uh, and then the following year and following November, 2022, another very full circle moment where five years after that balcony in Barcelona, where I literally verbally said to the city, this time next year I’m gonna work for myself. Watch me. I promise. I, from my inspired $97 Black Friday sale, I had an $86,000 Black Friday sale. This was one of the most fun campaigns I ever did. If you don’t know what it is, um, I think I have APDF about it.

But I put my infamous client in love, and I say infamous, like a bad thing. My client loved and was famous, um, VIP days, my on sale, which I never do. And I put them on sale throughout the whole world. I had locations in Paris, in, uh, New York, in Chicago, and I had so much fun, um, kind of just planning out the year where I wanted to go, where I knew I’d be, where I wanted to work with people. And I put them on sale for, uh, black Friday. 

And my business brought in $86,000 over the span of a few days in sales from this sale. So many full circle moments here, right? This not only is this literally a, what would it be, uh, 10000% increase in what I had made my first Black Friday sale just five years later. It also was more than I had ever made from a nine to five ever.

And I brought it in, in a span of a few days. Now, we didn’t make all that in cash. That’s not how sales work, right? It was contracted sales. So I knew that it would play out, do so via payment plans over the following months. But knowing that I had contracted and confirmed that for my own business and my own life from a business I started on my own through ideas in my mind, was such a reminder of how powerful we are and how much is possible if we fricking take action. And like I’ve been saying this whole episode, stay consistent. 

Okay? It probably looks very shiny that in five years I went from a $97 Black Friday sale to an $86,000 Black Friday sale. And it is, I’m super proud of it. It is probably one of the most badass sales I’ve ever seen online.

But there was a lot that happened day in and day out over those five years. A lot of consistency, a lot of pushing through, a lot of, and it, it, it wasn’t even a hard, but it was just a lot of continuing to add value, continuing to build relationships, continuing to plant seeds day in and day out for trees that don’t, you know, grow right away. I recently saw a quote that I loved, the seeds you plant today, you don’t harvest tomorrow, or something like that. Like it takes time, right? And it takes effort consistently in order for that outcome to happen. 

Again, sign up for coaching. If this is something you struggle with, this is something I can help you with. There’s a tremendous deal of mindset work that goes behind it. And I want this for you. I’m not a gatekeeper. I, there’s room for everyone.

It blows my mind that anyone would not wanna have an $86,000 Black Friday sale. And it’s not something that you can’t do. It’s something available to you if you do the work. And I would love to help you do that work. It was a really full circle moment there, it was such an exciting time. I remember it was my son’s first birthday because he was born on Thanksgiving. So we hosted Thanksgiving, we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, we had his birthday party, and I just remember watching the parade, and then I’d look at my phone and it was like another $7,500 sale, another $10,000 sale. 

And same thing with his birthday, you know, just being able to enjoy it with family. And then, you know, before I’d go to bed looking at my email and another sale came through. And it’s just so funny that this all came from a spark of walking through the streets of Barcelona and realizing I made a $97 sale.

I was freaking right. You know, it wasn’t about making $97. It was about that, that click, that realization that I could scale this, that I could be enjoying my life while money’s being made because there’s a way to do it. And then that was so much more magnified just five years later when we did it, watching the parade. 

And, you know, not only, not only just doing that with family, but even deeper, like hosting Thanksgiving at an apartment across from Central Park that we paid like that my business paid for. I mean, it was just so, so many full circle moments of how much is possible and so worth it. You know, I think about these challenges I’ve gone through, I think about the hard times and they just feel like little bug bites in comparison to the overall beauty of, of what’s been created.

And then this November, 2023 has nothing to do with business, but I ran the New York City marathon, which is very, very mind blowing to me as someone who was told and, um, you know, always believed that I, I couldn’t do it. I have a bad back. I have, um, scoliosis, there’s so many reasons that I couldn’t. And, doing it anyway was, was wildly rewarding. 

So my theme of November is that I continually have proven to myself that looking at years past, I’ve been able to do things I never thought I could. Whether it was making five, $10,000 in a month, or whether it was having a baby or whether it was getting through an explosive situation within my business, or whether it was running a marathon. And I know that this might feel like a very self-indulgent episode. So I’m sorry if you’re listening to this and you’re like, shut the F up, Leah, I don’t wanna hear you brag.

I’m not sharing it just to brag. I mean, I’m proud of it, but I’m not sharing it to brag. I’m sharing it to be an example, a reminder to you and to myself that there are truly no limits on what we can do. And I know that that sounds like a bumper sticker, but what I’ve really learned when I look at all of this is that I grew up assuming so many things I thought were factual. I cannot run because I have a medical diagnosis. I cannot make $ 5,000, $10,000 in a month because I don’t have a graduate degree. I cannot, um, handle this client situation because I don’t have the confidence and they’re probably right. I cannot give birth to a child because it’s too painful and I don’t know if I’m ready for it. Like, I cannot work for myself because I don’t have the vision to be an entrepreneur.

All of these things were, were things that, you know, I, I didn’t even realize they were beliefs because they felt so ingrained in my mind that they just felt inherently true. And I’ve learned that there’s almost no factual evidence written in stone. Everything is a perception of your mind, how you decide to look at things. 

And I think it’s hard for people to digest that you are deciding what your reality is. And if things aren’t the way you want ’em to be, it’s likely because you are deciding that you’re okay with that, that you’re being complacent in it. And obviously there’s exceptions to this. I’m not talking about situations of, of, you know, abuse or, or things you can’t help, but you have so much more power than we as a society give ourselves credit for.

And when we believe this and when we get curious about the thoughts that are preventing us from seeing things in a different way, you take over your life in such a playful way, but it’s not enough to think differently.

You have to do differently. And when I look at everything I’ve done and, and these snapshots of November, my bias toward action is why things become so transformative. That’s why things change, because I’m willing to do things and because I’m willing to do things without the answer already there. I’m a big fan. Uh, and a big part of my approach toward coaching is that waiting for clarity is a patient game of patience. I don’t have clarity. Clarity has only ever come from me trying things and realizing whether or not they work, including running, including my business growth, including working for myself.

 So a good takeaway from this is that if you are wanting to ignite a transformation in your own life, if you want this time next year to be different for you, whether it’s in your sales numbers, for your family, in your lifestyle, um, in your bank account, or even personally, the decisions you make now and the ways of thinking you assume are what’s going to make or break that.

And the actions you take following those decisions is what gets you the results. And the lack of action that you don’t take is also what gets you the results of another year of stagnation. So I wish you a happy Thanksgiving. I hope that this is a year where you feel like things have really moved in your direction. 

And if not, it’s okay. You know, you can not, and not every year is great. Um, it’s not about life being perfect, but it is about life being by your design. 

So I hope that this inspires you to take some actions, to challenge your own thinking and to see what you can put into motion that will make either this time next year or even in a month or whatever, you need to look the way you know your life is meant to. All right, everyone, thank you so much for tuning in. Happy Thanksgiving and I’ll talk to you soon.

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