8 Ways I Made $283,104 as a Work from Home Mom in 9 Weeks

I share how I made $283,104 in sales as a work from home mom in 8 weeks.

As a work from home mom, my business has brought in $283,104 in sales in the past 9 weeks. This is another glorious reminder of the power of entrepreneurship.

I chronicle my entire journey of evolving my coaching business to be able to stay at home with my son full time, no nanny in sight, in my course, the $50k Month Mama.

These sales are primarily contracts that will start next year. Q4 has historically been a high sales quarter in my business, for this reason. It allows us to pre-sell coaching spots for next year.

This year, it felt extra successful. Not only have our sales been high, but it’s the first year I’ve conquered Q4 without childcare. 

It was one thing to make six-figure months when I worked 80 hours per week. It’s entirely new that I’m making more than that, working just around 20 hours per week, in pockets throughout the day while my toddler naps, plays or my husband takes him.

So what went into making $283,104 in 9 weeks? Let’s break it down.

1- High Client Retention Rate

We work with most of our clients on a yearly basis. So when the end of year comes and we open up our spots for the following year, we open them first to our current clients. We have a client retention rate of over 90%.

Client retention is one of the most satisfying things as an entrepreneur. There’s no better complement or proof in your effectiveness than your clients choosing to continue investing their time and money in it.

It’s also one of the smartest marketing strategies for your business, because it requires little to no marketing. It’s a huge time saver for you and your team. For us, we emailed our clients and offered (and conducted a few) sales calls. That was all the marketing for that.

I share more about our client retention in this podcast episode:

2- High-Ticket Offers

Despite the online business world’s obsession with the 4-Hour Work Week, it doesn’t always make sense to sell digital products alone. 

We offer high-touch coaching and consulting packages. (My Strategic Partnership, for example.) These include 1:1 work, direct access to me, and sometimes even in-person events or retreats. These are high-touch, and thus high-ticket, offerings. This brings my sales to these numbers without being #Instagramfamous or having 100k email subscribers (I have neither).

Yes, it’s more work with delivery than a course, that’s delivered once it’s created. But it’s less upfront work (nothing to create). And honestly, I find it more satisfying as I can see my clients’ transformations and results in real time!

3- An Aligned Energy

At the risk of sounding woo-woo (though I love me some woo), my aligned energy definitely impacted these sales. A few months ago, my husband and I made the difficult decision to let go of our part-time nanny so we could spend more time with our toddler. 

I knew my life was about to get even busier. Becoming a full-time mom without letting go of my seven-figure business would be no easy task. But it was a privilege I couldn’t refuse, having built my business to be automated and streamlined enough that I could manage it. He’s only this little once! I couldn’t miss out on it.

Even though I was nervous this would result in a dip in sales, because it resulted in less work time, the opposite happened. My sales skyrocketed. I know this is because I was able to show up totally authentically and magnetically, feeling so proud of the business I built.

4- Consistent Marketing

It’s obvious, yet many entrepreneurs vastly underestimate how consistent they actually are. If you’re a work from home mom, this can feel extra challenging when juggling all the responsibilities of motherhood and work. But it’s one of the lowest hanging fruit.

Oftentimes, you don’t need to reinvent any wheel to get to the next level. You just need to be louder about what you’ve already done.

In my case, many of these sales were made on offerings we only open up once, maybe twice a year. However, I market those offerings all year long. I do this via shared testimonials and client successes on my Instagram, sharing insights on my podcast, and through emails. This way, when I open the offering(s), it’s all about helping people see if it’s right for them rather than having them learn what it is.

5- Seasons of Life as Work from Home Mom

This volume of sales took place during September and October. Quarter 4 is always my business’ most profitable time of year, and this was no exception.

(Hear more about my Q4 sales on my private podcast in the episode “How I’m Preparing for My Most Prosperous Months of the Year.”

I share this because it’s important to honor the seasons of your business and life. Especially if you’re a work from home mom, like I am. This season is focused on sales and marketing. But over the summer, I hardly focused on work at all and was more focused on motherhood.

Build a business that honors both your entrepreneurial hustle and your motherhood experience.

6- Sales Calls

Though this can be hard as a work-from-home mom, I will always advocate to prioritize sales calls. It makes sense to automate so many parts of business, including your marketing, lead generation, and operations. But if you want your sales conversions to be as high as possible, AND you want to make sure you actually like the clients you sign on, get on sales calls.

I didn’t actually have to spend a ton of time on sales calls while making over a quarter of a million in sales. But that was thanks to my high client retention. For new clients that signed on during this time, I did take sales calls. Even if it was occasionally on a walk with my son. You do what you have to do as a work from home mom!

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7- Paid Ads –> Nurturing

This has been my basic marketing funnel for years and it continues to be so effective. It’s pretty simple. I leverage paid ads (which I learned from Successful Ads Club, affiliate link) to automate my lead generation. I personally have ads (specifically Facebook and Instagram ads) running every single day of the year. They typically lead to a free piece of value like a case study or a webinar. Though I also run them to paid products too.

From there, the subscriber or purchaser is invited to learn more about my work through my podcast, Instagram account, and email list. All of which are solid nurturing tools and help someone get to know me, even if they just “met” me via an ad.

Though I continue to test, tweak and refine what works best within each of these, the overall funnel works extremely well. It’s scalable, it’s inexpensive, and a lot of it is automated (or at least things I can schedule), which checks all my work from home mom boxes.

8- Live Your Life, You’re a Work from Home Mom!

It might not sound like conventional sales advice, but it’s perhaps the most important point on this list. I didn’t make $283,104 by pausing my life and working 80 hours per week. Quite the opposite. As a work from home mom, I only can and desire to work around 20-30 hours per week.

I work during glimmers of time throughout the day, as well as even occasionally with my son (I break this down in my course, the $50k Month Mama).

The rest of the time, I am… living my life. In these particular 8 weeks, I:

  • Ran the New York City Marathon (highlights here)
  • Attended a wedding on the shore of Delaware
  • Clocked 4+ hours per day in Central Park with my son
  • Celebrated Halloween on the Upper East Side
  • Traveled to Chicago for a football game (hear this INSANE story here)
  • Traveled to Charleston for a VIP Day (pics here)

My point is this: don’t fall into a hustle or desperate energy for the sake of making money. It can work (though sometimes, the desperate energy just repels the actual abundance you want). But as a work from home mom, I imagine what you care most about is the quality time with your kid(s). Let yourself but delighted by the ease that can come from work when you continue to live your life.

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