Urban 20 Something, Leah Gervais' on leading a life of abundance.

Update from Leah

If you’ve followed me for a few years, you may know that I choose a word of the year every year at the end. Though I know we’re only in September, I believe I already know this year’s word: Abundance!

The irony isn’t lost on me that this has been a BEYOND challenging year in this area for many- and I don’t mean to share this without acknowledging that or pretending it’s not real.

Rather, I’m sharing this to express what has worked for me, even during this time, in hopes it helps you too.

I have spent the past two years learning about abundance. But this year, I can honestly say, there’s a difference between learning and understanding something (which is why I had mostly done) versus knowing and experiencing something. And I’m so grateful to step into the latter, experiencing abundance in business, love, finances… all of it! Here’s what has worked for me:

1- Actually practice gratitude. We all know that this is important, but committed are we to practicing it daily? I know I’ve had my own “off and on” experience with it in the past, where my practice could feel more like checking something off a list than actually feeling it. I haven’t missed a night of listening to this gratitude meditation for months and I LOVE it.

2- Go deeper in your personal development. I’ve invested in coaches and courses for years now and make it a non-negotiable to do so. But this year, I’ve gone beyond general coaching, personal development books, and podcasts. I’ve spent entire days with my coaches this year, joined new masterminds, and constantly seeked out support as I’ve raised my financial goals.

Seeing how powerful this depth work is a big reason why I’ve started offering so many VIP Days to my own clients this year! There’s nothing like it.

3- BE abundant to HAVE abundance. In the past, I’ve been guilty of throwing the word ‘abundance’ around without really looking in the mirror first. In those times, I wanted to experience abundance in my life. But because I wasn’t (or didn’t think I was), I made decisions out of fear and scarcity. Scared to spend money, bargain hunt when buying something, overly attached to business outcomes, etc.

I realize now that I wasn’t experiencing abundance because… I wasn’t experiencing abundance! I was allowing myself to experience scarcity. Start making decisions from a place of abundance and you will experience abundance, but you’re creating it!

Which one of these hits home the most? Reply and let me know!

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