My Top Five-Figure Launch Tips & Secrets
Your Biggest Vision
Season 2, Ep. 39

Think a five-figure launch is out of reach for your business? Think again! Tune in to this episode to hear the top five tips I have for achieving a five-figure launch and why each of these are so important when launching a sale. Not only have these tips and secrets helped me stay consistent with a five-figure launch pattern, I have seen my clients achieve a five-figure launch or multiple when putting them into practice. 


Tune in to hear: 


  • My top five tips and secrets to achieving a five-figure launch.


  • How I avoid stress and pressure on the day of a launch and why it is so important to do so.


  • The number one most important thing that will help you get to a five-figure launch!

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Tune in to hear the top five tips I have for achieving a five-figure launch and why each of these are so important when launching a sale.

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Five-figure launch

Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais: Okay, visionaries. Let’s go ahead and dive in today. I am sharing with you guys the essentials that I have in every single launch I’ve done this year, I think that every single launch we’ve had probably for longer than a year has been at least five figures, if not multiple five figures. And it was not always like that for me, when I first started my business, when I first, well, I’m not even going to go back that far, this is a little bit more of an advanced topic. This is more for you guys. If you have, if you are making money, you know, if you are already selling and you want to do some sort of bigger launch, um, to have kind of a cash injection or to do something that is a limited time offer, kind of have that urgency in it, or you want to do a group, whatever reason you want to launch something, this is going to be for you and you guys, you can launch anything. You can launch one on one coaching. You can launch consulting, you can do really any of this. Um, and when I first quit my nine to five job, I had already launched things a few times, but I was still relatively new to it. 


During that time I was really, um, you know, considering myself super lucky if I was making $10,000 in a month, um, five figures in a month. And, and you know, now here being at the point where every time we launch the launch itself is usually $10,000. Usually more. Um, when we did our most recent round of scale your side hustle, it was a five-figure launch within 24 hours. There is some things I wish I would have known and that I think would have helped me do this a lot faster. So that’s what I want to share with you guys today. And actually I’m hosting a workshop in a few weeks. Uh, the first time I’ve ever hosted this workshop where I’m literally gonna walk you through you planning your five-figure launch. So I’m gonna put that below this Facebook live. And if any of you guys on Instagram want to join and let me know, so I can actually go through the whole thing and playing it with you. So here are, but today we’re just going to kind of talk high level about the five things that I think either a lot of people do wrong or that I wish I would’ve known that really allowed launches to be so critical in my business, really be the backbone of my business, and really be a reliable way for us to know that we’re going to bring money in whenever we do them. 


So without further ado, here we go. The first thing that is essential is to start with the transformation. So I have launched scale your side hustle, seven or eight times at this point, I’ve done it several times and still at the beginning of every launch of it, every time we’re about to open the doors for it again, every time we’re about to promote it again, have a marketing campaign going for it.  Again, we talk, we use a team, uh, talk about the transformation scale your side hustle can provide and what people could expect when they go through the program. So even though I’ve done this before, and even though I know it, it’s still something I revisit because it is the core of everything else I do to launch something. It is how I then promote things on social media. How I talk about things on social media, how I talk about them over email, how I talk about them, to people on the phone. It really is the heart and soul. Very often. What I see people do is talk about what the logistics are around what they’re offering. So maybe you want to launch a consulting offering, or maybe you want to launch a group, or maybe you want to launch a course and you get really into the weeds around how much is this going to cost people?


Why is it a good value? How much access could they have to me? And it’s not that those things aren’t exciting or helpful or valuable, but that’s not. What’s going to move the needle for whether or not people actually pull out their credit card and pay you. What’s going to move the needle is the result. And this is why we are able to scale things as entrepreneurs and really businesses in general, a lot of businesses offer the same things as businesses that charge a lot less than them, but because they’re able to have a perceived higher value, they’re able to charge more. Louis Vuitton makes bags that are thousands of dollars. Target makes also bags for a very small fraction of the costs. Um, you know, 20, 30, 50, whatever bucks a bag to bag, right? So what is the difference here? It’s not the logistics of, well, the Louis Vuitton is leather and the Louis Vuitton looks like has all these kinds of specifics about it.


Those things help, but what really moves the needle and makes people pay thousands of dollars for a bag, the perceived value and Louis Vuitton has more status. It looks better. It is going to last longer. It could be something that is passed down. It holds more value. And so when you’re launching something, that’s what I really want you to focus on as the central talking point, what is the value here? What is the transformation? What’s the problem I’m going to solve? Not how much email access they get to me, not how often should I be talking to them? These things will drive you crazy. And they’re not really gonna matter to the person anyway, they can be helpful, you know, for like a Q and a section, but they should not be what’s leading your sales page or your sales conversation, anything like that. Um, I’ve seen this mistake made way too many times and it breaks people’s hearts because they feel like they are offering all that they’ve got.


And for whatever reason, people aren’t moving and they can take it personally and think something’s wrong with them. None of that’s true. Uh, it’s just that they’re not really understanding the psychology behind what is going to make people decide to move forward with something or not. What is the result? Why should they care? So that is key. Number one, identify the transformation before you start launching something, screenshot it, have it be your screensaver, write a sticky note on your desk, have it be the wallpaper on your computer, live in breathe. That transformation- It should be at the forefront of everything you do. And that will make sales conversations so much easier. It will make social media easier. It will make marketing easier. It will really make any of it so much easier. So one have your transformation five-figure launch essential. 


Number two is to create content before you actually launch. So we think of our launch launches in three phases. The first is sort of prelaunch or content creation all behind the scenes. No one really is seeing what I’m doing yet. It’s not that I’m not a secretive person. I usually am pretty upfront about what I’m working on with people, but in the sense that it’s not outward marketing yet, it is all us behind the scenes then in the middle. Hey Kristen. So glad this is helpful for you then in the middle. The middle section is when we are what I think of as the relationship building phase. So a lot of the times the relationship building phase I’ll get more into this, but that includes something that has to do with the way you build relationships, which hint, hint is not over an email emails, help, but they are not going to make or break it.

Think about- So if you’re selling something and you’re a consultant, or you’re a coach, or you’re a service based entrepreneur, you’re a graphic designer. Whatever the case may be, you are entering people when they say yes to you, they are entering into a transformation of sorts. It’s a relatively big decision. So think of yourself as like a college. Now, most people, this isn’t always the case, but most people don’t go to colleges unless they’ve visited it. Or unless they’ve heard of people and like met some alum or whatever, do they enjoy the emails they get from the college? Totally. Do they love stalking its website? You bet. Do they like looking at their social media presence? Yeah, but it’s not what really seals the deal of them saying, yes, this is for me. And so a lot of the times I see people rely solely on emails or social media to make the sales that they want.


And it’s not that you can’t make sales over social media or that you can’t make sales over emails. You absolutely can. But when we want to have big launches, a five-figure launch, you know, multiple $50,000 launches, you better bet you better believe I’m not relying on an email to do that. I am going to give it my all and I am going to do what I can to put myself out there so people can see very easily whether or not this is right for me. If I’m only relying on emails for them to make that decision, I’m leaving a lot more up to chance. They don’t get that personal relationship with me. Another way to think of this is how are you turning people in your world, your warm audience, people who know you, people who follow you into your hot audience. Well, if they’re already getting emails from you and they’re already following you on social media, you’re not really doing anything different than you always do.


So you need to think what’s going to take that extra step. What’s going to seal the deal in the relationship. How can you ask them to go study with you or something that people people said back in the eighties or whatever decade that was anyway, you get where I’m coming from. So we’re big fans. I do. I love doing Facebook lives. I love doing webinars. This also could be in the form of a live event. This could be in the form of a networking event. Maybe you could host a workshop. There’s lots of creative ways to do this so long as it gets to this essence of I’m creating the relationship and sealing the relationship so that I’m leaving a lot less up to chance for whether or not people want to work with me. Hi, Evie. So good to see you. I miss you so much. So that is step two is- Well, actually I kind of got a little bit off track here, so that would actually more be step three, which was build, make sure that you’re building relationships through a whole phase of your launch. And then I remember where I was picking off. 


The third part of the launch is actually having the doors open, having people buy. Now, when you have that kind of central place, and you’re really in relationship building mode, you are doing things in person or live or getting on calls, or you’re talking to people or you’re doing sales calls or whatever. You don’t have time to be doing all the backend stuff. So a lot of times I see people go into a week and they’re like, I’m ready to launch something now. And they’re excited about it. And then all of a sudden they are writing their sales emails. They are writing social media posts, they’re managing Facebook ads and they are doing whatever live relationship connectors they want to do all in the same week.


Totally an energy suck. And it’s not really gonna be that fun for you. So I’m very, very strict nowadays. Cause I, this, you guys, this made a difference like night and day for me, I used to be totally guilty of that. I’d get up the day that, um, like a launch started or doors opened and I would like write, you know, the announcement, email, and like hope that it worked out and it was exhausting and I was tired and I just like really, couldn’t kind of give it my all the way that I wanted, you know? And so now I literally block off time off of my calendar, the uh, the weeks before so that I can write sales emails, look at my sales page, um, run Facebook ads. If that’s what I want to do, run Instagram ads. If that’s what I want to do and draft social media posts.


So that the week that I’m building relationships, that’s literally all I’m doing is building relationships. I’m very into this, as you can see. So that is when I’m able to talk to people on the phone or DM people or, um, do more webinars or do more lives or whatever I want to do. And I can be really inspired about it. Otherwise you feel you’re in a time crunch, your energy can suffer. Your energy is super important. That’s a whole thing we’re going to talk about in a second. But the takeaway here is be fierce about getting your content done in advance. Do not be waking up when your launch is happening. When the doors are opening, when you need to be focusing on your clients and your head is in the computer, because you’re still typing emails or whatever the case may be. So that is must number two for our five-figure launch is we do all the launch content ahead of time.


Okay. Tip number three is something I kind of just touched on, but it is to make sure that you have a whole focus on relationship building. Like I said, I love doing these through live video, through webinars, through phone calls, through live trainings, through workshops, you can get creative with it. There’s no perfect way to do it. You can have a lot of fun with it, but relying solely on email and social media is what I believe to be a mistake. Like I said, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make sales through those mediums, but if you want a five figure launch or more than one five-figure launch, why leave things up to chance those things, um, foster and nurture people, but they typically don’t really move the needle, really show your expertise, really show how great you are at whatever it is you do in the way that a live video can.


It also doesn’t build trust in the same way. You can’t mess up live videos. As much as you can edit an email and edit an email and outsource an email like who even knows if it’s you. So see these as two different things. I see my relationship builders, my phone calls, um, my, my lives, my webinars, whatever, as kind of my high level efforts and strategies and in social media and my emails as the supporters. So I always do those supporters ahead of time. And then they are there to kind of like support me as I, as I talk about my program, as I talk about what I can do is I talk to people as they build relationships, et cetera, et cetera. So, uh, make sure that you are kind of giving it that extra push. A lot of times I’ll hear people say, well, I don’t want to do a webinar, it’s too much work, et cetera, et cetera. And those are fear-based thoughts. Those are forms of fear. 


You know, if you knew something was gonna work out nine out of 10 times, you would do it actually probably 10 out of 10 times, you do it. So don’t be so afraid that these things will fail. Really see what could happen if they succeed. And remember that you’re doing this out of service. People like relying on people to make purchases for hundreds, even thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars without getting that realness from you. Why they, you, you don’t deserve, I don’t want to say you don’t deserve it. Cause that’s, that’s not what I mean. And you deserve anything that you want, if you decide that it’s yours, but I myself would probably not make that kind of investment just based on an email. I’d want to know more about the person I’d want to make sure I trust them, want to make sure I resonate with them, all that kind of stuff. And so, you know, really ask yourself, what would I want if I was in this person’s shoes?

Okay. The fourth essential that I have for a five-figure launch is visibility. So we spend hundreds, thousands sometimes of dollars on paid advertisement to fit, to get people, to come to our relationship builder efforts. So if I do a webinar, if I do a workshop, if I do a live class, if I do anything like that, then I, you know, budget money. I identify how much I want to spend. I test the daylights out of my Facebook ads so that I get the lowest, um, you know, cost per lead. And I have minimum amounts of how many people I want in those programs or in the enrollments. And I don’t stop spending money or stop testing until I get there. My rule of thumb is don’t host a webinar or a live unless 100 people are there or rather if you try to host one and less than a hundred people sign up, you can host it, but then you need to host another and not rely on that as your primary form of selling, don’t rely on replays. The key is to get people’s butt in their seats, live. 


And so, you know, be honest about what this takes and, and, you know, I’ve given this advice to people before people that have DM’d me and said, how, how are your launches going so well or whatever. And I’m really honest. We spend money, we spend on ads, we do what professional businesses do and use marketing. And, um, that freaks people out some of the time, they’re like, well, I don’t have money for ads. This isn’t the time X, Y, and Z. And I’ve been there. You know, I, I started out at zero just like you. I started out not having money to do this, just like so many people. So I have compassion for it. And if you want to be making a five-figure launch, $10,000, plus the 1,500 on Facebook ads is completely worth it.


I mean, that’s an incredible ROI. Whereas if you spend your time doing some emails and some lives or whatever the case may be, and you didn’t really give it your all in this way for the sake of saving money and your launch flops, well, you lost a lot more money. You know, like you, if you spend $1,500 and you make 10,000, you only gain $8,500, okay. It’s the only way the math works. Whereas if you don’t spend any money and you don’t make any money, lose your time and whatever efforts, maybe you did put into it or whatever money you did put into it. So, you know, we’re really fierce around how to get whatever I’m doing visible in as many hands and eyes as possible. And I’ve done this from the beginning. When I didn’t have money for Facebook ads, I would personally reach out to people on Instagram.


I would create, you know, little pitches to put in DM’s around, come to my live teleclass. Um, I would do like just phone call classes at the time. This was before Facebook live, had really blown up. I would DM people to come. I would reach out to friends and family and ask them to share it on their social media platforms. I would, uh, put it on my own personal social media platforms. So really get clear on what your launch goals are before you launch and be relentless about them. And once again, I am hosting a, um, a masterclass, well, I’ll walk you through and help you personally create your launch goals. It’s only $47. We’re gonna resell this class and the recording later on for much more than that. So this is your chance to come live and for only $47. And I’ll set these goals with you and I’ll help you see, do you want to be spending money on ads? How much should you spend on ads given what your goals are? How many people do you need to come to these? How long do you need to market it for like, all these questions might seem overwhelming, but knowledge is power. So once we have it written down and you can see it, it’s not overwhelming anymore. And you can just execute, okay. 


The fifth and final launch essential. This is the most important one by far. If you hear nothing else during this entire episode, then this is the biggest takeaway. The most important part of your launch is your energy and how you are actually believing and showing up and living every day through your launch. Now, bear with me. Don’t close out on me. I would’ve totally a year ago thought that this was completely ridiculous. Um, I see some people hopped off that school.


I know that this is the most important thing. And the reason it’s the most important thing is because let’s, I use this example yesterday in my, I think my Scale Your Side Hustle kickoff call and I love it when we don’t pay attention to our energy. And we overly rely on the assets that we think should sell for us, our sales page, our experience, our testimonials, our background, our logistics, our super sexy sales emails, whatever the case may be. Then we risk what I am now deciding to call perfect on paper syndrome. We all have been there where you’re interested in someone. You think that they’re really good looking. Uh, they kind of check off, maybe all your desired partner boxes. Your family would love them. They seem so logically great for you, but for whatever reason, the chemistry isn’t there, the spark isn’t there, the magic isn’t there.


That is what you risk becoming when you don’t put your energy first, when you’re launching. Because no matter how much you are perfect on paper, no matter how much people see your sexy sales page, you know, they see your credentials, they see your transformation offering. They see your really well done emails. If they don’t really feel the magic with you, if you don’t make them believe that they can do this. In other words, if you don’t believe in yourself and you don’t have that confidence, that zest that Holy cow, this is so such an exciting thing that I’m offering you. They’re not going to be excited about it and they’ll wonder, well, why don’t I want to do this? It seems like it’s such a good idea, but that’s when the fear talking happens. That’s when they talk themselves out of actually doing things for themselves.


And so your energy is what allows you to connect with them as they make a big decision. It’s also what will repel people who don’t jive with you, which is equally as important. Take it from someone who has literally had to remove people from her programs before, because they weren’t the right fit or whatever the case may be. You want people in there who are an energetic fit for you. And so you need to show the energy that you want. You know, one of like scale your side hustle, launching it- I’m not going to let you use to kind of stress me out. It was overwhelming. That was before I knew everything I’m telling you guys. Now that was before I knew how to really leverage paid ads, to get people into the live things I was doing, which was stressful because I never felt like enough people came.


That was before I knew that I needed to do all of my content ahead of time, which was really because I was constantly scrambling. And that was before I knew how important my energy was. So I would kind of allow myself to get stressed out during those weeks. I would get sad if things didn’t go the way that I wanted them to get down on myself, I would tell myself these stories that people weren’t going to join. And then they would, and it was just like, it was all very dramatic. Whereas now that I understand how important energy is, I’ve set up these boundaries to implement that. So I have all of my content done beforehand. Um, I, you know, make sure that we test my ads beforehand so that they’re ready to go. I have really clear goals and I work on them clearly and relentlessly.


Um, now that I have all those boundaries in place, my scale, your side hustle launch is one of my favorite parts of my year. It is like so much fun. And that’s because whenever I talk to the people who want to join Scale Your Side Hustle, or I’m telling, you know, the power of the program or looking back at what the material in the program did for me, I can remember that the information and Scale Your Side Hustle. When I went through it myself, it was one of the most exciting times of my life. And even though I was going through a lot of tragedy at the time, it was when my entire life was changing. I was quitting my nine to five job. I was making more money than I ever had made in my life before my clients were happy. Like I liked working, you know, whereas working at nine to fives, you’re often at the mercy of bosses who no matter what good of hearts they have, you’re going to be at the wrath of their stress.


Um, I was getting to be creative. You know, abundance was starting to be real for me. Like everything was changing. And now when I launch Scale Your Side Hustle, that’s what I think of. I’m like, so genuinely excited for the people that are about to go through it because I know how life changing the program is. I know how things will never be the same for them. I know how they’re unlocking a part of their life. They’ve probably already always craved, but never really known how to dial into. And that’s why it’s so fun for me. And I honestly think that that’s one of the reasons that we have successful launches is because people can feel that I know what I’m talking about. That I’ve been there myself, that I have compassion for them, that I’m excited for them, that I’m in it with them.


Whereas if they’re trying to make this big decision and I’m like a bundle of nerves in the background slash too afraid to actually show up and do it slash unorganized, how would they trust me with this very precious desire that they have? You know, their fears, their dreams, their hopes, all of that, their money and their time and their resources, and rightfully so. You know, I would not trust myself with someone who, who is not energetically aligned with me either. So we are really clear about what I need to have in place nowadays to keep my energy high during these. And that’s why it’s such a fun experience. So do not underestimate your mindset. If you are going through these launches and you have this energy of why aren’t people buying. This is so stressful. People are so frustrating. I’ve heard people say my audience sucks, then just not going to happen the way you want it to. And rightfully so, why would, why would anyone want to buy from you if you think that they sack, or if you think that what you’re doing for them is stressful. No one would. 


So to briefly recap, here are the five essentials we now use for our five-figure launch and multiple five-figure launches. And once again, if you want to work with me side by side, to map out your next launch and have it be a five-figure launch, I am not holding anything back in my new masterclass and it’s only $47 to come live. You guys, once it’s done live, we’re going to sell it at a higher price point than that. And you won’t be able to come live. So get into this. And, um, I will plan these things with you and I’m not going to hold anything back in terms of how much we spend, how I test my ads, what my timeline is like, how long and how far in advance I do these things, et cetera, et cetera.


So, you can sign up in that faith in Facebook, under the video and Instagram. After this video, I will put the link in my bio. Recapping, here are the five essentials number one is to make sure you’re focusing on your transformation from minute one, with all of your marketing, the way you think about this, et cetera. Number two is to create your content beforehand so that you’re not feeling stressed or  pressed for time or anything like that while you’re actually selling. Number three is to focus on relationships as a whole phase of your launch. Whether that means getting on the phone with people doing live video, um, doing something in person, doing an event, doing a challenge, whatever is going to really help people see you as more than just words behind a computer screen, then do that. And four is to get visible. 


I was very transparent about how we leverage paid ads. I’m aggressive on social media. We, you know, we leverage our network, we do everything we can. My hair is all over the place in order to get as visible as possible. And those are all strategies. I’m going to teach you in the five-figure launch strategy masterclass. So please sign up for that five-figure launch class. And then fifth is your energy. Make sure that you feel good, make sure that you are not being a hypocrite. I can’t tell you how many times I see business coaches out there and I’m not shaming anyone here. I’m sure I’ve been there in the past myself. It’s just that awareness of am I telling people to take a chance and believe in themselves. And I don’t believe in myself, you know, really look at the mindset, work here, get support. You’re not meant to do this alone if it’s feeling scary or if it’s feeling unnerving, but your energy is number one. 


All right. I hope you guys found this helpful. If you watch this on Instagram DM me and let me know what your favorite one was. Um, but I am really looking forward to our five-figure launch masterclass. So, um, DM me, if you want to join the five-figure launch class, the link will be in my Instagram bio. The link is also below this Facebook live, and I will see you guys in there! You can have a five-figure launch. Here is your biggest vision! 

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