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A strong mindset is the foundation to any successful entrepreneur. It’s talked about all over social media, entrepreneurship success stories, autobiographies and self-help books… and with good reason. That said, I wanted to zoom in on the mindset shifts I specifically made when crossing the six figure mark because they’re quite different than the ones I made when starting my business.

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1- Seek support for expansion, not for fixing problems. For many new entrepreneurs, starting to invest in mentors, teachers, coaches, etc. is super scary. It’s expensive and you don’t know if it’ll pay off. Even when you do move forward with the investment, that fear can still manifest in your relationship with the support you’re receiving. Most often, this can show up as a subconscious need to “get your money’s worth” from the investment, so you dramatize problems because your coach “better be able to fix them” or you put a lot of pressure on a goal because your teacher ‘better teach you how to achieve it.” See what I mean?

I was totally guilty of this in the beginning. I was a hard worker, but I was always looking for help with issues coming up. Now, I approach my mentors with a different perspective. Instead of asking, “can you fix this problem?” I trust myself to solve obstacles and approach them for more exciting questions, “what’s next? How can this get better? What more can I see here?”

2- Get fierce about fear-based decisions. At the six-figure mark, my business felt so strong and sturdy. I took that foundation seriously and knew that it wouldn’t be strong if it was built from a fear-based place.

3- Become your own permission slip. This was something I’ve had to work on since day one, but I got really aggressive about it at six figures. Though I didn’t consciously know it, subconsciously, I was constantly waiting to be “ready” for new milestones in my business. I wasn’t ready to raise my prices, wasn’t ready to launch something new, wasn’t ready to invest X dollars into my business… and I felt that I knew what would make me feel ready. But in reality, if I waited for those things that made me feel ready, I would still be working toward six figures today.

If you know something would help you today… investing in your business, raising your prices, creating a program, consider this email the reminder that you’re the only permission slip you’ll ever need!

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S. 2, Ep. 45- 6 Figures from These Mindset Shifts
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Implementing these three mindset shifts got me to 6 figures in my business! Today I am sharing three of the most powerful mindset shifts for any entrepreneur trying to get to 6 figures. I have seen my clients succeed with them time and time again and I hope they will provide you with some insight on expediting your own journey to 6 figures!

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  • The top three mindset shifts that helped me get to 6 figures.


  • Why the way you think about investing money into your business is so important.


  • The one belief you must ditch in order to have full freedom and limitless growth in your business.