My 2021 Mastermind- Details and a First Look Your Biggest Vision
Season 2, Ep. 46

Sharing the first look into what’s in store for our 2021 Mastermind!

The Mastermind is an exclusive, application-only coaching experience for online-based entrepreneurs that, for the first time, will be an entire year long. Its focus is transformation and uplevel.

The alum of the Mastermind have had inspiring success stories; choosing a full-time life of travel, retiring their partners, having multiple five-figure months, and most importantly, living and working in true alignment with themselves. 

That said, there will be elements about the 2021 version that are brand new, and we’re sharing those for the first time in this episode. Tune into hear:

  • The three pillars that make up this Mastermind. (I honestly think one of these alone would be worth the price, but you get all three!)
  • Why I’m so confident in this program and the reason that those who join can expect true transformation and incredible results.
  • Questions to ask yourself to discover whether this program could be right for you.
Tune in for the first look into what's in store for our 2021 Mastermind- an exclusive coaching experience for online-based entrepreneurs.

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Leah- 2021 Mastermind
Leah Gervais 2021 Mastermind

Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais: Welcome back to the show. You guys, I am Leah, and I’m very excited to be here with you. I am a coach for entrepreneurs. I mostly work with very ambitious, sometimes perfectionist entrepreneurs that have online based businesses, and that really want to skyrocket them. My areas of genius are in marketing and mindset. And I actually think that that is something alone that is relatively unique about what we do, um, within my business and within my coaching. And it’s a big reason people get such good results is because there’s a really powerful combination of the actual strategy behind entrepreneurship and business and the mindset that you need to have, and that you need to adapt and that you need to look at if you really want big changes in your life and in your business. And today I’m here to tell you a little bit, I’m here to tell you kind of the first, um, the first, the first look, give me the first look what I’m trying to say.


The first look at, uh, what our 2021 mastermind is going to be like, who’s it going to be for what you can expect, how to know if this is something that you could benefit from why it works so well and what the components of the mastermind are. So let me go ahead and just go ahead and dive in. Um, I’m sure that most of you listening to this probably know something about me, but in case you don’t, uh, I am a very fast mover by nature. I am very, uh, very fast mover within my own business, and I really help my clients that do want to move quickly move quickly as well. I started my business a little over four years ago and didn’t make really a penny for the first year. It’s kind of hard for me to quantify that perfectly because I would make a little bit of money, never more than like a few hundred dollars, but it was always like somewhat from my business.


It wasn’t actually like products or services that I was creating. Uh, but no matter what I wasn’t really doing well for that first year at all. Um, but I didn’t give up, I had a vision. I knew that I wanted to work for myself. I knew that I wanted to turn this into something. So I kept working really hard. And when I finally hit the thousand dollar per month with, from my side hustle, which was, you know, around my nine to five job at the time, that’s when I started really taking my business seriously when I really decided to step it up when I really decided to not play small. And that was only three years ago, that was actually November of 2017. Um, that was when I started investing in my business. That’s when I actually joined a year long program, not too different from my mastermind.


Although my mastermind is a little more advanced in the program I joined the program I joined was for newer entrepreneurs, but, um, I, you know, started investing in my business. I honestly went into debt to start my business, which I don’t necessarily recommend, but I want to be open about, because I think sometimes it can easy, be easy to look at where others are and compare yourself to them. When in reality, you know, the things like I did go into debt to do this. It wasn’t handed to me. Um, and then after that, that year after, when I had really dedicated myself to that things really started ramping up before I knew it. I was making more at my side hustle with my side hustle than I was at my nine to five job. Um, which blew my mind because I was living in New York city.

Um, one of the most expensive cities in the world and after so long, so much stagnation, honestly probably close to two years of stagnation or year and a half to then all of a sudden have my main income, literally doubled. It was a dream come true. Uh, but I didn’t stop there. I did not want to stop, go stop from there. So then by November of the following year, November is kind of a big month for me. I mean, for me now that I’m thinking about it by November of the following year, I was able to resign from my nine to five job. And I started having what would then be consistent five figure months and five figure months blew my mind. I literally had a point in time when I never ever believed that I could make $10,000 in a month. I didn’t believe it was in the cards for me.


It seemed like way too much money way too good to be true. I had all these types of excuses going on in my mind about why that never would happen for me. So when it did start happening and then it didn’t stop, I was really blown away at how just a year ago, I thought it was beyond amazing that I was able to make even $1,000 in a month. And ever since then, things have still not slowed down. Um, my life has changed in the most spectacular of ways. Leading my nine to five job was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was able to get married during this all and was very, very blessed to be able to actually like pay for things in my wedding that I actually, no, I would not have been able to, if I would have stayed at my non-profit job, um, you know, or a nine to five job that didn’t have a graduate degree salary.


Um, and, uh, yeah, so I got married, which was amazing. I now have, uh, you know, I have people that full-time work in my business and we have a team of an all women based, uh, all women based team, which is something I’m really proud of. Um, and now this November, we are so just remember just three years ago, I had my first $1,000 a month and I literally thought it was the most exciting thing ever. And now in, from October, we had our first $100,000 a month. So in a matter of three years, I just continued to add zeros onto my income. I went from 1000 and then a year later, 10,002 years later, a hundred thousand. And so I’m not sharing this story to brag. I’m also not sharing this story to make it seem like everything was easy. It was fast, but it wasn’t easy.


It didn’t always feel fast in the moment. Um, but it is possible. It is possible if you believe it’s possible, if you know that it’s possible. And if you keep yourself going, there’s literally no limits to what you can do when you take massive action. The problem is I talked to so many people that want to have their own business, or they want to have financial freedom, or they want to quit their nine to five job where they want to have $10,000 months. And the action that they’re taking does not match up to it. And I’m not trying to sound overly harsh here because I don’t believe in workaholism. I don’t believe in a very masculine type of working. I think that work should have a lot of room for intuition. It should have helped have a lot of room for, you know, your own internal guidance.


It should have a lot of room for, uh, guidance from higher powers, God, in my case, but I know some people subscribed more with the universe. So I don’t think that it means you need to take all the action, but it does mean that you need to take massive action when you have a specific Or an inspired or a lead by goal. And so, you know, a good example here is that if you want to have, if you want to, if you want to turn your, let’s say you want to turn your monthly income, your annual income into your monthly income. That was something that we started doing at the beginning of this year. And that also blew my mind, you know, seeing 50, $60,000 months when I was making that in a year, just two years ago, just just a few years ago, I don’t have a graduate degree.


I didn’t have a background in marketing. I didn’t have the most original idea. I just took massive action. And when I was not making that kind of money, I can tell you that my income and my actions were more things like, well, I’ve been reading a lot of, you know, inspired books, or I took a, an e-course on Udemy that was on sale and it’s going to help me with SEO. And, and I thought that those were the only options available to me, which why they, why they were the only actions that I took. And when I started realizing that I was making decisions based on where I was like, that’s all I could afford at the time. That’s all I had time for at the time. That’s all I understood at the time. That’s all that made sense for me at the time. That’s why I stayed there when I started thinking, well, what if I started making decisions based on where I could be?


What if I started investing in my business as if I already had a six-figure business, even though I jumped, what if I started putting myself out there in a way that had the confidence I thought I’d have, once I hit six figures, even though I didn’t have that confidence to begin with, what if, like, what was different about the actions I were taking versus the actions I thought I would take when I hit X, Y, and Z goal. And that’s when things really started shifted. And that brings me to my mastermind because that is really the type of woman who comes into the mastermind and not only comes in, but actually thrives in it. Uh, it is, you know, when you’re at that point of all in all my chips are in, I am going to make this work like, no, um, Oh yeah, we already, Olivia’s already in our mastermind, which I’m so excited about.


Thanks for sharing that. Olivia, this was the best advice. Yeah. And, you know, we think we’re doing the responsible thing a lot of the time by making decisions from the current position we’re in, but very logically, that absolutely makes no sense because that’s how you stay in the current position that you’re in. And so my mastermind is really the people that say, you know what, this I’m going to push myself. I’m ready to know. I’m ready to go all in. I’m ready to not look back. I’m ready to completely put everything out there so that I know that I’m going to thrive because I don’t have any option at this point because success is inevitable for me. And so if that is kind of what you are, you know, craving, um, in, in 2021, if you were kind of thinking like how co how different could your life look in a year?


Like, take all my examples here at going from zero to a thousand, a thousand to 10,000, turning my annual income into my monthly income in a matter of years and having now a six-figure month, which I still can’t even believe I’m saying that out loud. And again, I’m not trying to tell you all this to brag, but it’s, it’s, um, it’s, it, it’s crazy to me. It’s absolutely crazy to me because it was- it changed so quickly. And so in a year that’s available to you. And so I want you to ask yourself, especially after this year, especially after 2020 was so unpredictable and crazy. When you look at November of 20, 21, December of 2021, what do you want it to be like? where do you want your income to be? What differences do you want to feel? What do you want your life to look like?


And if you’re really fired up about that, if you really have a clear vision, if you’re really excited for what that could be, then I encourage you to first listen to the rest of this episode and then go to LeahGervais/ and see more of what my mastermind is about. My mastermind is this really cool balance of it’s very, very intimate with me. So it’s the only program we have that I teach completely. I don’t have any assistant coaches in it. I am completely, um, involved in it and I’m the most involved in it, but I don’t ever, I’ve never tried to be, um, everyone to everything to everyone. So we really focus on your mindset, which is why personal development is, you know, why, why you get such transformation because you’re looking inside a lot. And then we really look at your strategies.


There are other things that aren’t my zones of genius, like eCourse creation or sourced, social media. And we have guest experts come in and talk to you guys about that. So you’re still supported. And our guest experts are all million dollar business owners. So you’re getting information from the best of the best. And I personally interview them on behalf of what you’re learning. So it’s like tailored advice to you. 


It’s basically free coaching from like seven figure with his daughters. Um, but what I know to be true, what I’ve found in my own business and what I’ve seen in my own clients is when you try to have a program where you do absolutely everything, it can feel paralyzing, and it can really lose Lea leave out some of that intuition, some of that divine guidance, some of your own, your own decision-making because you end up kind of following this cookie cutter mold.


So it’s really your chance to go very, very deep with me and really see what, what, what has worked for me over the years for this type of transformation and this mastermind, you know, well, let me get into that in just a second. I hope I’ve made clear who this is for this, this, for the female entrepreneur who is ready for her for six figure a year or her next six, figure a year. If you’ve already hit six figures, but you’re ready to release zoom past. Maybe it was kind of like white-knuckling to get there. Um, then this is still going to be a great program for you. If you’re not consistently having those, those five figure months, then this is going to be a great program for you. Or if you’re just writing for 2021 to be your first six-figure year, this is going to be a great program for you.


You should have an online business. If you have a brick and mortar business, there are still things I could help you with, but I don’t think this mastermind will be for you. Um, there’s several reasons for that, mostly because I want you all to really learn from the strategies they teach you each, uh, in ways that would allow you to use them again, in your own words, assess, and you are here to be really excited about, you know, the traditional kind of understanding of a mastermind. Um, I believe it was in pulley in Hill that talks about this and think, and grow rich. Two minds come together to create not just two powerful minds, but a third kind of a third invisible about all powerful mind that is an extension of the two. And that’s really what this is about. And that’s why I’m pretty clear on the type of community we want in it.


Because when you have that great mix of people that really supportive container, that really unified container, then you all do come together to create something even more powerful than, you know, then, then any one person can buy themselves. So if that sounds like you and you are in the right place, now I’m going to talk a little bit about the logistics of the mastermind. And what I believe is the kind of really the really supportive container that it creates and the container that creates such these such great results. So the first thing, well, let me put it this way. There are three. What I call the three C’s of the mastermind that work together in really great unison. I personally think that one of the C’s on their own is worth the price of the mastermind. That is how confident I am in. I am in this program.


And I’ll talk about why in just a second. Um, but the three C’s together are, like I said, worth the worth at all on their own. So see, number one is coaching. You obviously are coached by me, very intimately, very intensely and very closely. And when we work together for this program, I mean, this is going to be the first time in a mastermind where you’re going to be coached completely under my Leah Gervais methodology, which is super exciting. 


My leads are they, methodology is something that actually all my curriculum follows and works under. Um, and now because the mastermind is going to be all of 2021, which I don’t know if I mentioned that, but that’s the first time I’m ever doing it for an entire year. Then, um, we are able to do it in a more kind of broken down way than ever before, which I’m really excited about. And I’ll talk about why my methodology works so well, but I guess the first thing to just say is that, um, it is, is, you know, it, it works, I guess that’s the long and the short of it. It works for me over and over. And it has worked for the, it has worked in the programs. I have taught my clients at as well. 


And what’s cool is it creates a cyclical version of success where it allows you to keep going up and up and up. It’s not like I’m teaching you how to hit six figures and then good luck. And then, you know, I don’t know where to help you go from there, or you have to figure it out on your own. It is a methodology and a framework that works at all levels. It is literally that one I’ve used for all of my own levels. So you will get coached by me in a way that no other program that I do is because the coaching here is the priority. Um, we don’t have modules every week. We don’t have lessons every week. 


And I do that on purpose because time and time again, I’ve had people tell me that they become so successful in this mastermind because I’m working with me because they, they go from having shiny object syndrome where they feel like they need to be looking at everything else to realizing they are, they their own shiny object and us really helping them take off so that they don’t even really have time to see what else is going on.


And that focus is really unique. So a few things just to summarize the coaching here, we do this under my methodology, which the philosophy is you start with the inner to create the outer. You are coaching directly with me for a year. There’s no other programs that I have where one they’re a year or two, they’re directly with me and don’t have anyone else in on them with you. Um, and three where I really co-create with you. 


It’s not just like a Q and A type thing. It’s like, I know where you’re at in your business because we work with you really closely on that. And it’s also the only group that I have other than my one-on-one clients, which is not a group. So it’s the only group I have where you get one-on-one calls with me. So it’s a really intimate community, and it’s a really intimate way to learn from me.


That brings me to the next C of the mastermind. The next C is the community. Now, one of the things that I’m going to be most intentional about in this 2020 mastermind, more than ever, and I’ve always been pretty intentional about it, but is the container that it creates and is the women that are invited into it. And it’s not that I think that not everyone, it could be a good entrepreneur. 


I actually really do think that I don’t think everyone will be, but I think they could be. It’s really about that supportive and consistent and, um, safe container where everyone can feel on the same page and completely open with each other. And like, they’re actually learning from each other. Now, how do I create something like this? Well, one, it is an application only mastermind. So everyone who joins either has been personally invited by me or has applied.


So we already know that you all have, you know, the similarities we think required for it to work for you. Second, we have Voxer support a private boxer channels. So that means that all of us together are on a Voxer channel where you all can communicate with me, have daily check-ins if need be, um, and communicate with each other and celebrate with each other and ask these questions as they come up and really feel like, you know, you have that resource and that community there for you always. 


And then the third and most exciting way we’re creating community is we are doing three retreats over the course of the year. These retreats are meant to be in person. They are meant to be in Miami. They are meant to be in New York and they are meant to be in Provance.


Um, obviously all of this is pandemic pending, but that is the intention. And, uh, the majority, I mean, your expenses are part of the mastermind investment. So it’s literally done for you. And they are not like just vacations, even though they are going to be incredibly fun. They are work trips. So we’ll coach together in person, you’ll brainstorm together in person you’ll workshop together in person. And there’s truly nothing more powerful than like being in the room with people that you’re learning from. And that you are also helping like your colleagues. So the community isn’t just kind of like tongue in cheek. You know, I’m not just saying, you’ll go through this with people. You will go through it with people, but we are explicitly designing the structure of the program so that the community is constant. It’s supportive. You truly get to know each other in the most authentic, vulnerable of ways.


You have fun together. I really want everyone to come out of this mastermind feeling like for life, they have entrepreneurs in their corner that will refer people to them that will refer clients to them that maybe they’ll work on projects together. They’ll collaborate, they’ll celebrate their five, six figure months, you know, having champagne on a Tuesday and a five star hotel, because none of them have nine to five jobs like that is what will be created for you. And I can say from so much experience that my network and networking throughout this has been a huge business builder for me and something that I would definitely not have my business without. 


Okay. The third C is content. So I’ve mentioned that you have coaching. That is probably the, the main attraction, especially people coming in that want to be coached by me. Um, and then the second is the community. And then the third is content.


As I shared, this is not about modules or lessons. And I think that that’s important to point out for a few reasons. One I’m not teaching anything cookie cutter and two, this is, this is actually a less time commitment than I think a lot of other programs or courses you may have been a part of. And I think that that’s important because I think sometimes we feel like we don’t want to sign up for another thing because we don’t have time to commit to it. And I get that. And I actually, I think it’s great when people have boundaries around their own bandwidth and they only want to do something if they’re doing it right. But because of where the kind of client is at in business at this point, I get you guys have stuff to do.


I get that the mastermind is not something that you need. You want more on your to-do list of it’s not something that should feel like homework. It’s really about. It’s more about changing your mindset and then mapping out really sophisticated strategies and having me help you with them and having me execute them with you. So the content is not, um, overwhelming. 


The content is not more as more because I don’t believe that the content is curated and it is also things that are not publicly available or that even most paid programs don’t have available. I had mentioned that, you know, you have guests experts, guest lectures, teachings from really successful business owners, seven, eight figure business owners. Uh, and, and it’s information is sharing directly with you, my mastermind based on what I’m asking them. And that’s because I know what I think would be the most helpful for you guys in this mastermind.


So having all of that, plus you do have access to every single one of my programs, every single one. And so through all of that, you will never, I mean, in my opinion, there’s really not another e-course from a basic business perspective that you would need. We cover everything from ads to email is growth and email list, building, creating opt-ins creating programs, um, you know, how to sell, sales psychology. 


We have a whole program on sales, sales strategies, launch strategies that you have like a resource bank of all of that. Um, there are certain things that I, you know, like I don’t teach Twitter or Instagram really. I’m always happy to answer questions on how I do Instagram, but it’s not my zone of genius. Um, so, you know, I’m not trying to say again, not trying to be everything to everyone, but it should really make you remember that if you want to hit six figures, there’s nothing more you need than what is in what are in my programs.


And I can say that because one, I made them and I hit six figures into, I’ve seen a lot of other people do it. And I think one of the downfalls of six-figure, uh, goals or attempts, there is people trying to take on too much to do it. So you do have a wealth of content. You have so much information at your fingertips, should you need it. Not that I’m making you guys go through things every single week, but should you need it, It is there. And it is really all you need to hit six figures. So you will actually save money by not feeling like you have to buy every course that comes out or every webinar that you watch, or every affiliate launch that you’re a part of or anything like that because you don’t.


Okay. Now the next part I want to get into, I’m sorry, guys. I feel like I’m getting a little bit of a cold, so I’m sorry if my voice sounds a little bit runny or I feel like I’m sounding kind of complainey, not trying to complain, not trying to do that. Um, it’s just, I think I woke up with a little bit of a scratchy throat. Let me take a sip of water. 


Okay. Now I want to address the amount of confidence I have in this program and why I think it’ll work so well. So I’ve kind of, you know, sat here said throughout this. And, um, and I will continue to talk about this program about how confident I am that if people join in with the right attitude, and if people are willing to be coached and to learn marketing and the strategies, then they will be able to hit their goals. They will be able to transform their life.


They will be able to see new and amazing, very quickly transformative things coming into their life and quickly, how am I so confident in that? How do I feel like I can, you know, get on this podcast and say, this is worth everything. This is one of the best masterminds out there. I feel like we’re doing all of this with really a lot of, you know, in a, in a really, um, just careful way. How do I have that confidence? I want to just kind of address that. And this is also just a few notes on I, um, why I think that this is yeah, one of the best masterminds there and why I think it is worth the investment of time and money. Um, it’s, you know, when you’re looking at a six-figure goal, is it a huge investment? Not really, uh, because you, you know, to be building a business like that, you are going to be investing in it.


You are going to need to be moving quickly and ramping up. And it’s obviously not a six-figure investment, although if it were, I still think it’s worth it to invest that kind of thing. If it teaches you how to make a certain income amount over and over, but that’s neither here nor there. So it, but nonetheless, I understand that a year long commitment is a commitment and a year long payment plan is a commitment. And so how do I, how did I decide on this and how do I feel so good about the commitment that is part of it? Here’s why, first of all, everything about the three pillars of it and everything about my coaching in general, the coaching, the community and the content, everything that we look at, everything that we, uh, you know, all the materials, all the strategies, they all follow.


My very, I think very firm approach that we have to do the inner before we do the outer. This is exactly how many Leah Gervais methodology is constructed. It focuses on inner work to create results. So just a quick little secret here, I’m a business coach and I make money. My, my living, uh, helping people build businesses. And I know there are so many other business coaches or business strategists out there, and that’s great. But one thing that I can say having done this and having, you know, really taken off from doing it is that there is no one strategy that you quote need. And I’m not trying to point fingers at any one else who I think does sell their programs or those services that way. I do think people sell it that way. I don’t think that’s inherently a bad thing. I think if you’re selling a strategy and telling people, you’ll teach them the strategy, that’s great. And that’s honest, and it’s great to learn strategies. 


What I don’t think is okay, is for us to believe that there’s strategies out there. We need to know that we currently don’t, um, like, like, yes, you should learn new strategies, but there is no one perfect strategy. There is no one person who will have a strategy that will work for you or every single business. And I also can say from experience, having created really high income ones for myself having turned, what was my yearly income into my monthly income? In a matter of a few years, having had $50,000 launches. I have used a lot of different strategies for a lot of different things. I have used a lot of different social media strategies, a lot of different ads, strategies, email strategies, not doing any of those type things. And I’ve had many different successful launches with different strategies.


Why is this important? Because it’s not about one strategy, it’s about what strategy is best for you. And we don’t know that if we don’t look inward first, if we don’t have a clear idea of what our goals are, if we don’t understand our own strengths, if we don’t understand our own weaknesses, if we don’t know the power of reprogramming our minds to be in service to us, it’s very, very hard to pick the right strategy for you, which is why so many businesses never get off the freaking ground or never really get to the income levels that they want. And so that is, you know, a real asset of this mastermind of the 2021 mastermind is that you will learn all of the strategies. I will teach you how I had a hundred thousand dollars a month. I will teach you how I have $50,000 launches.


I will teach you how I have launches with 10 great ads and how I do launches with no ads. Um, I’ll teach you, it was a single email funnel that creates five figures of revenue for us. That’s all going to be at your fingertips. The power comes from when you and I together collectively are able to say what one is best for you right now, and what one is going to play on your business strengths and what one is going to block you based on your business weaknesses or your own weaknesses, or where will your weaknesses block themselves? These are very abstract questions. And I know it might even be hard to really tune into that, but I guess the best, most concise way I can put it is that you don’t know what you don’t know. I’ve had to humbly learn this several times because I’ve always been like, I’m so self disciplined.


If you give me a strategy I’ll execute on that. It’s not that simple. Having someone see where you’re blocking yourself, this is why I always pay for coaching. I always in part of programs, I, Oh, I just finished a mastermind that I joined during the pandemic. And I was like, Oh my God, I forgot how great it is being part of these. I put this on and I hadn’t been one in one in 2020 until I joined not. Uh, and it’s because I don’t know what I don’t know. And like, just for instance, that mastermind that I was just a part of helped me so much with boundaries. I didn’t know I had a boundary issue. I didn’t know I had a boundary block. I just thought I worked hard, you know, but they really helped me see what I couldn’t see myself.


And the next thing, you know, I have a hundred thousand dollars a month, so I can go on and on with this. But I guess what I really want to make clear about this is that in this mastermind, we focus on the inner to create the outer. I hope that that is something that aligns with the value of yours. I think that for the right entrepreneur, it will, it will really speak to them because that is how sustainable long results last. Um, but if for whatever reason, it doesn’t, if you just want strategy or if you just want metrics for marketing, no, you know, no offense taken. I’m not the right coach for you. And that’s totally, totally okay. That’s why there’s more than one of us, but that is a big reason that I am confident in the 2021 mastermind.


Okay. The next thing I’m really confident about in this and why I think it is so worth it is because we have an emphasis on your lifestyle above your business. I think that it’s very easy at the six-figure stage to fall into the trap of working, working, working, chasing this, you know, consistently moving goalposts because it always moves the more you go up. And I think that if we work like that, if it’s always about work supporting our lifestyle, what are we even doing?


That’s a transactional way of working. That is like, your job is your ATM. You just go your business to make money and then go do your life. Not like, what do I want my life to look like? And how can I build a business that allows my life to look like that? I’m pretty open about the fact that two years ago, I tragically lost my beloved dad.


And that is when this value became front and center. Non-negotiable for me, it really, as cliche as it might sound, woke me up to how short and precious life is. And since then I have been unavailable to build a business that comes before my life. And it’s important that my clients treat their lifestyle that way as well, because otherwise why go through all of the, all of the hard work and all of the risks that come with building a business, which it certainly does. 


The third reason that I think this mastermind is so powerful and that I have so much confidence in it. And actually why I think it’s going to be better in 2021 than ever is because of the intimacy. So going on it through a year, I’m going it, having it be the only program that I now am fully, that the only program that is just me, I’m still involved in all my programs obviously, and I’m obsessed with them, but we have, you know, we have helped because we want them to be as supportive as possible.


And the way that we’re delegating this is that with the mastermind is just, it’s just me. And so that is what really turns me from your teacher, which in my other programs like service-based sales or scale your side hustle, I do coach my clients in them, but I also, I think I, I would say I’m more primarily your teacher, whereas in the mastermind because of the intimate nature of it, because of the structure, because of the boundaries and the container we have built, it is more of a co-creation between the two of us, especially in this 2021, one, having it be a year, having it, including in person events and retreats and having it include one-on-one calls with me as well. I’ve also, I’ve never done that. And there’s, you know, there’s a lot of details about it that are focusing on this intimacy so that it feels like you have a business partner for a year.


Um, and I am so invested in your success and I am so invested in this working. Uh, and so that is hugely powerful. And I think something that is unique to this mastermind, um, because we’re all only human and people need to delegate, and I totally get that, but that is the way we are. We are creating this. And then my final note on the mastermind and why I am so confident in it and the results that those who joined in the 2021 cohort will have is because this isn’t a one hit wonder though. 


There are a lot of improvements that we are making to it in 2021. I don’t even know if I want to say improvements, but just edits things. We’re adding to it. Things we’re doing slightly differently. Um, now that I’ve had this mastermind go on for two years, having people re repeatedly say that it was the best investment they ever made in their business that have gone on to do things like have $30,000 consistent months in business that had gone on to travel through places like South America, like India, like throughout the entire United States being full-time nomads.


Um, you know, really seeing their life dreams come true, not just their business dreams and seeing their success transcend the mastermind goes on with them. You know, I still have people say that they have sort of like a, I remember Leah taught me this and I’m not going to go down this unhealthy path, or I’m not going to go fall for this strategy that isn’t going to work for me, or I’m not going to buy something that I don’t need. I’m just going to keep focusing on what I do have. And that’s what I want. It’s the goal here is not to feel like you need to be in a mastermind forever or this mastermind forever. I, like I said, I, I do pay for coaching consistently because I always want to be growing. But the goal is to truly reach a new level. And that is what so many of the alumni have done.


They have gone on to do things like, you know, creating their own group program, selling them out, having $20,000 launches, um, having $30,000 months, you know, building six figure businesses in a matter of months, leaving their nine to five jobs, building teams, most importantly, finding alignment with their business, having it aligned with their lives, knowing who they are, owning, who they are and finding that to be they’re busy, busy, their biggest business strength. 


So if you want to be the next success story, if you want to see that next level come out for you, then go to, where you can learn more about the program. You can also apply there. We have limited spots and we already have started enrollment. So if this is at all interesting to you, you literally have nothing to lose by applying nothing to lose. We’re not going to hold you to it.


You don’t have to commit to anything. There’s no deposit that you put down. It’s just about seeing if this is the right fit for you and having the conversation with me about what you want out of 2021. And if we both agree that this could get you there, then why wouldn’t you want to gift yourself with that? Why wouldn’t you want to have that experience? Um, I just interviewed a lot of different, uh, companies for a certain thing that we have hired a company for in our business. And we, you know, we, we interviewed a few ones and they all kind of like had that same philosophy of like on the call together. We should mutually decide whether or not this is helpful for you. And I, I love that. And that’s exactly how I feel, you know, uh, someone joining my mastermind should be a win for an equal win.


Um, I think that that’s how all sales should be honestly. And so that’s really all you’re inquiring about when you apply. It is just kind of seeing if this would be right for you, given your goals. Um, but spots are limited, so do not delay on it. And if you have any questions about it, you can email me at You can also always DM me on Instagram. I’m pretty active there. The handle is @LeahGervais_. Uh, and just let me know if you have anything that you’d love to hear more about, or if you just want to chat casually about it. Um, you know, I just want the best for those who, who want the next year to be either their first or their next six-figure year. So I hope that this was helpful for you guys. 


I hope you’re getting excited for 2021. I’m trying to actually not to get too excited, not because I think it’s going to be disappointing, but because I’m still really trying to enjoy the rest of 2020. Um, I know it’s been a crazy year, but there’s been so many blessings as well. The holidays are going to be great. And so I’m really wishing you a healthy present and restful rest of the year. And hopefully I will talk to you soon if you are interested in this mastermind. All right. Have a great day. Bye visionaries.

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