6 Figures from These Mindset Shifts
Your Biggest Vision
Season 2, Ep. 45

Implementing these three mindset shifts got me to 6 figures in my business! Today I am sharing three of the most powerful mindset shifts for any entrepreneur trying to get to 6 figures. I have seen my clients succeed with them time and time again and I hope they will provide you with some insight on expediting your own journey to 6 figures! 

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  • The top three mindset shifts that helped me get to 6 figures.
  • Why the way you think about investing money into your business is so important.
  • The one belief you must ditch in order to have full freedom and limitless growth in your business. 

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Today I am sharing three of the most powerful mindset shifts for any entrepreneur trying to get to 6 figures.

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Leah Gervais- 6 figures with mindset shift
Leah Gervais- 6 figures with mindset shift

Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais: Hello, visionaries. Welcome back to your biggest vision show. I am your host, Leah. And today I have a relatively quick episode for you. I always think that you guys, but I just, I love talking and it gets so carried away with this kind of stuff. So we’ll see how actually short it is, but I want it to be really crisp with what I had to share with you today because I talk a lot about mindset. I talk a lot about different ways to think about different things. You know, mindset shifts that have made a difference for me in my business and in my life. Um, and I love sharing them with you. And today I wanted to get very specific about the 6 figures mindset shifts. So a little bit of backstory about my 6 figures journey, just in case you’re new to me. Um, I hit six figures about six months after I quit my nine to five job.


I had had my side hustle for a little over a year, maybe even two, a little closer to two years before I left my nine to five job. But it wasn’t really until the final six months before I left my nine to five job, that things really ramped up. Um, that’s when I started taking it seriously. That’s when I started making more than I was at my nine to five job. Uh, and at the time I was working at a nonprofit, so I wasn’t making a ton of money. Um, but nonetheless making thousands of dollars a month around my nine to five was something that blew my mind. And it was something that I was really proud of. So then when I, you know, got up the courage to leave that nine to five job over the next six months, I worked really hard and it was a little bit of a scary time because I had never been self-employed before, but it was also one of the most exciting times of my life.


I just felt like a whole new world opened up to me. Um, and I worked to start hitting five figure months, and I knew that if I could hit five figure months by my birthday, my birthday’s in may. And I actually have my business calendar year be May to April because I started my business in April. Um, and for various reasons, my, my first, uh, full-time employee, uh, started in April. So anyway, uh, I knew that I could, I really wanted to hit a 6 figures by- hi April, I’m so glad that you’re here. I miss you. 


Uh, I wanted to hit it by the time my birthday rolled around. So I hustled really hard and was very proud when I was able to do so even a month early now, uh, things happened pretty quickly for me, but there, there was a lot of different ways of thinking that kind of needed to happen for me to hit that 6 figures mark and that have really been different ever since I have, than they were in the beginning when things were getting up and getting started.


And now I have the privilege of also helping many of my clients get this to the 6 figures mark, and I can definitively say that these are really helpful, really powerful. And I actually don’t think I’ve heard they use it very much. So I’m really excited to share them with you because, um, hopefully they will really provide some insight for you. Excuse me. 


Okay. The first shift that I think is so critical is re viewing or shifting, I guess I should say, not reviewing, like you review a paper, but rethinking how you see getting help. And that shift goes from seeing help as something that helps like getting coaches, because you don’t know how to do something. Um, you know, learn taking a class because it’s not going well enough for you. In other words, going from feeling like you need help because something’s broken to getting help because you’re excited to expand.


So when I first started, I can admit that, um, though I feel like I was a very good mentee. I hired coaches, I hired mentors. I hired teachers. I didn’t try to do this on my own. I did for a little while, but nothing happened. So I started hiring other people. Um, I know that I kind of probably had some sort of energy around needing to “get my money’s worth” out of my investment with the coach mentor program, whatever it was that I was a part of and what that would result in me doing is almost picking out problems in my business so that I could get on the calls or I could write to the emails, or I could write to the support groups and, you know, wherever the, the, whatever the program came with, um, to have them resolve it for me.


And it was almost, it was this weird almost like that’s how I justified paying for things. That’s how I justify paying for. People’s like, if they help me solve problems, then it will be worth it. So I better have problems to make it worth it. And I think a lot of people do that and I think we unknowingly do it. Does that make sense? I don’t think it’s like meant to be as antagonistic as it sounds, but I think it might come from, you know, fear of spending all this money and what if it isn’t worth it. So we’re like, okay, well, how can I make it worth it? And the first thing we think of is like, well, maybe if they’ll help me solve problems, so I need to make problems or, um, I want this result, they better get me this result or else.


And it just sort of has this almost disempowering energy, um, and almost a disempowering in a loving way, because you are still then relying on someone else to kind of like solve your problems or move your business forward. And so when I hit 6 figures in something that has felt so good to shift into and something that I really practice now is seeking help when I’m ready for more fun or, you know, hiring coaches when I’m like ready to see how much better things can get, um, really shifting from like, I need help to solve problems to them being more neutral. Like I need help and yeah, sometimes problems come up, but yeah, I also can do exciting things with help to now. It’s like, I trust myself enough to believe that I can solve the problems in my life and business with my intuition.


And I won’t always do it perfectly, but I’ll do it in the way that I need to learn a lesson from. And so how can I learn from people that are making more than me doing something different than I am having discovered something I haven’t quite done yet. Um, living in a way that maybe I haven’t even thought of it becomes a lot more fun. And I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten so much more out of my investments now out of this, because then when you are spending, you know, quite a bit of money investing in coaches and mentors, which it’s not usually a low investment, it ends up becoming this return on like how your life can get that much better, how your life can get that much more fun. And the, that do come up in your life in business. If you are more, you know, if you are in the mindset that you are more so dealing with them by definition, you give them less energy because then you’re not talking about them on calls.


You’re not sharing that energy with other people. You aren’t like letting it take over different parts of your life. And I think that that’s why I’ve been able to really move quickly because, you know, we all know that your energy goes where you focus it or, or what you focus on expands, I guess I should say. So by allowing yourself to focus on the things that are exciting, that are new, that are about like how much better can life get that’s when life gets a lot better. That’s when things become a lot more exciting and a lot more new. So I think that that was a really helpful thing for me to start realizing that like, you know, me, a 6 figures business owner is not here. I’m looking for permission on how to solve a certain problem or worry that I don’t know how to do it right. 


Instead I’m thinking, how can I get, how can I have an even stronger mindset? How can I learn even more about marketing? How can I learn even more about myself? How can I push myself even further? What would it look like if I had a different financial goal, those are the questions I know, hire people to help me answer. And I have noticed a lot in my clients that when they, you know, have this energy, when they come to me and they’re like, I have all these problems and you’re going to help me solve them. Right? It’s like, yes, like I can and look problems happen. We have mentors to help us through things, to help us navigate waters, that we might not know how to go through ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s a lot to be said for the intention behind it.


And really remembering that your energy transcends your entire life. How you show up in one place is how you show up everywhere. And so if you are, you know, on the surface, acting like your business is totally fine, yet you go to someone who’s trying to help you with your business. And you’re the first to defend how many problems are wrong with it. And this goes for any type of niche, if you on the surface are, you know, sharing that you have like this great, this great health journey or on this great health journey, yet you go talk to your health coach and you’re like, well, I don’t feel good because of this. And I’m not losing weight because of that. And what about my exercise routine? And I felt like crap, and I thought you said, I’d feel better. And I don’t.


It’s like, so you’re arguing for the fact that you don’t have good health. Like it’s a total contradiction. And so just recognizing that your responsibility, you’re responsible for your energy, you get to regulate your energy and you get to decide how you show up everywhere is a really beautiful and empowering thing. And that is the energy of a true 6 figures business owner, a true CEO, you know, not this sort of needy, um, scared energy. And I’m not saying that judgmentally I’ve been there, we’ve all been there, but this was a really helpful shift for me. And it has honestly just made business a lot more fun. 


Okay. Um, let me see. Yeah, I think that, that was all cool. I want to just say on that. I hope that that made sense. 


All right. The second shift that I think is really exciting is the shift of, I can do it again. And you’ve probably heard the concept scarcity versus abundance and really learning that we do live in an abundant universe and money is never something worth stressing about in this one beautiful, precious life we have when there’s literally an abundance of it. And I’m not saying that to be cheeky or smart, cause I know that it is a very real stress for a lot of people. And I have seen really incredible things happen in my journey. And I truly believe that life is too precious to stress about money, which I know is a privileged thing to say, but I really stand behind it. So I’m going to just stick with that and stop re-correcting myself. What I want to say here is that it took me a long time to learn abundance. And I think I spent a lot of my journey getting to 6 figures, trying to retrain my brain to realize that money isn’t something to be stressed, stressed about.


My business is worth investing in. I will make the money back, et cetera. And what I really learned when I then got to 6 figures is that scarcity can go both ways. And I don’t think this is talked enough about in the entrepreneurial community or in the mindset community. I think sometimes scarcity or abundance is, um, confused to be like, uh, you know, spend money on whatever, just because you can, you can, but sometimes that can also come from a fear-based place. So let’s take some examples here. You make six figures and you, and your new abundant mindset maybe are saying, I’m going to go spend $15,000 on a vacation to celebrate that. I hit 6 figures in the past. I never could have imagined spending $15,000 on a vacation, but I know that the universe is abundant. And I know that I will make that 6 figures back when that 15 K back you will.

You know, that that is true. But what we want to be careful with here is the intention. So if you are going to spend that $15,000, because you just made 6 figures and you don’t know if you’ll ever have that $15,000 again, so you should spend it. Now, that is also scarcity. That is doubt that you can do it again. That is doubt that you won’t have this opportunity again. And so there isn’t a right or wrong decision when it comes to managing your money. But I think it’s really important to filter out the decisions that do come from fear on either set side of the spectrum. It’s not so easy to just say, I’m going to spend, because I believe in abundance. Sometimes you spend because you still are coming from scarcity and you’re afraid you’ll never have that money again. So you have to spend it or you have to have what you want now, because what if it never comes back.


And I think that it’s really important to learn this lesson. Not just because you don’t want to make decisions out of fear, which fuck yes, excuse my language. But like that’s super important, right? Um, you do not want to make decisions out of fear ever. They never really come from an aligned place and you didn’t build a business to not feel aligned out of it, but it’s really important to learn because the most important thing for you to know is that you can do it again. And so if you are, excuse me, like toying with that idea yet, you’re still acting in a way that suggests you don’t believe you can do it again. Therefore you’re making decisions that are kind of like a one-time shot deal. That is not a stable of a foundation as we want for you moving forward, because you are going to continue doubting your own strategies.


You’re going to continue worrying about whether or not you are going to make enough money. Again, you are going to continue making fear-based decisions. It can really set off a downward spiral of a shaky foundation on your business, your business, that you’ve built so hard to. You’ve worked so hard to create. Now. I want to make sure that no one feels guilty. And when I say that, when I share this, because I think sometimes people can be like what I spend money, because I thought we live in an abundant universe. And now you’re telling me that that might’ve been a scarce decision. That’s not what I’m saying. I want to make clear that no decision is right or wrong. Just look at your intention. So if you spent money because you believe you can make it back and you believe it’s what’s in the best interest for your business and you believe in this, the abundance of the universe to do that, then you’re good.


Um, and it might be worth getting curious to think, well, sometimes am I making decisions because am I making spending decisions because I’m afraid I never will make this money back. And so I need to do it all right now. And I need to reward myself all right now. And how can I really remember that if I did this once I can do it again and again, and again, and bigger and better and more and more. And you know, those are the really important things to remember. Like, we all know that you can buy whatever you want, you know, that you can buy whatever you want. Do you really know it though? That’s, what’s important. 


Okay. The third shift, I thank you guys for those of you who are here live, I’d love to hear which one of these is resonating the most with you today.


All right. The third one is so precious to my heart, and this is something that I had to learn all through the journey to six figures. And I’m still learning. This is probably the one that I’m still implementing the most. Um, and it’s been one of the most important things for me, which is to stop waiting for the divine fictitious permission slip. Uh, and there’s a lot of divine intervention in my business. I think there are. How can you, how can you have, you know, a service-based business? And I don’t mean service like packages of service. I mean, like doing something in service without having a spiritual component in it. Um, but the concept here is recognizing how connection to spirituality can be easily confused with reliance on spirituality, which is not what I believe spirituality is meant for. I believe spirituality is meant to bring out the most inside of you, um, and what God gave you and what you were put here to do.


So this divine permission slip showed up the most for me, uh, when I was starting my business and making no money and I was charging a few hundred dollars per product and was wondering why I wasn’t making any, any money. And I saw people out there charging more and I just kept, I had this very strong feeling of, I’m just not ready to charge that much. I’m just not ready to charge that much. It’s like, what is this ready? Like Eaton, who’s going to, you know, when are the heavens going to opening, come down and be like, okay, Leah now raise your prices. It doesn’t. They never do. They’ve I’ve never, ever, ever been told by God that I should raise my prices. I mean, maybe like in prayer, but not from this, like, you know, no one’s ever gonna email you and be like, by the way, I’m want to pay you more money.


It’s just not going to happen. And, and I don’t even just mean this with price-wise. I also mean this. Like, no, one’s going to tell you to start your business. No, one’s going to tell you what’s a good idea, because guess what? It is a risk. It is a risk and most people in your life either don’t want to see you take a risk because they are nervous of what could happen for you, or they don’t want to see you get hurt. And so they’re going to come from it from their lens. No, one’s going to tell you to start a business. No customer is going to tell you that you’re charging too little. I actually did just have someone in scale, your side hustle, uh, email, like in the, in the survey and the followup survey, she was just like, I don’t think that this program is, uh, being, uh, I don’t think it costs enough.


I don’t think you’re charging enough for it. I think it should cost a lot more. And that was the first time that’s ever happened. And also she sent it after the fact. Right? So, no one’s going to, like, as they’re filling out an invoice, just email you and be like, by the way, I think that this should be higher. Not really. So you have to be that permission slip for yourself. You have to be so tuned in that, you know, one when the next level is, but I don’t even like putting it that way because you have to do it before you’re ready for the next level. You have to catch yourself off guard. You have to be like, okay, I’d love to raise my prices in six months. I’m doing it today. You know, I’d love to launch a mastermind next year. How about I create a page today?


Like you have to do these things before. You’re a little ready. My mastermind is another great example of this is actually really when I learned this lesson, I had craved so badly to create a mastermind. Um, at that point in my business, like I had just finished two really incredible rounds of scale, your side hustle. And I had a group of people who, you know, they were craving the next level. They were ready for something deeper with me. I knew I was ready for something more. Um, and that’s what I was really excited about. But I had this very clear excuse in my head that was like, you haven’t hit 6 figures yet. Leah, you’re not ready to host a mastermind. It’s like, who, who made that up? Like, no one told me you had to be at 6 figures to hit a map to create a mastermind.


And, but I, I really held, like, I really thought that. And so even as I was, you know, promoting it, selling it, filling it, I still was like, no, one’s going to join this because I haven’t hit 6 figures. And they did. And that mastermind ended up being one of the greatest things I’ve ever created. Um, and so it’s been a huge lesson that I have taken with me ever since is that this permission slip does not exist. And I’ve even had clients tell me like that. They almost they’ll ask me something and they’ll be like, okay, well, thanks. I just wanted to make sure that that was okay. And I’ll be like, I’m not doing my job if you are relying on me to make sure something’s okay. You know, I know in the beginning, like you need best practices. You, you, you have these questions.


It’s totally understandable. Um, but just like making sure that someone else is telling you something’s okay, is not the big picture vision that we’re going for. You have give yourself your own permission slips and never be afraid to come back to this simple meditation of just, this is my business. This is my business. This is my business. Put emphasis on different parts of the word. This are of the sentence. This is my business. This is my business. I could go on and on, but like half bath, you know, thinking that like have a glass of wine, thinking that have some tea thinking that, going to walk, thinking that, and really let yourself start to marinate with like, where am I implementing someone else’s rules? And it doesn’t mean maybe you mean you need to burn it down. It doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. It just, is that important awareness around?


Is this, am I really doing this the way that I want to? And if I’m not doing something yet, what am I waiting for? Hi mommy. I’m so glad that you’re on this live. You guys. It is my mom’s birthday on Friday. I’m going to see her for the first time in 2020. So if you all want to give her a happy birthday, Catherine Gervais, who’s on this live. I love you. I can’t wait to see you. Um, all right, let me just go ahead and read through your comments. Let me go ahead and recap really quick. And I’d love to know if anyone has any questions or if you want to share your favorite takeaway here, but the six mindset shifts for, um, the sick or I’m sorry, three mindset shifts for the 6 figures mark are one don’t view health as something you do only because You need help fixing view it as something available for expansion and learn how to tune in for the problems. 


Especially the ones who don’t want to give more energy to two is, uh, remember that you can do it again. Always. That is the most important lesson. The point of learning abundance is to know that there’s always more and not to just like either make you afraid of selling or oversell or over not make you afraid of spending or overspend, but just truly understand whatever it means to you that there’s Oh, you can always do it again. And then third is to release the divine permission slip. It will never come. You are your own divine permission slip. 


Okay. Tri really love shifting into an abundance mindset point. I’ve always made jokes about being poor. My friends are extremely frugal because I am because I’m too, I didn’t realize how much that was. Keeping me locked in a scarcity mindset. I don’t have much in a domain much, so I can’t do much, which was so toxic. 


Oh my God. I could not understand where you’re coming from. More. I like, I quick little story. I, um, got a new iPhone this year because my old one broke. And when I synced my new iPhone, it connected with my previous iPhone, which was like four years beforehand. Uh, and it didn’t sync with my most recent ones. So I had like a blast from the past of text messages. I was sending in 2016. Um, you know, even to like my husband, who I had just started dating at the time and my friends and we would just say things like we’re so broke, what can we do this weekend? I don’t have any money. And it’s just like, Oh, I can’t even read it anymore.


So disempowering, so, so boring. And just so, um, you know, just giving over the potential, you have to really do what you want with your life to so many other things. So yeah, I think it’s so important to drop all of that and frugal, you know, how you treat your money is how you treat your money. There’s nothing wrong with any one way to do it, but do it the way you want to do it. You can’t frugal yourself rich. I think that’s so important to remember. Um, making money is really valuable. Uh, and I know this because I tried the whole double couponing route for a while and I was like, nah, this isn’t going to cut it. 


Mommy, We have to give ourselves our own permission. We would prefer someone else give permission because then it’s not our fault. If it doesn’t work, that’s not true and I don’t live that way. Beautiful. I think this is such an important point because we do look for other people’s permission so that they have to take responsibility if we fail. But when we do that, we also by definition, give them responsibility for when we succeed. 


You know, so really deciding your, your, what your move is, what your decision is from your own gut. Yes, it will be on you if it doesn’t work out, but as we all know, that’s always a lesson and then it will be on you if it does. And this is a really great point to look at also from the other end of the spectrum. If you are the person who gives permission or who feels the need to get permission, you aren’t responsible. If you’re a coach or a consultant or teacher you aren’t responsible for when your client doesn’t, you know, when things don’t go as planned for them, just like you’re not responsible for when things do.


So it’s really just about, you know, complete responsibility live. This mindset shift is everything. Entrepreneurship is so much more, is much more lonely than I thought in regards to lifelong friends and family. I love the idea of just being in charge of your business and your prices and not waiting for it to be okay on anyone else’s terms. Thank you so much for being open about this, um, about this- Olivia, I do think that it is, it is lonely, you know, and that’s why I am so proud of scaling of side hustle in the mastermind created, uh, because I, I hope that it supports some of that need. Um, but yeah, people are gonna look at you like you have three heads


And, It gets easier. That is one thing is like, I feel like that’s something I’ve released a lot nowadays. I just care a lot less if other people agree with what I’m doing or not, but it’s very, very vulnerable in the beginning. And it is, it can still be lonely, but there’s good. Lonely moments too. Like no one wants to hear when you celebrated your first 6 figures because you did it in three months and they’re like, how the hell did you do that? It’s a little lonely, but it’s like, it’s worth it. 


Uh, okay. Olivia Wayland, this permission slip shift is so significant to me. I feel like I’ve lived this way for so long. Beautiful. I’m so happy to hear that little bit. And it’s amazing to see what you’ve done to Olivia is here two of my favorite people. Tri. Happy birthday to my mom. And, uh, you are amazing tree. Oh, thank you guys. Thank you for, um, wishing her happy birthday. All right, everyone. 


Well, I hope that this was helpful. I hope that there’s some things you can really anchor in today. Um, Oh, Olivia, I’m so happy that scale, your side hustle has been such a huge help at the loneliness aspect. Yeah. You know, it is lonely. It is lonelier than you think it’s going to be, especially because a lot of us work by ourselves most of the day, but this is our life. It is short, it is short and it’s precious and it is so meant to be done, um, in alignment with what you’re meant to do. Um, and that will have some side effects, but I think it’s always worth it. And I think that there’s always solutions and, um, anyone out there who feels only DM me, I’m like, you know, I really think it’s important to have connection.


Um, and I’d always love to talk to anyone about what you’re going through. If there’s anything I can do to help, or you just want to vent, um, you’re not alone, so, okay. I hope that this was helpful. You guys, I hope that you found some inspiration and some clarity around, um, thank you around, uh, any mindset shifts that’ll help you get to six figures help you stay at six figures, help you get the most of your money that you do invest, help you get the most of your ideas and really give yourself permission to go for them and just do what feels good for you. Remember, this is your business, your business. All right, everyone. I hear it’s your biggest vision. Thank you so much for tuning in with me. And I hope you guys have an awesome day.