Becoming the Queen of Your Life with Gina Devee
Your Biggest Vision
Season 2, Ep. 41

In the wise words of today’s guest, “princesses have hope, but queens decide”. The one and only Gina Devee is joining us today to share her empowering outlook on living the life you want, details about her new book and her entrepreneurial journey! Gina Devee is the founder of Divine Living, a leading women’s empowerment mentor and the author of “The Audacity to Be Queen”. 

Tune in to hear: 

  • Gina Devee share some of her greatest insights on stepping in to your power and becoming the person you were destined to be.
  • How Gina went from $75,000 of debt to owning a multi-million dollar lifestyle brand.
  • Why the power of certainty will help you manifest anything!
Gina Devee shares her empowering outlook on living the life you want, details about her new book and her entrepreneurial journey!

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Gina Devee- Becoming the Queen of Your Life

Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais: Hey visionaries. Welcome back to the Your Biggest Vision show. I’m your host, Leah Gervais. And today I am delighted, honored, thrilled all of the above to have the one and only Gina Devee here to share her outlook on queen-hood with us, to share her new book and to share her entrepreneurial journey. So welcome Gina Devee, and thank you for being here.

Gina Devee: Oh, Leah, it’s a great, great pleasure. Thank you for having me.

Leah Gervais: So, you know, usually on this show, I like to expose, or just sort of like have entrepreneurs open up about their journey, but I have so much, I want to talk to you about your book, that I’m actually not going to dive too deeply into that, but with that, um, do you have a quick little summary for us about where you started and kind of what you thought you’d be when you grew up fast forward to where you are now?

Gina Devee: Or we can just tell them to read the book cause it’s all in there. That’s true. Let’s see the, you know, I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, parents were school teachers, always had the dream of living a big life, but yet was sort of on some level I was living this ordinary life was taught, go to college, get a job. I did, I became a psychotherapist. I was $75,000 in debt living off of $24,000 a year. And I thought something’s got to give, so I moved to California because that’s what people do when they’re attracted to L.A. the land of the wealthy and beautiful people and became a life coach. Um, so rather than being consistently broke and under earning as a psychotherapist, I got to be neurotically broke as a life coach trying to find my next client, uh, still $75,000 in debt, by the way, however, no longer living at home with my parents at the age of 30 and then stumbled upon internet marketing. And when the student is ready, the teachers appear and one step leads to another, um, where I was able to learn the qualities of a queen that I talk about in my book, but really get wealth consciousness down business systems, thinking bigger to now having the company that I have today. How was that? 

Leah Gervais: That was, you whipped that out beautifully. So today you run a multimillion dollar coaching business, international coaching business, where you teach women leadership and business through feminine principles. Is that kind of what you would sum it up? 

Gina Devee: Yes, beautiful.

Leah Gervais: Incredible. Awesome. So I want to get a little bit personal here and kind of take some people back here to a moment in my entrepreneurial journey that I don’t even know if Gina knows maybe she, maybe she does know, but um, those of you listening might not know. And I want to start with this because I think Gina can really help anyone out there who might be feeling how I was feeling at the time. So exactly two years ago in late September or early September of 2018, I was working at a nonprofit. I had started my now successful business, but it was a blog.

And I had been trying for years to get it off the ground to monetize it, nothing was working. I was totally down in the dumps and I was making like $2,500 a month living in New York city. One of the most expensive cities in the world. And I had reached a breaking point of feeling so sick of feeling like I was feeling guilty for wanting more. And I had just convinced myself for like the last year, why should I feel guilty? At least I have, or why should I feel sad? At least I have a job. At least I’m in New York. My life isn’t that bad. And I so vividly remember taking the subway to my nonprofit job, taking the Q train, listening to a video that you did or an audio. I don’t even remember exactly what it was, but I remember you talking about how about 10 figure or five figure months, $10,000 a month.

And I remember tears welling up in my eyes and just thinking, I can’t do it. I do not see it in my future. I do not believe it. And in my heart, I really believed that, you know, I really was like, it’s just not meant for me. I’ve tried, I’ve listened to them. The things I’ve done, the things it’s not fast forward to today. I mean, I will never not have another five figure month again, in my life, my business, you know, now we have $50,000, $80,000 months. And my, my first five figure month was, was like three months after that. And so you, you really planted that in me because I just remember hearing you speak and her, and when I couldn’t believe in myself, I was like, she knows something that I don’t, because she’s done this and I haven’t, and I’m not going to give up. And so what’s cool is that’s the same for any milestone, right? It’s not about the five figure month. It’s not about the $10,000. It’s about you becoming the person that you need to be. So with that, first of all, thank you

Gina Devee: Well congratulations, queen. I love this story. I did. I knew about the first part. I didn’t know about the ending so well done.

Leah Gervais: Well, yeah, both. So thank you. Um, but the reason I share this well, vulnerably is cause I want everyone to know how incredible I think you are. And also, because I’d like to now ask you the question, what do you do in that, that almost empty moment of the soul when you know you want something, but yet you almost can’t believe you can have it. Where do you start?

Gina Devee: Well, brain training is what comes to mind. So I’ve learned enough about human potential at this point that literally anything is possible. And I also am a human, just like every other person here that has blocks and fears and beliefs, that the opposite of what you desire is possible, whether it has to do with business or love or money or whatever. So yeah, I’ll, I’m happy to share this may make you laugh because I’m so in it. So like I know anybody can do 10, $10,000 months, 5,000, you know, got it. I know anyone can sell 10, 20, 50, a hundred thousand dollar packages. Like I, you know, got that down and built my business off of high touch and high end packages. And then I started just having this desire to reach more people go for the masses. Just certainly when the book came out and then just like in general, um, I’m starting this really cool thing called Q club, um, for queen and you’re gonna love it, it’s like Gina Devee Netflix anyways.

But for it to make sense, there has to be thousands of people in it because it’s like subscription level pricing per month. And I was just like, I don’t even like, like not my intelligence, but the belief system was like, I don’t know how to get thousands of people to do anything. Like I can’t do that. I can’t attract a thousand people or 2,000 or 5,000 people to be in the program. And I yet, I would see my colleagues that have membership sites that have 5,000 people. So it has been like, I was like at first it was the secret that I wouldn’t tell anyone. Then I started to like out myself, I think it was on like a Lori Harder podcast or something. She’s like, what are you afraid of? And I was like, [inaudible]. 

And so I was like, well, I’m hoping that I could do this thing that, you know, and so like thoughts as the course of miracles says, thoughts grow stronger as they are shared. And so I now know what it feels like, why I was knew, what it felt like to not think that you could do a $10,000 a month. And I also know what it feels like to say. I can’t have 5,000 people in my Q-club and I know enough about brain training conditioning, your belief system, feeling it like what I know the very simple formula of manifestation. And so that’s what I go into. And I think that if like the age of queen is now, I do write about that in my book. And it is time for women to, we were done like playing small. We’ve talked about don’t play small for years, but here’s what I would say stop settling for baby money. 

Any woman who’s living in the Western world, that’s not making $10,000 a month is on some level not living her truth. And what I mean by that is your truth has a certain frequency to it. And that frequency has a certain financial frequency to it. And every time I’ve done the exercise of, if you were to have $10,000 in your bank account a month, what would that look like? How would you, what would that look like? Or I can reverse it actually, if you were to really live in your authenticity, like where you would genuinely, what’s not too big, not too small, just right. Where do you’d love to live? What that wardrobe looks like, you know, shopping organic or having meals prepared or whatever coaching program or mentoring you want to be in or personal trainer, whatever it is, tally that up.

And I’ve yet to see a woman who would be living in her truth, tell me that it was less than that five figure month. So that’s where I’m so passionate about. It is way past time for all of us to overcome our small it’s. It’s not just our small thinking about ourselves. It’s like, it’s kind of just such a, I don’t want, this is a little harsh harsher than I made it, but it’s a bit of a slap in the face of the universe. The universe is like, or God or spirit, whatever you believe in is like, you know, all these things can be added on to you. Like, look, the quantum field is unlimited and we’re like, it’s not possible. It’s like, who are we to say this? Of course it’s possible. And it’s possible for all of us. So I’m so thrilled to see you living that exam.

Leah Gervais: Oh, well thank you. Well, that was, that was so beautiful. And it’s funny when you said this is going to sound harsher than I want. I thought you were going to say, thinking like that is just boring and that, that was going to be harsher, which is also somewhat true. One of the things I think that I have really learned from you, especially that I think you talked really beautifully about in this book that I don’t hear other people who talk about manifestation talk about enough is this concept around certainty and how powerful that is. I’m going to kind of just give you the mic here. Do you want to share where that begins? Because that’s been really huge for me.

Gina Devee: Yes. So if wanting would work, we’d all be skinny billionaires by now married towards soulmates. And yet that’s so much of what we have been taught is the best we can do is want something, want to live in a dream home, want the dream job, want the soulmate, like want, want, want and it’s such a low vibration and it doesn’t actually instruct our brains or the universe of what must happen. And when- certainty is about the must certainty is about the non negotiable and it’s a completely different vibration. For years I wanted to get married and attract my soulmate for years. I wanted to get out of debt, make more money, um, you know, to get the bikini body, uh, any and all of it. And until you make a decision and decision means to cut that you are doing this no matter what. Now at this moment to make the decision that you’re doing something, no matter what doesn’t mean that you know how to do it, it just means that you are going to figure that out no matter what you’re going to be, the woman, no matter what, you’re going to see it through no matter what.

And when there’s a must, you activate not just your brain, but the feeling sensation as if it’s already done. And when you do that and do it enough, it’s like doing enough. Sit-ups, you’re going to see those abs start to appear. You create a level of certainty that you absolutely know it’s coming. Not just because you’re so loved by the universe, but because you are so unavailable for anything else, and you’re going to be the woman that sees that through to completion. So I know that there’s a number of goals that I’m working on right now. One is a bikini body by the time of my birthday, by the end of the year. And the other, um, is, you know, 5,000 people in the Q club now we’re, we’re not there yet. Sister would like, however, in terms of the bikini body, I’ve set myself up for guaranteed success.

I’ve literally hired a personal trainer, six days a week. I’ve changed my food habits, nothing crazy. I’m not overachieving here, but I’m just like working my way towards it. So that buying the clothes that, you know, the whole thing, um, were developed level of certainty and to do, to have gotten there. I got out of the drama. I got out of the hoping it will happen. Cause princesses have hope, but Queens decide. So I got out of hoping and wishing that it could happen for me and only give attention to what must I do and who must I be for that to happen no matter what, now here’s the one thing I’m going to also say about certainty. I think women play a wicked game with themselves and not in the best sense of the word by putting deadlines. Some times a deadline is appropriate.

I will be in a tropical destination on the date of my birthday. So that deadline is very appropriate. Plus, they’ve been working on it for, up for a hot minute here, in terms of the 5,000 people in the Q club. I don’t have a deadline for that. I’m going to do it until it’s done. And if it takes me three months or three years, I don’t actually care. Like I care about that manifestation. And I got to see how I grow into working with the masses. And I haven’t heard any spiritual direction. Say, you must do this by January 1st or some arbitrary deadline. And so I really want to help women. I remember when I made the decision that I was never going to struggle again, financially when I had $60 in my bank account and I didn’t put a deadline on it, there was no need because it was like I said, I was going to learn how to speak fluent, French. I don’t need a deadline on it. I’m going to do it until it’s done. We all want it sooner versus later, but it certainty creates this peace within you because like, you know, what’s happening. You’re, you’re there for the journey,

Right. That’s, that’s exactly what was coming to me. As you were saying, it’s like this, this balance between certain that it’s yours and you’re not really concerned with when or how is what this is all about, because otherwise you’re chasing a destination, which is elusive, as we all know, rather than stepping into the journey, which is what you should be loving because this is your life. Every single day that you’re living it like this is it. You guys? No, no, no do overs. Um, and I think you, you kind of answered my next question here, but I want to bring it up anyway, because I feel like it’s a common question for new entrepreneurs. Is this, how do I be certain that I’m gonna make the money that I want and not have a deadline around it. And, and did you deal with that in the beginning? I’m certain I’m going to have a $10,000 a month this month, you know? And, and, and there’s something to be said for like, yeah, you don’t want to procrastinate. You don’t want it to be like, whenever you got to step it up and make it happen. And from a spiritual perspective, I want my $10,000 a month when it is for the best of all involved. I don’t want to do it in a way that, you know, isn’t a service. So any thoughts on balancing that? 

Gina Devee: Yes. So people might be surprised to hear I’m not financially motivated at all. I never actually said to myself, I’m going to have a $10,000 month, or I’m going to cross seven figures or six figures even, or whatever it was for that number’s sake.

I am not just motivated- what I’m obsessed with are my desires. And if, and when my desires happen to be at a certain financial frequency that they cost a certain amount of money, that’s when it becomes a non negotiable to me. So I never went for $10,000 for the sake of $10,000, right? If I wanted to, I don’t know, whatever, let’s say my bills were five grand and coaching program was I’m going to just do easy math for me, like two and a half grand payment a month, and wanted to bring on some team member that were also, that would be the other two and a half grand. So I would be obsessed obviously with paying my bills. I would be obsessed with getting into that coaching program to learn from that mentor to go to the next level. And I would be obsessed with having the support. So I’m not working 20 hours a day and actually building a sustainable business. And that just happened to be 10 grand. So be it. So I actually didn’t care about the 10 grand, but I was a big, I allowed my desires, whatever they were and didn’t get caught up in the money. And that’s why they happened with, cause it was a compelling reason for it.

Leah Gervais: Right, right. Because these numbers are hollow. If they’re just numbers and it’s very hard to be in alignment when you don’t really know what you’re going after.

Gina Devee: Also, you know, a lot of women make money source and God doesn’t care about what you think is security. And if you are making money or a bank account, I remember you at one woman was like, I want to make X amount of money. And I said, well, why? And she’s like, come someone put X amount in my savings account. And I’m obviously not against the savings accounts. Of course I have a savings account too, but you could feel the drive was to feel secure. And so there’s no possible way God’s going to let that money come in, if that was the purpose to feel secure with this money in the bank account, because that was never meant to be anybody’s security in the first place. So you got to really pay attention to the purpose that you need the money for. And by when people I want $10,000 and I’ll be like, well, I like to pay off all my debt. I’m like, well, were you spiritually guided? Like I know society would say, you should pay off all your debt, but I paid off all my debt last I traveled first. I bought Jimmy Choo shoes. Like, I’m not saying you should do that. I’m just saying like, when we’re spiritually guided, then there’s this frequency and this, this compelling urge to manifest that’s at a much higher vibration. And that’s why it happens from that place.

Leah Gervais: You know, you are so, I mean, there’s so many things, but what’s really coming to me right now is so brave because as I’ve been, like, what I’ve really been thinking about this year is how there’s a lot of, you know, talk out there right now about building a life on your own terms. And I’m all for that. You know, that’s a big, that was a big value of mine. It’s a big driver of mine to this day. And it’s a lot of why I, why my clients come to me. And yet when we actually dissect what that means, it actually means that you are living within your own values, not societies, not your parents, not your churches all the time. And sometimes like, sometimes that’s fine, but only if you’ve consciously made the decision to live under those values, not it’s like by default. And I think that that is, can be quite a painful experience to strip away and almost sometimes dismiss things that you’ve really, you know, seen yourself as, as part of or identified with. And you’ve just like spearheaded that, I mean, it feels like you really just went on and you were like, I’m going to figure out exactly what I want, even if it’s scary. And even if it’s yucky and even if it’s, even if I’m lonely, sometimes.

Gina Devee: It came from, um, I don’t know if rock bottom is how I would say it. It came from a dark night of the soul time. There was a time when I was going through a really dark time with my family and they weren’t speaking to me, so I didn’t have them to rely on. And I was relatively speaking financially destitute. I was $75,000 in debt. Didn’t know how to make money, didn’t have a website and all that. So some of the gifts that came from that was like, what’s, what’s necessary. Like what’s really important to me. And cause I kind of like had that time had lost, I think like all of my reasons to be codependent, you know, it’s like when, when I had the relationships that I did with my family, if I was doing, um, if I was living life by their terms than I was, then therefore by definition, getting their love and approval while I’d lost their love and approval or at least that’s my experience of that time.

So I was like, well, I guess those were their values. Like what, even are mine? So I started to ask those questions and um, you know, I think I also started to really take a look at, uh, you know, I come from a Christian background. I love my faith and there’s, there’s religion. There’s things that humans have done. And then there’s like the real spirit in, in that and, and, and of other great, uh, spiritual texts. And so I really, um, had an awakening where I started challenging, not just rebelling and like, you know, F all of this, but it was like really asking what is my truth. And, you know, it was like, and it started to see all the ways that my life was robbed because I was too compliant, go to college and get a job. Like, what did I need to go to college for and learn oceanography in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Like that was like, what? Um, you know, when I could have been like doing anything else, I’ll just say, so. And then when I started to make money, I love was loving actually experiencing, like living a luxurious lifestyle. And you know, this like voice in the back of my head, like you’re throwing money away on rent and this is terrible. And it’s like, I’d make more money. And it’s like, well, for two grand more a month, I could move into this even more fabulous apartment on the beach. Or I could save all of these pennies to two in, uh, two years from now live in a crappy part of L.A. that I don’t want to live in. So I could buy my first condo. You know, I’m like, like, like, what is this? And so, you know, I, so I kept renting and like, my friends called me money addicts that she’s like, you’re just addicted to money.

Cause I, and I’m like living in the lap of luxury, loving life. And then I remember I’d made even more money. So I was like, well, I guess it’s time to finally buy a house. So I did. And I bought one and it, for me A, it wasn’t even the best financial investment, but by the time I bought my ocean view house in Santa Barbara, the down payment alone, like if I had put that in like other kinds of investments, I would have made so much more money and then the mortgage and then furnishing the place. And then when like the roof did leak, even though it was new construction and all that, like I’m paying for it. I was like, what is this? Like, you know, this is not like when people were trying to get plots of land and it was like a thing to own land and your home. And like, I was living in this like old mentality and I was like, I don’t, I don’t personally care about when I rent this home. Like, I’m freedom because I don’t know in six months I might want to move again. Like I it’s. Um, so yes, I think all of us just learning check in on what are your values and live life according to that, because if we have been taught nothing this year, I mean, it’s so temporary and life is so fragile and there is no dress rehearsal.

Leah Gervais: Totally. That brings me to one last question I wanted to ask you as I was reading your book that I think could really help people right now. And I’m sure it’s helping you right now. Although I feel like you’re so confident or, um, what, what, we’re just talking about certain that I don’t even know if it really mattered, but anyway, you tell a story in the book about, um, your first live event and how you decided to host it when like six weeks before and, you know, with four people that bought tickets and, um, it’s up to you. If you want to share the whole story or leave it for the book. But I remember you talking about how that was in the financial crisis and after Bernie Madoff had, you know, had his whole scandal had erupted, so you’re no stranger to manifesting money despite what the world is telling you about the stock market or any of that. Um, anything that you’re, you know, kind of infusing from that right now, or any, anything you want to touch on about how that could help people that are buying into the lie, that it’s harder to manifest money right now than it normally is.

Gina Devee: My God is bigger than the economy than any global pandemic and quite frankly, bigger than anybody’s mentality. Uh, and, and that’s who I serve. So, um, I, I mean, financially for me, 2020 has been one of my best years yet.

Leah Gervais: Awesome.

Gina Devee: I made a decision. I had to pivot a lot when my whole business was built on in-person events, canceled the whole book tour I had to, you know, um, all my high end groups, you know, these in-person programs and I’ve just, you know, I’ve, I’ve pivoted. Um, I’ve never, I don’t know. It’s just such a big world out there. I, and I think just too many times, I remember somebody asking and like, it never dawned on me to go. I can like fall prey to let go. And along with a lot of group, think in different ways, but this is just not one of them. I remember it was in 2009. So I was like, you know, well, who are you to be like growing your business right now or whatever. And I remember I said something and I said, just choose to not participate in that conversation. And I remember also people used to say, well, you’re not going to make any money in December. Nobody buys personal development programs in December. And I thought, Well, they sure better because otherwise I’m not going to be paying my rent. Like, and I was like so much of this negative, ridiculous talk. I thought, you know what, I’m going to make December my best month yet. And I did. And historically, I continued that tradition. I mean, why not? Like, why not have that goal? So, you know, we are so much more powerful than we believe. 

And always when things are happening, when things are shutting down, I mean, there has been, I don’t know if I want to even call it devastation. Um, there has been dramatic change. There have been industries that have closed down that have had to massively pivot have taken pauses. Um, I understand that those of us in the online space have basically been primed for, for this moment. And, and however, it’s never happening to our detriment. There’s, uh, a friend of mine, who’s a professional musician and literally travels 52 weeks a year and plays gigs. And obviously all of them are canceled and I’ve been hesitant to reach out. Cause I was like, you know, I couldn’t even imagine what his circumstances would be. And I was like, Hey, how you doing? And he’s like really good. And I was like, you are? And he’s like, yeah. And he’s like this super like health and fitness nut, like just like privately for his own whatever and vegan bodybuilder, blah blah. 

And he’s like, you know, and for years I’ve been telling myself that I wanted to share the special protein drink that I make. But anyways, all this to say, like he’s used this time off to go and create this protein drink and like get it out into the world and, and blah, blah, blah. And so I just know that if somebody lost their job, it wasn’t for their detriment. It was because they probably didn’t like that job in the first place and universe was wanting to Uplevel them. And, you know, I know that so many people have lost loved ones and family members. And I, of course, there’s heartache in that. And we live in a life death lifecycle, you know, when someone’s time is meant to transition, like that’s, if we could train ourselves that that’s not devastating or it doesn’t need to be devastating. And so I just believe that we’re living in such a time of change, which means such a time of opportunity, which means such a time of upleveling. I don’t know how else to look at opportunity. Other than that, it’s meant to be more abundant for us all.

Leah Gervais: And it’s all around. Oh, beautiful. Well, that was incredible. I have absolutely loved everything you’ve shared. I adore your book. Um, and I love the audio version too. I have it on audible and I, and I know you read it yourself, which I’m sure it was fun. Um, you’re very funny. You have a great sense of humor. Make me crack up. Okay. I, um, I have three lightning questions for you really quick. Are you ready? 

Gina Devee: Let’s do it for sure. 

Leah Gervais: Okay. So question number one. What is your go to when you’re just having a, a, a blue day when things aren’t going your way? 

Gina Devee: Joel Olsteen 

Leah Gervais: Joel Olsteen, love it. Okay. Do you have a favorite business building

Podcast or book that you really stay that stands out to you? 

Gina Devee: Um, Joel Olsteen I applied, like, how can you listen to that, man? I don’t even care what religion you come from. It’s just like, you’re a man for greatness and you know, um, you have the favor of God on your side. Like it’s like Mike, okay, I’ll get 5,000 people in the Q club. Um, I’ll do it. I think that it, you know, different books have come along. Like right now I’m rereading a relistening to “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” by Joe Dispenza. So I think it kind of depends on what I’ve got going on right now, but right now I’m really immersing in a lot of brain training. Very rarely, sometimes I’ll do some nuts and bolts stuff. So I’ve read things like traction and rocket fuel, but right now it’s a combo of Joel and Joe.

Leah Gervais: You’re two men. And you can have Johnny Walker at the end when you are celebrating your success. Last question, any particular moment of pride that you look back and you’re just like, wow, that was so awesome. 

Gina Devee: Hmm. Oh, so many, so many I think, um, let me just tap in. I gotta find a good one here. Moment of pride. I, you know, I think this was going to come up, but, uh, I thought I was gonna say something else, but this is what came up. Um, so much of my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve been really isolated and I thought it was like in the name of being focused and driven and working on my business. And what I can see is that it was a form of hiding, holding back and not letting myself be in community. And so I, um, have just really consciously manifested girlfriends over the past couple of years. And I think it was recently when I w there’s a particular group of us that meet in this kind of a zoom mastermind. And I just, I looked, I looked at these incredible women who are like now, like my closest girlfriends. I mean their industry, you know, moguls. Um, but they’re like our soul, like our sisterhood connection is so just fun. Um, and obviously deep and, and it’s, it’s beyond fun. So I think that I, I looked at like all their faces in the little zoom squares, and I was just, I just felt so proud that I got over that story too, to let receive this level of friendship and girlfriend, and just proud that of the 7.8 billion people on the planet that it’s these women.

Leah Gervais: Oh, I love that. And I think so many people will be able to relate to that and heal from that. Um, your book is called “The Audacity to Be Queen” available on Amazon. I like know this all for you anywhere else that you want to let people know they can find out more about you.

Gina Devee: Oh, thank you. Will, you can come on over to The thing that’s the main hub for everything. I have a free companion course to the books. I want you to check that out. You don’t even have to buy the book, but I want you to, uh, to get the course, go to divine, excuse me, I’ve got videos and workbooks and lots of positive things there for you. It’s completely free. And you can follow me on Instagram @GinaDevee

Leah Gervais: Awesome. Thank you so much, Gina. This was just lovely to hear from you. And I know that so many people will appreciate it.

Gina Devee: Oh, Leah. It’s so great to be with you here. Thanks for having me. And so, so thrilled to hear about your Epic success.

Leah Gervais: Oh, thank you so much. Well, thank you. Thank you to you. Alright, visionaries. I hope you loved this DM Gina, DM me if you listen to this and let me know if you get her book, we can talk about it. Here is your biggest vision!

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