I’m spending this week in France and have loved every second of it. We rented an apartment for our stay with a home office (with quite the view- see in our tour here!) so we’ve been working as well, which is nice as I’m so inspired here!

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I fell in love with Paris when I was 14 and came here for my first time with my parents and younger sisters. Within a couple of days, I knew that I had to live here. I started staying up late and using my dad’s laptop to create a PowerPoint presentation on why he and my mom should move our family here. When that didn’t work, I realized I needed to find another way to get here.

People recommended studying abroad in college or perhaps having a gap year as an au pair. They didn’t seem to understand I needed to move to Paris now– I wasn’t willing to wait. So I researched programs to study abroad in high school, completed the application, and a year later was on the plane to spend a year in France!


Being in Paris will always remind me of that time; the first time I really took my future and destiny into my own hands and went full-force for my dreams. I was so certain that I was going to spend the year in France that I didn’t worry about whether or not I could in high school, if I’d learn French, how it’d affect college, or anything else. I just made my decision and stuck with it.


Fast forward ten years later, and I confidently feel that the power of a decision is the single biggest supporter toward your dreams. It’s a muscle I’m always trying to exercise, and here’s why….


When it comes to dreaming big, we often talk ourselves out of something that we truly want. Whether that’s to double our income, take a luxurious vacation, quit our job full-time and travel, or anything else, because we think it’s unrealistic or not possible for us.


We can go back and forth in our own head for hours, days or even years wondering if it’s worth pursuing something big, and sometimes, we convince ourselves that something isn’t possible before we even start pursuing it!


And here’s where the power of making a decision comes in. If you’ve already decided that dream is possible for you, you are only going to act toward and for it. You’re not going to spend any time second-guessing yourself, asking for advice from your friends or family (who may have the best of intentions, but remember, it’s not their dream, it’s yours!), lying awake at night calculating things, and so on.


Imagine how freeing that’d be, and more importantly, imagine how much more time you had if you no longer second-guessed, regretted, wondered, worried, or dabbled.


Your dreams would have no choice but to come true since bringing them to life is literally all you do!


You see, dreams don’t come true NOT because they are too hard, too far-fetched, too big or too high, they don’t come true because we haven’t decided they will.


Decide today that it is calling you will come true, and let go of any worry otherwise. Those dreams are yours for the taking. Go grab them!