I wouldn't have been able to run my business without learning automation. Click through to learn my top automation components.

While I’m proud to have build a business that makes more than my 9-5 job all while working full-time, there’s really no reason for any of us not to be able to make money while at work, all thanks to implementing lots and lots of… automation.


I wouldn't have been able to run my business without learning automation. Click through to learn my top automation components.

Given the robust software available all over the internet, anyone can build systems and structures that work for them at all times. For me, this was hugely beneficial while at my 9-5 job. It also works when you’re traveling, sleeping, just having fun… you name it!


Here are the most helpful automation systems in my business:

Lead Generation


This is the biggest! I spent nearly the first year and a half trying to manually grow my email list and find client and customer leads. This meant constantly posting on social media, creating new opt-ins, guest posting, and so on. While I certainly leverage these platforms to grow, I no longer manually do it, and instead set up ways to leverage automated lead generation.


This has been so huge because it’s grown my audience in a way I could’ve never managed to do alone. It also has given me so much more time to focus on working with my clients and creating new products, which has made me better at what I do. Not to mention, it’s the part of the business I love the most!




After Google, Pinterest sends the most traffic to my website. I’m so grateful for the power of Pinterest as a search engine as it’s so much more helpful than social media. Learning to use Pinterest for business was the first automation system I ever learned, and it still pays off every day.




Emails have been completely critical in communicating with my audience, growing my brand and scaling my income. However, they can be a lot of work! Instead of pressuring myself to do them all on-demand, I’ve learned how to create email funnels and sequences so that they can still be supporting my business growth without me having to manually draft them.




Having passive income is precisely what has made my business profitable around my 9-5 job! With the right structures and processing systems, sales can be made and processed completely automatically. There’s nothing quite like getting out of a meeting at work, just to check your phone and see you made some sales!


For a while, I didn’t leverage automation enough and my business suffered because of it. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to. I just didn’t know how to! Hiring experts to show me the ropes behind the above automations changed everything for me.


If you’re feeling like you’re working 24/7 and not seeing the growth that you want in your business, consider what more you can automate! Don’t know how to create sophisticated automation systems? I recommend finding an ecourse or teacher to break it down for you. Some of it can be a bit complex to set up, but once you have it in place, you can leave it be! So worth it.


What are your favorite things to automate?

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