How I Used Visualization on My Baby Moon
Your Biggest Vision
Season 3, Ep. 36

Sharing how the power of visualization has impacted my life and why visualization is one of my favorite mindset tools to date. I am coming to you live from Paris as I celebrate my baby moon and first seven figure year! Being in this city feels like a complete full circle moment as it is the city where the true entrepreneur in me was first ignited. I also want to thank everyone for your kind thoughts and congratulations as my team and I celebrate our first seven figure year!


Tune in to hear:


  • How I used visualization on my baby moon, in business and in general


  • What I have witnessed as a result of manifestation


  • A behind the scenes look into my baby moon and trip to Europe!

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Sharing how the power of visualization has impacted my life and why visualization is one of my favorite mindset tools to date.

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Leah Gervais on visualization
Leah- visualizing on baby moon

Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais: Hello, visionaries. Welcome back to the Your Biggest Vision show. This is your host, Leah. I am recording this early in the morning on the terrace of my hotel room in Paris. And so my voice might be a little morning- you might even hear a little bit of the backgrounds of the city, but if you’ve followed me on Instagram, you have seen the view of where I’m staying. And I can imagine that you would understand why I simply cannot stay inside. I must be outside experiencing the city. So here we are. Uh, I just wanted to record this episode from the heart and really conversationally. I’m excited to do this. This is going to be in a format that is inspired by an episode from one of my own mentors, David Nagel, who shared a story about the power of visualization and the power of his mind.


Uh, in a way years ago, I heard it probably four years ago or so, you know, at the, at the beginning of my kind of own business journey taking off. Um, but it really impacted me. And I have since had a similar sort of experience using mindset, tools and visualization. And so I had to share it with you guys. So this is a little bit different of a style, but I, um, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. So let me go ahead and give you a little bit of background and then we will dive in. First of all, thank you to all of you who have warmly messaged me. DM’ed me, emailed me. I have been so touched by all of your thoughtfulness around me sharing the fact that I am in Paris to celebrate my business’s first seven figure year.


It is a huge milestone. It’s very exciting. Something that the whole team and I have worked really hard for and are obviously very excited. Excuse me about, um, and getting to celebrate here in Paris is just beyond a dream come true. I really have no words. Um, first of all, Paris is just such a special city. Um, for many reasons it is, is so iconic and beautiful and luxurious and glamorous, and it has a lot of meaning to me, in particular, I was telling my husband that I feel like it is in the city of Paris where my sort of natural entrepreneurial strengths first kind of came out, uh, which ironically are what I was told for a lot of my childhood are disadvantages and things. I should team specifically my lack of patience, um, and how impatient I am when it comes to getting what I want. 


So when I was 15, my family and I came to France for the first time. Um, my dad, uh, had a sabbatical from work, so he took quite a long trip and we went through Europe and, um, it was a lot of fun, but when we got to Paris, something in me just flipped. I had just never seen anything so beautiful in my entire life. Uh, I was obsessed with New York city at the time. I kind of had been my whole life and that didn’t really fade, but something about Paris just sucked me in.


And it was like something uncontrollable came over me that told me, you need, you need to live here. You need to live here. You need to really experience what it’s like to live here. And I just had never experienced, even though I loved New York and I’d been to so many beautiful places, uh, having been fortunate to do so I just had never experienced something like Paris, where I felt like every street I walked down, every corner I turned, took my breath away and I liked the culture and I liked the language and I loved the history and there was just something about it that really enveloped me. So I, first of all, on that trip, I was 15, remember, and I made an entire PowerPoint presentation on my dad’s old laptop, because this was back in the day when like, you know, we all didn’t have laptops.


So, I made a PowerPoint presentation on his old laptop explaining to him and my mom, why they should move my sisters and I, and our whole family to Paris from the town in Colorado, where we grew up to Paris. I had researched schools, I researched the benefits. I thought that we would grow up more, um, just, you know, bilingual and diverse and more cultured, and just tried to really sell them on why this was the best thing for our family. I tried to explain how my dad’s accounting firm, uh, good move to Paris. I did this while we were on vacation and I was 15 and I sold it to my parents and I was devastated when they said that we would not be moving to Paris. So at the age of 15, I decided to take things into my own hands.


And I went back to the town that I grew up in Colorado and explain to my guidance counselor that I was going to move to France. I was moving there and she said, okay, well, there are old AU pair programs that we can kind of help you look into, um, for the gap year in between high school and college. And there’s also really great study abroad programs in France, uh, with many schools, including, you know, the university of Colorado, et cetera, which is obviously who they partnered with being the state school, where I grew up. And I just remember looking at her and thinking, I don’t think you understand I’m moving to France. Like now, you know, why didn’t anyone understand that I needed to be in this city? 


It was like, I had this clear calling from it and no one else was letting me listen to it or helping me figure out how to listen to it. So I, once again took matters into my own hands and I did quite a bit of personal research, um, and reached out to just Googled things to the best of my ability in the age of Google, that it was at the time and talk to different people in my school and talk to different people, um, in my town. And eventually I was connected with a youth exchange program that did have a relationship with France. And so long story short, I moved to France when I was 15 later that year for a year in high school.


And I lived with a host family and I learned French and I still do speak it. And not, not obviously, not quite as fluently as I used to. Um, and that year had a lot of challenges and ups and downs. And it’s not really the point of the story, but I’m, I am very grateful that I had that experience and that I have the ability to speak French. And I just will never forget how my impatience paid off and how my insistence paid off and how my desire to do something differently than what others were telling me to do paid off. And I think it really mirrors a lot of the foundations of my business and what helped my business get to seven figures, which were just characteristics of not having patience for what you really want listening when your intuition or a city or a, you know, opportunity really calls itself and pulls itself to you, finding opportunities where other people don’t see one or where other people see an obstacle and making things happen for yourself and getting creative about how they can happen.


Even when away doesn’t look clear, or even when it doesn’t look possible, or even when all the doors have been closed into your, in your face. And when I, now I’m celebrating the seven figure mark, and I think, okay, so when I was 15, I had the resilience for my parents to not want to move here for my guidance counselor, to tell me that I would have to wait for many smart people to tell me that this was not something I was going to be able to do before I was of legal age, where I could voluntarily move myself. And I still found a way that really has mirrored my journey to my first million, which is that I’ve heard no countless times. And I think that that is something that, um, I don’t know if I should talk about it more, or if it’s just sort of like preconceived notions people have about, uh, businesses that have grown, which is that they think it gets easier, you hear no more, or I’m sorry, you hear no less, um, these obstacles aren’t as relevant for you. Things, you know, just tend to be ironed out. None of that’s really true. 


You just learn how to get better at seeing opportunities. Anyway, in the midst of the obstacles that we all go through. So long story short, that is one of the many reasons I chose to celebrate this in Paris. And it is such a full circle moment for me because having been blessed to spend, uh, many, you know, a lot of time here in Paris, I probably spend the equivalent of, you know, 10 or 15 times to Paris at this point in my life. Having lived in, in, uh, uh, town a little bit north of here, um, when I was in high school and then having visited multiple times since then, I also got engaged here, which also makes it even more special than it already was to me, yh, it’s very full circle. 


This is the first time I’ve been able to experience Paris the way I now am able to afford to do. And that’s because of my business success. And my business success is the way that it is because of the kind of traits about me that Paris really let me see our tools and our benefits and our strengths and our to be cherished and utilized, not to be shamed, not to fall into the status quo and not to be silenced. 


So that is what I’ve been up to. But before this, my husband and I went to Croatia where we were, um, there for our baby moon. So at the time of recording this, and not only am I celebrating my first seven figure year, I am around seven months pregnant. Um, and which most of you know, and I am getting ready to have my first baby, which is so exciting and, you know, amazing in its own right. And I could go on about that. So we wanted to have an experience where it was just us to, you know, for kind of the last time for, for a while anyway. So we went to Croatia.


And this is the last time we will be in Europe until actually next year. Our mastermind retreat is going to be here, by the way. Our mastermind of 2022 is opening soon for enrollment. We already only have a few spots left because people have been so eager to enroll, which has been a really incredible experience. Um, our mastermind this year has been just the highlight of, of one of the highlights of our business. It’s been so much fun. It’s been so incredible to see what these women have done. Uh, so if you want to get in on some of that magic, be sure to join our mastermind waitlist. We are going to start enrolling people this month, I think in September. Um, and, and the fast action pricing will expire in October. So if this is something you’re interested in, even just learning about that, I encourage you to get on the waitlist.


There’s no strings attached to getting on the waitlist. It’s, um, you know, you don’t have to put down a deposit or anything. It’s just so that you’re, uh, there, and in the know when the doors open, when the spots open, before I open it publicly to my email list of tens of thousands of people, so highly encourage you to get on the mastermind waitlist. So you can do that at Leah Um, we will also put it in the show notes of this episode. You can also always DM me on Instagram, literally, no harm in getting in. And there are lots of bonuses when you are on the waitlist. Also, you get to be on my close friend group on Instagram, and I show a lot of behind the scenes on that, um, uh, on that feed. Um, I talk about how we’re optimizing things, team growth, um, my income, you know, more transparently.


So definitely get on the waitlist. If this is something you are just interested in learning more about again, no strings attached. So anyway, we went to Croatia. Now, as you all know, we are in a global pandemic and traveling, as we know it has forever changed. In our marriage, I am definitely the one that just thinks I can be late more of the time. I don’t think I’m that late of a person, but my husband’s very punctual. He likes to be on time. He likes to be early. He does not enjoy the stress of potentially running late ever. So we’re usually pretty early for things when he is the one in charge of the schedule. Me, I don’t need to be as early. I obviously don’t enjoy the stress of being late, but I really hate waiting around. I’m a very impatient person.


So waiting around the airport isn’t really my cup of tea either, but I decided to go with his philosophy when we decided to fly from JFK to Croatia because of the times we’re living in and the uncertainty. And so I thought, okay, we’ll do it by the book. We’ll get there the three hours early, because it’s an international flight. Um, and keep in mind, we had, you know, the priority pass the TSA. Pre-check the, the, um, priority ticket, whatever you can think of to the point where we really should not have had to be that stressed out about this. And our flight was at 8:00 PM on the dot. And we left our apartment in New York at around 4:15 and the ride to get to the airport is usually around 45 minutes. So we thought, okay, perfect. We’ll be there at five. We were checking a bag.


Uh, we had, again, checked in online. We had the priority, blah, blah, blah. Um, but we were not, we obviously still had to drop, to drop it off and we didn’t know what to expect. We didn’t know- And you know, now you have to prove that you’re vaccinated to be flying into the places that we were, et cetera. So, uh, we just decided to get there and give it the full three hours, just like by the book, so that if anything goes wrong, we could tell them, you know, we did what you said. We got here three hours early. This is your fault. You kind of need to help us. So we decide to go forth with this and get in. And the story I’m about to tell you is one that should have ended by all logical terms with us not getting on this flight with us, having missed our baby moon and with us being in New York during the horrific storm that happened, um, where a lot of New York was flooded.


You know, obviously that was one of the harder things to find out about while we were here. And, um, we, we, we missed it. So we, we shouldn’t have technically, but I really believe that it’s through the power of the mind that we were able to do this anyway. So here’s what happened… 


We get to the airport. First of all, we ended up getting to the airport quite a bit after five because, uh, we, we just do, you know, traffic is horrific. Uh, I have, we have an issue with our cab driver, the oldest story in the book, no one cares, but the point is we are getting there past five. So already we’re not feeling as confident about our path because we didn’t get there the full three hours early and being pregnant. I was really nauseous. I had a tough car ride and I was just trying to hold it together.


And all I wanted to do is get through security, go to the lounge and kind of relax before this flight, which I assumed we had plenty of time to do because we were getting there three hours early. Uh, and again, we had pre-check, you know, by all means, we should have been able to skip the majority of the lines that the airport gives you. So we just are happy when we get to JFK, we get to JFK and we walk by the sky pass or sky checking.


 I’m not very familiar with the whole thing, because usually I don’t check a bag, but it’s the way that you check a bag, you know, curbside, right when you get off. And it just says domestic checking. And only when we say, okay, we need to go give our check bag to the attendant. So we go into JFK and it is a disaster. I mean, I’ve never seen it like this in the 10 years that I’ve lived in New York. It was one of the most chaotic airport experiences I had ever seen, ever. The line to do anything. And I mean, anything for anyone, it doesn’t matter what your priority is. It doesn’t matter the status. It doesn’t matter if you’re checking a bag, checking in, checking in for tomorrow, checking in for a flight in 20 minutes, they had no rhyme or reason to sorting out the people that were at JFK. 


If you were doing anything with Delta, there was one solitary line for you to stand in waiting and figure that out with Delta. So, as you can imagine, this line was wrapped around basically the entirety of the terminal of JFK, which Delta houses, which I believe is terminal four. I don’t remember quite perfectly, but it was insane. And right away, I’m thinking, oh my God, we’re going to be on the news because nowadays that’s what you see on the news is like very angry people on in airports, you know, getting in fights and fighting each other and fighting the poor employees of the airports who don’t really have a whole lot of say in the ridiculousness that they’re executing right now. And I think this is what’s going to happen to us. So that is the tone. That is the vibe.


And immediately I’m like, oh boy, this, this is not good. And I always try to stay in a really positive frame of mind when traveling. I know it’s just kind of a naturally stressful experience for a lot of people, myself included. And I try to really actively work against that because I always think, oh my gosh, I’m choosing to travel. It’s a blessing that I’m able to afford to travel. It’s a blessing that I’m healthy enough to travel. I’m not going to let myself get stressed about this. I kind of had that same philosophy when I was getting married and everyone was like, oh, getting married, weddings are so stressful. And I just remember thinking, I reject that. I reject that I don’t want to fall into complaining about something that is such a huge blessing. Now we’re all human. And sometimes situations just to get the best of you.


And there’s a lot of kind of balls in the air. And I think that that’s what travel really is about. I don’t think it’s that anyone is trying to make something negative out of something so positive. But I had already been trying to be in a calm state of mind, both for my pregnancy. And because I didn’t want to come into this experience just assuming it was going to be chaotic, stressful, et cetera. So that already is getting tested because we see this line and we look at our watch and it’s around 5:30 and our flight’s at eight now in normal circumstances, I would just think, oh my God, this is perfect. We’re here super early. We’re going to be able to drop our bag,we already paid for it. We have the pass. Um, and we’ll get, we’ll get through security. We’ll get through pre-check, we’ll get on our flight. We’ll have some time, whatever. 


This was not that experience. I mean, there was like a drop in both of our stomachs pretty quickly here realizing that this line was chaotic, had no rhyme or reason, was very long and things could go south pretty quickly. So again, the line, because we have no choice, but to do so. And we are waiting in line and this line, you know, people are fighting the attendance, telling them they have to skip the line. We’re hearing some people around us say that their flights at 7:20, you know, at least our flight was at eight, but then we’re also hearing a lot of people say their flight’s not til 9:30 and ours was at eight. And even we were worried about whether or not, you know, and even they were worried about whether or not they were going to make it.


And so we were in the line for around half an hour and we realize how little we’ve moved. And we also realize that, and we start hearing the attendance starts saying they are going to stop accepting checked bags an hour before your flight, which is, you know, pretty standard policy as far as I understand. Um, so that means that at seven o’clock, you know, the party’s over. So, um, this is when my wheels start turning and I start hearing him tell people explicitly, you are going to have to, when you get to the counter, you’re gonna have to rebook your flight. He’s telling them you’ve already missed it. You know, it’s over. Cause they’re like four lines back in and maybe their flight was at 7:20 and now it’s like 6:30. Um, they’re not making it. And so my, you know, kind of like night naive thinking about the fact that since this is clearly Delta’s fault, I mean, I’ve never seen anything so unorganized in my life.


We did everything by the book we got there on time, we got there early, we got there when they said to get there, they weren’t doing anything to help people in terms of sorting people based on when their flight was taking off, they weren’t actually honoring whether or not you had priority over your pass. Um, so I think my first instinct was just like Delta, going to wait for us. I mean, there’s probably so many people in this line that, or not going to get to the front of it within the hour window, maybe they’ll delay the flight an hour, you know, who knows? But since this is clearly their fault, there’s no way we’re going to be punished for this. That’s like where my mind went right away. That’s not true. That’s not how airlines work. So as I’m starting to hear other people around me realize that they’re going to miss their flights.


And, and not only are we hearing it from the attendance, but just like other negative things start happening. Like people start, um, running away from the, uh, you know, from the ticket, oh God, from the counter, gosh, what am I trying to say from the ticket counter? And they’re all angry and they’re saying, oh, you know, we, we, we don’t need a negative COVID test. And, but they’re not letting people get on the flight to Rome without a negative COVID test. And, oh my gosh, it’s just such an intense time to travel and regulations are changing nearly daily. So it’s so hard to know exactly what you need and, and, and if you’re prepared and all of that. So there’s just like a lot of disappointment. It feels energetic in the air. It feels like a lot of people are angry. A lot of people are upset.


A lot of people are sad. They’re not going to make their flight. So this is when I realized, oh gosh, I have to do I have to do something about this. I have to be a little bit more proactive about my thinking right now, because something could happen. And there’s, it’s pretty clear we’re not going to make it to the counter by seven. Um, it’s pretty clear. We are not going to actually buy the book, make this happen because this line is so long and everyone is fighting. The police were having to come in and tear people apart because people are trying to kind of start riots and negotiate with other people. You know, people are starting to ask him the line, Hey, well, when’s your flight. Can I cut you? Because your flights later, et cetera, it’s just, it’s, it’s getting ugly. 


And so I really went inward here and thought, okay, we need to adjust this mindset and we need, we need to figure something out. So I want to take a pause here and read a quote to you that, um, that I learned from David Nagel years ago. And it’s something that I’ve still kind of kept with me. But I think it’s really fitting here. And it’s something that I heard him read in his own story of. It’s a great episode. Um, you should listen to it at some point, if you go back in his podcast, he has this episode about how he made it home, to Chicago, through a snowstorm against all odds. Um, and he’s just a good storyteller, but this is a quote that he said in it. And I want to take a pause to read it here as well. It’s a quote from James Allen from a book he wrote, I think in the 1800s.


So this is nothing new, “mind is the master power that molds and makes and man is mind and evermore he takes the tool of thought and shaping what he wills brings forth a thousand joys or a thousand ills”. Okay, I’m going to read that part one more time, but essentially what he’s saying is he’s just saying how the mind is the master power, more powerful than anything else, more power than Delta. “mind is the master power that molds and makes and man is mind and evermore he takes the tool of thought and shaping what he wills brings forth a thousand joys or a thousand ills”. Okay. The second. And my favorite part of it says “he thinks in secret and it comes to pass, environment is but his looking glass”. So this quote is about the power of the mind and about the power of the mind being the most powerful tool on the planet.


And I have been a coach now for five years, or I’ve had my business rather for five years. I’ve been a coach for maybe three, a little more than three. And I have worked with a lot of people in personal development. I’ve done a lot of personal development myself. I’ve studied a lot of it. I’ve seen a lot of people talk about the power of your mind, the power of positive thinking, the power of affirmations, et cetera, yet when it comes to parts of our life, that for most of our life, we have deemed as out of our control. We often stop ourselves from applying what we know to be true to these areas. And I am no by no means perfect at this. I’m not saying that I do this all the time, but what I’m, what I see a lot is people will, we’ll talk about the power of positive thinking in regards to their business or in regards to their health or in regards to their money. 


But then when it comes to things like their future. So maybe something as catastrophic as travel, um, maybe even career decisions, something like health insurance, I see as a big one. Things that just have always had this narrative of being challenging, difficult, and maybe even unmanageable. 


We sort of forget that we’re more powerful than those things, that our mind is more powerful than health insurance, you know, and what I mean specifically by this, as I hear people say, they want to work for themselves and they want to have their own business and they want to, um, have a laptop lifestyle, but how are they ever going to pay for health insurance? You are more powerful than health insurance. You can frickin figure out a way. And in my situation here I am probably one of those people that had dismissed things like international travel in the time of a pandemic as something that was that I basically had no power over or no control over.


And in some sense, that’s true. I’m not trying to say that we have this sort of witchcraft power over things happening per a magic spell, but we take ourselves out of the game. A lot of the time forgetting the power of your mind and the power of your thoughts. And as James Allen said that your environment is a reflection of what is in your mind. He said, environment is, but his looking glass, everything, you see everything you look around and see right now, everything that is, or isn’t in your business that is, or isn’t in your bank account, that is, or isn’t in your life. That is, or isn’t in your circumstances, a result of the way you see them and think about them. And this isn’t meant to guilt. You shame you stress you out, make you feel like you are at fault for the things in your life that you might not love, but it is meant to give you the power back to remember that no matter what it is, you have control over the way you visualize it and see it.


And therefore the way you experienced it. So this is where I start kicking this into my own mind. And I start thinking, okay, Leah, you need to stay positive here. You know, literally everything in your circumstances are making it look like you are not going to make this trip. And so I started thinking, okay, I need to come up with ways to get creative and ways to make this work, because I am not going to make it to the counter by seven o’clock. Adam and I are going to miss this flight. And if we don’t figure something out here, or if something doesn’t change, or if we don’t keep a positive mindset, we’re going to miss, we’re going to miss this flight. And we are probably going to miss the leg of this trip. Well, here’s why, so my first instinct is okay, why don’t I get start getting creative and think where else, how else could we get to Croatia?


And let’s start with that. So I start looking on my phone, I’m in the line. And I start trying to find other ways to get to Dubrovnik, either tonight or the next day. And at first, I’m just, I, you know, I just thought this, this be easy. There’s probably plenty of flights. And if we need to rebook, we can rebook. It is what it is. We just need to get there. And I’m starting to realize that that’s not the case. Dubrovnik is not Paris. It is not London. It does not have several flights a day from New York. In fact, it doesn’t even have a flight every day from New York. It has a few direct flights per week from New York. And we’re open to connecting. Obviously it’s not ideal, but I’m really trying to stay open-minded here. I’m really trying to stay positive. And even in the midst of all this chaos, disappointment, dark, heavy energy, um, anger, I’m really trying to stay in a high vibration.


So I’m just continuing to accept that this could end up looking differently than I want it to. And that things are happening for me, not to me. And that this is going to work out better than I can imagine right now. So long as I continue to open my mind to the different ways in which this could happen, which are clearly not going to look like our plan A, right. So I’m trying to find plan B and I’m trying to be open-minded and I’m trying to be positive. So I’m looking and I realized that there are no direct flights from JFK, Newark or LaGuardia, none of new, York’s three big airports to Dubrovnik for about the next 48 hours. Okay. So, so far this is not looking great. Um, it really wouldn’t make sense for us to go to Dubrovnik three days late because we were only staying there five days before we came back to Paris or before we flew to Paris.


So I’m not exactly sure how to get around this at this point. So I start looking at connecting flights, trying to stay positive, trying to stay in this high frame of mind. And that’s not so promising either, really not finding anything that can get us there at all in the next 24 hours from any of these airports. I just didn’t realize how- I realized once I got there, Dubrovnik airports, very, very small. Um, and the fact that there’s even as many flights direct from New York as there are, is actually pretty cool. So, you know, that is something that becomes clear to me right away. It is not that easy to get here from New York. Um, and we really want to try to be on this flight to get there because I don’t know what else. I don’t think that there’s another way to get there so that I’m like, okay, try this.


This isn’t really working. Not sure what else we’re going to do. So then we, we decided to call Delta. So my husband’s on the phone with Delta in the line. And we think if we explain to Delta, we got here three hours early, we paid for the priority, you know, first, whatever, all the passes and checks and whatever. Um, they’ll help us. Right? Isn’t that what they promise that if, if you pay up, then you have good customer service. And if you play by the rules and you’ll make it et cetera. Uh, so we decided to call them and both of us are like, you know, he’s in this with me. He’s like, okay, let’s go to the next it’s called, it’s called. So he calls them and he’s on the phone with them. And it becomes pretty clear that that’s about an hour, wait, uh, meaning we wouldn’t even get on the phone with someone until after our gate had closed.


And there’s probably nothing that they would be able to help us do either except rebook. And we don’t even know where to rebook at this point, then I’m thinking, okay, well, I really don’t like exploring this, but should we not go to Dubrovnik? Should we not go to Croatia? Should we bag it? And should we just try to go somewhere else? So we kind of started trying to flirt with that idea, but keep in mind, uh, I had paid for pretty much every hotel in full. I like to do that in advance, just so I know that everything is accounted for, um, and, and refunds are really not an option these days because of the pandemic. So that wasn’t really an appetizing option for us because we would have lost all the hotels and everything we had prepaid for in advance that were nonrefundable.


So I’m trying to stay open-minded to that, but I really can’t see that as the best option either. And I just really feel like we’re supposed to go to Croatia. I just really feel like that. You know, it had been so clear my visualizations, that that’s where we would be for our baby moons spending this time together, spending our last trip together. I just really couldn’t imagine not going, but I’m trying to stay open minded and I’m trying to stay open minded. And I’m still trying to remember the lessons I’ve learned over the last year is about the power of visualizing what you want and the importance of keeping that visualization clear. Even when everything looks like it’s fighting against it, like it’s not going to work, et cetera. So I’m continuing to hold the vision of us going to Croatia. And so I decided I’m not going to keep looking at other places.


I’m not going to look at other places. I am going to figure out we are going to make this happen. We are going to get to Croatia, but things are starting to look bleak. The line is not moving. People are getting madder by the second, there are people being escorted from the line. Uh, people missing their flights, people, you know, running through the line out saying that they were denied and that Delta’s a scam and all of these types of nightmare scenarios. And Adam and I just look at each other at one point, and we really realize, what are we doing? We’re standing in the sign and we’re not going to make it. They can’t even rebook us in this line. They’re going to send us to Delta customer service, which is on a different floor. What are we doing? And we kind of have that moment where we just look at each other.


And as we are in that moment, neither of us wanting to say out loud what the other’s thinking, which is, we’re not going to make this. And we don’t really have any other options, but trying to stay in that positive place and trying to hold that high vibration in the midst of so much chaos and negativity, a man comes up to us in the middle of the line, in the middle of the line with hundreds and hundreds of people in the middle of the anger, in the middle of the chaos, the two of us. I still don’t know why he came up to the two of us and he said, are you going to Croatia? And we said, yes, we’re going to Dubrovnik. And he said, great. I actually can check your bags at the curbside check-in to Dubrovnik and re I’m a little suspicious right away, to be totally honest with you.


I’m just like, no, we just came from there. And, you know, as I had said, it said, domestic only we, we looked at this, we tried to do this. And he said, I know, actually I can do it to S to Spain and to Croatia, those are the two exceptions. And I’m still a little bit suspicious here. The guy’s not wearing anything that says Delta. He doesn’t have a badge. And he’s asking for our passports. And I’m like, I don’t know about this. So he said, come with me, let’s check your bag, give me your passports. And I will give you your boarding passes and we can check your bag and you can skip this whole line and you can go right through. You can go right through your precheck global entry or whatever. And on the one hand I’m elated and on the other hand, I’m totally freaked out.


So I say, why do you need both of our passports? And he said, well, I need both- Because at first I said, why, don’t why don’t Adam? Why don’t you go? And I’ll hold our place in line, right? Because that’s, that’s my worst case scenario here is, well, at my best worst case scenario is we lose our spot in line. My worst, worst case scenario is this guy’s totally scamming us. He’s going to take us outside of JFK, steal our luggage. No, one’s going to be able to help us because everyone’s so preoccupied with the internal mob that has erupted at the Delta terminology of JFK uh, he’s going to steal our passports. And we’re never going to see either of them again, that’s, you know, the worst case scenario. I know that that might sound a little gloom and doom, but he literally came out of nowhere and he’s just wearing a normal jacket. He doesn’t look like he works for Delta. 


We had seen the sign that said that they can’t check anything international. And how did he just come up to us to so many of the things just didn’t really feel like they were adding up yet. It also felt like it was adding up perfectly. So I said, why don’t Adam, you go, I’ll stay in our spot in line. I will stay with our stuff other than the checked bag, and you can go check this out. So, I send my husband and this guy said, no, I need both of you. And I need both your passports. This is what freaks me out. He said, I need both your passports in order to check you in and in order to get your ticket. And I said, no, I already checked in online. I have my tickets on our phone, you don’t need my passport.


And he said, okay, you come with me and just brought Adam with him, my poor Guinea pig husband. But no, we were desperate at this point. So, 10 minutes later, I get a call from him that says, this is, this worked, come outside. First of all, I’m even a little suspicious at this point. I’m like, what if they are like making him call me and say this? I don’t know why I got all into this like taken scenario in my head, but sure enough, I left the line, the line that we had put our blood, sweat and tears into, the labor of love line of an hour and a half. The line that if I left, I would probably never get back into. And we literally would have just missed this entire thing. And I go to the curbside checkout, and he gives us our boarding passes and he takes our bag and he gives us a tracking number and we’re able to go through security.


And we even had a moment going through security where we thought we may never see that baggage, but at least we’re getting on the plane. You know, I was even thinking, I forgot to mention this part, but I was Googling when I was trying to really stay in my optimistic, how to find a plan B frame of mind or their luggage gift shops, anywhere in JFK, where I can go buy more carry ons, and we can try to consolidate, we throw some stuff away, consolidate the things in our carry on our, in our checked bag, into a carry on. So we don’t have to stand in this line to check it back. Cause I did have our tickets. I did have our tickets, which I guess Delta, wasn’t really doing a lot of, um, which is why so many people were in that line. I don’t know how I got our tickets in advance, but I did.


So, long story short, we get on the plane, we make it, it leaves on time. It did not wait for us much to what my wishful thinking would have wished for us. And we land in Dubrovnik and I will never forget the joy that the laughs that just sort of “holy cow” look gave each other when we saw the suitcase come out of the Dubrovnik airport onto the conveyor belt and everything worked, we were able to cut the whole line. We made it on time. 


We were able to get on our flight. We kept all our reservations and we had the most incredible baby moon discovering the cliffs and old town of Croatia. Now was this all because of my positive thinking, was this all because of my frame of mind? And because I just attracted this into me, I don’t know. Right? I don’t know. I don’t know if this would have happened if I didn’t have the same mindset.


I don’t know if this would have happened the same way again, I don’t know how much of it was luck that we were just in the right place in the line where the guy approached us and came up to us. I don’t know if it was just luck that the, uh, that the curbside pickup was able to make this exception and do a few international check-ins when usually they can only do domestic. We don’t know these things and we’re not supposed to. 


What I do know is that the power of the mind is the most powerful tool. And that doesn’t just count when it comes to your health, your journal, taking a good situation and making it or bad situation and making it good. You are more powerful than circumstances in which you have been taught to be powerless. You are more powerful in circumstances in which you’ve always taught to surrender and not surrendering doesn’t mean that you aren’t accepting of what is.


But I think a lot of us miss out on opportunities because we don’t allow our eyes to be open to them. And because we think that if planning doesn’t work, then there is no other plan. There is no other way. There’s always a way there’s always a way. I do believe that if this didn’t work out, we would have found a different way to do something and something else would have been great, right? It’s not that there that this was like gloom or doom, but I do believe that if you continue to open your eyes and you continue to say yes to things and you continue to explore other opportunities and you continue to say to the universe and say to yourselves and seeing your subconscious mind, we’re going to find a way there’s always a way there’s always a way than ways tend to find you.


But if I had been in that line, thinking work for sure, going to work for sure, not going to make it. If we had surrendered to that, if we had seen all the logical parts of our situation, the fact that it was approaching 7:00 PM and we were nowhere near the front of the line, and we knew we needed to get there by 7:00 PM if we were going to make this flight and therefore we weren’t going to make this flight, you know, most people you just would have left. 


You would have just left to the Delta security counter, went and rebooked the whole thing and decided to figure it out because you knew you weren’t going to make it because plan a failed. So you needed to go do something else. I believe that it is because we decided to stay in a high vibration, stay open, stay thoughtful, stay receptive, and stay curious about how this visualization could come to manifestation because it was so clear.


We stayed in that line. I don’t know if we admitted some sort of energy that made the guy come up to us. I’ll never know all of the functions around it, but I’m not supposed to. And that’s the magic. And neither are you. The universe is always conspiring in your favor and it is not your job to understand all the different things coming together for you to succeed. It’s your job to receive them and to stay open to them so that they can find you. How often do you set a goal? And when it doesn’t look the way that you think it’s going to, you assume that you failed. How often do you set a timeline? And when things get in the way, you then have to push the timeline back, instead of understanding that the universe can collapse time and space for you, stick to your goals, stick to your vision, think of how else it could happen.


And if that way doesn’t work, find another way. And if that way doesn’t work, find another way. And if that way doesn’t work, find another way. There is always another way. And this is an alignment with the universal law of polarity. 


So wherever there’s a desire, there’s also a solution for that desire to manifest or a way for it to manifest the problem with corporate thinking. And the problem with the societal thinking we have all been ingrained in is that we’re also attached to things happening the way we think they’re supposed to, or the way we’ve been taught to do them, or the way we are have been told to do them. 


We don’t learn that there are so many countless ways for things to come to manifestation. And so we don’t look for them. And this mindset shift, this mindset shift of getting really good at seeing opportunities where other people see obstacles at not seeing things as failures basically is why I believe I am on a rooftop in Paris, overlooking my full tower, celebrating my seven figure year. And this stuff feels abstract, but it’s not. And so I wanted to share this story with you so that you could have a true example of not just in business, but in life where we, where we stop trying, where we stop ourselves, where we disconnect from the miraculous, where we take ourselves out of the game.


So I hope that this, uh, story inspired you. I hope that me sharing this resonated with you. And I hope that as you go through your day, your month, wherever you’re kind of at, in your journey, um, you continue to ask yourself how else things could happen. How else could things happen? How else can things happen and ask the universe to use you, ask God to use you and speak through you so that things can happen in the best way for everyone involved. That is my message to you guys. 


I hope that you enjoyed this and remember, see opportunities where other people see obstacles and you will never run out of ideas. You’ll never run out of money. You’ll never run out of solutions. And that is how your business will thrive. All right, everyone, you got this here is your biggest vision and Dami on Instagram. I feel like this episode, I’ll talk to you all soon.

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