Welcome to the first episode of season 2, visionaries. Each year I choose one word that reflects the overarching theme of the past year. I choose a word that embodies the growth and characteristics that helped define my year. This year, I decided to choose a word at the beginning of the year as opposed to the end of the year in order to set a theme for the next 12 months. My word of the year is “inspiration” and I could not be more excited to align 2020 with this word.


Tune in to this episode to hear:


  • A debrief of 2019 and why I chose my word of 2019.
  • How I plan to align my lifestyle and business so that I can embody the meaning of my word of the year for 2020.
  • Why I continue to choose a word of the year and why you should too!
Tune in to the first episode of season 2 of the Your Biggest Vision show to hear my word of the year, what it means to me and how it aligns with my vision!
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Leah Gervais: Hey everybody, welcome back to the Your Biggest Vision show. I’m your host, Leah Gervais and I am so excited to be here for season two with you. We loved season one last year. This was one of my favorite things that happened in 2019 so we’re really excited to come back and be here with you again in 2020 and make this year the year that you really are chasing your biggest vision in the strongest and most inspired way. And we have loved hearing from you guys the things that you’ve loved about the last season and what you want to hear moving forward. So please never be shy to reach out to us, let us know what your favorite things are, what type of things you’d like to hear from me or some other guests. You can always email us media@urban20something.com and we will respond. So I wanted to start out this brand new season talking a little bit high level.


I know that this is coming out near the end of January. So the talk around new year’s resolutions and planning the year has probably quieted a little bit, but I still wanted to share my year, my word of the year. I keep saying my year of the word and it doesn’t make sense at all obviously. But anyway, I wanted to kind of share my word of the year with you because I still obviously think it’s relevant. It’s going to be relevant for the whole year. Um, and I actually read an interesting fact which was that January 17th is the day that most people quit their new year’s resolutions or back down on them or kind of ditch them. So in the spirit of keeping that up here after January 17th we’re going to share what my kind of vibe of the year is. And I wanted to do that by rewinding a little bit actually and kind of sharing why I pick a word of the year, what my last few have been.


I’ve only been doing this, this is the third year now and how they kind of build on top of each other because this is not about having a year where you just focus on one thing and then kind of ditch it. It’s about, you know, consistently improving and evolving your life and your work and who you are and who I am. And that happens through each year being intentional about what we can improve and keep with us then moving forward. So I really do think that they have built on each other. So with that, let’s go ahead and dive in. I’m going to share a the past two years and then what the reasoning behind this year’s, um, word is. And I’d love to hear from you guys. So do you have a word of the year and what is it? Please email us or I love it when you guys DM me on Instagram.


I tried to be really active there. Um, I’m just @Urban20Something, the number 20, not spelled out, out @urban20something. Um, and I’d love to hear from you guys as well. And just one more quick logistical note before we dive in. We also are going to be doing monthly Q and A’s this season where I can just answer any question you have about entrepreneurship, about mindset, about marketing, about six figures, about just starting whatever it is. So please email any questions to media@urban20something. Um, or just DMS on Instagram. And for that it’d be better if you DM our podcast Instagram account, which is just at your biggest vision. Alrighty. Without further ado, let’s go ahead. So I started having a word of the year at the end of 2018 so actually 2020 is the first year where I’ve kind of decided my word of the year at the beginning for the past two years.


I have sort of done it at the end when I’ve looked back and really summarize to the year. Um, and that’s because I just never really felt the need to have a word of the year. I knew some people did it, but I don’t know, for some reason it just didn’t speak to me. But now I can kind of look back and I can see why. And honestly I think it’s because before 2018, new year’s was not my favorite holiday. Um, it was fun watching the ball drop and it was fun drinking champagne. But the truth is, uh, the years before that I just wasn’t usually that happy looking back and reflecting on the year now, I wasn’t complaining, I didn’t have any, you know, depression or anything. I want to be very clear that it wasn’t necessarily a bad time, but I just always felt this feeling like I should have been further along than I was or like I was sort of just moving through the motions.


But this wasn’t really the big picture that I had for my life and I didn’t really know what to do with that feeling. I didn’t really know what it meant. So I just sort of ignored it. And for that reason, new years often felt a little bit deflating because it felt like maybe I checked off some boxes that year, but was this really contributing to my big vision for my life? Not really. So I didn’t really love doing the reflections. I didn’t really love doing the resolutions. It felt like I was just sort of doing it because I had to. It just didn’t feel good. But everything changed for me in 2018 and without getting too much into the entire story, I’ve told it many times on podcasts and I’m sure I will again, but more or less the end of 2017 was the year that I really decided to go all in, in my business and decided to set that up and see what I could do with my business and decide that I was going to eventually work for myself.


Up until then, it was sort of like a dabble situation. You know, I thought, well, maybe if I make enough money one day to replace my nine to five job, I’ll do it. Or, um, maybe if the opportunity presents itself, I can do it. I hadn’t really committed up until that point. So at the beginning of 2018 so we’re talking two years ago from now and I want to be really intentional about making that clear because so much happened in two years and that’s possible for you too. I decided that I would try to quit my nine to five job by the end of 2018 so I basically gave myself 12 months to do so and that was my big goal and I didn’t really know how I was going to do it. I did sign up for an program, which was a $5,000 investment, which was way more than I had ever invested and way more than I had lying around.


So, you know, I was hoping that would kind of show me the way, but I didn’t really have all the answers at all. I just decided that if I was going to do this, I was going to do it. I was going to quit this dabbling, quit this back and forth. It was really going to see what it took to make this happen. So that was my goal. I gave myself 12 months at the beginning of 2018 in January. Then just a short, two months later, the worst thing that has ever happened to me happened when I suddenly lost my dad. And my dad was my, my number one, you know, he was, he was my person. Um, we were so, so close. We had an incredible relationship and he was just my number one fan. He was the best to, uh, all three of my, you know, one of three of, I’m one of three girls and he was the best dad to us three that we could have dreamed of.


So his loss was hugely painful and very shocking. He wasn’t sick. He wasn’t, um, showing any signs of not feeling well. He was young and he just passed away out of the blue. So that was the most challenging and, and heart wrenching thing that’s ever happened to me. But it taught me so much and it’s continuing to teach me so much. And what it taught me in that moment was how powerful I truly was. So up until that point, as I mentioned, I had done a lot of dabbling in my life. I had spent years going through new years, feeling like I was lukewarm about the progress I had made in the past year. I had thought maybe I could quit my job, maybe I could be an entrepreneur, but only if these things worked out or only if X, Y, and Z fell into place. And when my dad passed away, it made me realize how powerful I truly was because when he passed away, I was faced with the biggest decision ever that I had ever been faced with, which was, how am I going to deal with this?


How am I going to let this impact my life? How am I going to make something more of myself because of this tragedy? And I had to make the hardest decision I’ve ever made, which was I had to decide to keep going. I had to decide to somehow face the courage to get up every single morning and face the day without the man. That was everything to me and that I never thought I’d have to live without. Not anytime soon. Anyway, I was only 25 when this happened and I had to decide to keep going on behalf of him and I had to decide not to crumble. So I didn’t want to make that decision every day. It wasn’t a fun decision every day, but it was the decision I chose to make. I chose not to, um, give up. Basically. I chose not to let my grief to find me and I chose to become stronger because of it.


And it wasn’t an easy decision. But the point I’m trying to make here was that it showed me the power of a decision. It showed me that when you decide something, you go all in, you don’t dabble, you don’t feel lukewarm about things, you don’t check off boxes, you don’t do so many of the things that I had spent years doing because I didn’t know how powerful I was to do so otherwise. And so from there I thought, what other decisions can I make to make this a more profound year than ever before? What other decisions can I make to honor my dad and make my grief my superpower rather than my downfall. So I came back to the decision that I had made just two months before that I would quit my nine to five job by the end of the year. And I thought, okay, what does it really mean to make this decision?


Not what does it mean to quit my nine to five if I make enough money and if the stars align and if I, you know, have the time to work out on it around my nine to five job and if I feel safe about it and if other people in my life support me, no, what does it mean to decide that I’m going to do this? And the truth is when you make a decision, you’re probably going to have to do some things that make you uncomfortable. But you have to do it anyway because it’s in alignment with the decision and you will never find success if you don’t decide that success is yours. I want to be very clear about that. There will never be these perfect times. There is only you deciding that you’re going to find the success and do whatever it takes.


So for me it meant putting a $5,000 investment on my credit card because I didn’t have the money in my checking account to pay for it at the time. It meant more or less pausing my social life for six plus months so that I could work on my business the full full time. It meant raising my prices even though that scared me. It meant putting myself out there. Even though I started getting mean emails and comments. It meant fear fearing what people would think of me that found my website and my business from high school and college because I thought that they would make fun of me. It meant dealing with all of that, but I made the decision and I was like on a roll with powerful decisions and when I realized my own power, I was able to leave my nine to five job in September of that year, four months ahead of schedule, four months ahead of schedule.


That is the power of a decision. That is the power of your mind. And your empowerment when you step into it and then that year I also got to make a much more, well, it was all very fun, but I’m more somewhat lighthearted decision, which was that I got engaged that year. My boyfriend then boyfriend now husband proposed to me and so that was a big decision too. We decided we were going to tie the knot, so I think you probably can see where I’m going with this, which was that by the end of 2018 my year of the word, my word of the year was decision and that was, that will always be the year that I learned what it means to make a decision and even though I will never be grateful for losing my dad, I am grateful for the lesson of understanding a true decision because what that has done for me now is shown me that I don’t ever have to distrust myself again or I don’t ever have to be afraid that I will self abandon again.


I can take risks because I’ve proved to myself that I know what it means to make a decision and I know what it means to come through for myself. So all of these risks and all this hype about can I take this risk? Is this worth, is this risk too risky? Is this going to be worth? It is just drama that you don’t have time for. But until you learn to trust yourself and until you learn what it really means to make a decision and follow through, you will waste your energy in this back and forth, healing and hiring. So I’m very grateful that the year taught me. When I make a decision, I step up to the plate. I do what it takes and I truly mean what it takes. And I’ve been tested on what that means time and time again. And I make it happen. And it’s not always easy and things don’t always work out. But because I’ve decided and learned how to decide, things have moved very quickly. So 2018 the year of the word, the word of the year was decision. And that was the best foundation I could ask myself for the business that I’ve now built.


Moving on to 2019 so 2019. Let me just set the stage a little bit. I want to start by saying that it was probably the best year of my life so far and this was intentional. So after the very challenging 2018 that I had, one of the decisions that I made in alignment with my decision theme was that 2019 would not just be a better year or a good year. There’d be nothing lukewarm about it. By the end. I wanted it to be the best year yet more importantly, I wanted it to be a year where so many things transformed and I did so much for myself that I built a foundation I could always build upon so that every year would be the new best year ever. Um, and just more importantly that my life would be more the way I wanted it to be. So 2019 was my first year totally self employed. 


Like I mentioned, I was able to quit my nine to five job in the fall of 2018. Um, I gave my notice in September, but was actually there for a few months afterward. They had asked me to stay. So 2019 was the first year totally on my own. So I decided to make through word of the year transformation. I wanted to look at the parts of my life that were not in alignment with the way that I wanted to live and the lifestyle I desired and transform them so that they work and I just wanted to pull out what I think were three of the biggest changes that I made that year. There were many little ones, but I think these will really summarize how possible transformation is for all of us. When you decide that that transformation is for you and you go all in with it. So the biggest one would be the, not the biggest, but I guess the most obvious to the outside. 


I would be the transformation of my career. I went from making around $60,000 a year at a nonprofit here in New York to having a multi-six-figure year in 2019. So that was the transformation. Within one year, my income tripled, um, uh, around that, around tripled, um, in one year. And that’s possible for all of us, but you have to work for it and you have to work heavily on your mindset for it. That’s, that’s the most important thing. It wasn’t just about putting in more hours, it was about becoming and doing the thing that I needed to do and the person who needed to be to make that income. So this was huge for me because I did love my job at the nonprofit. It’s not about bashing my job. It was a great job, but it was about knowing that I was meant for more. And I really hope that that resonates with you if you’re in a situation where you are just accepting good enough. 


I think I did that for far too long because I believe in gratitude so much and I have always practiced gratitude. So I just felt guilty asking for more when I felt like I should be grateful for what I was already given and what I already had. When I shifted out of that and realize that you can still be grateful for what you have while wanting more for yourself and while expecting more for yourself and while working heavily on your way of thinking to be in alignment with that, you can still be totally grateful and achieve more and that was the biggest thing for me last year and now I have built this business that has a great foundation that will only go up from here and more importantly I’m able to tell my story and share with other people how I did this so that other people can do this as well. 


That’s what my programs are all about. If this is exciting you, please go to urban20something.com to check out our programs. I do a mastermind where I go in depth with my clients on how they can make a similar transformation with their income, how they can get out of their nine to five jobs, how they can build multi six figure businesses that allows them to work for themselves. That’s what my life’s work really is. I want everyone to feel this sense of empowerment that is being called to do so. So I changed my financial situation and I changed my career path and I’m so grateful to do so. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It is very, very challenging. But what is it most important to me about it is the fact that it allows me to build something for myself and not for someone else. 


If you don’t care about that, totally cool. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. But if you feel this, this annoyance about going to a nine to five job and working for someone else and building something for someone else, that could be something you should follow. Um, because I think that that is really where it starts and I, I get a lot of emails from people saying, yeah, I want to start a side hustle and it’s just that I’m so sick of, you know, spending my time in my life, uh, contributing to someone else’s bottom line. But I just don’t know what the side hustle is. Well, you don’t need to know yet because here’s the truth. Your side hustle will change. Your business will evolve if that is resonating with you. That is enough to start. You don’t need to be the next sucker Burg. You don’t need to be the next Elon Musk and invent something out of the blue. 


You just need to reach out to a mentor, tell them that you are, I, you have the itch and the drive to do something for yourself and on your own and help let them help guide you toward forming what would be the first right step for you. Anyway. That was my biggest transformation in terms of my career and my finances and I couldn’t be more grateful for it because I am now able to live the life in New York that I dreamed of when I was younger. It was certainly not happening at a, at a nonprofit salary, um, at all, nor was it happening when I was a paralegal. So that is a huge blessing to me for me. And for you as well, if that’s what’s calling you, it’s available to you as well. Okay. And then on a more kind of emotional and deep level, I think the biggest transformation that I went through last year internally was finding freedom from fear. 


So when I look back at when my business was really ramping up and when I was, you know, running toward that six figure finish finish line, it’s not really a finish line. You just said it’s a new starting point really. But it feels like something, you know, that you’re really working toward. And I definitely was when I was getting my first handful of clients, when I was launching my first groups, et cetera. When I look back to that time, the thing I most attribute to it happening was me becoming very, very intimately connected with my own fear and very deep and understanding what I was afraid of and how that was holding me back. I had always considered myself a generally, um, you know, I, I’d never felt that afraid of risk. I guess I should say I have done some risky what would be perceived to be risky things in my life, but I did not realize how much fear was holding me back until I started studying it like crazy. 


And you probably don’t either. I’m just going to be blunt with you and I, there’s still ways that fear is probably holding me back so much that I can’t even see. I am still trying to develop the awareness to it every single day. But these ceilings we’ve put over our head are self constructed. So my recommendation for you, if you, even if you feel like you’re not being controlled by your fear, which many of us don’t, but if you feel like you aren’t moving forward with something for any reason, whether it’s because you don’t have enough time, whether it’s because you don’t have enough clarity, whether it’s because you don’t feel like you have enough money, any of that here, two steps. I highly encourage you to take one, start writing down your thoughts, particularly your excuses. I kept a thought journal for 72 hours at the beginning of 2018 and obsessed over what regular thoughts I was letting myself think and I was telling myself, and from there I started seeing patterns. 


I started seeing stories is what the, the personal development world calls them. That I was telling myself. Um, some things that I discovered that I didn’t even know I was subscribing to, for example, where the idea is that I was too young to make six figures. You know, that’s something you do. Like when you’re 30, I don’t know where I got this from or I needed a graduate degree in order to be a good business coach. Like where did I get that from? I feel like I’m so much better as a business coach because I’ve done it and I’m in the field of it every day and I’m currently, I’m learning about it every day and I actually liked that I’m self taught because I feel like I’ve developed my own philosophy around it, which makes me a more valuable coach honestly instead of just subscribing to another, um, kind of curriculum that any one who goes through that could teach. 


And in terms of a graduate school degree, like yes, that has its time in place, but for a coach, I would rather learn for someone from someone who’s done it and someone who is, has no not applied it to the real world at all, who has just learned it, who is all in theory up to that point. So you know, these, these stories might sound very logical. We might not even realize that they are stopping us. But when I really started noticing this pattern and getting curious around why I was telling myself these things or why was it moving forward, so much began to change. Same thing with my credit card situation. So I’ve been pretty open about the fact that I put that $5,000 investment on a credit card and honestly it was not the easiest thing for me to decide to share that publicly because I wore my, I have no credit card debt badge of honor very proudly for many years. 


I never had credit card debt and I was so proud of it and I still, you know, do not encourage or try to have or like don’t feel good about having credit card debt. It’s not my favorite thing. However, I had to ask myself, you know, I’m so afraid to put this investment on a credit card because I’ve always been taught that having credit card debt is bad, that having consumer debt is bad, that living out of your means is bad. And I had to step back and think, well, what have those philosophies done for me in life? Yes, I have no credit card debt, but I’m also working at a nonprofit job for $60,000 a year with a hobby blog that has cost me more than I’ve made on it because I don’t have any money to invest in it because I won’t go into credit card debt. 


I was living in the nine to five mindset. I was living in the middle-class mindset and there’s nothing wrong with that, but realizing that I didn’t want to live in that mindset made me realize I was going to have to do things differently. Now, would there have been other options other than putting it on a credit card? Probably. Maybe I could have gone to a bank loan. Maybe I could have asked someone else for the money, you know, instead of that, that’s not really like endorsing credit cards here. I’m just trying to make a very clear point on how some of our own fears and stories can hold us back without us even recognizing it. But I just want you to ask yourself if there’s anywhere in your life that you want to change, but it hasn’t yet. More likely than not, it’s because you have a story going through your head around why it can’t. 


For me, that was because I felt like I could not invest in my business because I could not put money on a credit card. Of course I could. That’s what a credit card limit is for, and it was not fun to do. It was stressful. While it was outstanding, I’m not going to lie. I didn’t. I thought about it a lot. I wish I hadn’t, but I did. But that I’ve turned that $5,000 investment into over six figures. I’ve made that back over and over again. So even though it was scary and even though it made me feel like I was living out of alignment with my values, it was the best decision I could’ve made. And without getting on too much of a tangent, there’s another point I want to make here that I’ve been hearing a lot from people in the entrepreneurship world. 


A lot of people have been saying that they follow their gut and their gut is telling them not to move forward with something and that’s why they don’t. Okay. I am all for following your gut. I really am. I know intuition is the most powerful tool we have, but you have to have the awareness to understand that sometimes before you’re very connected with your intuition, which means before you’re very connected with your limiting beliefs, which will cloud your intuition. Your intuition is going to keep you safe. So I want to be clear that my intuition was telling me don’t take, don’t have credit card debt. Leah, don’t put money on a card that you can’t afford. You know better. I intuitively knew I could not afford that. My intuition was telling me not to do that, so I had to think bigger. I had to think, what does my future self want me to do? 


Not what does my gut right now want me to do? Because your gut will tell you to do what your gut currently wants you to do. And that was a huge lesson and I just want to make that point because like I’ve been seeing so many people say, I’m just not going to do this because my gut is telling me not to. And it’s like, well you have to question that. You have to ask yourself, is my gut telling me not to because my gut knows I’ll stay safer this way or is my gut telling me not to because I don’t know because I actually don’t want this thing to happen in my life. If you do want this to happen, you have to think what is it going to take to get me there? So anyway, what back to my, my original point here, this whole work around changing my mindset, understanding my fear, understanding my beliefs, understanding where I was holding myself back really gave me freedom from fear. 


And I want to be clear that I still feel fear all the time just because I have become more aware of this. And just because I have proven myself wrong, time and time again when I’ve defied my fears doesn’t mean that I still don’t experience them. I feel fear, I feel fear frequently, but I know how to navigate it now and I know how to move forward with it. And I know that I am bigger than it. Um, and you know, I think it’s just really knowing that it will always be there. It’s okay that it’s there. Um, and you know, I will just say that in the beginning I had to think about this a lot. I had to constantly be reflecting on whether or not my thoughts were reality or where they fear where they the truth or were they scared? Were they, what my future self wanted or were they keeping me safe? 


I don’t have to think about that as much anymore. Nowadays I’m, you know, it’s much more, um, reactive for me and just sort of like, I can be quick about what I need to do to get to where I want to be. So that’s a huge transformation because I don’t live in fear anymore. I don’t live afraid of what other people will think. Afraid of the worst case scenario. Afraid of if I fail, afraid of if things don’t work out. I know I can be resourceful and I know I can learn how to um, not let those fears envelop me. Okay. The final transformation, that was the biggest one of 2020. I just want to share this per 2019. I just want to share this personally. Um, was that I did get married, my engagement worked out and I became a wife and I feel so, so blessed to have married this man. 


Um, my husband because he is my true partner in crime with everything I’m talking about here. He’s also self-employed. We both were in the legal field when we met and we both left and we’ve just been on this huge journey together of, uh, you know, every day asking ourselves, what more can we do, what more can we create, how, how much, how can we go bigger? And I just couldn’t feel luckier to have this chapter in life with him, with no, no kids, just us. Just getting to really, really build our dreams together. Um, and that is, you know, a huge transformation because it is the most solid foundation I could have for the rest of my life. Okay. Now that brings us to what you probably listened to this episode to begin with, which is the word of 2020. So this is the first year I’ve picked the word at the beginning. 


Um, but I’m excited to have done so and I want to share why I’ve done that. So 2020 is my year of inspiration and I chose the word inspiration from two points of view that I really learned in 2019 and 2018 as well. Really just my business journey. On the one hand, um, I look back at when I’ve taken action, when I’ve defied my fears, when I have overcome obstacles and it’s never been because I had a really great Facebook ad strategy or a really fancy funnel, or because someone gifted me $20,000, or because a client signed up. All of these superficial things we often look forward to move our business forward, have never been the things that moved me forward the fastest. When I look back at what keeps me moving fastest, it’s the moments when I feel truly inspired, when I feel inspired to change my life, when I feel inspired to, um, to make the most of myself when I feel inspired to dream big, when I feel inspired to dare, et cetera. 


Um, that is when I have done the most. And so I really want to stay in a state of inspiration as consistently as possible over the year, as well as continue to share my story in hopes of inspiring others and excuse me, showing other people that it is possible to leave your nine to five job. It is possible to make six figures before you’re 30. It is possible to, uh, overcome incredible odds, incredible grief, incredible challenge to make your life happen for you. And I hope that sharing this will inspire others to do the same for themselves because I really do think inspiration is the most powerful thing that we have. Um, many of you who have followed my journey know that my favorite book is the science of getting rich by Wallace Wattles. Nothing has changed my life more. And in it he talks about how, um, you know, the, the most charitable thing we can do isn’t give out handouts of bread or isn’t give out. 


Even just like acts of pity in a sense. I know that my son kind of harsh, but it’s being able to inspire others to make the most of themselves. Now I’m obviously not saying that like I’m going to change everyone’s life by inspiring them, but I do hope that my story gives people hope where they might feel stuck or where they might feel hopeless. I know what it’s like to feel hopeless. I felt hopeless when I lost my dad. I felt nothing. I felt empty. I felt like I would never overcome that. And the little glimpses of inspiration that reminded me that I could, that I could become stronger, that I could do things in honor of him, got me through. And I hope that sharing my story can do the same for even if it’s just one other person. Do that. And then on the flip side, not really the flip side, but the second part of this inspiration piece is that having now worked with over, well, just working with my masterminds in particular, my mastermind is my most high level group offering. 


I’m obsessed with it and seeing what it takes for people time and time again to leave their nine to five jobs, to have their first five figure month to have successful launches, to change their businesses and their lives. I can see that it comes from them taking action from an inspired place. So it is not from a place of I’m scared I’m not going to make my rent money or I’m scared that this isn’t going to work or I’m scared that I’m not going to pay off my credit card or I’m scared that I’m never going to leave my nine to five or I’m scared that my husband’s going to get mad at me. None of that. Okay. It is totally normal to feel those things. I’m not trying to sound tone deaf or insensitive here. I feel those things too from time to time still I felt them a lot more in the beginning. 


So it’s not about making yourself wrong for when you feel them. It’s about getting yourself back to a place of inspiration and then taking action. So let’s just kind of illustrate this here. If you need, if you want to sell something within your business and you are planning the launch because you’re afraid you won’t make rent that month, which is a very real fear. I get that you are going to do it in a frantic, um, sloppy, low, energetic and desperate way. I’m just going to call it for what it is. Um, you know, there’s going to be different degrees to that. Some people will do it somewhat differently, but it is not a good place to build your business on. What you need to do instead in those moments is step away. Do whatever it takes to get yourself back to a place of how can I serve people? 


What’s in the biggest vision of my business? What would make me the happiest? How would I be able to help my clients the most? What would excite me? What would make me jump out of bed every day? That’s where you make decisions from. And that’s why people really get such great results in my mastermind because when they have those moments of fear or self doubt, they’re able to, you know, come into our Slack group or get on a call. We talk about it, they’d get through it really quickly. They get back to their inspiration and then they move forward. Um, whereas many of the entrepreneurs who tried to do this alone, they can stay in those ruts for hours, days, even weeks. Um, of just feeling really stressed and down and honestly not at the fault of anyone’s family or friends, but they don’t always know how to help you because they are seeing you in pain. 


And sometimes they might even encourage you to quit because they don’t want to see you in pain anymore. It’s not malicious, it’s just them trying to protect you. But quitting is a surefire way to not make her rent money, right? So what we need you to do is get back to an inspired place as quickly as possible. And that’s another reason that inspiration is my word of the year to Toro. Remind myself also that I only need and want to be taking business action and decision making from that inspired place. Otherwise, what are we doing here? Literally, what are we doing here? If we’re feeling frantic or scrambled, he can go back to corporate America. Like that’s not, you know, the energy that we want here. We really want this to be about fulfillment, about living life bigger, better thinking, bigger, thinking, better thinking. How can we do more? 


How can we be more? How can we create more? What more impact can we make? Those really deep, juicy, fulfilling questions come from inspiration. So I obviously could go on about this for forever, but this is kind of an a long episode to begin with. Thank you. For those of you that listened to all the way and please message me and let me know what is your word of the year, and I might recommend listening to this one again. There was a lot in here about what it takes to transform your life, what it takes to make the decisions in your business, what it takes to make decisions from an inspired place. And if you can master that, you guys, if you can master inspired decision making and truly making decisions where there’s no option for it but to work, you will go light years beyond the speed that you dreamed possible this year. 


You won’t even recognize your own life within a few months. That’s possible for you. And it doesn’t have to be like you turn your life upside down, but if there’s parts of it that you’re ready for a different experience in this, this is it. Make a decision. Do it from an inspired place. Stick with it. Watch your life transform. Okay? 2020 is going to be a great year. So excited to be back here with you guys. Please let us know what you love about the show, what more you want to see, any interviews you want, anything more from me. We’re here for you. We want to make this as inspiring as possible for you. Um, and I love hearing from you guys. So here is here absolute biggest vision, having an amazing day, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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