May 7th was my 28th birthday and despite the chaos of the current pandemic, there are still so many reasons to celebrate another year around the sun! I have grown and changed immensely over the course of my life, but starting my own business is one of the main contributors to this growth. Tune in to this episode to hear some of my favorite lessons that I have learned over the past 27 years and how they have helped me cultivate a higher level of success. 


Tune in to hear: 


  • The importance of celebrating your wins every single day!


  • My secret on how to achieve a higher level of success, business and personal goals.


  • One of the most profound and important things I’ve learned about business and how it can help you be the best version of yourself!
Tune in to hear some of my favorite lessons that I have learned over the past 27 years and how they have helped me cultivate a higher level of success.
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Leah Gervais: Hi everyone. Thanks for joining my virtual birthday celebration. As you guys all can imagine, it is not a typical birthday. I am celebrating it in my apartment, um, because we have been inside for months now, but still very happy because it’s just still a fun day and life is meant to be celebrated. Um, one of the very sweet things that happened to me today is my family, my friends and family created a cute little video compilation for me, uh, birthday like wishes and things that they remember fondly about me. And like what their favorite thing about me is. And someone’s favorite thing was that I celebrate every little thing. Like I make every small thing is celebration. And I am so excited that that’s like what people think of me as.


Um, and it is so true. I mean, my husband and I are married now and I still like make, we still celebrate like the day we got engaged and the day we met like years ago and all of that. Um, Mmm Hmm. That’s not by accident. Right. I don’t do that to be obnoxious. I don’t do that to speak like, because it was born to do that. There’s actually a lot of intention behind why I do that. Um, and it traces back to my entrepreneurial journey and you know, I can actually really go on forever about this topic, but I early on had to make the decision to start celebrating very small wins in my business. Uh, very small wins because in the beginning I didn’t have big waves and most of us don’t have big wins. So I started celebrating wins. Like when I got a thousand followers on Instagram or when I made my first $200, or when I made my first that was in dollars.


And I think that, you know, if you are a side hustler and online business owner and entrepreneur, it can be so easy and um, you know, awkward, like frequent to get caught up in a lot of what you could be doing differently or you could be doing better or anything else like that when you see, Hey, Juliana, Hey Jacquie, thank you guys so much. Uh, not, um, when you see other people on Instagram and how much money they’re making or what they, how things are really easy for them and you wonder why it’s not that way for you. I know that that’s how I felt and I felt like it’s so much that it almost cost me my business because those comparisons started making me think that there was something wrong with me, um, because I wasn’t getting them as quickly as I thought I should or as frequently as they showed or whatever the hell I was telling myself that I should have been doing differently or better than I was.


And, um, I started realizing that, you know, entrepreneurship was always going to have reasons to let you believe that you’re not doing it good, that you’re not good enough or that you’re not meant to do it. If you look for those reasons, you’ll always find them. So I had to make the conscious decision to instead start looking for the reasons that I was good enough and that I could do this and that my business was working. No, maybe I wasn’t making $10,000 a month, but I was making a thousand dollars a month and I was sure as hell going to celebrate that. That was a big deal for me. Um, and I, and I didn’t want to, you know, miss that, uh, because of these, these false comparisons that I have in my head. And I actually once had someone tell me someone who has a multi seven figure business.


So they have, you know, gone through this and they’ve also worked with a lot of other people who have gone through this, that that is actually the characteristic about me that has made me successful and has helped me move faster than a lot of others. It’s not that I’m naturally smarter or that I’m naturally better at business or that I was born knowing how to market or any of that. It’s that I chose to focus on the things that were working and that were exciting and that I was celebrating and not give my attention to the things that weren’t. Because by training myself to help that muscle really early on, um, that served me throughout the whole journey. Because even now if I want it to, if I didn’t have this filter of thinking, then I could spend all day focusing on the struggles, the challenges, the people that aren’t getting the, you know, like aren’t understanding kind of what I’m trying to tell them.


Um, or, uh, the rejection or the, the judgment that I get from people, the main messages, like that’s all really real. And guess what? It’s only gotten worse as my business has grown. And as I’ve made more money, I’ve only been subject to more scrutiny. So I had to train myself really early on to focus on all the wins and all the celebrations because otherwise you will let the challenges when it’s just, it’s just how it goes. So it’s so, so important to, uh, to do focus on the wins and do focus on the things that are going right. Almost like obsessively. And, um, you know, on the other, like the lighter side of this philosophy, it’s not so much just that, like, I did it for my business growth. I did it because life is truly meant to be celebrated. I believe that to my core.


Um, and I worked really hard to get my business where it is. I worked really hard to get my income to where it is. I didn’t do this to spend my nights and days not celebrating it, you know, and like wishing I could have done something different or better or anything like that. Like that’s the literally what’s the point? So I’m sharing this with you today because I hope it gives you permission and maybe excites you about the fact that you probably have something to celebrate about yourself today. That you’re not celebrating. Whether that is a new client meeting that you had this week, that you haven’t really stepped back and said, Holy cow, not only did I have this new client meeting, right, it’s never about just the, when I had a new client meeting with a new client who put their trust in me because of a business service, product, whatever is the case for you that I built from nothing, right?


You’re an entrepreneur, you come here, you do this from the ground up. Um, and I took so many risks and I had to believe in myself when other people didn’t. And I had to put one foot in front of the other, even when the step was black to get here. Like that’s what you’re celebrating. It’s never just the surface level thing. It’s like everything that it means. So whether you had a new client call this week or maybe you made an extra 10 bucks this week, or maybe you just felt really great this week, maybe you worked out every day this week. Um, celebrate those things. Celebrate them for so many reasons. One, it’s the only way you’re going to build that muscle in your head that it takes to be a good entrepreneur where you, you know, realize that you have to pay attention like crazy to the things that are working well for you and not give mind to the things that aren’t because those things will never go away.


That’s the number one reason to my philosophy is that life is not here to wait for things to happen or to wish that they’d happen or to deprive yourself of fun scenarios. You should be enjoying yourself every day. And three, you have a responsibility to be the brightest light that you can in this world. And I really believe this. I think that so many of us, especially women, are brought up thinking that if we put ourselves first, if we take the day off to go to this spot, if we have a mimosa at 11:00 AM, which I hope you guys are doing because it’s my birthday, I would if I didn’t have a client call after this, but we will altogether after, um, you know, that we, we think that that’s selfish or that that’s indulgent or something like that. And what I really think is tragic about that way of thinking is when you do that, you dim what lights you up and how can you really help others find their own light if you can’t find your own or if you can’t be a light to show them the way.


And from a real talk standpoint, if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re trying to achieve these sort of high vibe goals, right? More money, more clients, a bigger business, more visibility, um, more of an audience, more offerings. If you’re kind of going to that higher level, you inside need to first become the person that can handle that higher level. And if your goal, you can think of whatever your next higher level means to you. So I can give you an example from my own journey actually since it’s my birthday. Let’s try to go with an example from this past year. Um, so it was a, it was a huge deal to me when I started going from $10,000 a month to like $30,000 a month. That was super exciting. And I’m referring to cash months here, not, not sales. So it was huge when I got, you know, $10,000 a month the first time I was so excited.


And that was two years ago, I believe. So that was not in this last year, but in this last year I did on my first 30K cash month. And that was, that was a record for the time. And so the example here is that if I would have continued operating under this 10K vibration, right, of like, this is exciting, but I’m still kind of exhausted. And when things going to go, when am I going to start making more money? Um, you know, if I made that much money, then I wouldn’t be stressed. If I need that much money, I would celebrate more. If I made that much money, I would, um, I would hire a team member sooner. If I made that much money, I’d be happier. Like all these things that we kind of equate to these next levels and think that if we have that, if we’re at that level, then internally we’ll feel a certain way and it’s the opposite.


You won’t get to that level until you feel that certain weight first. This is where so many people get it twisted. And why so many people’s lives don’t change. It really is so sad. And you know, they’ll say to me, well, Leah, that’s easy for you to say. How could you be stressed when you had $10,000 in a month? And the answer is, of course you can be new levels. New devils is what my mentor David Neagle always says. So if you, you know, you think maybe you’re not stressed about money, then maybe that’s true. Not usually cause business is still the higher you grow, the more financial responsibility you have. So you still, Mo for the most part have some sort of financial obligation that you need to uphold. And usually that results in some sort of stress. Um, and but then you have other things like, you know, what, what about taxes?


Um, am I going to uphold everything that this person expects for them paying me this, this dollar amount? Um, what if I let my team down? Um, do I need to hire more people? Like there’s other things that come up. So the point is that at every level you will never have the issues that you’re thinking the level will bring you or will take away from you. They’re never going to take it away from you. You get to take it away from yourself. You get to choose your emotions and you get to decide, I’m going to feel the gratitude, the abundance, the excitement, the, the joy of life that I imagine I would feel if I was making $30,000 a month and that will help you get there. That’s how I did most of this. Um, and it’s, it almost feels like a shortcut and because it, we look for all these things outside of ourselves and it’s all within you.


And that is so much of what I’ve taken into my coaching and the work I do with my masterminders. I think some of them probably get frustrated with me sometimes because they’ll ask me questions and they’ll probably just want me to give them an answer. But my job is always to help them find the answer that’s true for them within them, because that’s how they cultivate that next level of success for themselves. So anyway, the point of this all is that one, this year was amazing too. A quick way to start elevating your energy so that you can get to a next level. By doing that. Internal shifting now is to celebrate everything you know. And if you think, you know, if I had that financial goal, if I had more time, if I had this big amount of team, I was able to quit my nine to five job.


Whatever’s on your mind that I would be celebrating. Celebrate that. Now, claim it as yours. If you truly have the faith that that is possible for you, start celebrating it and start being grateful for it. And if you don’t truly have the faith that it’s possible for you, one, join the club, right? None of us have the total shortness that anything we want is possible until we actually do it. So that’s not a great excuse, but to true faith doesn’t mean shortness that you’re going to do it. It means faith. You can. And if you’re not experiencing that faith, then it means you’re probably defaulting into fear that it won’t happen. And none of us want to be operating under fear. So that is a big reason that I started celebrating so much. I also think that life is short and that we should all celebrate things.


And just one more kind of piece on this because it’s just coincidental that I was talking about it yesterday. Also, if any of you guys have any, um, like birthday things you want me to talk about things about the last year, things that, um, I learned in my 27th year around the sun, things that I’m looking forward to. Let me know. I’ve got about five minutes left on here, so I’d love to hear from you guys that are here live. Um, but one of the things I was talking about, uh, yesterday I did a podcast interview. Let me take a sip of water.


Well, excuse me. One of the things I was talking about on a podcast yesterday is how one of the most profound and exciting lessons I’ve learned in my years of business. And I think that this is the year I probably learned it the most, my 27th year of life. Uh, was that a huge part of, I actually probably what I see as my number one biggest job with my business now at multiple six figures with full time employees working for me and contractors on top of that, my number one job is to manage my energy. And it’s so interesting because though I was always into spirituality and connection with, with energy and the universe. Um, I did not understand how fundamental it was to anything that you want in life. And um, you know, I think when I started Irving 20 something and in those early years I was all about like the hustle and the grind and work and I still did like that.


Like I am like that I’m not like a flowy person, but I did not expect to have such a personal development journey with it. And what I learned about energy being my full time job is that I will never like now work unless I’m in a positive energy or a positive frame of mind. The difference between how my business functions, how I work with my clients, how I am able to show up on behalf of our company, how I work with my team. Um, when I’m feeling at my peak energy, where I’m feeling that optimism, that excitement, that shortness, that exquisiteness of life versus when I’m working under an umbrella of stress, fear, I have to get this done. This is like a chore. Um, I’m stressed because I don’t know if X, Y and Z is going to work out. It’s like night and day, you know?


And I’ve really noticed it over the past year more than ever, like the amount that we get done and the amount of, uh, ways that we impact people and the amount of fun and creativity and things that get produced in that vibrational state versus when we’re in that stress state is, it’s like night and day. I mean, it’s, there’s no question. So before, and what I see a lot of people do is when you’re stressed, they try to work through it. Like, you almost try to like, you know, I don’t know what I’m doing like army crawl your way through it because you think you need to get it done or you’re stressed about money. So if you don’t keep working then you’re going to be more stressed about money and from a truth from from the truth. Like this is not anything but this is not a judgment.


This is the truth. You will attract what you put out. So if you’re working from a stress place, from a fear-based place, from a necessity place, you will attract people to you who are afraid, who are stressed and who are just kind of in this survival mode. They are very unlikely to buy anything from you because they’re scared because they’re stressed and because they are in survival mode and even if they do it probably won’t be pretty. I have seen this happen time and time again. Whereas if you are in that higher frame of mind, where you are focusing on, on all of that, life is offering you in all this possibility and all your potential. You are going to get to work with people that are excited about the same thing and that want to experience the same thing. And one of the things I really realized yesterday on this podcast where I was talking about this is not only is this an exciting thing to learn, right?


Because it almost gives you permission to be happier. It’s also your responsibility. Many of you who have followed me know that, uh, I am very, very, uh, very speak, very highly of the book, the science of getting rich. No book has ever taught me so much about business money, the way of the world, anything as this book. And one of the things that really struck me the most about it, the first time I read it was how they teach that the, the best thing you can do for the world, the greatest contribution you can do for the world is to make the most of yourself. It’s not to give all the money that you have. It’s not to give till you’re in pain and don’t have anymore. It’s not to be self sacrificing, it’s not to be stressed about money. Because the whole world is stressed about money.

It’s not to be obsessive about the things that aren’t working. It’s about to shine your light. So what I’m sharing here about energy isn’t just, you know, it is a tip. If you want your business to get to a higher level, that’s definitely real. Um, and any, if any of my masterminders are on here, um, they can probably attest to the fact that every time I ask them a question or I suggest something to them, I’m always, I always follow it with how do you feel? How do you feel? How does this make you feel? Because I’m always trying to get them to really feel into what we’re talking about and the new thing they could do. So they’re feeling up, you know, the emotional spectrum so that they’re feeling up further in their goals. And so not only is it a great business tool, it’s also your duty.


It is your duty to make the most of yourself and of, of who you are and share that with the world. You are the greatest gift you could ever offer to the world. Not all the money in your bank account, not the job that you hate, but maybe you think is the right thing to do or a good thing to do. Not being friends with people that you feel like need friendship but don’t really serve you, make the most of you. So all of this was like not planned. It just came to me from just the comment that one of the things people said that they noticed about me the most on my birthday today is that I celebrate every single thing. And I’m really proud that that’s what people relate me to and what they think of me as, um, because that is a great way, that is a message I would want to share with the world is that life is meant to be celebrated.


Every win, every loss, every accomplishment, everything that you tried to do and loss. Um, one of my masterminders a few weeks ago, we talked about wins for the month and her win was that she raised her price by telling someone her price was this, her, it was this new price. And that’s what I’m talking about. It wasn’t, she didn’t wait until she sold the new price. The win was that she created it, that she had the confidence to do it, that she decided she was worth more, that she was excited about what would it look like to give this amount of value and explore that those are the kinds of things we should celebrate. Um, and that is how you can make the most of yourself in this world, which is how you can give the most to this world. So, um, all this is to say, I have a coaching call here in just a second, but all this is to say 27 was one of the greatest years of my life.


I am moved to tears when I think about everything that happened in this past year. Um, this past year, this time last year, I was celebrating my first 60 year year, which was a huge accomplishment for me because it was something I had hoped to do by 30 and I did it years ahead of time. Um, as I got married this year to my amazing loving, just kindest soul I’ve ever met in my life, husband Adam, we had our mini moon in Antigua. We had our honeymoon in Asia before this all happened. Um, I was able to hire my sister. She left her corporate job at a, um, at an investment bank to work for me full time and enjoying the urban twenty-something team. We launched two rounds of our mastermind, which has been the greatest thing that I have done during my business. Um, we relaunched scatter side hustle, which is the other crazy thing I’ve ever done.


Um, and so I’m excited to see what 28 holds, but just really today, so full of gratitude for everything that happened during the last year. Because the year before that, there were moments when I didn’t know if I could get out of bed in the morning. You guys, when my dad died, I’m going to choke up. But I like none of this was Providence. You know, I didn’t know that I was going to get through that at all, let alone be able to be here just a little bit later. Um, in a, in a place where I really just know I’m making him proud. So for you to emotional, thank you guys all for tuning in with me on my birthday. Thank you for making me feel so loved. Um, I hope that this is helpful and if you watch this live or you watch the replay, I would love to hear from you what is something that you’re going to celebrate today, uh, that you did, that you did and created and no one can take that from you. Own it, claim it, celebrate it, raise your vibration. Enjoy every delicious moment of this life. So much love to you guys. Thank you so much for tuning in and I’ll talk to you later.

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