Urban 20 Something, Leah Gervais' first six-figure year

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May is one of my favorite months of the year. Yes- I’m biased because my birthday is in May. But I think that because of that ‘refresh’ of my personal turn around the sun, in addition to the fresh warm air that comes during that month, it’s always a month of growth for me.


I’m motivated to do something bigger and bolder. This actually results in May resulting in a lot of challenges (more on that at the end of this month!). But also results in some pretty exciting milestones.


Last May, I celebrated my 27th birthday and my first six figure year while I was still 26. This was a huge milestone for me because for years, I didn’t think that was realistic before I was 30.


One of the things I do very intentionally with my clients is make that sure that each financial win is celebrated in two parts:


1- The win of the actual dollar amount. Six figures was a lot of money in comparison to the entry-level salary I was earning when I started Urban 20 Something!


2- What the milestone represents about your potential. Celebrate your own potential being realized. So often, we don’t go for a financial goal because we don’t believe we can reach it. We don’t believe we can reach it because we never have before. But that’s the case for EVERYONE that uplevels. So when you hit a new milestone, celebrate that you’re now accomplishing something you didn’t think you could do.


That second point is more important than the first, believe it or not! When we train our brains to constantly recognize how powerful we are, we become limitless.


For example, if I would’ve just celebrated the six figures itself, I would probably still be at that same income goal now. But because I have focused on my own potential and extending my own limits, my business has already brought in more than six figures in sales this year alone. We’re not even halfway through!


Three years ago, I wouldn’t have believed I’d make six figures before 30.

Two years ago, I wouldn’t have believed I could make it in a matter of months.


But because I remind myself that every milestone was something I once thought impossible, the word ‘impossible’ now has little meaning to me.


Is this connecting with you? Do you desire to have an ‘anything is possible’ way of living, thinking, and earning? Do you desire six figures? Do you want to be coached by me to get these results in your own life?


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New Podcast Episode

S. 2 Ep. 24- Reflections on my 27th Birthday

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May 7th was my 28th birthday and despite the chaos of the current pandemic, there are still so many reasons to celebrate another year around the sun! I have grown and changed immensely over the course of my life, but starting my own business is one of the main contributors to this growth. Tune in to this episode to hear some of my favorite lessons that I have learned over the past 27 years and how they have helped me cultivate a higher level of success. 


Tune in to hear: 


  • The importance of celebrating your wins every single day!


  • My secret on how to achieve a higher level of success, business and personal goals.


  • One of the most profound and important things I’ve learned about business and how it can help you be the best version of yourself!

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Next week, we’re hosting a brand new webinar for those of you who currently have online businesses and want to find hidden money within your business.


This is in response to the times we’re living in! We get that it’s better to spend less on new assets and marketing, especially when you can create more income from what you already have.


You’ll get the most out of this webinar if you already have a business that makes $2k- $10k per month, but of course, anyone is welcome! 🙂


You’ll learn:


  • Three places within your business to uncover hidden clients
  • Three strategies to implement today to sign those clients on
  • How to build a business from a place of service to your clients
  • Why there is no reason to have a lower income month right now
  • Sales strategies during this sensitive time


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