My morning routine is one of the key reasons I was able to build up my side hustle to make more than my 9-5 job. I got in the habit of waking up at 4:30 AM every morning to optimize my brain power before the day got too hectic. Even now that I work for myself, I still value my morning routine above all else.

In this episode, I share:

  • How to wake up at 4:30 or 5:00 easily (yes, it is possible!)
  • My non-negotiables in the morning for a successful day
  • How to get the MOST done this time of day

My morning routine was essential while I built my side hustle to become my full-time job. Here's what I do every morning!


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Leah Gervais:

Hey visionaries, welcome back to Your Biggest Vision. I am your host Leah and today we are talking all about your morning routine. We’re going to talk about why you should get up early, exactly how to get up a little bit earlier, and then I’m going to walk you through what I do every single morning. And importantly, I’m going to pull back the curtain on what I did every morning before I was working, when I was at my nine to five job and eventually was able to quit my nine to five job. I 100% would not have been able to do this, even a little bit if I didn’t have a really good morning routine. So if you are out there hustling and you are building up your side hustle and you’re wanting to leave your day job, you want to work for yourself, you want to have the freedom, I love it. I’ve completely been there. But you probably know that it’s not the easiest thing to do around your nine to five job. It takes a lot of energy, a lot of focus, a lot of extra strength and sometimes it can just feel like you have absolutely no time. I completely understand how that feels. So I’m hoping that by sharing what I did with my mornings, we all have mornings, you can kind of see how you can make more hours in the day, even around a demanding nine to five job so that you can get more of what you really care about done.

So we’re going to break this up into three parts. First we’re going to talk a little bit about why you might want to consider waking up earlier if you’re not a morning person at this point and some of the interesting facts and understandings behind why it’s so effective. Then we’re also going to talk in depth about what I do every single morning by the minute. Basically going through step by step what makes my mornings so great. When I get up, how I get up, what I used to get up, what makes it easier, what I made sure I do and don’t do, et cetera. Then, at the end, I am just going to give you my biggest tips and takeaways about how you can become more of a morning person even if you feel like you’re not at all right now, so that you can implement some of this if this sounds interesting to you. If you guys have any questions about waking up or if you want to share your best morning tip or what you like to do in the mornings, I’m always excited to hear more and get more feedback. So please just let me know.

First and foremost, let’s just make sure we’re all on the same page here. So if you start getting up earlier, if you are getting up right now at like six or seven and you have a nine to five job, and you’re struggling to get your side hustle off the ground, you’re struggling to find more hours in the day, you feel like you’re not moving fast enough, you want to quit. I get it. You probably want to consider getting up earlier and you might be thinking, well, Leah, I can’t get up earlier because I can’t go to sleep any earlier because how would I ever have time to do anything after work or with my significant other or with my family or with my friends or even for myself, because I’d have to go to bed so early. We just all need to be really clear that building a side business, building any sort of business at all, even when you’re full time takes sacrifice. There is no magical thinking here around the idea that you get to live your life just like you always did and the way that everyone else does, but still build a really successful business. It takes choices. It takes decisions and it takes you making sacrifices. So some of that might be that you don’t do as much after work or whatever the case is for you because you go to bed earlier so that you can get up earlier. That’s the case for me. I still go to bed at like eight or nine at night, almost every night. Even on the weekends. I still worked for myself, I have a very successful business, but I still know that my business is my priority and I really need to show up for the growth of it. Part of that is going through my morning routine, just like I’m talking about here. And you know, no bar on a Saturday night is worth it. I mean, of course there’s always a little bit of exceptions. You know, we’re not all like robots here, but I just don’t want anyone to think that there’s a way you can get around this without sacrifice. It does take sacrifice.

So let’s dive into why you might want to consider getting up early if you don’t already. Or even if you do, maybe you want to get up a little bit earlier than you do right now. So the first thing that’s so great about getting up early and that makes people really love it, is that you have an immediate win basically when you wake up. So you already have won something, you already have figured out or you’ve already crossed something off your to do list basically. So that’s really exciting because it feels so good, we all know to cross something, check something off our to do list and if you can do it right away, the first thing you do when you wake up, then you already feel like you’ve had a win. You already feel like you all have done something productive, that you’ve already done something to come through for yourself. It just feels good to already feel like you have checked something off your to-do list. Next, it’s empowering for you to be up before the world technically is now I believe everyone could get up at five in the morning and it would still feel as empowering as it is.

But right now the average American gets up between 6:00 and 7:30 AM. So if you’re getting up at closer to 5:30, 5:00 then you are up before most Americans and there is something very exciting about feeling like you are up before other people that you are doing something before they’re people that you are being productive before other people. It makes you feel again like you are getting all these wins really early in the day. So it builds self confidence in you really quickly. It also just puts you in a place of feeling like you are trusting yourself and that you come through for yourself. We need that sense of self trust and self discipline if we want to make big things happen. The next thing is of course it’s the most quiet time of the day. So if you are trying to work around your nine to five job to do a business, to build the business, you need to be putting high quality work out there. I know for me, I was not doing my best work at 7:00 PM coming home from my day job, having worked for eight hours, you know, being tired, being a little bit brain dead, feeling like I use most of my brain energy. I was not really good at sitting down and writing a ton of sales emails at that point or designing something on my website. You need the most brain power that you can get in order to put the work that you need out there to actually see the income and the results that you want. So that’s another reason that the mornings are so great.

If you aren’t convinced that the mornings are very good for entrepreneurs, you can just Google any of the daily routines by people like Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Tim Cook, Ariana Huffington, Robin Sharma, very, very high profile people and the most successful people in the world, most of the time agree that they wake up early. Some of them even earlier than me, like I think Tim Cook Wakes up at 3:45 AM so if you don’t want to take it from me, take it from them. It’s a good time of the day to get things done, to eat healthy, to exercise, to take care of yourself, to put your, to exercise both your body and your mind, et cetera.

So with all that, let’s get into what my routines look like and basically walk you through the whole thing. My morning routine begins the night before. I want to make sure that I get a good night’s sleep. It is not easy to wake up before the sun if you are feeling really groggy or like you didn’t actually get a good night’s sleep and you’re tossing and turning. Another thing is if you are trying to wake up early, then the snooze button is not an option. You cannot push it. So not having a good night’s sleep is really hard when it comes to the snooze button. It makes it very easy for you to just push the button and turn over and can kind of continue tossing and turning. We want to avoid that. So I prepare the night before for a good night’s sleep and for a really great and easy morning. Here’s what I do the night before I go to sleep. First off is I make a green smoothie. I drink a green smoothie every single morning. I have for years, like since I graduated college, it has kale, green apples, pineapple and mango. I make it the night before for a couple of reasons. Number one, my fiance can hear it in the morning when when I’m blending it. But more importantly, I like waking up and having it already made, so I make it the night before. That’s one. Two, I turn off my technology and distractions around 30 minutes before I actually go to sleep.

So I am not on my computer. I am not on my phone. I turn off social media way before that actually, but definitely not my computer or phone for about half an hour before I go to bed. This really helps me disconnect from technology and everything else that is, you know, going through our heads all day, every day. And because I worked for myself, I really do kind of feel always on, you know, every time I’m on my phone or social media or on my computer, it’s work related. So I really need to set the boundary between when I’m working and when I’m not. When you’re at a nine to five job, you sometimes have to work from home, but for the most part you physically can feel the difference between when you’re at work and when you’re at home, but if you work from home or if you work for yourself, that gets a lot more gray. So one of the things I do to really make that a clear boundary is just turn off my phone and computer at least 30 minutes before I go to bed.

I also exercise every day, which is a huge part of why I’m able to go to sleep easier. And if I haven’t, then I will do something to kind of wear me out right before I go to sleep. So something like jumping jacks or push ups or combination of that just to really like wear your body out and help you sleep a bit better. But I tried to make it to an exercise class every day and then I write down my 10 biggest accomplishments of the day. This was hugely helpful for me when I left my nine to five job because again, if you are working for yourself then you feel like you’re on all the time and if you’re not careful, your mind will constantly be racing toward what more you need to do and what else you need to get on your to do list or mark off your to do list or what else you could do. That is a losing game. You will always have more to do always. So one of the things that really helped seal off my wandering mind was writing down 10 things I accomplished that day before I go to bed. It really helped me look at the day as something that was a day well done. You know, a job well done work I had really put into it. And now it was time for me to rest and do a really good job the next day. Before I implemented this, I would lay in my bed and just think of all the millions of things I needed to do the next day, the next week, whatever it was, and wouldn’t even really be proud of the work that I had done all that day or when even really remember it or wouldn’t even really, you know, make the next decisions based off what I had done because I just had so forgotten it already. So this actually helps me make better decisions, because it helps remind me of everything I’ve already done.

Then if you are up for it or you have the time, one of my favorite things to do for a good night’s sleep is take a bubble bath. I’m a big, big fan of bubble baths and because I exercise so much, my muscles are sore a lot. So I like putting Epsom salts in my bath, which really, really relaxes your muscles and it’s a really nice way to unwind and just say goodbye to the wonderful day that you just had and from there I can pretty much roll into bed and sleep like a baby. So those are all things I do before I go to sleep just to have a good morning routine and I don’t even really consider them a night routine. I guess in some way they are, but they are all meant to be in support of me having a good night’s sleep so that I can have a really good morning. Like 80% of my job relies on how good of a morning I have. It matters in terms of my energy. I get my best work done in the morning it is when I get most in touch with my gut, which is how I make decisions. We’ll get to that in a minute, but I do this all at night to support my successful morning. And then going to sleep, there’s two more things. I use a free app called sleep cycle on my phone, which I really recommend. It is an app that you sleep with under your pillow. I know not everyone likes to sleep with technology in their bed or bedroom and I get that, but I’ve been using this app for years and I love it.

What it does by being under your pillow is it monitors your sleep cycles and patterns and you will set a window between when you want to wake up. So for me it’s usually about 5:00 AM to 4:30 or you could do it a 20 minute window. What sleep cycle we’ll do is wake you up when you are at the lightest time in your REM cycle during the window. So when I wake up, it’s never alarming. I never feel alerted that I hear this noise and I don’t know where it’s coming from. You know, we all know that feeling. It’s always very natural, in fact, most of the time at this point, I don’t even hear the noise or the sound or whatever it goes off because I’m just so used to rolling over after a certain amount of REM cycles and just being awake. So it’s hugely helpful if you’re one of those people that gets really thrown off by your alarm. If you just feel kind of like violated when you listen to something really loud first thing in the morning and you don’t know where it’s coming from, this app will really help you out. It does take a little bit of time to get used to. I will say it took me a little bit to really feel like it was working, but once I did it was really worth it. And then another thing I do right before I go to bed is I use a pillow spray, hear me out. I bought this from Sephora. There may have been some wine involved beforehand, but I saw that it had like a lavender spray and it had some other types of organic essential oils in it and they were supposed to really help you sleep. So I decided to try it and I cannot recommend it enough. I don’t wake up anymore from this. I really believe it. It really just soothes you and brings you right to sleep. So I spray that on my pillow. I might link it below if you guys are interested, but it’s made a big difference in my life as well. So that is all I do to get to sleep and to make a good night’s sleep. Now let’s get to the morning.

In the morning, my alarm goes off between 4:30 or 5:00 and I usually wake up a little bit before it. Tip number one, is I have to get out of bed right away. So if I stay in bed, if I lay there, if I look at my phone, if I look at the ceiling, not pretty. I ended up staying there for a long time. My mind doesn’t usually go to like great places that I want. I don’t usually start out relaxed if that’s what I do. I started thinking about everything I have to do. So get out of bed right away so that you don’t have time to talk yourself into going back to sleep or even just laying there. This is helpful if you live with someone and you guys share a bed because they don’t want to hear your alarm or whatever. So I like to get out of bed right away, get out of my bedroom and come to my living room and then I get on my couch or my floor. Then what I do from there is I pour my first glass of my smoothie. I get a glass of water, I light a candle, and I turned on meditation music. At first I’d say for the first couple of minutes, I’m sort of like trying to bring myself to, you know, the day and I’m trying to really wake my mind up. So I like drinking some water during that time and a smoothie to get my body awake while my mind is trying to wake up. And then I will meditate for about seven minutes.

This is just like the number that works for me, I don’t know. I haven’t really address this in a while, I admit. I know some people meditate longer. Five minutes is not long enough so I just do a little bit longer. But from there I listen to usually some sort of meditation music on Youtube and I like listening to music because I was finding when I first meditated that I would fall asleep pretty quickly. So I like to hear the music because it doesn’t make me fall asleep and it just kind of reminds me of what I’m doing and then I want to be really centered. Now I’m not a meditation expert, but if you’re watching this or listening to this and you’re thinking that you’d love to meditate but it just doesn’t work for you, I think we’ve all told ourselves that excuse at some point or another.

One of the things I do to always bring myself back to my breath and the present moment and the fact that I’m meditating because even all make the mistake where I just will think of things I’m grateful for or think of things I’m excited for or think of things I want. Those are good thoughts, but that’s not the point of meditation. I really want to clear my brain, sort of like zoom out of the day to day things that are going through my head and the things about my business and zoom out to the bigger picture that is life and the moment I’m in. So whenever I feel like my mind mind is wandering during my meditation, I just say to myself, I’m connecting back to the light within me. It works for me. You might want to find your own mantra. I’ve heard other people say things like, they just dismiss the thought like a cloud they’re pushing away or they have other mantras. Whatever will work for you. But I like mine. I’m connecting to the light within me. Feel free to use it if you like it.

After I meditate, I come back and do some sort of centering writing activity. So I do switch this up every couple of months. I know some people really have theirs down and that’s what they stick to. But I find that if I do the same one for months on end, then it becomes a bit more robotic and I don’t really put the same intention or thought into it, I’m just sort of doing it because I am used to doing it. So for instance, last year I would do what I called morning pages and I would journal for three pages and just free write. I would just usually try to get out any negativity or stress on the paper, but then, and my writing with just magical thoughts or really exciting thoughts or grateful thoughts and that was nice. I did that for three pages and then I’d write 10 things I was grateful for. Then for a couple of months this year I did Brendon Burchard’s high performance planner. I also liked that. But then after that I’d also write down 10 things I was grateful for.

Now I’m of doing a hybrid sort of just journaling and answering some of the most helpful questions that center me every day on my own. All of it has been good, but I do like to switch it up because I never want it to become something I’m doing on autopilot or something I’m just doing because it seems like it’s worked, so I have to keep doing it, you know what I mean? But without an exception, I do write down every day 10 things I’m grateful for and really try to feel with all of my senses. The gratitude for that thing. Again, you don’t want it to just become something you’re writing for the sake of writing. Sometimes I listen to affirmations or I listened to videos by my favorite youtuber, Brad Yates. He does tapping. He’s really great, so whatever works for you, but do something centering.

Again, if you haven’t caught on by now, I have not looked at my phone yet. I have not looked down at my computer. I have not looked at Instagram. I’m not on technology yet at all. I want to get to a place where I’m feeling really internally grateful, inspired, centered in shore before I associate with the world outside or any, any emails, any business type things, anything like that. It’s important for me to nourish myself first. After I have done something centering like journaling or the planner, et cetera, then I do open my computer, but before I look at email, I look at my monthly goals. I write down my goals every single month. I categorize them. That’s a whole thing I could do separately, but I write down my goals every month and then I look at my vision board and between the two of those I’m able to make a to do list and I make a to do list that is just one page every day and this has been actually a relatively new thing for me. I used to do a digital to do list, but I like this because if I write down more than this, I know I’m not going to get it done. So this makes me keep it to a size that’s reasonable as size that will make me proud of myself at the end of the day and a size that I actually can handle. Otherwise I was getting to the point where my to do list would be like forever ending, forever long. I would have not the time to do at all. I would feel like I didn’t get enough done every single day. Not Pretty. So between the goals that I have for the month and my vision board, which keeps me really excited and inspired, I can think of a concise, clear to do list to do that day, stick it on my desk. That’s all I look at in terms of what to do for the day.

Now we are getting into the work zone. We’re almost done. Thank you guys for sticking with me. We’re getting into the work area. The first thing I do for my business every morning is once I’m done with my to do list and I know what’s really the priorities for the day. I get on slack and I get on Facebook. So my highest level mastermind, we have a slack channel. We don’t correspond on Facebook or any social media, but we have a really wonderful slack channel. It’s very active and it’s really supportive and I want to know, I want to make sure that my mastermind clients feel supported every day and that they feel like they constantly have people there for them and that I’m there for them and that I’m answering their questions. Those that are at that level of business, that high level, you know, things happen everyday. Things move really quickly and so I want them to know that I’m there for them every day. So I get on slack. That’s the first thing I do after that, I get on Facebook and I do a similar thing with my Facebook groups. So, I run a couple of different group programs, including one called scale your side hustle, another about list building and then another sort of just focus group and I make sure that they are all taken care of and that they all have their questions answered and that they are supported.

I have a team member of mine that also corresponds with them and interacts with them. So he’s really on it and he’s really great, but I still want them to know that I’m also there for them and just make sure everything’s going smoothly. Once I’m done with that part of Facebook for the day, I block Facebook on my computer and I don’t get on it again at all during the day. I don’t really hate it or anything, but it’s just not really good use of my time. That’s really the only thing I need to be on Facebook for. Sometimes I will have to unblock it if I want to do Facebook ads or something with my ads account. But for the most part I just don’t get on at the rest of the day other than in the morning. Then after slack and Facebook, I go to my emails and make sure that there’s nothing really urgent or something I missed overnight or the night before because I go to bed so early. But for the most part I try to take care of my emails at night. I tried to make sure that I pretty much doing meals twice a day, once in the morning and then once at night. Other than that, I sometimes even pause my inbox because just like Facebook, it can get really distracting, especially if emails are coming in all the time, all day long. I can’t have those alerts while I’m in the middle of something else. So I do it first thing in the morning.

Once I have done that slack, Facebook and my email made sure everyone’s taken care of and made sure that all my clients feel supported. Then I go workout and I work out seven days a week and I recommend that you do something active seven days a week as well. It’s not about feeling like I need to obsessively workout, but all this mindset stuff we’ve just gone over and the importance and value of really fostering your mind and your internal spirit and your confidence in yourself. That all comes from a strong and exercise body. So it’s really hard to have the mindset strength that you need to have a successful mind if you don’t also have a healthy body. And if you’re not exercising and if you’re not getting away from screens and if you’re not putting your body out there and moving. So it’s really important to me to do it every day.

Now, some things that might make exercising everyday easier for you. Things that have for me is I do a class every day. So this has helped me because when I used to just go to the gym, to go to the gym, a couple of things would happen. One, I would always go a bit later than I want it right? Because I’d be like, oh, go at 6:00 AM and then it’s like, oh, I’ll just finish this email and blah blah blah. And then next thing I know, it’s like 6:20 and then you know, I get there 6:30 and it’s like then everything’s behind. So I like to say really disciplined about when I go and just be able to schedule my day around my gym time. So classes make that really great. They have a time you have to be there, you know when they’re going to be done. I can schedule when I’m going to be done, showered, you know, ready and good to go for the day. So if you are feeling like you don’t have the structure of a gym routine, then you might want to look at classes. I also like the classes give you more variety. So it would not be good for me to run on the treadmill seven days a week. I have a bad back. I don’t think that’s good for anyone. I’m pretty sure running isn’t all that great for your knees to begin with. So I liked the classes are something that I can do in several different forms of exercise. For example, it’s Monday today, but on Friday mornings, Saturday mornings and Sunday mornings, those are typically when I do my three hardest workout classes of the week, I usually do a mix of tough weight and cardio classes.

Then on Monday mornings I do a stretch class. It’s basically like a stretch and flexibility hybrid Pilate’s kind of class. So it’s not about like killing myself every day or trying to lose all kinds of weight. It’s actually not about that at all. It’s just about really treating your body with love and care. Because if you want your mind to work for you, if after all this effort I’m putting into it to make sure that I’m feeling really confident and strong and successful, I need my body to be on board as well and exercise is just the best. You guys know, you always just feel better right after you’re done and you’re like, oh, I can take on the day. So that is pretty much my morning routine. Some days I exercise earlier than others. I almost always exercise in the morning, sometimes at night, but not really. So, it’s something I enjoy doing every day. There you have it.

Now just the to close a couple of tips I have. If you are wanting to start waking up a bit earlier and you’re not really sure where to begin, I want to share what worked for me. I will say that I am naturally a morning person. I’ve gotten up in the morning since I was pretty young, but I did not always get up at 4:30. That took a little bit of effort. And so here’s what I did to make that happen. First of all, go backwards in bite size chunks. So sometimes people will email me and they’ll be like, you’ve inspired me to wake up at 5:00 AM no more 7:00 AM I’m going to set my alarm to 5:00 or 5:30 and maybe they’ll do it for a day or two, but it doesn’t really last. They snooze a lot. It’s kind of just meh. So if you are wanting to do something like that, for instance, 7:00 to 5:00, I would work your way backwards and go to 6:45 and do that for a couple of days until that feels a little bit normal and then do then go to 6:30, 6:15, 6:00 et cetera. All the way back until you’re at your ideal time. But, give yourself a little bit of grace here. This is a big switch if your internal clock is set to be at a certain time and you are completely erasing that. I think that the bite size chunks are really helpful. The other thing is if you’re going to wake up earlier, you have to go to bed earlier for the most part. We still want you to be at least seven, if not eight hours, ideally eight hours of sleep.

So that also can take a little bit of adjustment time. If you’re used to sleeping from 10:00 to 6:00 and you want to start getting up at 5:00, well then ideally you’re going to start going to bed at 9:00, but you might not be tired at 9:00 for the first couple of weeks because you’re not used to going to bed at 9:00. So again, you’d want to do the shifts of 15 minute increments, 9:45 to 5:45 et cetera until they feel normal and then just keep easing your way out there. My next tip is to use sleep cycle. It is not fun to wake up to a really intense alarm or something that’s really upsetting or just violating is kind of how I feel about those really loud alarms when they hit you in the middle of your sleep cycle. I love that sleep cycle wakes me up really gently. It’s so worth it. It’s worth getting used to. I definitely recommend it. The next tip is to get out of bed right away, as I mentioned, to do not stay in bed. That is not going to work. Even if you kind of have to like go lay on the floor or your couch for just a minute or two, it’ll still mean that your body’s more awake than if you just laid in bed.

Finally, ditch technology the night before and during the mornings if you really want to get the most of your mornings and really feel powerful and get all the benefits that we talked about. When you guys do this, if you are switching to be a morning routine person or a very early morning person, you might hear people say that they love their mornings and you’re like, no, I hate my mornings. That’s never going to be me. I never think I’ll love it. You will love it. And this is really the beauty of this. This is why I wanted to talk about this. You guys, not just because I want to listen to myself, talk about what I do every morning, but because this is what got me out of my nine to five job. And if you are here listening to this because you want to get out of your nine to five job and you want your side hustle to become your full time hustle, you will and really kind of have to love the mornings and love to get out of bed because that means that you’re excited to build this business that you’re building and that is the place you’re operating from. If right now you’re building your side hustle out of fear because you hate your nine to five job or because you’re afraid that you’ll never be able to quit your nine to five job or because that you’re afraid that you don’t have enough money, then it’s not really going to last. You do not want to be building this out of fear. You want to be building it out of excitement.

When I quit my nine to five job, that was not because I was finally able to walk away from something I hated. It was because I was able to make my business happen now and go all in and because I had that attitude with it, that’s why I love my mornings. It’s my chance every day to go all in once again, to do my business all out once again. It is not my chance every day to try to hustle and kill myself so that I don’t have to go back to a nine to five job. Very often I hear from my clients and people that are part of my community, that they are working so hard because they want to leave their nine to five job or they’ve left and they’re working really hard because they’re afraid of going back to their nine to five job. I really invite you to change your thinking on that because you are operating from a really fear based place when you say those kinds of things and things as think, those kinds of things. And you’re not actually doing it out of service to your business and you can make money out of fear and can happen. But true business growth and sustainability and sales comes from your passion of what you’re selling, not your desperation to sell it because you’re afraid of what will happen if you don’t.

So I didn’t mean for this to get very dark, but I really want to take away here to be that you, you can love your mornings if you really love your side hustle and if you really love your side business and if you really want to go all in on your business and create something amazing for yourself. That’s what I really love about the work I do. It’s not just about getting out of your nine to five job. In fact, that’s very little about what I talk about in any of my programs. It’s about building something that you love. So if you’re looking for something that you love, if you feel like maybe you don’t love your side hustle enough right now and that you’re doing a lot of things in it that aren’t fulfilling, you reach out to us.

You can email us at and we will be happy to talk to you about that because I have worked with so many people and even in my own business, to go through and take out things that aren’t filling you, that aren’t lighting you up, that you’re only doing cause you feel like you have to, because they really will keep you in that fear based place and that is not the sustainable success that we’re looking for. That’s also not going to help you get up early in the mornings. So I hope that you guys enjoyed this. Thank you so much for tuning in. It’s good to see you.

Thank you all so much for tuning in. This is the Your Biggest Vision show. I hope you enjoy hearing my morning routine, how I get up early, why you should get up early and how your mornings can change your life. All right, have an amazing week. You guys it is Monday, we have a fresh week ahead of us. We have so unbelievably much to be grateful for. It is unreal. I hope you really can channel that and just remember that anything that you want to create this week, you can. It is your week, your blank slate, your masterpiece to paint. Now go get ’em and I’ll talk to you guys next week.

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