Ever do something for yourself? I just did this with my fiance Adam on our spontaneous getaway to Mexico. Here's what I learned from the trip!


Last week, my fiancé, Adam, and I spent some time on the coast of Mexico for a spontaneous getaway. (You may have seen this on my Instagram!) The truth is, this isn’t a trip we had in mind for months beforehand.

A few weeks ago, we were looking back at the first few months of the year. We were excited about all the progress we had made in business and our wedding. But, we also realized we hadn’t really taken one day off at all for months. I personally wasn’t totally at the point of burn out, but I could tell I was close.

Looking ahead of our schedule, we’re getting married in a few months! While this is very exciting (obviously!), we both know it’s going to be hectic.

So, we decided to be proactive about our own bandwidth and take a vacation before things get even busier and we truly are in the danger of burn out.

We were so glad we did.

Here’s what I learned from our getaway in paradise:


1. Slow down BEFORE you burn out

As I mentioned, we didn’t take this vacation out of burn out, but rather, to prevent burn out. It felt good to be able to sense this coming on before it caused any issues, and it definitely did its job by helping us unwind before we got overwhelmed.

No matter how much endurance you may have, we’re all at risk for burn out.

This is especially true when you’re running your own business!

You owe it to yourself, and not to mention, your clients, customers, and audience, to manage your own well-being. You can’t show up for them if you can’t take care of yourself.


2. Turn off data while you’re away

‘When traveling, I keep my phone on airplane mode and only turn on wifi occasionally.

This started in the days before international data was part of my world.

But, I’ve kept it as if I still don’t have international data because I appreciate feeling disconnected while out and about. I can still email and do some work, but only doing so while on wifi in the hotel room ensures that while I’m outside, at restaurants, sun soaking, etc.

I’m totally disconnected.


3. Life is meant to be celebrated!

We scheduled this trip to be over the six-month before our wedding.

Yes, we have no shortage of wedding celebrations between now and then, and in the bigger picture, we may have not “needed” another. But what is life if not meant to be a non-stop celebration?!

That is the life I am here for you. Are you with me?!


So, if you’re craving more celebration, less burn out, and more presence within your own life, make plans this week for something you can do that brings more of that in your life.


Yes, you may hear an inner voice tell you that you can’t.

Yes, it may bring up some fear around spending more or taking time off.

Yes, it requires you taking steps to create the means to make it happen.


AND, YES, you CAN do it and YES, you do deserve it.


You deserve everything that makes your heart glimmer. Now go get it, it’s there for you!