Around this time last year, I launched the very first round of my signature program, Scale Your Side Hustle. Read on to learn what's happened since then!

Around this time last year, I launched the very first round of my signature program, Scale Your Side Hustle.

That program has since:

  • Gone through 3 rounds of cohorts
  • Launched numerous side hustles
  • Supported people in leaving their 9-5 jobs
  • Built side hustles that make more than day jobs do
  • Brought a powerful community of entrepreneurs together
  • Seen students make ten of thousands of dollars from the program


Memories of Scale Your Side Hustle

I remember creating this program and being so excited to do so. It’s the result and the content of the most important and influential parts in my own side hustle journey. I just knew it was going to be a game changer for anyone that took it.

I would have LOVED to take it myself years ago, when I wasn’t seeing the results I really wanted.

Looking back to the first time I ran it, I remember speaking to members of my audience that were interested in it. Interestingly, nearly every single one of them had a similar narrative and background.

On the one hand, they desired a successful side hustle. They wanted to do this right.

No more spending hours on Pinterest or listening to podcast every podcast. No more guessing how to make sales, feeling overwhelmed, or feeling alone.

They were excited about changing their financial realities, excited about creating something that was completely their own, and even leaving their day jobs.

On the other hand, they had some fear. They were nervous about investing in themselves, especially because for many, they hadn’t yet seen much income from their side hustles. They questioned whether this would actually work for them. They didn’t know if they had the time to properly commit to this.

They weren’t sure if it’d be worth it. They didn’t have the extra money in their checking account and weren’t sure how they’d find it.

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Lessons Learned from my Clients

Here’s what I learned then, and what has only been further proven over the past year is that there are no real differences between my successful clients and those that don’t move forward.

Scale Your Side Hustle’s most successful alumni did not come into the program with any less or different fears than those who chose not to move forward. They didn’t have thousands of dollars laying around to invest in their business. They didn’t have hours of free time every week. They didn’t have “proof” that this was going to work.

The only difference between the successful and those who chose not to move forward is this: their desire is bigger than their fear.

Seeing how far so many SYSH alumni come, it breaks my heart just thinking about what would’ve happened if they hadn’t moved forward. It’s been a true joy to see their businesses blossom and lives transform.

So how can you choose desire today over fear?

What exciting thing can you say “yes” to, instead of saying “yes” to your fear?

How can you stay on the side of the successful, not the fearful?

Remember, you will never have more to gain in your business, journey and LIFE than if you start after what you really desire TODAY.


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