Have you ever looked back on a decision you made and thought “wow, I certainly would not do that again” and even entertained a tinge of regret with it?

If you've made decisions that have led you to less than a desired outcome, it can be easy to regret that and wish you could start over. Click through to read the truth about starting over...

I would suspect that all of us have felt the need for a “do-over” at one point or another! We’re told to live without regret. But, it can be easier said than done sometimes. Perhaps you wish you could start over with things like…

  • Your student loans; you would’ve never taken so many out if you knew how hard it’d be to pay them back!
  • You career path; why did you choose to go into a field you now feel trapped in?
  • Your college major; it ended up having nothing to do with your career!
  • A dead-end relationship; wish that could’ve ended sooner than it did!


I get it.


But here’s the good news and truth of it all:


Every moment is an opportunity to start over.


In every single instant, we can decide to change our own fate, take action toward something new and unexpected, reject unwanted parts of our life, or simply embrace a new frame of mind.


This doesn’t mean we won’t make mistakes. It doesn’t mean we won’t learn from decisions that didn’t lead us to our goal. But, it does mean that we need not spend one second wishing we could start over. That wish is constantly coming true!


And here’s the beautiful part of this: there’s no mistake you’ve made in the past, nothing you can regret, that’s more powerful than your decision right now to live differently.


You can choose today to start a side hustle to pay off your loans.

You can choose today to learn a different skill and change career paths.

You can choose today to take a risk and start your own business.

You can choose today to no longer let fear hold you back.

You can choose today, at any moment, to change your life.


Is it really that simple? Yes!

Can it be scary at times? Of course.


But as Mike Dooley says:


“Never again, at any other point in your journey, will you have so much to gain as you will if you start today.”


So, what different choice can you make today? How can you be in the driver’s seat today, not the passenger seat? What can you do that will make your past feel like it happened not as one with mistakes, but as one that happened *exactly* as it was supposed to?