So often, we come up with reasons for not moving forward with a dream or goal of ours.
We don’t start a website because we don’t feel quite ready.
Or, we don’t take a big vacation because we think we should save our money.
We don’t invest in ourselves because we don’t feel we have enough time currently.
You know what I mean.

What's the best time to start a business? It's a question that can keep people stuck for far too long. Click through to read my take on the best time to start a business. Take this example from Captain Beverly Bass about going for things sooner!

But Leah, when we don’t move forward toward something that’s exciting us, we’re not only robbing ourselves of that experience. We’re also preventing ourselves to step up as leaders and inspire others.

Let me share an example…

Those who know me well know that I am a huge fan of Broadway. (I’ve never met a musical I didn’t like.) I always tear up at the end of shows (even happy ones like Legally Blonde or Mary Poppins!).


This is not because of the storyline of musicals. Rather, it’s because I am so moved by the actors up there! They’ve dedicated their lives to art, and made their dreams come true.
One of my favorite musicals is called Come From Away, and it tells the touching true story of a small town in Canada that absorbed ten of thousands of people the night of 9/11, when planes were diverted away from New York and ended up in this small Canadian town.

One of the pilots featured in the story is Captain Beverly Bass, who, in real life, was the first female American Airlines captain. She was flying from Paris to Dallas the morning of 9/11, when she received an emergency radio call and had to instead land in Canada.

She grew up with dreams of being a pilot even though all the captains were men at the time. Yet, despite her obstacles, she went for her dreams and achieved her goal.


Her dream turned into so much more.


Little did she know, she’d be involved in one of the most tragic days in American history, and her story would become so profound that it’d be turned into a Broadway musical and the character of Captain Beverly Bass would be the lead in the musical.

Fast forward to the production of the show, and the woman who played Beverly Bass on Broadway, Jenn Collela, had her own dreams come true when her portrayal of the heroic captain got her nominated for a Tony award.

Jenn worked her whole life to get on Broadway and follow her passion for the arts. In the end, she was able to make her dream come true, portray a female hero and receive a Tony nomination.

This was all thanks to Beverly Bass going for her own dreams.

If she surrendered to the obstacles that stood in her way, she never would have become the first female captain for American Airlines
And, if she wasn’t a pilot, she wouldn’t have been rerouted that horrible day a small town in Canada.
If she hadn’t been part of that story, she wouldn’t have been featured on Broadway.
Just imagine, if her character didn’t exist, Jen wouldn’t have been able to play her and wouldn’t have received that Tony nomination.

See what I mean?


Going for your dreams is about so much more than only your dreams coming true. (Though, that is pretty important!).

Next time you hear your favorite song that pumps you up at the gym, consider if that artist wouldn’t have made his or her dreams of singing come true. You wouldn’t be lifting weights quite so hard! Who doesn’t want toned arms?!

Next time you listen to a motivational speech that makes you feel invincible, consider if the speaker had backed down in making his or her own dreams coming true. You wouldn’t have quite that inspired feeling that you currently do.

You get the picture.

Next time you have an excuse for why you’re not making something you want to happen, think of all the those out there who are missing out on that victory, too.

The world needs the most authentic, bold, vibrant and true version of you. Don’t let us down!



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