Why You're Not Successful Yet
Your Biggest Vision
Season 3, Ep. 29

Giving you an exclusive behind the scenes look into my Mastermind retreat and Scale Your Side Hustle calls! I recorded this week’s episode in Los Angeles after dreaming, planning and strategizing during a VIP day with one of my Mastermind clients. The results of this VIP day were amazing and can be a part of your reality too. This specific client had a goal of making $20,000 on this retreat with no clear plan as to how she was going to do it… after our VIP day, she made $20,000 in 24 hours! This episode dives straight into the mindset behind receiving and so much more.


Tune in to hear:


  • The mindset strategies that helped my client make $20,000 in 24 hours


  •   An exclusive behind the scenes look into my Mastermind and Scale Your Side Hustle program


  • How to get out of your own way, attract success and start thinking like an entrepreneur

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Giving you an exclusive behind the scenes look into my Mastermind retreat and Scale Your Side Hustle calls!

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Leah Gervais on why youre not successful
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Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais: Hello everyone. I’m so excited to be here with you this week. I am calling in from Los Angeles, California. For those of you who follow me on Instagram may know that I am here hosting my elite mastermind, uh, in a week long retreat. Um, well actually the retreat is an entire day, but I’m here for a week doing things and I’m very excited to be here. And I wanted to start today’s call, um, by sharing a little bit of takeaways that I’ve already gotten from being here with my masterminders.


So yesterday I had a VIP day with one of the women in my mastermind, my incredible client who was really reflecting on her business over the past two years. And I just wanted to give you guys a little bit of insight into her own reflections and, um, hope that they will do a bit. So she joined scale your side hustle around two years ago, um, this year. 


So she started her business about two years ago and she, um, started it having no real vision at all. She told me that yesterday, you know, we talked about it. I’m not like, I don’t think she’d mind me sharing this because I think she’s actually very proud of how far she’s come. So she came into Scale Your Side Hustle and she knew that she had an idea. She knew that she wanted to kind of get paid a little bit more for things she was all already doing for free.


I think that some of you can relate to that in this program and for her that looks like she always was a friend, people would come to for dating advice. She always was a friend that was encouraging her friends to not settle, to stick up for themselves to voice their opinions because that’s what she had done for so long. Now I somewhat, ironically, I don’t actually think it’s that ironic, but when she started this sort of dating advice business, she herself was single. 


I remember her talking about the imposter syndrome that she dealt with from that experience, because she was like, who would want to about dating from someone who isn’t dating, but she was so proud of the fact that she had stayed true to herself during all of this time and sort of like chosen to remain single in a sense, just because she wasn’t willing there’s things she wasn’t willing to do in order to find, to have a partner that was kind of like less than what she really wanted.


So long story short, she works through all of those places that she started from this imposter syndrome that I don’t really know what this is getting, she was in debt when she joined scaler side hustle. I think she went into debt, more debt to join the program, um, et cetera, et cetera. You know, so many obstacles that I think so many people when they join this program can identify with, you know, it’s like you come in and you want something more, you want something different for yourself. You want something different for you, like, you want to help people, but there’s so many puzzle pieces that don’t seem to fit or that you don’t know how they could fit, or you don’t even know what the puzzle pieces meet. How am I going to financially do this?


Who’s going to pay for this? Is this an actual business model? Um, is this something that makes me enough money? Could I get out of my nine to five? What am I even working towards? Where are we even going with this? Um, and then it took her a year after a year. She started signing. I mean, it’s not like it took her a year for a business to start, but she, I think a big milestone for her was a year later. So one year ago now when she signed her first high ticket client. So she had that, I think kind of smaller things. Um, and I think she would tell you that the reason that things didn’t take off faster, right after getting a side hustle was because of, um, she didn’t totally go all in again. I don’t think she’d mind me telling you this is exactly what she would, and she would want to be transformed by the journey.


Now she makes $20,000 a month and now her husband quit his job to work with her full-time. And now she is financially, you know, able to have a lifestyle that she never was able to. I mean, three years ago, she shared with me that three years ago was her first year that she made over $10,000. That’s not even a livable wage. That’s not even a livable wage. And now she makes $20,000 in a month. And so I want to, to share her story with you all, as a reminder of what’s possible when you go all in. Because when I look at what she did, right, it was that she was relentless. Once she really decided to do this, once she really decided that she was going to be successful, she was going to have high ticket clients. She was going to raise her prices and she was going to have higher months.


You know, things happen very, very quickly. I can’t say that I have many clients that I’ve seen go from client one to 23 months. And under it, she did it in like eight months. She did it really fast. And it was because she was so unavailable for it not to happen. And here’s what I think she really did right. 


This is something that I, that I encourage you to write down because it’s some thing that I think is due at the beginning, she never, ever made decisions based on what was best for her. What made her feel comfortable? What made her feel good or what was in the best interest of her? She makes business decisions based on what’s best for her business. Okay. So that means when she was joining Scale Your Side Hustle. And I’m sure when she was joining my mastermind, which now she, you know, she made off the mastermind investment in two months.


Um, but it’s a big investment. I’m sure that there was some bare them up around that, but she thought, what does my business need? Not what do I need not, what’s going to keep me safe. Not where am I going to feel like I’m being responsible? Not where am I going to play small, not where am I going to, you know, not be afraid of things. She doesn’t think like that. She thinks what does my business need? My business needs to grow. My business will be consistent. My business need for me to cut out the whole yo-yo dieting thing. Some days I work on it, some days I don’t, some days I invest in it some days I don’t, some days I go all in some days, I don’t, some days I think I can do it some days I don’t, she did not do that. And that is why this happened so quickly.


Because once she started making decisions out, what is in the best interest of her business, her business group, it’s sort of like, you guys all know that I’m pregnant and that I’m gonna be a first time. Mom, I’ve never been pregnant. I’ve never had a baby before and never had a child. But I can imagine that there’s an element that comes over you. When you’re a mother, you put your needs second to the needs of your child. 


Now, I am not promoting a self-sacrificing lifestyle. I am not promoting a self-deprecating lifestyle. I am not promoting you, putting yourself in danger or putting yourself in harmful situations or putting yourself care off. None of that is what I’m suggesting. I am suggesting that you think about what it means to enable something to grow. And when you’re a mother, I imagine that you will do whatever you need even if it’s something that maybe doesn’t feel all that comfortable for you, or maybe feels nerve-wracking for you, or maybe feels unknown for you. You do it for your child. 


You need to think the same way for your business. Even if it’s inconvenient, even if it is scary, even if you’ve never done it before and think about what is going to promote that growth, what is going to get your child, but your business for some, like, it’s your baby. I know. I feel like it is mine. It will always be my first born. What does it need to grow? And that’s really what she did so right. And I asked her, was it hard for you? Cause I told her, I was kind of praising her for this. I just said, you know, it’s not often that I see people step into that sense of certainty.


You know, that sense of this is going to work. Even though I have no proof of that right now, I’m going to make this money back. Even though I’d never made that much, I’m going to charge this much, even though I’m scared, I’m going to continue forward. Even though I’m not exactly sure where to go. I asked her to be so relentless and I love the answer. She gave me. 


She said the mindset behind it was hard. The consistency, the daring, the, when it didn’t look like it was working the questioning from relatives, the doubt, the late nights, wondering did I make the right decision? Those were hard. But the actual work that she does, the clients, she serves, the people that she helps find love, the people that she helps get out of toxic relationships. The clients that have gotten married because of her, the experience that she’s provided for them getting on calls with them. That’s not hard. That’s not hard for her. The actual work she does is not hard. 


So here’s another great takeaway from this that I think is also worth writing down that we can learn from her wisdom and her success and her experience, the commitment and the mindset and the internal demons are the hardest part. You guys, the biggest difference, the biggest separation, the biggest mountain you need to climb between you and your first six figure year, your first six figure month. Your first six figure sale is in between the temples.


It’s not about the strategy. It’s not about marketing. It’s not about the conversations. It’s not about whether or not you’re good enough. It’s not about the tech. It’s not about the pretty website. It’s not about anything other than what you need to overcome in your mind. And how cool is that? Right? When we learn that the only thing standing in our way are our own internal blocks, our own internal doubts on the internal fears, we can understand that these are things we can set ourselves free up. 


We take our power back because whatever is standing in your way inside of your mind is under your control. How great is it that of all the struggles and obstacles and challenges you had overcome? None of them were about anyone else’s actions or about anything else anyone said were about, you know, um, marketing facts were about technology, were about any of the messy, muddy things that we tend to give our power to. 


Well, if only I had this website that my brand would be better. Well, if only I had an inheritance, then I’d have more money to invest in my business. Well, if only I knew more people than I’d have more clients right off the bat. If only I was better at this, then more people would want to work with me. None of those things actually are true. And when those things aren’t true anymore, your excuses fade away and disappear like the lies they are now, although this is good news. 


Although the realization that the only obstacles you need to overcome are the ones in your mind that this is an empowering thing because you can do it. That means it’s the hardest work of it all. This is why I teach mindsets for the first month of this program. This is why I’m sharing this with you guys and try to share the mindset lessons I’m learning at the beginning of every weekly call. This is why it’s something that you need to be doing every day. And this is why it’s something that never ends because it is the most important. It is the most critical. It is the hardest, it is the most amazing. It is the most exciting, and it is the most powerful.


And when you realize the power you really have, when you realize that the only thing standing in the way, and the only thing handing you the key to your kingdom, handing you your road to success, handing you your million dollar check is within you, you can have fun with it. You explore it. You get to play with it. You get to be bold. Not because things will work out every single time. Things won’t work out every single time. I want to be clear. Every launch you do will not be successful. Every sales email you send will not make a sale. Every client you have will not be your dream client. 


The mindset work is not about avoiding the problems. It’s not about avoiding the challenges. It’s not about bypassing entrepreneurship. It’s about knowing when those things happen and they will, you can handle them and you can keep going and you will still win. You know, her and I yesterday, we were, we were talking about how about some of our worst nightmares that have come true, right? The angry client, uh, the, the high schooler that you, that you knew that you thought never really liked you anyway and now they’re talking about you and making fun of you, the judgemental in law, the debt you thought you’d pay off on time and you weren’t able to, and then you had to pay interest, the credit score, dropping that all happened to me, all of it.


And I still wouldn’t change anything on my journey. And I still now have a business that makes a hundred thousand dollars a month. And I still was able to quit my nine to five. And I still was able to pay for a wedding that I had in a way that I would never be able to. And I’m still about to be able to be a mother while owning that. None of it was big enough to stop me. 


And none of it is big enough to stop you either. So I want to talk to you guys today about where you are. Yo-yo dieting, where you are saying, I want to look a certain way and then on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, I go great and then on the weekends I binge and, you know, drink too much wine. I’m getting, I, I’m not trying to be insensitive with my food analogy here, but I’m just trying to illustrate the point. How many times are you doing that?


How many times do you get on these calls or go through the modules and say, this is it I’m going all in. I’m making a sale this week. I’m getting on these calls and asking weird questions. I am going to, um, you know, double down on support. If I need, I’m going to grow my audience. I’m going to reach out to people or whatever the case may be. And then life gets in the way and you don’t, and I’m not trying to bring this up to make any of you feel guilty or to sound judgmental at all.  


I’ve been there myself, but I believe in you guys, and I know what it takes to make this work. And I want that for you. I want you all to be in the situation of that scale your side hustle alum, where before you know it, you two are sitting on a rooftop at the Soho house, overlooking the LA Hills for an entire day, plotting out how you’re about to make it a quarter of a million dollars in 60, because that’s waiting for you. Yeah, that reality is not a pipe dream. This is not a, what if this is not a, in a different lifetime. This is not a, maybe one day it is here right now, waiting for you.


You have to get it though. You have to be able to address the things that come up in your mind. You have to take massive action. You cannot be inconsistent with your commitment to your dreams and your commitment to yourself. What does it look like? Ramp it up. What does it look like to double down? What does it look like to be bolder? What do you need to release that is taking up clutter in your mental space? 


How can you further occupy your own personal state of grace? I talked to another client, certainly. And we talked about her first five figure months. That’s something that I love helping my clients get to. It’s such an amazing feeling. And really, I think when business starts to get so playful, because you just kind of have that money to do with what you want. And we looked at that month for her and we were looking at what she did.


Right. And you know, two of the things that she did that month, and I don’t think she had connected that they, you know, I think when you think, oh, I have my first five figure months and you asked why you think, well, it’s because I had this great launch strategy and maybe I was meditating a lot. And, um, I just was able to sell really fluidly. You’re going to think of like the business assets, right? Here’s what she said. 


She said that month, I released two big things in my life. I released a toxic relationship with a family member that was draining me, that was saddening me because it wasn’t fixable and it wasn’t being fixed. So it wasn’t getting fixed and it was just pulling me down and it was selfish of the family member. And two, I released politics. I stopped reading the news.


I stopped posting about it, this person was involved in it. And, um, and you know, politics sucks, right? I’m not going to get into a political discussion, but it’s like the worst place for your energy ever is politics. Right? And the news, like it is negative. It’s so negative and that’s, and then she made $10,000, you know? And it’s, and it’s because she let go of the judgment of others, the doubts, family members, the draining relationships, the toxic relationships, and, you know, politics without getting into the media and my criticism of it too much. 


We have to understand how powerful the subconscious mind is. You have to understand that all of your beliefs right now, everything that you’re experiencing, your financial situation, that you’re experiencing your business, your friendships, your job is all a result of a way you’ve been programmed to think.


Now you probably have been programmed to think that way since you were born. So it’s not something that can change overnight, but it can change. Our beliefs can change. Our habits can change. And when they do, our reality starts to change. Most people don’t talk about how powerful the subconscious mind is all that much or how to change it that much. 


But you know, who does know how powerful the subconscious mind is? The fricking media and marketers, you know, that’s why we are being marketed things all the time. That’s why we have the collective idea that alcohol and wine is sort of this like sexy, you know, let off some scene, um, social, making you more fun kind of thing. It’s gasoline, right? Let’s, let’s be real. We’ve been programmed through mark getting it through the media in our subconscious mind to think of it in a different way.


Now I’m not going to get into a conversation about alcohol, but when you realize that your subconscious mind is being programmed all the time, you get to start deciding how you’re programming it. Are you watching the news or are you journaling about your future? Are you looking at your empty bank account or are you spending time envisioning what you want to happen in your life?


 Ever, the phrase neurons that fire together wire together, or that wire together fire together, or rather how much time are you spending, thinking about what you want to happen and looking at your vision and looking at what you want to happen with your life versus how much time you’re spending watching Netflix.


Now, none of us are perfect. I can fully admit that during my first trimester of pregnancy, I watched literally seasons one through 14 of the real Housewives of New York city. I’m not saying to not Netflix or, you know, not filling my brain with positive things all the time, but I know the power of my subconscious mind because I changed so much of it. And whenever I want to hit a new goal, nowadays, whenever I want to hit a new reality, the first place I go is inside. What, what news stories do I need to tell myself, what new beliefs do I need to form? What do I need to release? That’s not supporting this and how am I going to get aggressive about this? Even though I don’t know all the answers. I’ll be blunt with you guys, I am about to have a baby.


I don’t know how I’m going to run a business and have a baby at the same time, because I’ve never done it before, but I know I’m going to do it because I know that through the power of my subconscious mind and the power of belief and the power of faith and the power of God, anything is possible. 


That is something that I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt and I know for truth because I’ve seen it happen in my life, in business, over and over and over again, I am no longer paralyzed by situations that would have completely freaked me out just four years ago. When something in business doesn’t work, I’m able to pivot when we don’t make the money, we thought we would and a different way to, you know, and just a few years ago, these things would have sent me into a paralysis as they do so many people, which is why so many businesses fail, which is why it’s so many small businesses don’t make it past the first year.


And then if they do, don’t make it past year five, because they never learned to think like an entrepreneur. It’s not enough to be one. You have to think like one. That is why mindset work is so important. That is what is standing in the way between you and your success. And that is your gateway as well. Okay. I obviously could talk about this forever. I’d love to hear from you all. Is this bringing up for you? Where are you? Yo-yo dieting. Where can you be bolder? Where can you move out of your own way? And I’m also happy to answer any questions on the program materials or anything else you have going on. Go ahead and hit star two. I’d love to hear from as many of you here live as possible.

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