Hard to believe that Quarter 1 of 2019 is OVER! I know I say this all the time, but time really is flying. The spring is just another reminder to live every day to the fullest. If there’s something you said you’d do come New Years or that you wanted to do this year, this is your chance to get going!


I live on the Upper East Side of New York and love everything about this city. Here are my top ten favorite things in NYC in Quarter 1, 2019.

Here are 10 things I loved in Quarter 1, 2019…


Enjoy all our courses at Sushi Nakazawa in NYC!

1- Sushi Nakazawa

Having eyed this restaurant for years after seeing Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Adam and I decided to go for it on our anniversary! It was everything I dreamed it would be and far more- the best sushi I’ve had, hands down. The sushi comes in dishes of 3-4 pieces, and the excellent waiters wait until you finish every piece on one plate before you get the next. There were about 5 plates total and around 20 pieces of sushi. Even considering sushi as a lighter food, I was full and could barely finish the last few pieces! Thankfully, Adam happily volunteered to help out. I can’t wait to go back here for a special event some day!


At the new WeWork location in NYC.

2- WeWork

Working from home definitely has the perks of flexibility, but it’s not totally realistic in a New York City apartment! I joined WeWork at the beginning of this quarter in midtown and loved everything about it. I’ve heard that some of the WeWorks in NYC can be somewhat isolating… not everyone wants to chat! And honestly, I’m not much of a talker while working either. But I did feel a genuine community in my location, both between the staff and the other WeWork members. I’m so grateful we live in the time period of co-working spaces!


Exercising at Equinox! Getting in shape for my wedding.

3- Equinox Club-Wide Pass

After months of internal debate about the worthiness of the hefty Equinox price tag last year, I went for it and joined and it’s one of my best investments to date. Every month I am actually HAPPY to pay the fee, because that’s how much I love this club. I go 6-7 days a week and am always excited to do so- don’t think I’ve ever been able to say that about a gym before!

Last year, I only had a single club membership at our neighborhood location. However, having left my 9-5 job and wanting to explore more of NYC, I upgraded to a club-wide pass this year. I’ve LOVED exploring the other clubs and, subsequently, other neighborhoods while I do this! Having this city-wide pass has made fitness classes a sort of activity to do with girlfriends now, followed by wine or lunch on the weekends, which I love!


4- Acupuncture

I’ve been going to Kevin at Blue Lotus Acupuncture for years and every year he gets better. I have severe scoliosis. His acupuncture has made all the difference in my back’s strength and health. I hadn’t gone for a few months but recently started again and am so glad I did.


New York City Blogger and Entrepreneur in Tudor City, New York City

5- Taking Photos with the Wander Lover

My girlfriend and Instagram superstar Danielle from the Wander Lover was visiting NYC from Bali (where she now lives). Hanging out was so serendipitous. We had originally met years ago when we were both working in corporate America. But we were desperate to leave and pursue lives of freedom. Now, years later, we both have!

Here’s one of my favorite pictures from the day. I also got to interview Danielle on being a travel influencer on my podcast here!


The opening of the Broadway show, Come From Away!

6- Come From Away

I was able to take my younger sister to Come From Away as a Christmas present. Getting to do so was such a treat! I love this musical and have written about it multiple times before. So, getting to be able to take her was a treat. This one never disappoints! You can see some of our behind-the-scenes from the night in my IGTV video here.

7- Spa 57

Every 2-3 months, my best friend Natalie and I do a dedicated spa day for our mental health. It’s the BEST. Truly- I recommend implementing this tradition if you don’t yet! This quarter, we tried Spa 57 (formerly Spa Castle) in midtown. Truthfully, it wasn’t my favorite Spa we had ever been to. There could have been more pools considering how many people were there. Otherwise, they should’ve managed the capacity a bit better! Nonetheless, we still had a good time and especially loved the hall of saunas and steam rooms! This photos was in the Gold steam room.


Leah Gervais and Adam Pascarella at the Top of the Standard in NYC.

8- Top of the Standard

I’ve been a long-time lover of the Standard. This time was no exception. It had been a while since I had been and the skyline is just as dazzling as ever! Though I would not recommend the cocktail I had this time. It was a tequila-based cocktail with a froth on top… I wish I could remember the name!


9- Brideside

We got my bridesmaids’ dresses from a store called Brideside in NYC. When we originally went, it was still located inside Lord and Taylor. However, the New York institution closed down earlier this year! It’s sad to see L&T go. But, this meant Brideside got its own store in Cheslea and it was adorable!

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10- Saks Fifth Avenue (redone!)

After seemingly a never-ending renovation, the classic Saks Fifth Avenue is shiny and new! I went there last week to get my wedding shoes and was in AWE of how beautiful and new it felt. Swing by the next time you’re near Rockefeller Center!