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In the spirit of a new and fresh year, I want to share a bit of a personal story with you. This takes it back a few years to when I first really investing in my business and starting to see myself playing a bigger game.


I want to be clear that it took me more than a year of straight up dabbling with my business to get to this place. I knew I wanted a business or side hustle, but I didn’t know how to begin. The money I needed to invest in it just wasn’t there. My traffic was low and I didn’t even really have clarity around what my website was. I was embarrassed to even tell friends and family about this little blog I had created because it honestly felt… silly?


If you’re currently experiencing any of that, stick with me…


When I finally got fed up of my own hollow talk (I’ll start one day, I will have my own business, I want to quit my job, etc., but having no real plan in place), I decided to invest in an entrepreneurial program that would build my business.


You may have heard me talk about this decision before, as it will always be one of the scariest (at the time) but absolute best decisions I’ve ever made.


Before I eventually put the $5,000 on a credit card, I searched high and low all over the internet to find reviews of this program and the company. I reached out to previous clients for their feedback. There wasn’t a trash forum I haven’t read just in search for feedback on this program and industry.


I found success stories, but I also was able to research some previous clients that, truthfully, weren’t doing so well. This totally freaked me out. I had that nightmare voice in my head telling me, “what if you’re one of the ones this doesn’t work out for?


Knowing what I do now, clients’ results aren’t typically a reflection of the program. Especially if the program has a least some clearly positive testimonials. Rather, clients’ results are typically a reflection of their work ethic, commitment, mindset, fear vs. faith, etc.


But honestly, I’m sort of glad I went into that “glass half empty” way of thinking. It didn’t scare me enough to keep me from signing up (which is when the glass half empty attitude DOES become problematic). Instead, it determined me to be one of the success stories.


Once I signed up, I dropped that way of thinking and went all in. I went from making around $1,000 on my website to having consistent $10,000+ months about half way through the program. I was able to leave my 9-5 job, had multi-six-figure sales year in 2019, and most importantly of all, I’m able to support my clients in totally transforming their life. It’s the most rewarding work in the world.


It wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I was reading a book by one of the founders of the company that hosted the program when I remembered how utterly scared I was.


I was listening to the book on Audible while exercising. As I heard the narrator share a tidbit about one of their companies “most successful clients” to date, I dropped my dumbell as I realized they were talking about me. In their book!


I immediately shot an email to the company, thanking them for mentioning me, and I thought about how far I really had come. From experiencing sleepless nights because I had put $5,000 on a credit card (after years of adamantly never having credit card debt), terrified that the investment wouldn’t pay off, scared that I might not have what it takes to make the program work… to being considered one of the most successful alumni of the program and having a multiple six-figure business.


I attribute this progression to two things: mindset and commitment.


So, if you want all of your wildest 2020 dreams to come true and then some, I hope that this story inspires you to implement some next level mindset and commitment into your own life.


How can you ditch the hollow talk?

How can you think bigger?

How can you see the “glass half FULL” and take action from there?

How can you stop abandoning yourself?


This is your year. 

This year, you become one of the most successful in whatever undertaking you desire.

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Here’s to your success!