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I am writing to you with such exciting news today, but I want to share it by way of a brief story, so please bear with me (and be sensitive as it’s quite personal!)


As you may know, two years ago I tragically lost my beloved dad. My younger sisters and I were all very close to him, and he and my mom had just celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary. To say it was a shock is an understatement and it rocked my world.


During that confusing, depressing and hazy time, my mind ran nonstop with feelings of grief, despair, confusion, anger, depression, guilt… it wasn’t pretty.


One of the main stories going through my head on repeat at the time was the dark question that had no answer… “but where is he?”


It might seem like a weird question, but when you go from talking to your dad on the phone one morning and then the next being told that you’ll never see or talk to him again, your mind simply can’t make sense of it. How can someone just disappear? Especially someone that is such a big part of your life. Someone you love more than anything.


And I had such conflicting stories being told me to about that question.


On the one hand, people were trying to comfort me by telling me that my dad is still here, still with me, always with me. It sounds like a nice sentiment, but at the time, all it made me want to do is shake the person by the shoulders and yell, “BUT HE’S NOT HERE… WHY CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT HE’S JUST NOT HERE. HE’S JUST NOT.” It almost felt that by them trying to say that he was still here minimized how amazing his physical presence was, because it wasn’t totally honoring the loss of it.


On the other hand, many consoled me by telling me that my dad is in Heaven now. He’s with God. He’s in a better place. A beautiful place. Again, the sentiment sounds nice, but in my darkest moments, all this made me do was wonder why I shouldn’t just go join him then. If it’s that great, and he’s there, what’s the point of being here, when I’m in so much pain?


Neither explanation helped me feel any more sure about my lingering, haunting question… where is he? How did he just disappear?


Then, one night, one of my earth angels was sent to me to put this question to rest and did so in a way that I’ve never forgotten.


I was with my best friend, Ariana, during one of the nights I found the strength to put on clothes and actually leave my apartment. I bawled to her as I shared the above. I hated how people were so quick to tell me that he was still here with me when I feel so clearly that he’s just NOT. I also felt depressed when I thought about him being in a better place because it just made me feel purposeless being here. I just couldn’t understand where he was and I missed him.


Then, she put her arm around me, looked me straight in the eyes, and with tears in her own eyes told me, “I know where your dad is. He’s in you. He’s in all of his girls. You are his legacy and we all can see it everytime we look at or talk to you three. He’s alive in you.”


This changed my life and my grief.


This was the only thing that had made sense to me since the moment I heard my dad was gone.


From then on, I poured all the energy I had into my business and my own personal and professional development. I took my dad’s legacy to heart and vowed to make him proud, to not hold back, to believe in myself, and to do whatever I could do make the most of myself.


This was the light that led me through so much darkness.


You probably know most of what happened between then and now. My life changed completely and my dreams started coming true in the most spectacular of ways. Missing my dad has never gone away, and of course, I wish he could be here. Since then, I’ve…


  • Built my business to make more than my 9-5 job did while I was still there
  • Quit to work for myself
  • Got engaged to the love of my life
  • Celebrated my first six-figure year while 26 years old
  • Shared my story on CNBC, David Neagle’s podcast, and Thrive Global
  • Married my now-husband in New York City!


And now, with tears running down my cheeks, I’m excited to share what may be the milestone I’m most grateful for of all…


As of yesterday, I have my first full-time employee. Urban 20 Something’s Operations Manager, and the role is filled by sister, Abby!


To be able to work together, work in ways that would make our dad proud, and follow in his footsteps as entrepreneurs is the greatest gift I could ask for.


There’s nothing more I could ask for then to spend my days working and creating with family.


Thank you so much for following my journey- some of you since before my dad even passed away! Thank you for being part of this community and part of a movement dedicated to maximizing each and every day.


And, if you’re up for it, please give Abby a warm welcome! Her email is abby@urban20something.com and she’s here to support you in making your goals come to life.


I hope my story reminds us all that even in the darkest of times, there can be light. That no matter what challenges or obstacles you are facing, you still have, in this moment, everything it takes to pursue your dreams. You are stronger than you think you are, and you never know whose life or LIVES you’ll change by saying “yes” to what lights you up.

New Podcast Episode

Ep. 17- Business Success Amidst COVID-19

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First and foremost, I hope this episode finds you well and healthy during these difficult times. On today’s episode of the Your Biggest Vision show, I share the three biggest mistakes I have seen online business owners make in the midst of this chaotic pandemic. While much of the future seems so out of our control, there are things we as entrepreneurs can do to boost our chances of staying afloat. 


Tune in to hear:


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  • How you can fix these mistakes in order to make more sales, more money and lead with service during this time


  • How to avoid acting out of fear in your business in the midst of economic uncertainty 

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