Urban 20 Something, Leah Gervais' tips on recession-proofing your online business

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Right now, I work with two different mentors for my own business development. One of them I hired specifically to support me as I’ve built out my team this year. I did love some elements of working alone (and got to over six figures in revenue while doing so!) but was ready to grow.


The other mentor helps me with my money mindset and helps me constantly think about the best ways to support my mastermind program.


They have both helped so much, but right now, I feel especially lucky to be learning from both of them. Because, believe it not, both of them had similar experiences in the 2008 recession where their businesses dipped, but they emerged in the thick of the depression and ended up pivoting to a place where their businesses were far stronger and more profitable before.


So, having both of them mentor me through it is a huge blessing.


I wanted to share the biggest commonality amongst their advice, in case you, as a business owner, are learning to navigate through this too.


That is to focus on selling more of your current assets and services, don’t focus so much on creating more.


This is not the time to…


  • Spread yourself too thin
  • Pull the allnighters that come with a new creation
  • Launch with the bells + whistles (not directly speaking to someone directly) 
  • Try to serve everyone


This is the time to…


  • Get clear on what works well in your business
  • Lead with service above all else
  • Be part of a community to hold you accountable and support you

New Podcast Episode

S. 2, Ep. 18- Susie Moore, Author of Stop Checking Your Likes

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Today’s guest on the Your Biggest Vision Show is Susie Moore, Author of Stop Checking Your Likes. This is Susie’s second time on the show and she is here today to talk to us about her newest book, “Stop Checking Your Likes”. In the thick of this global pandemic, I cannot think of a more fitting time to absorb the inspirational advice that Susies has to share.


Tune in to hear:


  • My favorite two word phrase of Susie’s that’ll change your life!


  • Concrete steps on how to cultivate your vision and discover exactly what you want


  • Amazing advice from Susie on how to find your power

Business Tool

I have a brand new resource I’m so excited to share with you- it’s an inside look at my business case study.


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I wanted to make sure this was available during this intense time, with many people’s side hustles involuntarily becoming their full-time hustle. Trust me, it could be the very best thing that ever happens to you and your loved one. Between faith, trust and inspired action, there’s nothing you can’t do.