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This time two years ago, I was on vacation with my family in Greece (pic above!) and it was right when my business was just taking off. In some way, it often still felt too good to be true and I didn’t know if it would last. A constant whirlwind of excitement, but fear, but excitement- ha!

During that time, I was learning the power of my mind and how critical mindfulness was going to be if I really wanted to be successful. Mindset is why my business took off. I can’t emphasize it enough!

On our trip to Greece, I remember listening to this meditation by Bob Proctor over and over again. It didn’t hurt listening to it on the cliffs of Santorini as the backdrop!

At the time, my goal at the time was to make $6,000. It felt like a huge mountain to climb, but I was determined, and started using the power of my beliefs to make it happen. Those mindset practices have continued to serve me to this day!

Here’s the meditation >>>

Listen to it every morning for three weeks, and watch your vision of abundance come to life! And bonus, email me back and let me know what you’re manifesting

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S. 2, Ep. 34- Owning Your Finances as an Online Business Owner with Stephanie Skyrowzski

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Interested in learning how to become the CFO of your own business? This week’s guest, Stephanie Skyrowzski, founder of 100 Degrees Consulting, is here to help! Stephanie shares insightful tips and advice on how to confidently manage your business financially, how to make financial forecasts and predict debt when starting your business. She also has an inspirational entrepreneurial journey of her own from working at a law firm, to a non-profit, to starting her own successful business, Stephanie is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to finances and entrepreneurship.  

Tune in to hear:

  • The mindset shift that Stephanie made that allowed her to gain financial abundance.


  • Why consistently bookkeeping can grant you financial growth and freedom.


  • Where you can find Stephanie’s template that will help you map out your revenue, cash flow, expenses and more!


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