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From the moment my business started to take off, I’ve attributed my mindset work at least 75% of (more like 95%) of the growth. Recently, I heard a podcast say that your business is your side hustle, and your mindset is your main hustle… I loved that!


Through the pandemic, unexpectedly leaving NYC, and other changes lately, I’ve been craving a mindset up-level, and I’ve had SO much fun exploring and re-exploring what it means to live every day dedicated to growth, personal development, and positivity.


Here are my current favorite mindset practices:


1- Having a journal on me at all times. I’ve found myself wanting to imprint so much lately- positive thoughts, ideas, thoughts I want to reverse in a more permanent way. I’ve been taking a mini spiral notebook with me everywhere I go, which isn’t too many places as we’re staying home. But it does include my yoga mat, my bedside table, next to me in the bubble bath, at my office desk, etc.


2- Intuitive working. I’m sharing more on this point later this week, but the gist is that I let myself work when I want, whenever I want, and don’t work when I don’t want to. This includes working at 4:30 AM when I feel the most energetic. I’ve even been letting myself skip meditating if I want to work. But equally, I’ll let myself take the afternoon entirely off to be our pool, for example. It’s just following where I’m guided.


3- Our Vision Portal. Before I sound too much like Leslie Knope, the reason I’m the Vision Portal on our website for my mindset isn’t just because it’s on my own website. It’s because I genuinely believe in this Methodology so much, and it’s been so exciting watching it come to life in an organized, easy-to-apply way. I’m using it to apply to my own milestones and growth.


What is your favorite current mindset practice? Email me back and let me know!

New Podcast Episodes

Intimacy, Risk-Taking, and Intuition with Marla Mattenson

Let’s talk about manifesting! To join me, Relationship & Intimacy Expert, Marla Mattenson is coming on the show and I couldn’t think of a better person for the topic. Marla specializes in working with entrepreneur couples, who have an urgent desire to transform both their relationship and their business. She teaches her clients how to collapse time, bend time and manifest their highest visions.

Tune in to hear:

  • How Marla explains the unseen world and how we can use the unseen world to create our reality.

  • How she began her entrepreneurial journey and how she continues to expand her vision beyond her wildest dreams!

  • Incredible business and personal advice from a 7 figure entrepreneur.

Business Resource of the Week

A few weeks ago, we did a virtual workshop on creating fabulous VIP days! It was SO much fun to teach and by the end, the participants walked away with structure and strategies to sell VIP days worth multiple thousands of dollars.

So I’m taking a piece of it and bringing it to you for free! Join me next week for a free training on VIP days in your coaching, consulting, or service-based business.

You can join here

We’ll cover:

  • The difference between 1:1 longterm work vs. VIP days
  • Finding the result of your unique VIP day (which is what will make it sell!)
  • The details that make this an on-brand and irresistible offering in your business