The Two Ways I Used Jame's Wedmore's Business by Design
Your Biggest Vision
Season 3, Ep. 25

Thinking about joining James Wedmore’s Business by Design? This episode is dedicated to giving you an honest review of James Wedmore’s BBD program! I am so excited to be giving my perspective on this program and what it offered me at the multiple six-figure stage of my own business. Covering everything from what I did and didn’t get out of Business by Design.


Tune in to hear:


  • My honest review of James Wedmore’s Business by Design program as a multiple six-figure business owner 


  • An explanation of who James Wedmore is and what his program entails


  • Exciting, free bonuses for those who are interested in joining James Wedmore’s BBD program.

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This episode is dedicated to giving you an honest review of James Wedmore’s Business by Design program as a six-figure business owner!

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Leah Gervais- BBD Review
Leah Gervais- BBD

Episode Transcription

Leah Gervais: Hey visionaries. It is Leah here, and I hope you are having a great morning so far or whatever time of day it is that you are listening to this. I am here with you this week to give you my honest review of James Wedmore’s business by design. Um, and I’m really excited to do so because one, I think it is always helpful. I know I enjoy listening to other people’s experiences with courses, coaches, anything really, before I buy them. I’m like a huge review person. I am currently in the process of moving and even, uh, moving, you know, I’m always reading every review and everything like that. So I’m excited to give my honest review and I’m excited to give my perspective on this program because I joined James Wedmore’s business by design. When I was already, uh, at a multiple six-figure year, I think we were having like 40, $50,000 months at that point.


And I think that this program is often- I dismissed it as something that was too beginner for me. So if you are new to business, then I want to be able to talk to you about how this could help you if you already have a business. And you’re wondering if this program could help you, then I just want to give you my honest review. I am going to talk about what I liked about it, what I did not get out of it. I want to do it all. 


Honestly, I am an affiliate of this program this year. I decided to, uh, to partner with James to open as he opens this. So I want to be very transparent about that. And I also want to share that we have exciting bonuses coming for our, for anyone who joins this program through our affiliate link. So after you hear my review, if this feels like something that is right for you, please, uh, you know, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions and definitely take advantage of the free bonuses that you get when you are an affiliate through us Versus if you just buy it through the website, which would not help you get, you wouldn’t get any of those bonuses, you’d miss out on them. 


So I definitely want you to take advantage of that. If you listen to this review and you’re like, I’m glad that I know that information, that program is not for me. Then that is part of the goal too. We only want people to join this program who would benefit from it and who actually would get things out of it. I’m absolutely not here to try to sell this program if it is not for you. I know all too well, how not fun. It is to join things that don’t actually help you to feel like you’re wasting your money, especially in the beginning, when it feels like money can be, oh, so tight. So that is what we are going to talk about here today.


I will try to keep it relatively brief, but let me know if you guys have any questions and let’s go ahead and dive in. So the first thing that I feel like I should touch on is who is James Wedmore, maybe, you know him, maybe you don’t, James Wedmore is a business thought leader. I guess I would call him. He is pretty, uh, he’s been, he’s been in, uh, in online business for quite a while at this point, I think like 11 years. So he’s been doing the whole online business scene for quite some time and he’s very successful. I think he has an eight figure business. 


So he hits over $10 million a year in his online business. So he definitely knows his stuff. What really made me like James years ago was his attitude about putting his life before his business. I didn’t see that a lot from people that were in the high millions or in the millions, I guess I should say I saw a lot of like when I was, when I, when I started having my eye on my own seven figures, I realized I sought a lot of seven figure people talking about what it took for them to get to seven figures.


And it really didn’t look fun at all. They looked very unhappy to get to seven figures. And I was like, that is not what I’m here for. So I liked James because he lives in California and he talked about how he regularly does webinars. But if it’s a really good surfing day, he’ll end the webinar early to go surf. And I was like 10 out of 10. This is what I am here for. This is the kind of thing I’m talking about. And his podcast, Mind Your Business is all about the mindset of business. And early on in my journey, it was one of my favorites. I really enjoyed how he emphasized so much the power of mindset as a business tool and how he talked about ways to think about business. So that’s a little bit about James. He is. Yeah, he’s just as a business, a thought leader, I guess I would say.


And he works with people all the way from his lowest level program, which is called business by design, which is what we are here to talk about today, all the way up through masterminds. I think he does VIP days. I don’t know if he does one-on-one coaching, but he has a few different layers of support that he can give people. 


So, um, business by design as it is his kind of most entry level program is something that a year ago, right before I signed up, I dismissed as something that was, uh, to too beginner for me. And I don’t mean that in an arrogant way. I just mean that I would have assumed that a lot of the content in it would be for people that were just starting their businesses had never sold anything, et cetera. And I was certainly not at that point. I was at the point where I, um, you know, was obviously, uh, like I said, I was at the 40 or $50,000 mark per month at that point. So I didn’t really think twice about it. It’s not that I didn’t like James, I liked James but I just thought that this program wasn’t for me. So why did I go ahead and decide to join it? 


Well, first of all, I’m sorry, you guys, this chair is like the loudest. I’m just going to stand up so that you guys don’t have to listen to it. So if you look at the content of it, it is, I think great for someone who is just starting out, it talks about how to start thinking like an entrepreneur. If you, especially, if you’ve been in a nine to five job and you are working on mindset, it talks about how to think of something to offer, how to come up with a product or service. Um, the basics of selling all these modules that are very fundamental to the building blocks of what it takes to get a, you know, a successful online business off the ground. I have not watched one of them, not one of them. And I understand that that might feel, I guess I have actually watched one of them, but, um, I understand that you might be this and thinking like, Leah, why are you even affiliated for this program if you have not watched the modules?


I will tell you why it’s because of what I got out of it. Again, you can take it or leave it. I’m like the least pushy, like not here to sell you anything, or just want to take, to give you my honest opinion, but I will say about James, he knows his stuff. His content is quality. Um, I’ve really never been disappointed with anything that I’ve, I’ve digested of his, whether free or paid. So I would feel confident in vouching for the modules that are more elementary, even though I did not go through them, but like I said, I already had done that. So why did I join it? Well, here’s, there were two things about business by design that, uh, persuaded me to actually, I’m going to be honest. There were three things that persuaded me to join only two of which I actually found value in which isn’t necessarily the fault of the program, but I just want to keep it real with you guys.


So the first thing that really enticed me to join this program, and I also want to say the program is I believe it’s $2,000- $1,997, and there is also a year long payment plan. So it’s, it’s, it’s more for it’s in the more affordable end of, um, I think like business coaching programs, but just keep in mind, you do not get any coaching support at all. So it’s all self study. Um, there are, I believe it’s two calls a month, uh, with, with James, but it’s with everyone who joins business by design. So it’s with hundreds, if not thousands of people on these calls. In other words, you don’t get individual attention unless you are one of the random, I think like two or three people, he picks per call to answer a question, but it’s not like he’s following up with you on the next call.


That’s what we do in Scale Your Side Hustle. So if you are looking, if you are in the more like you’re in the first year, and you’re looking for more coaching support, then I encourage you to join scalar side hustle. But if you’re not, if you’re not looking for that coaching portion and you just like the self study aspect, and you just want the materials, this is a really great option for you. It’s also less money than cale your side hustle. But I was looking at this and this was the first thing that really made me interested. And there’s a lot of bonuses that come with business by design. In addition to the main modules, the main kind of building blocks he gives you, which were the topics I just told you about, um, your mindset, uh, how to work, uh, what to offer, uh, you know, how to think of your first offer, how to make your first sale, et cetera.


There’s lots of resources and bonuses that he includes in the program as well. And what really got me excited was that there is this whole library of business processes that he has, he and his team have created for you. And it is used on a platform called I’m going to find out for you right now, because this is kind of important. I did not know that I needed the new platform when I, okay. It’s used on a platform called process street. And what he does is he breaks down all these common online business processes in process street with a checklist. So for example, he has a checklist of how to create a landing page and he goes through step-by-step what is a landing page? Why you have a landing page, what the point of it is, what needs to be on it, a header, a subheader, an image, a clear call to action, a sign up button, a privacy policy, et cetera. 


Now I know all of this, like the back of my hand at this point, I don’t need the checklist. What was cool to me was that this was something, a checklist that was already created already laid out with graphics and screenshots that I could send to one of my team members, without me having to teach them how to create a landing page or whatever the hack a landing page is. If they were new to online business, like we had a graphic designer work with us last year and she was wonderful. I was very sad when she left us, um, I was, it was a great opportunity for her. So I was happy for her. But the point is though she had this great background in graphic design.


She didn’t- online business was a bit newer to her. So she had this great eye for design, but understanding exactly what a landing page was, was something that was new for her. So instead of me, either having to sit on these calls with her for an hour, a few hours explaining to her what a landing page was going through the software with her, making sure everything was connected. 


I just sent her this process that James Wedmore and his team had already created in business by design. And it saved me hours at best, at worst. I would have had to make my own checklist to start giving freelancers contractors, team members, et cetera, that could have taken me. I mean, these checklists are really thorough. They probably take 10 plus hours each of them, or it would have had to pay someone else to hire it out or two to build it out for me.


So the processes in the library of processes in business by design is hugely valuable. Honestly, at the point in business, I was at where I was starting to hire a lot. And my business was growing very quickly. That library alone was worth $2,000. I didn’t even need anything else. I am going to mention the two other things that I was excited about, but that was kind of where my head was at. So if you’re listening to this and you’re in the same situation that I was, maybe you’re starting to hire, maybe you really want to start to hire, but it’s starting to feel like more work to even train someone then it’s, then it’s actually helping you or saving you, then consider business by design for this exclusively. It is so helpful for you to build your team. So they have processes for the perfectly landing page.


What goes into a sales email, how to create a webinar, how to create a case, study, how to create a sales page, how to create a checkout page, um, how to, uh, create a video series. You know, so many things that are just very common in online business. They have created a checklist for you so that you can either do it yourself. If you don’t know how and you’re new to it, or you can hand it off to a team member without you having to do all of that explaining on your own. 


This was gold to me. And this was definitely something that we use throughout the year. Um, the one thing that I do, I did not know. And I want to mention is that in order to use these with your team, like in order to assign them to these checklists, you have to use the software that they’re built in, which is called process street, or just process.street. I’m not really sure. And it’s, I think it’s, I actually have no idea how much it is. I don’t remember, but it’s not free. And it’s just something to keep in mind if you’re joining this because I always want to be transparent and help you guys. There’s no where you are going to be owing money.


Okay. The second part of business by design that I was really fired up about was the, um, launch execution guides. So in addition to the resources of processes, they had another sort of library of launch execution guides. This is really fun. So these are basically different guides of different ways to launch things and a just cut and copy way for you to take the strategy and apply it to your business. So this is something you get to have a lot of fun with because there’s so many different ways to launch things. And there’s so many different ways to sell things. And if you’re ever feeling like you want to try something new, or you’re not quite sure what to do, or you want to try something different. Um, but you’ve never tried it before and you want to make sure you do it right. These are all mapped out for you.


So I’m going to give you some examples here. They have an execution guide on how to survey your audience in order to get feedback on your product or service. They have an execution guide for how to, how to do a live launch, which is what we do in Scale Your Side Hustle. We do it differently than they do, but if you have never done one before they have that for you, they have a video series launch. They have a two day flash sale process. They have a how to launch your membership, how to do a challenge, how to do a masterclass, all these different fund strategies that you can use. So if you’re brand new to business, these are going to be really helpful because some of these can feel very complicated. You can feel like you’re not exactly sure where to start and they lay it out for you.


It couldn’t be simpler. Um, at the stage I was at, I had done a lot of these before, but what was fun for us is as I was growing my team, you know, I plan every month, I plan everything monthly. We often, especially in the beginning, when we first joined Business by Design is at the beginning of the month, we’d look at whatever we were selling or whatever we wanted to focus on that month. And then we would just pick one of these execution guides and kind of have fun with it and just think, how can we try something new? How can we apply this to our business and kind of our values and what, the way we want to promote it? And how can we just learn more about what we like to do, what our audience responds to, what we have the capacity to do, what we have the resources to do, et cetera.


And it was so nice to not have to almost strategize it on your own. So to speak. I love strategizing. So it wasn’t, you know, that wasn’t like, that would not be a huge loss for me, but for the busy who’s always feeling like they want to try something new or, um, you know, they know better than to have all their eggs in a single basket. Having 11 launch execution guides, 11 different ways to sell stuff. You guys 11 different ways. That is so critical. And more importantly, it gets you out of the mindset that there’s only one way to do things. You know, when you have this library, um, business is all about testing. This is your opportunity to try something out. Maybe it works well and you want to see if something works better and you just pick something else and try it out.


Maybe it doesn’t work. And then you want to pick something else and try it out. Maybe you did something that worked well. And you want to look at one of these guys and see if there’s something you could add into it. It’s like this very fun, refreshing way to approach business. And they have all of it laid out for you. So, so, so thoroughly, so thoroughly. So we had tons of fun using those execution guides and definitely probably with one of them alone made the $2,000 back. So that is something that I really vouch for. Um, I definitely think business by design is well worth the $2,000, the amount of content and information you get in there is just incredible. I don’t think you’d probably go through it all. I don’t think it’s one of those programs. Neither is like my Scale Your Side Hustle program.


It’s not about like, can you go through it all? It’s about like, what can you find that would be useful and helpful for you and apply it? So those were the two things that were by far the most useful. Now I will say I also joined because I was interested in the community. I had heard from an alum that the community was really great, and that was not my experience. Now, this is not because the community is bad. This, I just don’t know. I never really did my part in joining the community. Uh, I never was really active in the Facebook group and I never really got to know the other people in the program. So I fully take responsibility for that. That is in no way saying that it’s not a good community, but I, the reason that I didn’t do it wasn’t because I didn’t want to it’s because at this point in my business, I just don’t get on Facebook that much.


I don’t use Facebook groups very much, and I just didn’t find that to be the best use of my time. And I think I knew better than that going into it. But I think I was just so excited about all the features of business by design that I thought maybe this will be different and I will really use this Facebook group, but I did not. So I just want to share that as like, kind of an honest piece of feedback in case you are. Well, I just think it’s important to be honest with yourself about what you will or won’t do in a program before you join it. Um, so that you can make the best decision for yourself. Now, as I hope I’ve made clear, I would have paid $2,000 just for the, uh, essential launch guides. I also would’ve paid $2,000 just for the process library.


So I think it was well worth the money, but I also think that I should have been more honest with myself about what I would have used with it, and that probably would have, or, or carved out more of the time to be a better participant in the community, which I did not do. So if you are looking for great resources, if you are looking for things that will help you build your team, if you are looking for, um, things that will help you scale a lot faster. And if you’re looking for things that will help you test a lot faster so that you can stay out of any sort of analysis paralysis, or you can stay out of any thing that doesn’t quite go your way, so to speak, you know, because we all have launches that fail. Um, then Business by Design is for you and it’s a great program. 


I’ve never seen anything else out there like this that has those resources at your disposal already created for you to start outsourcing them and building your team. I also have never seen more comprehensive launch guides and just a library of them where you can kind of plug and play. So I think that those two things are hugely valuable. And like I’ve said multiple times, I think they are worth the $2,000 alone. If you are interested in business by design, we will be emailing out our affiliate link, uh, this week as it opens and we will be adding a lot of additional bonuses when you sign up through that link. And if you have any questions, you can always feel free to reach out to me. And let me know. I only want you in it, if it is helpful for you.


I do not think Business by Design is the best fit for you if you are looking for personalized attention, if you were looking for one-on-one coaching or even group coaching, um, I think that there are so many people in it, which is an asset in a lot of ways, because I bet the community is really awesome. If I would’ve done my part to be part of it and gotten to know more people, I think that it would have been a great place for me to connect with people. It just didn’t happen that way for me. Um, so I’m not saying that the big, the size is a bad thing, but if you’re looking to really have any more personalized attention or coaching, or if the idea of how having all these launch guides sounds very exciting, but you are a little bit concerned because you’ve just don’t think you’d know which one to pick for what you’re selling or how often you should do them, or, um, you know, what you should even sell to put them in.


Um, that is when I would encourage you to seek out more individualized or, uh, a smaller group of coaching, which is what scale your side hustle is for, because I created scale your side hustle, uh, from the lack I had felt in my earlier attorneys of people telling me how to do things, but me feeling like I didn’t really have any support in putting those pieces together. So that is my honest review of business by design. 


I have so many good things to say about the content that we use and that we went through. And if that feels like something that would be helpful for you, I highly encourage you to join it. It only opens once a year. It is money that I have made back probably just from the James Wedmore strategies, probably 10 times. Um, and I think that everyone who joins it has the opportunity to do that.


Um, and that’s only from like this program, let alone all the other ways my business grew since I took it. So again, DM me if you have any questions, but I hope you guys found this helpful. And if you don’t know who James is, go listen to a or two of his he’s super chill and I just think he has a really great outlook on how business should be, which is that it should be helping you fill your life and your cup up first and foremost, and, um, serving others, you know, as a result. All right, everyone, I hope that you found this helpful. I hope you have a great week and I’d love to hear from you guys on Instagram. If you haven’t DM’d me lately, please do. I will talk to you soon. And here is to your biggest vision.

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